Harry Potter and the Champion's Champion


This would fit right after Chapter 9. If you like Arthur and Molly Weasley DO NOT READ!!!

Arthur Weasley sat back in his chair causing it to bump into Perkins "Sorry Perkins." He said automatically though he had much greater concerns at the moment. He'd just finished reading the article in the Daily Prophet about the sex scandal at Hogwarts.

'My son got a teacher pregnant?' Arthur asked himself in disbelief. Then with a sigh he thought of his youngest son and how different he seemed to be in comparison to his other children. Bill, Charlie, the twins, even Percy and Ginny all showed remarkable intelligence, but Ron just didn't seem to match up to the same caliber as all other children. 'Could it be?' A question came to his mind. Though he kept dismissing it, the thought kept nagging at his mind the rest of the day. By the time he was ready to leave, he knew he had to know the answer. He quickly unlocked the closet of items that he had confiscated but kept since they might be useful at a later time and removed a bottle of Veritaserum and put it in his pocket.

'I know Molly would never….but…' Arthur thought as he walked out of the Ministry.

Later that evening at the Burrow, Arthur and Molly were sitting down to their usual dinner together. The house was extremely quiet now that all the children were either at Hogwarts or had moved away.

When Molly was in the kitchen retrieving the last of the food, Arthur pulled the little bottle from his pocket and poured three drops into Molly's tea. Being so diluted, it wouldn't force him to ask direct questions, but would lead her to answer him almost like a normal conversation. When she returned, he casually chatted with her during dinner until the tea was consumed. He waited for her gaze to go unfocused and he started the questioning.

"Molly Wobbles dear, is Ron my son?" Arthur asked.

Molly turned her unfocused eyes toward her husband. "Of course, dear."

Mr. Weasley sighed in relief. He knew his Mollywobbles would never do such a thing. "Can you think of anything that might have happened to him that would cause…cause his difference? I mean he doesn't seem to be like any of our other children."

"Of course he isn't dear. Why would he when they don't share the same father?" Molly answered.

"But... but you said he was my son!"

"Yes dear. He is your son."

Arthur was confused, but then slowly he realized what she was implying. "Are you saying that none of my.. .of the other children are mine?" Arthur's face was now ashened.

"Yes dear. I am very fortunate that my red hair is a very dominant feature."

"Who…Whose are they? I mean, we had Bill because of our wedding night."

"Bill was Amos Diggory's," Molly answered, looking at her husband with those unfocused eyes.

"But Amos… he was what, fourteen when Bill was born?"

"Yes dear, and his parents wouldn't let a thirteen year old marry me when he got me pregnant. That's why I had to give you the love potion and suggest we elope so quickly. Remember, Bill was born two months premature. Well, that's what I told you."

Arthur was stunned. This wasn't what he thought he was going to hear. "And Charlie?"

"You remember the Easter celebration we had that year? Well, Hagrid and I… well, we had a little fun. I was glad to find out the giant blood doesn't pass down through a second generation. Why do you think he loves dragons so much?"

Arthur went to the shelf and grabbed the bottle of Firewhisky and a glass. As he started to pour himself a drink, he put the glass back and drank straight from the bottle. 'Molly and Hagrid?' Arthur's life was crumbling before his eyes.

"And Percy?" Arthur asked after another swig of the fiery liquid and a burp of a nice long length of flames.

"I'm not exactly sure. I think it happened at the office party when I took that job at the Ministry when you were unemployed. I recall both Barty Crouch and Cornelius Fudge were both giving me drinks that evening."

Another swig, then a gulp of the Firewhisky. The numbness that flowed into his body was helping and very much welcome. "And the twins?"

Molly Weasley's unfocused eyes seemed to lose even more focus as a smile of longing appeared on her face. "Oh, I remember that night very well. Sirius took me up for a ride on his motorcycle. Did you know you that bike can hover? What that man could do with his hands... I can still remember that feeling." A slight shudder seemed to move through body as her smile grew larger.

"Sirius Black?"

"Yes dear." Molly said.

"And Ginny? Is she mine?"

"No dear."

"Who... who's her father?"

"You remember the Halloween party the Potters had after Harry was born?" Molly asked.

"Not James? Please don't tell me it was James?"

"Of course not, dear. But there is a reason she looks so much like Lily," Molly said. "Lily's father was such a nice muggle. He complimented me on my cooking and, well, one thing led to another. It was tragic when he and his wife died shortly after that night."

"So Ginny's actually Harry's aunt?"

"I suppose," Molly replied, trying figure out the relationship there.

"You've been trying to set Harry up with his aunt?" Arthur asked incredulously.

"It would be like having James and Lily back again. Like they never died. Wouldn't that be wonderful?" Molly asked.

By the time the Veritaserum wore off of Molly, Arthur was gone. He was discovered many years later where he was rising fast in the muggle political arena. Not having a clue about every day items such as electricity or understanding the value of money seemed to be an asset in that career. The people kept electing him to higher and higher offices.

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