The Founding of the Kinship

Eyes Becoming Opened

Pitch opened his eyes to find himself inside Elsa's bedroom within the walls of the palace of Arendelle. He sighed, not even realizing he had fallen asleep after trying to tend to her wounds as best as he could. It was night time in his vision, the moonlight pouring in from the large, triangular shaped window. He glanced over to see Elsa asleep in her bed, slowly going around the left side closer to the window to inspect her more closely. He decided to not regard what was happening in his surroundings much; this was another meaningless dream, nothing more.

"Do not fret… she will survive this time."

The voice startled Pitch, making him jump a bit as the young woman he had been seeing along with Elsa stood by the bedroom door, shrouded in shadows. "What are you doing here? What do you want?" He finally resolved to actually speak to her, to find out why she always sought him out behind his closed eyes.

"You hold the answer to who I am, in your heart." She answered his next question before he spoke it. "Your mind has lost it. But if you are to venture deep into your heart, you shall find what you seek." She turned to look at Elsa lying still in her bed. "There is no more train or destruction... but she too is being led astray. Only you can help bring her back to the light... and then yourself." She turned back to touch Pitch's face, but he stepped back, staring at her warily. "You fear me."

"I am the Nightmare King. I inflict fear upon others, not feel it myself." Pitch answered.

"You fear me because I am love... I am the light that was snuffed out so that the darkness could come swiftly. You fear me... you fear what you feel for Elsa... because you fear the pain that will come if that light is to be stripped from you again." She smiled gently. "But my darling... I have never left you. In your darkest days I have always remained with you... because you shall always remain with me, my love..." Pitch could not will himself to move as she leaned in, whispering into his ear. "... my Kozmotis."

Upon uttering those words, Pitch gasped as he felt a swelling of emotions and memories rising from the lowest recesses of his heart, filling his mind in a chaotic frenzy. He clutched his heart, stumbling back before falling to his knees, gripping the sides of his head. It was the one word she had spoken to him, each time, again and again, but his heart finally allowed himself to hear it. The woman approached him slowly, gently prying his hands from his head to hold them. "N- No… I-"

"Shh... do not fight it. Allow the memories to come freely." The woman whispered.

After several minutes, Pitch looked up into her eyes, and he knew. He shut them tightly as he clung to the hem of her white dress of silk, sobbing as he rested his cheek against her leg. "My... my Lady... my sweet... beautiful Lady..."

Lady Pitchiner gently pet Pitch's hair, gently tilting his chin up. "You have been cast down by the darkness and have remained there for an age..." Her hand slowly drew him up, standing to his feet as he took her hands in his.

"I have become... truly nothing without you..." Pitch spoke in a hushed whisper.

"You are not nothing. You have lost your way." Lady smiled gently, glancing over at Elsa. "Let her into your heart, Kozmotis. Let her light guide you before it too is snuffed out."

Pitch looked from her to Lady, shaking his head. "But... but you... I-"

"My time in the mortal world ended long ago. I will always live in your dreams... your memories..." She touched his chest, looking into his eyes. "In here."

Pitch nodded slowly, taking her into his arms to embrace her. Neither of them said anything further, for there was nothing left to say. They knew exactly how the other felt, and we're simply content with each other until Lady Pitchiner slowly faded, her light like moonbeams as she seemed to dissolve into the air. Pitch smiled sadly, but knew that this enlightenment had solidified the path that was laid before him to take. As he woke, he was more than ready to travel it, unlike in the past when he had been so resistant to do so. He felt something then, raising a curious brow as he touched his chest. Reaching under his robes, he produced a locket that was hanging around his neck, gasping lightly as he unclasped it to inspect it better. His fingertips graced over the smooth gold, and he held his breath as he carefully opened it. He stared at the small photo inside, closing his eyes for a moment before closing his hand around the object, holding it to his chest protectively.

Rising to his feet, Pitch moved silently until he reached Elsa's area, the young woman still unconscious. He rolled his eyes a bit when he noticed Wick slumped against the wall, still loosely holding the shoulder of where his left arm would be. Pitch noticed that slowly, but surely, it was growing back. He walked over, sitting on the edge of Elsa's bed to take up the task he had left for Wick. He would watch over her until she woke, for now he knew the reason why she had become something so precious to him in his heart.

She was the light that would guide him through the darkness, to better days ahead filled with the hope that he had been devoid of for centuries.

Sandy paced around, in deep thought as he bit his lip. Baby Tooth had watched him do this for almost an hour now; she finally decided that she wanted to see what was going on with him. She fluttered over to him, squeaking to get his attention. At first, he waved his hand at her, not wanting his concentration to be broken. He then did a double take, waving at her to tell her to stay. He formed a picture of Tooth, pointing at her and then himself, signaling to ask her to come and see him. Baby Tooth tilted her head quizzically, pointing at herself. Sandy nodded, and Baby Tooth held her hands up, telling him to wait there. She fluttered to where Tooth was resting, gently poking her to get her attention. Tooth turned, smiling lightly.

"What is it, Baby Tooth?" Tooth asked.

Baby Tooth emitted a series of squeaks, and Tooth's head feathers flickered a bit.

"He does? Hm… wonder what he wants to talk about… well, one way to find out, I guess." Tooth gently pet Baby Tooth's head before floating to where Sandy was waiting. "Hey Sandy, everything okay?"

Sandy nodded, twiddling his thumbs as he nodded his head towards one of the tower areas. Tooth raised a brow, not sure why he wanted to talk there, but decided that maybe whatever it was he needed to say was important, so she didn't question him as she followed. When they reached the spot, Sandy stopped short when they saw one of North's Yetis inside, turning around and speaking to them in their gibberish language.

"Hey Phil!" Tooth smiled nervously as she waved. "Um, if we're bothering you, we can always go somewhere else-"

Sandy turned to Tooth, holding a finger up to tell her to hang on as he continued to float in midair. He then turned back to Phil and narrowed his eyes, tapping his foot on the air as he pointed at him firmly before pointing his thumb to the door. Phil exclaimed in gibberish, throwing his arms up as he stormed out. Tooth cleared her throat, looking from Phil to Sandy.

"Sandy, he does have to watch over the workshop… we can always find another spot to-" Tooth was cut off when Sandy took her hand gently, guiding her into the open room. He then went back over to close the door, exhaling deeply before turning around, bracing himself as he floated back over to her. Tooth watched him curiously as he bit his lip, glancing around as he seemed to have trouble expressing what he wanted to say. "Hey… are you sure everything is okay?" She asked. "You know, you can tell me anything." She smiled.

