King of the Blue Maze

Maze of the Two

Ib only realized she had closed her eyes when she opened them. When she stepped through, there had been the sensation that she was falling; falling on top of something...someone?

'Ouch~' said the thing she fell on.

Ib looked down, and quickly jumped up, 'I...I-I'm very sorry!' She stuttered.

'Meh, what...' The boy sat up and turned around and looked up with grey eyes...well..eye. He had lavender hair that covered his left eye and a dark blue...trench coat? It went down to his knees and was mauled at the hem and sleeve endings. Under that was an olive tank top and brown pants. 'What...a girl? What's the matter miss? Why did you end up...' He trailed off when he saw the tears in the girl's eyes. 'What happened? Did you hurt yourself?!'

'But...I'm so glad.' Ib sniffled. 'You were only sleeping after' I knew. I somehow knew that he'd open them.

He sat up and petted her head. 'Calmed down? I see your lost as well. You look so helpless when you cry like that, but hey. To tell the truth I'm lost as well. I wonder where this is?'

As He glanced behind himself, the bluish never-ending void seemed to replace itself with a maze of crooked walls, missed matched flooring and doors, numerous doors. Many paintings decorated the malformed walls 'Just when did I get lost in this kind of place? I don't get it.' He sighed. 'Where did you come from?'

'Um' Ib turned around. 'This preposterous as it sounds...'

'Painting? Ah, 'Unfulfilling Dream' huh? What a gloomy name.' It turned into a different painting. Before it was just a

The painting was of a blue rose that filled the bottom half of the frame. Thorn vines framed the picture in a way of saying 'this was the way you came, but this will not be the way you leave.' Towards the top of the painting was a mirror reflecting the painting, except the rose was red, not blue.

Really, what is this place? Ib thought. He doesn't seem to even remember that he dragged me here in the first place.

'But it really seems as if you came from the painting' He said as he reached towards the painting. 'Looks like some trick art with a door behind it-' The vines circling the rose snapped out at his hand. 'KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!' He shrieked backing away and clinging to the short sixteen year old. 'W-W-W-whawahwah what is this?! Something came out of the picture?!' Another thorn vine wrapped around his foot, which he then tried to get as far away from the painting as possible as fast as he could, but only succeeded in tripping backwards.

He's so different than before in the picture, but...but somehow, it just feels like this is that person. Ib thought.

'Ouch~' He groaned. Ib offered him a hand and helped him stand up. 'Thank you, Miss...?'

'Ib, My name is Ib.'

'Is that so...Ib-chan? I'm so glad I met you. I am... Huh? No good. Seems like...I really forgot. My name...Everything...forgot...everything...'

'That's so...but I guess with the painting's title and all. It's sad, but that's alright, I'm sure you'll remember soon! Till then I will give you a name. Uhm...Er...'Blue!''.


'Um, the blue rose at your chest...'

'Blue' looked down at his chest. In the breast pocket of his ragged blue coat, was a blue rose with ten petals. 'Ah, this. I see, it's ''blue'', since its blue.'

Ib mentally smacked herself in the face.

'Thank you Ib-chan!' Blue said smiling. Ib smiled too. 'So,' Blue said turning around facing the great beyond, 'I don't know how it turned out like this but I guess we have no choice. Let's search for an exit, shall we?' He asked, extending a hand to Ib. She took it smiling. They started off into the great unknown abyss. 'Is it alright if I just call you Ib instead of Ib-chan? Or is that rude manners to a lady?'

'Ib's just fine', Ib said.

'Alright then Ib'.

I don't know how it turned out like this with him, but for now, I only want to hold his hand, and I don't want to let go of it.

tHe BEGinNing oF a NEW maZe

I WonDER whETHer thE KinG cAn esCApE tHIs TImE oR WhEtHEr ThAt cHIld esCaPes

WhiCh oNE wiLl be lEft aT tHe END

AH sO FUn!

As the two strolled deeper into the realm, Blue glanced over his shoulder, staring at the painting. That's right...petals of a blue rose. 'Unfulfilling dream'. I wonder whether I had dreams as well

I forgot...

At that thought, he turned back around to focus on the path, the promise ahead. What he didn't see, was the withering of multiple blue rose petals and the disintegration of the wall behind them. It melted back into the blue-ish void it came from, never intending to be seen again.

