Wolf pack

New friend's

Keiko shivered and her eyes flew open, she was in the forest. Not again! Ryura would kill her if she wasn’t there when he woke up. She sighed and got up, looking around and found that she was lost. She sniffed the air and frowned, her scent had vanished. Now how was she getting back? Keiko froze when she heard the sound of paws hitting the ground. She narrowed her eyes and got into a defensive stance. She heard someone coming for her and ran at him or her, shifting as she ran.

She tackled the wolf to the floor growling. The wolf was startled and yelped. It was a brown wolf with brown eyes. A female and defiantly not one of her pack members. They female growled at her and Keiko growled back. ‘Who are you and what are you doing on our territory’ the female wolf asked.

‘My name is Keiko am sorry for attacking you, I didn’t know I was on your territory and am kind of lost’ said Keiko. The girl circled her and Keiko watched her closely. The girl then shifted back into a human with black hair to her mid-back and brown eyes. She wore sweats and a tank top with a bulge under the top.

“My name is Kagome but you might want to leave before the Alpha finds out that a rouge has wandered into his territory” she said and Keiko shifted. Just as she was about to tell her that she wasn’t a rouge about ten wolfs came out of the trees growling at and surrounding her.

“You should know better rouge then to come into a packs territory” growled a lad about the age of nineteen. He had long white hair and golden eyes, this made Keiko’s eyes widen. He had hair like hers.

“Inuyasha please just let her go, she got lost and didn’t know this was our territory” said Kagome going over to him and he looked to her. He narrowed his eyes at her and pulled her behind him protecting her, just like Hiten did with Keiko.

“You shouldn’t be around a rouge and defiantly not out on your own in your condition” he said and she smiled softly at him.

“Am sorry Inuyasha but please don’t kill her” she begged and he looked at Keiko. He sighed and looked back at Kagome.

“It’s not my decision Kagome you know that, I will have to speak to Sesshomaru and see what he says about it though I doubt he will let the rouge live” he said she frowned.

“If it makes anything better am not a rouge!” said Keiko and they all looked at her.

“What do you mean you’re not a rouge?” questioned Inuyasha and she smiled slightly.

“I belong to a pack, my Alpha will probably kill me when he gets a hold of me for just disappearing but I am part of a pack. I just got lost!” she said and his brows furrowed.

“Come on, lets get you too Sesshomaru and see what he say’s” said Inuyasha and he and Kagome shifted. Keiko shifted and followed them as they ran further into the woods.

Keiko smiled as she walked through the four-story house of the Alpha of this pack. Sesshomaru was Inuyasha’s half brother and Inuyasha was his Beta with Kagome being his mate. Keiko listened to Kagome as she told her about how she was eight months pregnant and Inuyasha was so over protective. She also said that he was always in the mood especially with it being so close to mating season.

When they got to the Alpha’s office Kagome was told to go to her room and wait for Inuyasha. She didn’t want to go but with encouragement from Keiko she left and her, Inuyasha and four others went into the office. Sitting in the chair was a man about the age of twenty with long white hair just like hers and Inuyasha’s and he also had golden eyes like his brothers. However he has a crescent moon in the middle of his for head and seemed a lot different in his posture than his brother.

“What is this Inuyasha?” he asked in a cold but curious voice. Inuyasha pushed me in front of him and Sesshomaru looked me up and down.

“Kagome found her on the land and she say’s she is not a rouge, that she belongs to a pack and is lost” he said and Sesshomaru raised a brow.

“Seem’s a bit far fetched if you ask me. A rouge would say anything to not be killed and a pack would not let one of their own get lost” he said and Keiko blushed.

“I sleepwalk, I have even when I was human which wasn’t that long ago. My pack are probably going out of their minds and I just want to go back” she said and Sesshomaru looked at Inuyasha.

“Do you believe her?” he asked and Inuyasha looked at her. He then looked back to Sesshomaru and nodded. “Okay then tell me the name off your Alpha and I will get in touch and let him know what has happened”

“Ryura” she replied and his eyes widened slightly. Inuyasha swore and spun around to look at her.

“Ryura is your Alpha, wait Ryura only has two others in his pack?” said Inuyasha and she smiled.