The dream guardian nodded, taking in a deep breath before holding his hands up, forming a picture of the two of them with his sand, as well as two circles overlapping. Tooth thought on this for a moment, before smiling.

"Yes… we are really close friends…" She responded. "Sandy… I know things have been crazy lately… but I want you to know… whatever happens, I'll do whatever I can to help you."

Sandy nodded, smiling lightly before Tooth noticed he became a bit nervous again. He held a finger up to signal he was trying to collect his thoughts, and she took one of his hands in hers when he started to become frustrated with himself.

"Hey, it's okay… there's no rush. Whatever it is you need to tell me… just take your time." Tooth said. She had never really seen her friend like this, her curiosity piquing as to what exactly it was he was trying to say to make him so unsure of himself.

Sandy closed his eyes for a moment, taking in a few calm, steady breaths. Moonlight poured in through the windows, and when he opened his eyes, he blushed lightly when he remembered how much he admired Tooth. He decided upon his approach, forming new sand images. He formed a picture of himself, a brain, and of her, pointing from himself to her. Tooth tilted her head, pursing her lip in thought.

"You want to tell me what you think of me?" She asked.

Sandy nodded, thinking for a moment. He then formed another image of a brain, pointing to his head and then at her.

"You think that I'm smart…?" Tooth smiled, giggling. "Aww, thank you, Sandy."

Sandy nodded more, before forming a picture of an arm flexing, smiling a bit more. Tooth blinked, raising her brows as she giggled.

"You think I'm strong? I'm not THAT strong… you guys can handle our enemies a lot better than me." She responded.

Sandy thought a bit more, his smile becoming a bit more blissful as he formed the picture of a rose. He glanced to the side bashfully, pointing his finger at her in a more subtle fashion. Tooth's expression softened, a blush of her own forming in her cheeks.

"You think I'm… beautiful?" She asked a bit quieter.

Sandy nodded, avoiding her gaze as he took another few steady breaths, trying to calm his nerves. He then formed the next series of sand pictures slowly, one of himself, one of her… and a heart between them. Tooth was silent for several moments, blinking as she felt her own heart swell within her. She smiled tenderly at Sandy then; the sand pictures fading as she once again took his right hand in hers.

"Sandy… do you really love me…?" She asked, her voice cracking a bit.

Still having a hard time looking at her, but a small smile forming in his features, Sandy nodded shyly, gently patting his chest with his left hand over his heart and pointing at her.

"Oh… Sandy, you… you have such a way with words…" Tooth breathed, extending her arms to hug him to her gently. "I love you too." She said as she closed her eyes.

Sandy breathed a sigh of relief, hugging her back as he too closed his eyes, simply enjoying this moment and not having a care in the world. He finally said what he had wanted to say after what seemed like forever, and he never felt more content than he did on this calm and serene night.

Phil was silently eavesdropping outside of the tower room with a few other Yetis that had joined him, and he handed one of them a tissue as they began to tear up. They slowly retreated then, letting the two guardians share their moment in peace.

Alice wandered down the hall, smiling to herself. Perhaps there was indeed some hope for her; she had been where Jack was once, perhaps she would find her true purpose, her reason for existing. She stopped when she heard something, back tracking a few steps to see Bunny chomping ona carrot in his room. She raised a brow, smirking a bit as she walked in and sat beside him. He looked over, smiling and giving her a friendly nod.

"A bit cliche, don't you think?" She asked, the two chuckling lightly.

"It's a good snack, actually." Bunny replied. "Keeps me sharp."

Alice watched him for a few moments, folding her hands in her lap. "Are you faring well? After today's events, I mean."

"Yeah... don't know why everyone is so worried." He replied. "I felt weird earlier but I'll be alright."

"You said you saw Bumby... you're the only one who saw him. You've also displayed cranial discomfort... all very bad omens, Bunny." Alice said. "Your mind is his greatest weapon, because he can turn it against you and everyone you love."

"No one's messing with me and getting away with it. Nothing that bloke can show me or try to make me think is going to-"

"Show you?" Alice interrupted, sitting up a bit straighter. "What did you see, Bunny?"

He sighed, shaking his head. "It was stupid Alice, I-"

"Bunny, please." Alice said, taking the carrot out of his hand and placing it aside before taking his hands in hers. "I need to know if he's trying to inflict harm upon you."

Bunny stared at her, something inside him telling him to kiss her, kiss her now. It was a confusing garble of emotions, a dizzying mixture. Their faces seemed to gravitate together, but Alice hesitated a few inches away, hanging her head a bit. "He won't hurt me." He replied softly, rubbing his thumb over one of Alice's hands. "It would have to take a lot to crack this egg." He tried to assure her, but Alice was not so easily convinced this time.

"Alright… but if you feel ill, or that something is amiss… let me know." She said, muttering a goodnight as she got up to walk out. She stopped in the doorway however, turning to glance back at him. After a few moments, she walked back over to him slowly, taking him by surprise when she leaned in to kiss his forehead. She smiled lightly, neither of them speaking another word as she exited his room a bit slower this time.

The arctic winds were not as harsh on this night as Jack sat on the balcony closest to where his loft was. He sighed sadly, disappointed in himself. He could not shake the feeling, the image of Anna breaking down into tears sticking in his mind. As a guardian, he felt it was his job to protect others; and he had failed to do so for Elsa, for the children at Bumby's mercy. Unlike Alice, he was more subtle about his feelings, where she would express them freely in the presence of others; he preferred to handle them in a quieter manner, withdrawing to his own space in self-reflection.

His thoughts were broken when he heard someone approaching, glancing back to see Alice. He smiled at her for a moment before turning back to stare at the moon. She stopped to stand next to him, resting her arms on the railing while he sat upon it.

"It's a beautifully clear night." Alice remarked.

"Yeah…" Jack said, sighing lightly.

Alice's heart was heavy. There were many things weighing it down, things she wanted to say; though her courage could carry her through the slaying of a thousand card guards, it could not carry the secrets she held from within her heart to her lips to form the words needed to be said. She closed her eyes for a moment, simply feeling the cold air on her cheeks.

"In moments like these… I curse myself." She started. "Because it is yet another opportunity to do the right thing… and each time, I watch as it slips through my fingers."

Jack glanced over at her, tilting his head. "What do you mean?"