Blue clutched Ib's hand tightly, nearly pulling her along. They were both out of breath and panting heavily.

'Ib, can you catch up?' Blue asked.

'Uh...y-yeah.' She said between breaths.

'Really...what the hell is wrong with this place? These strange artworks are chasing us...and they look really happy...' Ib and Blue were running from a small mob of headless statues, eerie looking blue voodoo dolls, and torso-less women in solid color dresses crawling out of brass frames.

'Long time...'Chimed the closest headless statue. The doll next to it followed up with 'No see~!'

'What the heck, even the doors and paths are weird!' Blue exclaimed as they turned a corner. The pathway split into three sets of stairs, one twisted right, the other twisted left and up. The third twisted in between the two and lead into a tunnel embedded in the wall.

'Which way?' Blue panted.

'Ummm...middle looks good.' Ib said. They ran up the contorted staircase and in through a door.

Slamming the gray door shut behind them, Blue slid down breathing heavily. 'This seems to be...a Let's...let's rest here for a while.'

'Are you...ok?'

Blue looked at Ib. 'You seem to be taking this so calmly.'

'Eh?' Ib looked up.

'It even scared the hell out of me. Usually girls like Ib would be scared too. For one so young, you sure are reliable.' He said smiling.

'I'm sixteen.' Ib chided. 'But...It-it's nothing. I feel like the longer I'm here, the more I adapt to it and the more I understand this world.'

'However...' Blue said, 'it's fine to rely on me you know. I still understand everything even if I don't know about my self. Don't give me that look. I'm a man after all~ of course I can protect a little girl!'

Ib was stunned at the statement. Her face must of showed it because Blue's next words were, 'Ah, sorry did I make you uneasy?'

I was trying to calm her down...did I just make her feel more uneasy? Maybe I'm too creepy. B-but if a girl is in this kind of strange place with a strange guy...of course she would be scared. Uhh...what to do...I know! 'W..well Ib, I-It's fine! the truth is...I don't have that kind of interest in girls. Because I'm an okama! Even if it's impossible not to be interested...' Blue stopped when Ib's face fell. What's with this atmosphere...I just made things more tense.

'T-that like guys?' Ib asked, her face hidden in her hair.

' do I put it?' This...this is bad, I can't lie either...'A...actually- Relax, guys or girls, I won't date anyone who's under twenty! I'm not a lolicon. There's no way I will target them.'

Ib felt like he'd thrown a hammer at her. She turned around so he wouldn't notice, but he did.

Her spirit went down? What am I suppose to do with this kid?!

''s forbidden if it's under twenty?'


'What about sixteen?'

'That's a bit...' Ambitious

'If I'm eighteen is it alright?'

' want to graduate soon?'

'After I graduate high school is it alright?'

'This...uh...we would have to consider the situation...' Ib's face lifted. I was just trying to calm her down, how did it get onto this topic?!

Another two years Ib thought mirthfully. She turned around and looked at Blue with determined eyes.

HoW dOEs iT FEeL? Ah... ThIS iS unEXPECteD

Blue stood up and stretched his arms.

'Well, shall we continue?' He asked.

Ib nodded in agreement and stood up.

Blue took one step, stopped, made a weird face, then sneezed. But when he sneezed, one of the petals on his rose fell off. His eyes widened as he winced, and then pulled out the flower.

'Are you alright?' Ib asked.

'As expected. This rose...Seems like it's connected to my body. Yours should be like that too, be careful.'

'Uh, yes...but I don't have a rose...'

'Yes you do' Blue pointed to a flower in Ib's skirt pocket. 'It's been on you the whole time, you must of never noticed it.'

'Ah, ok.'

aBOUt tHe roSE

IT's TRuE...aS ExPECted tHE kiNG iS TRApPeD in hiS oWN maZe

MUst oF bEen whEN he PUlLEd hEr In . He'S nOW inVOLveD iN thIS ToO. HE lOsT hIS meMORieS as A kiNg. WhaT A STUPid KINg. If i LEt TheM I'lL RemEMBer tOO. He'S STilL A kiNG AFTer AlL

'Are you really ok?' Ib asked out of concern.

'I'm fine now, thanks,' Blue responded smiling.

Blue extended a hand in Ib's direction, and she took it happily. Together they ventured farther into the twisted maze.

Let'S SeE...ISn'T ThIS geTtINg eVEn MOrE iNTerESTinG?

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