“My original Alpha was Hiten but another member of my pack challenged him but then Ryura fought him and won though it wasn’t fair, Hiten was still full of silver after our run in with the hunters” she said and his eyes widened even more.

“Hunters but how?” he asked.

“We where in America” she replied and he ohed.

“I see, you’re a hunter born wolf aren’t you?” asked Sesshomaru and she nodded. “Okay I will phone Ryura and tell him what has happened, you should be glad that you’re not that far from home. We own this territory and your Alpha owns the next one where the border ends, your home. Go and rest, make yourself at home until he comes”

“Thank you”

“You will defiantly call us and hang out with us when your Alpha let’s you won’t you?” said Kagome and Keiko laughed. She had been with Kagome and her friends since she left Sesshomaru’s office. She also sat with his mate Kagura and Sango whose mate was called Miroku and was a total flirt, according to them.

“I would love too, I gets boring living with a pack of boys and I can’t talk to them about girl stuff” she said and they all looked at her.

“Wait so you’re the only girl in the pack?” asked Sango and Keiko nodded.

“It’s a small pack though, at first there was just five off us but know there is eight of us” she replied and the girls smiled.

“So your going to be the Luna of the pack when Ryura mates you?” asked Kagome smiling and Keiko frowned. They all saw this and gave each other looks. “What’s wrong Keiko?”

“I don’t want to be Ryura’s mate, I love Hiten but because Ryura won and became Alpha that means I have to mate him, even if I don’t want to. I have no choice and once mating season comes am doomed. I don’t want him to take my virginity, I wanted to loose it to the person I love, Hiten” she said and Kagome and Sango hugged her. She smiled at them and sighed.

“Look I know I sound like a bitch but get over it, there is nothing you can do about it. He wants you as a mate so your going to be his mate whether you want it or not. You’re a nice girl so just do what he says and he won’t hurt you. It’s just the way it goes but if you ever want to talk about things then just ask one of us, defiantly talk to us before mating season so you know what to expect. Try and be a good mate even though you don’t want it” said Kagura.

Before anyone could say anything else the door burst open and Keiko’s eyes landed of a pair of angry scarlet eyes. He stormed over to her with an angry Inuyasha following him shouting at him for nearly breaking his door and scaring his pregnant mate. He held out his hand and she took it. He spun around and pulled her out the room. “Bye Keiko” said the girls and she managed a small wave before he dragged her out of sight. When they came to the front door Sesshomaru was standing there.

“Thanks for telling me where she was” Ryura said and Sesshomaru nodded.

“Anytime and she is welcome over anytime she wants, my mate and my brothers mate have seem to become friends with her” he said and Ryura nodded.

“And the same for them, now if you will excuse me” he said and led Keiko out of the house. He pulled her over to what must have been his car and shoved her in the passenger side. He got in the drivers seat and drove off. Keiko could smell the anger rolling off him and looked down. It wasn’t her fault. When they got to the house he turned off the car and got out. He opened her door and she got out. He then grabbed her again and pulled her in the house and to their room. The pack all watched and she met Hiten’s worried eyes.

She was glad he was okay but before she could say anything to him Ryura had shut the door. He let go of her and started pacing. She sat down on the bed and watched him. “What do you think you where doing?” he hissed as he stopped and glared at her.

“I wasn’t doing anything it happens sometimes, I go asleep in my bed and then wake up and am in the woods, I don’t how I get out!” she said and he narrowed his eyes. She sighed and smiled at him. “Am sorry for getting you angry and for worrying you”

He sighed and closed his eyes. “Has the sleepwalking recently started?” he asked looking at her and she nodded. “It’s because your turning eighteen soon and you’ll get your powers”

“How do I get out, I locked the whole house and hid the key’s once and still got out?” she asked and he sat next to her.

“Your mind knew where you put the keys so you must have got them and opened the door” he replied and she nodded. She then smiled and he raised a brow.

“That was the night I got bit by Bankotsu, my friend Sam freaked out because she doesn’t like me being in the woods” she said and then frowned.

“You miss her, your friend?” he asked and she nodded. “Well it looks like you made friends with Sesshomaru’s and his Beta’s mates”

“Yes they are lovely and so is Sango Kagome’s friend. We talked about girl stuff and they gave me their numbers!” she said and he smiled.

“Am glad, now why don’t you get a shower and then I will take you into the city” he said and she nodded.

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