Alice sighed, leaning back to pace about the balcony a bit. "I mean… just… to tell you what you deserve to know, I've tried again and again, but it just… the words just stick in my throat. It is a bitter taste, Jack… to keep something so important from someone you care about. From someone who deserves to know the truth."

Jack stared at her for a moment, swinging his legs so that they touched the ground. He walked up to her, gently turning her around to face him. "Alice… I think I understand what you're trying to tell me."

The young woman's heart skipped a beat, her eyes widening as she frowned deeply. "Jack, I… I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner… I… I wanted to so badly… I just… I was afraid that we would-"

"Alice, you know I already love you." Jack said genuinely, smiling as he leaned against his staff. "But… you did say you were going to give your answer after the next battle… so you kept your promise."

It took a few moments for Alice to catch on, her breath hitching when she realized Jack had misunderstood what she had meant. As she looked into his eyes, the world should have been right, this is what she wanted, to be loved, to be cherished by Jack.

But the world wasn't right for her.

Guilt flooded her mind, its sting making her brain hurt as tears welled her eyes. Jack was shocked by Alice's sudden display of sorrow, at a loss for words as she turned to kneel down quickly. She hung her head, resting it against the bars of the wooden railing as she held one in each hand.

"I cannot… bear this accursed, wretched sin any longer…" She sobbed as tears began to pour down her cheeks.

Jack shook his head, crouching down to try to turn her around once more to look at him, but she wouldn't budge.

"Alice, I… I don't understand, I didn't mean to make you cry like this-"

"It was nothing you did, Jack… but it was nothing I did too. It is the same… contemptible mistake I make again and again…" She shook her head as she glanced back at him. "Jack… I cannot give you the love you seek…"

Jack furrowed his brows, seeing how upset Alice was made his heart sink. When he thought he understood what it was she was trying to tell him, he nodded. "No, it's… it's okay, Alice. I… I hope you and Bunny are happy together. But I just want you to know that we'll always be friends-"

"Hold your tongue, Jack Frost!" Alice exclaimed. "This has… nothing to do with that!" She inhaled sharply, her breathing becoming erratic. "I cannot… give you the love that you seek… because you will not want it… when I tell you the secret I have kept from you."

Jack shifted his weight a bit, becoming confused. "Wait what-… what secret?"

Alice said nothing at first, turning around to face him fully as she sat on her knees. Her hand slowly reached into her pocket, opening a small pouch inside to reveal a small key. She swallowed thickly as a lump formed in her throat, unable to look into his eyes as she placed the key in his hand, closing his fingers over it.

"Inside the small drawer in my chambers… Eliza's file is there. Everything you need to know of her… of who she is to you… is there." Alice said barely above a whisper.

Jack's eyes widened, unable to move for several moments. "You said… that her file was missing. It was gone."

"The amount of apologies I owe you is… countless. Please believe me when I say I… I tried to tell you, I… wanted so badly to just tell you…"

Before Jack could say anything further, she turned back around, once again gripping the rails. Jack looked from the key to her, tilting his head.

"Look… I can understand if you were trying to protect her… I just… I can't stand to see you like this Alice, please-" He had attempted to place a hand on her shoulder, but retracted it when she tensed up, as if his hand had been made of fire.

"Everything… you need to know… is in the file." She whispered between sobs, her hair falling into her face. "Please…"

Jack decided that if this would offer any consolation to Alice, then he would do it. "Okay… I'll be right back."

He got to his feet, going back inside the workshop to find her room, opening his hand as he approached her small bedside table, containing a small drawer. He inserted the key, turning it until he heard a click. He opened the drawer, placing the key aside as he took out the file that was inside. He smiled lightly when he saw a picture of Eliza paper clipped to the outside of the folder, looking at it a few moments. He then opened the manila folder slowly, skimming through the medical charts and information inside. He then came across her registration papers, taking them out to read over them. He tilted his head curiously, reading the name aloud.

"Emma Bennett…"

Jack stopped then, standing completely still for a moment. He read over the name again, his whole body becoming tense as his breathing quickened. His hands shook as he finally tore the name away from his eyes, sifting through the papers in a quick, almost chaotic fashion, trying to take in as much information as the documents showed. Finally, at the bottom of the small pile, another picture sat. It was a picture of what looked to be a younger Eliza, from when she first arrived to Rutledge. Upon seeing it, the folder and the rest of its contents slipped from his hands, falling to the floor. His hands trembled as he slowly turned it over, his voice even shaking as he read the words.

"E- Emma Bennett… a- age seven…"

Jack spent quite a bit of time sifting through the papers, finding out as much as he could.

"Background summary report… left her home town of Burgess in the United States of America after having suffered post-traumatic stress for… three years, arrived in England at the recommendation of family who resided there to seek the aid of myself to… to cure her of her mental anxiety and illness… on this date listed above the care and welfare of Emma Bennett had been vested unto me, Dr. Angus Bumby of Houndsditch Home For Wayward Youth…" Jack swallowed thickly as he continued to sift through the report. "… cause of mental illness is concluded to have stemmed from… traumatic incident involving the untimely death of her brother by drowning in a nearby lake after having fallen through ice… Jack… Jack Bennett…" He inhaled deeply, resting his elbows on his knees as he held his head, crying softly as his mind attempted to take in the information presented to him.

After some time, he slowly gathered the papers from the floor, exhaling deeply as he placed them back into the drawer. He shuffled out of the room, down the hall to the balcony where he had been earlier. Though he wanted nothing more than to go to Eliza's room, to see her, he knew that disturbing the child's sleep and possibly confusing her with this information would do neither of them any good. When he stepped out onto the balcony, he blinked when he noticed Alice wasn't there. He then saw something in the distance, gasping lightly when he saw her down below, trudging through the snow alone, hugging herself. Jack closed his eyes for a moment as he took in a deep breath, hovering into the air to descend down to her. When Alice sensed his presence as he touched down to stand a few yards from her, she stopped, the wind blowing through her hair, but did not turn around. She was still sobbing heavily, looking up to the sky as instead of speaking, she began to sing a song, her voice shaking from crying.

Why does the whispering wind sound like a lullaby?

Is that the magic music from beyond the laughing sky?

Why can't the swallows remain, where is the place they fly?

Why can't I go along with them beyond the laughing sky?

If I climbed the highest tree where, oh, where would I be?

Would I find a place for me in the land of grand enchantment?

Where do the clouds disappear when they go rolling by?

I'm wondering about the world beyond the laughing sky…

Jack stood still for a moment, his feet slowly willing to move as he approached her. He turned the distraught girl to face him, tilting her head up so he could stare into her eyes. There was a deep sadness in them, and this prevented her from seeing the bitter sweetness beheld in his. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally broke his silence.

"You don't have to be afraid anymore, Alice." He paused, reaching a hand out to try and wipe away some of her tears. "For you… for me… for… for Eliza…" A small smile graced his features. "I finally understand the nightmares. All this time… I thought they were trying to lead me to her. And, they were… but they were also leading me to you." Alice stared at him silently as he spoke, looking down at her hands with disbelief as Jack took them in his. "I just want to know why you were so nervous to tell me." He looked into her eyes. "You know you can trust me, that I would always try to understand."

"I was so frightened…" Alice whispered. "That… that if you knew of her… that our understanding of that… that pain… would disappear. That… you would ascend into the light of a full life and I would fall into that dark place again…"

Jack shook his head. "That will never happen, Alice." He squeezed her hands gently. "I have everything I need to be happy. I will never let go of that, Alice. I will never let go of the guardians, I will never let go of my new friends, I will never let go of my sister…" He leaned forward a bit, resting his forehead against hers. "… and I will never, ever, let go of you."

Alice smiled as relief filled her, closing her eyes. "My… my sister and I… we always sang that song together… whenever we frolicked through the meadow… it brought so much joy and beauty to my heart, but when she was gone it haunted me…"

"I don't want you to feel that pain anymore Alice. I don't want you to feel scared. I will always protect you." Jack said. Alice began to feel a lightness in her, wiping her eyes as the flow of tears began to diminish. Her smile grew, surprising Jack when she hugged him close to her. "By the way…" He said as he smirked a bit. "… does this still mean you choose me?"

"Y- You just found out that Eliza is your blood sister and that is what you're concerned about?" Alice exclaimed as she beamed. "Yes Jack, for the entire world, I choose you."

Jack laughed excitedly, taking Alice's hands and making her squeak in surprise as he ascended. She floated with him as he levitated towards the sky while they spun in circles. "I've never felt this happy in my life! You chose me, my sister is alive, she's safe and healthy and happy and-" He slowed to a stop then, looking into Alice's eyes as his expression softened. "... and she believes in me..." The wind was lighter up there, everything more serene. "... she believes in me because of you, Alice. And I know that once we get those kids back... you can make them believe too."

"I do hope you're right, Jack." She replied.

Alice smiled contently, her arms hugging Jack once more as she leaned in, not hesitating a moment as she kissed him. Jack was more than happy to oblige, both of them basking in the light of the moon as the clouds parted, illuminating the love they felt for each other. When they parted the kiss, Jack glanced over at the moon, smirking and shaking his head. "Well, someone likes to eavesdrop..."

Alice laughed, she too now feeling light as air as she suddenly had a playful look about her, gently nudging him. "I bet you can't catch me."

"Oh, well game on!" Jack shouted, smirking as he soared through the air after her.

Alice giggled with anticipation, the wind flowing through her hair as it glistened in the moonlight like silk. She glanced back at him, deciding to play around a bit as she burst into butterflies, swirling around him before rematerializing, floating in front of him on her back.

"You better be careful, I might nip your nose if you get too close!" Jack laughed.

"Very funny! Being careful is boring!" She called back, laughing as they soared through the air, Alice swirling under and around him.

The two of them rose and encircled one another until they burst through the clouds, joining together as they extended their arms to hold each other. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment before sharing another loving kiss within the circle of the moon. After some time, Jack began to notice Alice was shivering a bit.

"Hey… we should probably head back inside…" Jack said.

"But it's such a lovely night…" Alice breathed.

"Don't worry… we'll have more nights than we can count ahead of us to spend together." Jack said, Alice pouting playfully as they descended back to the balcony.

Once inside, she giggled quietly as she took Jack's hand, putting a finger to her lips as she silently led him through the halls of the huge workshop to a curtained area. It was a small storage space tucked away within the grand structure's walls; this place held many little hiding spots here and there. Jack didn't remember much from his human life, but he knew he never felt the sweetness of being in love like he felt now, and the same could be felt for Alice. It was a first experience they were sharing together, after all the strife, the suffering, the pain they had endured, this was their just reward. As Alice drew the curtain back however, turning to enter, the two stopped in their tracks as they found, to their surprise, that the small area was not vacant.

Tooth giggled, her back facing Jack and Alice as she thread her fingers through Sandy's hair, thinking his lovesick expression was adorable. Sandy snapped out of it when he noticed they were no longer alone, blinking as he leaned to the side, biting his lip as he pointed past her. She glanced behind her, gasping in surprise as she laughed nervously, blushing deeply.

"O- Oh, hey you two! Um… wow, guess this is the hot spot for tonight, huh? Well, Sandy and I were just, um… talking, here, so we're going to go to bed now because it's pretty late… time flies when you have fun, so I guess I should do just that, and-… bye!" Tooth grabbed Sandy's hand, and he wiggled his brows as she dragged him out of the small area, saluting Jack as they went.

Jack raised his brows, shaking his head as he and Alice snickered. "Wow… who would have thought…" He said softly.

"I suppose everyone has the same idea." Alice said before taking Jack's hand. "Alright… now for our own privacy." She said as she ushered Jack inside, making sure the coast was clear before drawing the curtain closed.

Moonlight slipped in through a small crack in the cavern wall, everything still and quiet until there was a small amount of shifting underneath a black sheet of silk. Elsa groaned lightly, slowly opening her eyes as she awoke. She looked around her, taking in her surroundings. She wondered why it was that she so often found herself waking in such dank, dark places after having suffered some sort of physical trauma. She took her time to sit up, hissing lightly as she held her side. She glanced down when she touched it, noticing that there seemed to be some sort of covering or bandaging on the skin where her dress had been ripped. She was about to attempt to place her feet on the ground when she saw movement out of the corner of her eyes, glancing over towards the shadows to see a pair of amber colored eyes. She sat still as Pitch came into the light, his expression serious as he stood tall.

"You are not to leave this bed." He stated, stopping a foot or two from Elsa as she shifted her weight. She looked up at him, exhaling deeply as she closed her eyes for a moment.

"Pitch… I'm sorry, I… I failed again." Elsa started. "I thought I could handle it but… you didn't see it coming, that weapon… it would have hurt you worse than it had hurt me, so please, please forgive me-" She gasped lightly, leaning back a bit when Pitch sat on the edge of her bed. His eyes bore into hers, a new degree of empathy and clearness within them. They then traveled downwards, regarding the condition of her wound for a moment before looking back up at her.

Elsa sat perfectly still, bewildered when he extended his hand to take the end of her braid in his hands, his thumb feeling the ends.

"Her hair was like pale moonbeams…" He said barely above a whisper, his eyes moving to look back at her face. "Her skin… ivory like marble…" Elsa's breath was caught in her throat as his fingertips gently touched her jawline, furrowing his brows slightly. "Her eyes… like a pair of sapphire stars forever glimmering in the sky…" The smallest of smiles graced Pitch's features. "… Elsa… all you have known is what I am. What I am now… fear. But I assure you… you shall never fear me again. I know now who I was before the darkness washed away everything I loved like a tidal wave. I had a family, Elsa. I remember that now. So I shall do what I must to return you to yours."

After a few moments, Elsa finally found the will to speak. "I don't understand…"

"You saved my life, Elsa." Pitch replied. "Not just from being harmed by the blade that nearly took yours… but you have helped me to see the light again. To see her… because the moment I lost my wife, the moment she fell… I began the journey in which I would then fall into darkness." He slowly extended his other hand to her, opening it to reveal the golden locket. "My precious child… my Emily Jane… gave this to me. I had promised her I would return… but I broke that promise. I became what I am now. A monster. She forever resents me for it." He smiled sadly, Elsa staring into his eyes silently. "Do not turn away the ones who love you, Elsa… or you shall suffer the same wretched fate as me."

"I won't…" She answered, closing her eyes tightly as tears escaped from under her eyelids. She missed Anna with all her heart, wishing she could be with her, to tell her how much she loved her. She reopened them then, looking back up at Pitch. "… but what about you?"

"Do not concern yourself with me." Pitch replied. "My fate is to wander this Earth as I am."

Elsa watched as Pitch rose to his feet, about to go again into the shadowy darkness untouched by the moonlight leaking in when her next words stopped him. "But if I did that… I wouldn't be heeding the advice you just gave me." She smiled lightly as he turned, looking upon her with sudden longing. "We've both lost so much… we've been controlled by what has cursed us… it's time we both decide our own fates."

Pitch took a step closer. "So decide, then." He said as he took another step. "What shall your fate be?"

"I… I want…"

"What do you want, Elsa?" Pitch asked quietly. "Show me." He said, sitting beside her once more as Elsa felt herself gravitating towards him. "Show me what you want… and it shall be yours."

Elsa furrowed her brows lightly, gazing into Pitch's eyes for several moments before closing them, her hands resting on Pitch's shoulders as she kissed him fervently. A concept she had only read in books within the confines of her bedroom, she finally experienced what desire felt like, and it was equally received as Pitch held her in his arms. For centuries, all he knew was darkness; now he wanted to bask in this light and hold onto it forever. They both leaned back to rest on their sides, holding each other close as Pitch traced kisses wherever Elsa's skin was exposed. She breathed his name, again and again like air, gasping lightly as these completely new sensations stirred a great passion within her. Poise, reserve, control, it was the three laws that had ruled every aspect of her life; but now, she had finally broke through the bonds, she had set her heart free. Time seemed to cease its existence, smiling lightly as she felt Pitch's fingers undo the end of her braid, threading his long fingers through her hair. He gazed upon her as it cascaded in waves about her shoulders, an enchanting frame of her beauty as they resumed their heated kissing. Only until Elsa fell into the embrace of sleep within Pitch's own, did the flame of their passion dim into embers. For the first time in an age did he even think to wish sweet dreams upon a single creature, granting so upon young woman he had come to regard so fondly in his arms.

Hiccup groaned, rolling his eyes playfully as Merida snatched his apple from him. "Come on, Merida!"

"Now lad, you know how much I love apples!" She giggled, taking a bite out of the fruit. She craned her head when she saw Bunny coming down the hall, smiling lightly. "Top o' the mornin' to you! Feeling alright?" She asked.

"Yeah, great, have you seen Alice?" Bunny asked, seeming distracted as he looked around and past Merida.

"Uh, no, actually…" She frowned when she took a closer look at him. "Bunny, you look exhausted, like you didn't get a wink of sleep-"

"I'm fine, Merida. I really wish everyone would stop thinking I'm some pansy." He snapped.

Merida stared at him silently as he shoved past them, narrowing his eyes warily.

"What the heck is his problem?" Hiccup asked.

"Somethin' isn't right with him. I can feel it." Merida replied.

Bunny headed down the stairs, trying to avoid everyone as he kept his head down. He sniffed the air, trying to find Alice's scent as he became more and more anxious to find her. He found himself at the other end of the workshop, hovering over by one of the small storage spaces that North had closed off by a small curtain. He tilted his head, drawing the curtain a bit to sniff inside. When he drew it back fully, allowing light to pour in, his eyes widened, shaking his head as he took a step back. Alice and Jack were both fast asleep, sitting up on a small sofa. Jack's right arm was loosely draped around Alice's back, and her head was resting against his shoulder. Bunny grit his teeth as he seethed, rearing his foot back to kick the sofa hard enough to move it several inches back even with the two sitting on it. Jostled from their sleep, Jack and Alice awoke with a start, both taking a few moments to adjust fully before realizing they were being glared at by the Easter guardian standing before them.

"So this is how it is, is it?" Bunny spat at Alice. "You act all nice and concerned and then you just go off with this bloke when my tail's turned!"

Alice rubbed her eyes, groaning lightly as she got to her feet tiredly. "Bunny… look, I don't want to discuss this subject now-"

"Oh, okay, so let's just brush it all under the rug now that it's said and done!" Bunny shouted.

"Hey… come on, let me just explain-"

"Oh I don't want to hear a WORD out of you, Jack!" Bunny exclaimed. "The only thing you're doing is just enjoying the ride!"

More awake and alert, Alice approached Bunny, trying to take his hand when he pulled it back from her. "If you would listen to me for one moment-"

"No. You know what? I'm done with both of you." Bunny said angrily, turning around and storming off.

Alice sighed, rubbing her temples for a moment. "Alright. I'm going to try to speak with him; he's obviously quite cross with our union."

Jack nodded. "Should I come?"

"No… he'll only act worse." Alice sighed, turning to Jack to take his hand. "There is someone else you should speak to, however." She smiled lightly then. "It's time that Eliza knows what she truly means to you."

Jack's expression softened, smiling as he nodded. "You're right." His smile grew then. "You know… it's going to be weird… I may call her Emma by accident."

"Ask her what name she would like to be called, then." Alice said, smiling as she gave Jack a quick kiss before heading out.

Jack sighed blissfully, heading back to the main area of the workshop. He heard Eliza then, sitting in North's large armchair with Olaf. He smiled softly, Olaf's eyes wide with fascination as Eliza read to him.

"The little sister, however, was terribly frightened when she saw that her young deer was wounded. She washed the blood off him, applied herbs, and said, 'Go to bed, my sweet deer, so that you will get well again.' But the wound was so slight that the next morning the deer no longer felt it. And when he again heard the merry sound of the hunt outside, he said, 'I cannot resist it. I must be there. They'll never get me.' Crying, the sister said, 'This time they will kill you, and I will be alone in the woods, forsaken by the whole world. I will not let you out.' 'Then I will die here from grief.' Answered the deer. 'When I hear the hunting horn I feel that I have to jump out of my shoes!' Then the sister could not help herself, and with a heavy heart she unlocked the door for him. The deer vigorously and joyfully bounded off into the woods." Eliza read from the book.

Jack approached quietly, Olaf noticing him first as he waved. "Hi Jack! Eliza's reading this fairy tale book to me! I can't read... or spell."

Eliza smiled up at him as she turned the page. "Would you like to listen to me read, Jack?"

"Sure. I thought maybe we could do some window drawings after you're done." Jack smiled, sitting down on the floor to listen. After she finished the book, she gave it to Olaf, who happily volunteered to place it back. She followed Jack to the window, who frosted it over so the two of them could draw with their fingers.

"I'm not afraid of it anymore." Eliza smiled as she drew a picture of a cat.

"I know." Jack glanced over at her, feeling a bit nervous. "I'm glad that you trust me, Eliza."

"Alice does, so I do too." She finished the cat drawing, starting to draw a butterfly. "She's always been a good sister."

"Yeah, she has..." Jack started to draw a picture of a deer, and Eliza smiled a bit more.

"That's like the deer from the story!" She giggled.

"Back when I was a human... I lived in a small town surrounded by woods. We saw deer all the time. I had a pair of antlers that I would put on my head for fun." He chuckled.

"That's silly!" Eliza laughed. "I lived near woods too... there was a lake... I played there every summer and skated in the winter." She frowned then. "Then something happened... I almost fell in, but... a boy saved me. He... the lake swallowed him whole, like a monster." She hugged herself, and Jack crouched down, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"But that's not the end of the story, Eliza." Jack reached up, drawing pictures with his other hand. "That boy rose out of the lake, and he wandered for centuries, because he didn't remember who he was." He drew himself with his staff. "And for centuries, he would hear the sound of a little girl calling his name. It sounded so familiar, but... he had no idea where it was coming from or who it was. Finally, when he met the guardians... he found his memories. He remembered he had a family, he had a sister... and that one day they were playing on an icy lake, she was scared. He told her to believe in him, that she would be alright, that they would have some-"

" - fun instead..." Eliza said, her eyes wide as the memory started to become a bit clearer. "The boy that saved me... was he... my brother?" Jack nodded, holding his breath as the child thought for another moment. "And the boy in the story... is you?" He nodded again, a smile growing on his face. Eliza stared at him in disbelief. "He-... you... lived..." Jack stayed quiet, giving her some time to process this information. "That's why I wasn't afraid anymore, Jack... Jack, I-... I saw you! I remembered when you said that to me, that's why I could be friends with Olaf and I could go outside and play in the snow and-" She hugged Jack excitedly, the two rejoicing as Jack laughed.

After some time, they calmed, Jack's expression softening as Eliza continued to hug him. "When did you remember I was your sister, Jack?" She asked.

"Well... I remember what you looked like when you were little... but then many years went by. We never saw each other again. I had to come back in time to see you, but you're older now." Jack said. "Alice... she realized it and told me."

"... does this mean that I can't be Alice's sister anymore?" Eliza asked, frowning.

"Of course not. She still loves you more than anything, and you love her too, right?" Jack smiled when she nodded.

"She took care of me when I stayed with Doctor Bumby." Eliza frowned. "He made me forget everything and said I wouldn't be scared anymore... but he lied."

Jack moved back so he could look at Eliza's face, his expression becoming a bit serious. "He will never hurt you again." He gently placed his hands on her shoulders. "Alice and I are going to protect you, and you'll always be safe here."

Eliza nodded. "Doctor Bumby is a bad man, isn't he?" She asked.

"He is." Jack sighed. He was about to say something when his stomach rumbled, making Eliza giggle. "Guess I should have something to eat, huh?"

"Okay, but you have to tell me more stories to help me remember!" Eliza exclaimed.

"Alright…" Jack chuckled before stopping a moment. "You know… when I was still human… your name was Emma."

Eliza pursed her lips a bit in thought. "I had forgotten my name… Doctor Bumby made me forget it. Alice named me Eliza because of her sister. When we played games and she read to me, she said that her sister used to do those things with her."

Jack frowned a bit as he headed to the dining area, sitting down. "Yeah… that's why she needs you." He smiled lightly as he ruffled Eliza's hair, making her giggle. He felt content, almost at peace as the source of his nightmares had been right there with him, allowing his worst nightmare to turn into a dream come true. It was a miracle, but he finally had his sister beside him to cherish as he had when he was human.

Alice sighed lightly as she reached the top of the stairs, looking around as she searched for Bunny's whereabouts. She peeked into his room, not seeing him inside. She pouted lightly, sighing as she continued on. She then noticed him at the farther end of the hall, making her way towards him.

"Bunny, I would like a word with you. I'm concerned about your-"

"Save it." Bunny said lowly.

Alice shook her head. "Why must you be so thick-headed?"

"Why in the hell do you care? Don't you have prince charming to bother downstairs?" Bunny snapped.

"I always care about what you're doing, I simply choose whether or not to verbalize it." She crossed her arms for a moment, but she sighed, her expression softening. "Look... simply because I've decided to engage in a romantic affair with Jack doesn't mean my heart has no room for friends. My care for you hasn't lessened."

"Oh… well, lucky me." Bunny said as he turned, his expression darkening. "Prove it."

Alice's expression changed to one of discomfort, sensing something was off. "Bunny… if there's something else going on, I'd like to be made aware of it so-"

Before she could finish her sentence, Alice gasped as Bunny shoved her against the wall, kissing her forcefully. Her shocked cry was muffled, squeezing her eyes shut as she tried to push him off. Suddenly, she gasped for air when Bunny was suddenly pulled away from her.

Merida shoved Bunny to the ground, crying out fiercely as she held her open palm out, hovering over him. "What are you?"

Bunny gasped for air, glancing around in a daze. "Oi… my head… what in the bloody hell-"

"I said what are you?!" Merida shouted as her hand glowed. "You'll either cease to plague this good soul or I'll tear y' out m' self!"

"Woah, what in the hell is going-…" Bunny shook his head when he saw Alice, everything coming back to him. "Oh crikey…" He tugged on his ears for a moment, becoming distraught.

Hiccup strode quickly towards them then. "Hey, is everything okay?"

"Take Alice to her room." Merida said, her expression serious as she looked back over at Bunny. She extended her hands, narrowing her eyes when she placed them on either side of his head. "There was a darkness festering inside you, lad."

Bunny bit his lip. "Merida… I didn't mean to… I have to see Alice, I have to tell her I didn't-"

"I know y' didn't, Bunny." She said. "I knew there was something wrong. It concealed itself well, it did."

"What IS it?" He exclaimed. "Merida, I haven't felt right since we've come back here! My head… it feels like a batch of rabbit stew!"

Meanwhile, Alice sighed as Hiccup helped her to her bed to sit down. "I'm alright." She said, shutting her eyes tightly for a moment. "Something is wrong with him. It's Bumby, ever since the last confrontation Bunny's been acting strangely. That bastard, I'll wring his neck until it breaks!"

"Look, just… just calm down, okay? Let me go and try to make sense of all this…" Hiccup sighed exasperatedly as he glanced over at Toothless. "Keep an eye on her, okay bud?" Hiccup then got up, heading back out to try to figure out just what had transpired.

The Queen tilted her head as she heard the sound of Bumby chuckling lowly to himself. His bony, crooked fingers flexed as his nails clicked on one of the puppet children's heads.

"What are you so chipper about?" The Queen asked, raising a brow.

Bumby rose, turning slowly to face her. "You shall soon find yourself quite chipper yourself, your grace." He replied. "I have news to share."

"Well, don't dawdle, get on with it!" The Queen said with a wave of her hand.

"The demise of one Alice Liddell is now within our grasp." Bumby smirked. "Whilst I heeded Pitch's advice and remained hidden away during the course of the last meet with Alice and her companions, I came across a certain oversized rabbit which, as I am aware, harbored deep feelings for the wretch; however, to my delight, they were not reciprocated. You see, when you had snatched him up for me, I took to seeking the confines of his mind, placing a dark aura from my own essence there. Placing it in the deepest recesses of his mind kept it hidden away so princess Merida could not detect it. It also was the most opportune location in which to draw out and feed upon his negative emotions… Alice's lack of desire for him only facilitated the process; allowing it to fester."

"So how does this ensure Alice's downfall?" The Queen asked.

"Quite simple. Out of frustrated lust, the rabbit unknowingly transferred my dark essence to her. Once it has come to full maturity, I shall know. Then, I will make sure that Alice rots from the inside out!" Bumby growled.

The Queen smirked slowly at this. "That is quite an exceptional report, doctor. Indeed, I do think your enthusiasm is contagious."

"While they all think they are taking time to recover, I will be taking time to properly dispose of Alice once and for all." Bumby said, giving the Queen a firm nod.

Elsa slowly blinked her eyes open, sitting up as she rubbed them. She looked around, noticing that Pitch wasn't beside her. Despite her slight disappointment in this, she smiled to herself, exhaling slowly as she remembered the events from the night past. Unlike Anna, who occupied herself with childish things growing up, Elsa somehow had learned more of the world from the prison of her bedroom; Anna engaged herself with simple things, Elsa read. She read to pass the time, as she was confined to her bedroom day after day and would have gone insane from the boredom otherwise. As she grew, fairy tales were obscured by books of mythology, geography, learning of the world, but also anatomy... indeed, she read books about what becoming a woman meant, and the intimacies of the body and what could be done with them. She read beautiful, passionate, dramatic love stories, she read about kissing and being in one's embrace, imagining what that may have felt like once she reached her teen years. Secretly, like Anna, Elsa too wanted to experience the love of a man, but the difference was that she was more reserved about it, as she was with most aspects in her life. She was a queen by birthright, and it was a great responsibility and burden let alone enduring the struggle with her powers. That all felt so far away now, everything that happened in Arendelle; so much had changed. She sighed, hugging herself not out of anxiety or fear, but out of remembrance of what Pitch's embrace had felt like.

A sound snapped Elsa out of her thoughts, glancing over and smiling lightly when she noticed that Wick was awake. He got to his feet, waddling over to sit next to her.

"Are you feeling better, Elsa?" He asked quietly, happy just to see her conscious. "My arm grew back, so I was able to heal you."

Elsa blinked, looking down and feeling her side to see that the bandages were gone as well as the deep cut in her side. "Everything seems to be alright now." She replied. "Thank you, Wick. I'm glad you're alright too."

Meanwhile, Pitch was pacing about, sighing as he smiled to himself. He paused for a moment, reaching under the collar of his robe to gaze upon the locket. He sighed contently, feeling a light tickle on his lips when he thought about the past night. His train of thought was broken when he heard someone approaching from behind, turning to see the Queen. His smile faded, tucking the locket back under his collar.

"You don't have to make an effort to conceal it from me." The Queen smirked. "I know exactly what that is." She took a step closer. "So… you finally found all the answers you sought out for. How now shall you act?"

"I'm going to finish this… and then I'll go on my own way and leave all of it behind… including you." Pitch replied.

The Queen narrowed her eyes a bit. "All of it? Including your precious little Elsa?" She said her name with venom in her voice. "I can smell your attraction to her from halfway across the country, so I have great doubt about that."

Pitch smirked, shaking his head. "Perhaps because I'm not a tyrant like you are. She deserves to go back to Arendelle with a clean slate. With me, she would live a life of darkness. It's not who she is."

"Indeed… she is too weak to be what you are… what we are." The Queen remarked.

"There is no 'we.' Your attempts to sway me to you will continue to fail." Pitch said.

"Why? Because you think that her 'light' shall save you? That she can somehow replace what you lost simply because of her resemblance and circumstance?" The Queen scoffed. "The man you were before is not what you are now. What you are now is a match for me." She took a step closer, Pitch turning his face and closing his eyes as she leaned in a bit. "You can deny it all you want, Pitch… but your heart is as black as mine. Birds of a feather, as they say… her beauty shall fade, it shall rot into nothingness… but I shall always remain." The Queen said lowly, Pitch growling and turning away when one of her large fingers traced along his jawline.

"I've had enough of this. Find someone else to bother. There is nothing between us." Pitch said as he started to walk away from her.

The Queen's eyes widened angrily, baring her teeth as she scowled. "There shall also be nothing between you and Elsa if you're not careful, Pitch!"

He stopped in his tracks, turning slowly to glare darkly at her. "Is that a threat?" He asked lowly. "If you so much as lay one single, putrid tentacle on her-"

"It is indeed, but not on my behalf." The Queen answered, her expression dead serious. She began to circle around him, Pitch watching her carefully out of the corner of his eyes. "Our foes are becoming quite desperate, Pitch. They are going to try to change the game… break the rules… break us. And if you are not careful… they will claim Elsa's life."

"I will not allow that to happen." Pitch said.

"The choice may not be yours to make." The Queen replied as she stopped behind him. "They all know that you have made an emotional connection to the girl. I witnessed the display with my own eyes. But my eyes are not the source of her potential peril. Those of Jack Frost… and Alice Liddell; they know the key to destroying you now. Elsa is that key, and opening that door shall leave you vulnerable… it shall leave all of us vulnerable. So that leaves you with one of two options."

Pitch closed his eyes for a moment, exhaling slowly. "And what would my options be, your highness?"

The Queen smirked proudly. "Either reject what you feel for Elsa; seal the door completely so that the weakness among our collective is eliminated… or do so unto them before they attempt to first."

"Very well then." Pitch said before continuing along his way; despite this, the Queen still retained a smirk in her expression.

As she watched him walk away, she glanced to the side as Bumby floated forward from behind her, standing at her left. They were both silent for a few moments as the Queen crossed her arms.

"Well… may I ask why you seem to not be lacking for satisfaction, your majesty?" Bumby asked.

"The result of either option he selects benefits me." She answered. "If he chooses the first… it will leave me opportunity to destroy Elsa once and for all. If he chooses the second… then Alice will be destroyed."

"True… but there is one thing you're forgetting. Neither of those options necessarily result in what you truly desire- or rather, who you truly desire- does it?" Bumby asked.

The Queen raised a brow, glancing over at Bumby snidely. "No… it doesn't. However, it at least guarantees I get something out of it."

Bumby chuckled lowly. "Well my dear, you certainly have your smarts about you. I'm quite impressed."

"You should be." The Queen turned to face him fully, her expression darkening. "After all, I'm sure you realized that after the first time you attempted to trifle with me." She gave him a warning glance before taking her leave.

Bumby chuckled once more to himself, adjusting his glasses. "It seems like Pitch isn't the only one who has allowed themselves to become vulnerable."

Pitch peeked into Elsa's area, noticing her giggling lightly with Wick as he gave her a chocolate. He smirked lightly, intrigued by their odd friendship. He made himself known then, entering and causing their giggling to die down a bit. It wasn't as it was in the past however; normally, caution would replace Elsa's prior merriment. This time, her smile remained, but it was calmer; a knowing smile shared between them, like a well-kept secret that didn't need to be put into words.

"Hi brother Pitch!" Wick exclaimed, clearing his throat then as he twiddled his stick-like fingers nervously. "Did you have to talk to Elsa alone again? I can go in my hiding spot. I found a really good one last time." He got up, using his staff to help him. "I can't really float yet, my body is still recovering from healing my arm." He waddled, about to exit when Pitch stopped him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You can stay, Wick." He said, giving him a nod. "I owe you an apology."

Wick tilted his head. "Why? You didn't do anything wrong."

Pitch couldn't help but snicker at that. "Oh, I've done plenty of things wrong in my life, Wick. But… in those centuries when the guardians emerged… when I was fighting to maintain control over Earth's children… I did you no favors by allowing the guardians to do what they did. You didn't stand a chance."

Wick was quiet for a few moments, Elsa watching the two of them silently as well. "I- It's okay…" He said, scratching the back of his neck.

"Wick… when this is all over… I want you to remain with Elsa, and watch over her. Make sure that she remains safe and happy always. You both deserve a bright future." Pitch said. "Because Wick… it is not alright what I've done to both of you."

Elsa frowned lightly, standing up and walking over to them. "Pitch, what are you taking about?" She took his hands, shaking her head. "When this is over, I want you to live with me in Arendelle."

Pitch closed his eyes for a moment before glancing over to the side. Behind Elsa, he envisioned his wife, his enchanting Lady. When he finally allowed Elsa into his heart, he felt as if he had gotten some trace of her back, that some trace of her light finally penetrated the darkness of his heart and restore just a shred of the man, the greatness, he once was. Every word she had spoken to him had been true; she was his fear. The fear of experiencing this bliss only to have it be torn from him again; he wanted so much to tell Elsa that her sister was alive. She deserved the truth, especially because he knew what it was to lose his family, his loved ones. How could he put Elsa through the same thing? He found himself unable to speak the words, giving Elsa's hands a gentle squeeze.

"I've placed you both in great danger by bringing you here." He stated, for it wasn't a lie.

Elsa's expression softened, looking into his eyes. "Everything will turn out alright." She smiled lightly. "Pitch, you also deserve the same bright future you wish for us. Once we've done what we came here to do, you can stay with me… you can have the family you've always longed for…"

Pitch smiled sadly, pulling Elsa into a gentle embrace as he exhaled slowly. He blinked when he felt someone hugging him from the side, glancing over to see Wick was its source. Pitch rolled his eyes, making Elsa giggle a bit.

"I suppose he will be staying with us as well?" Pitch asked flatly.

"Of course, if he wants." Elsa smiled.

"Yay! I'll be the official candy maker of Albuquerque!" Wick exclaimed happily, taking a step back to stand up straight, saluting them with a serious expression.

Elsa burst into a small fit of laughter, covering her mouth. "First off, it's Arendelle… and second, I shall officially grant you that position as Queen once we make our return."

Pitch raised a brow as he looked down at Elsa. "You sure you want to deal with something this… enthusiastic… every day?" He asked, smirking.

"He's a joy to have around… besides, I'm sure you've dealt with worse." Elsa said.

Pitch shook his head. "As much as I have come to tolerate the poor creature… nothing on this planet Earth has ever existed that is more obnoxious than him."

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