King of the Blue Maze

Between Red

After more blue distorted hallways, horrifying run-ins with overjoyed headless statues, moving paintings, blue dolls, many dead ends, and going in circles a few more times than would like to be admitted; the two came to a red door that was not like the others. Instead of the door just being locked or blocked, it was surrounded by red rose thorn vines, and had no knob. It looked like an overgrown archway one would see in a luxurious garden.

'Only here' Blue said, 'Is it so red.'

This room... ' But the thorns are blocking the way. Seems like we can't go in.' Ib commented. 'It must be hiding something really important.' It feels important. She took a step towards the door and rested a hand on it.

'Ib, if you're too close you may...It's dangerous. We don't know what it...Ib?' As soon as Ib touched the door, the thorn vines started closing around it, as if they were trying to draw her into the room. 'Wait...Ib! IB!'

Ib blinked. One moment she was touching the red door, wondering what was inside, with Blue lecturing her how she shouldn't be reckless and touch foreign objects in an odd world where art moved. The next moment, Blue was nowhere in sight, and she couldn't here anymore of his nagging. The surrounding walls was covered in red rose vines, and pictures covered the room. Some even floated overhead.

Their all the pictures of the same girl...why does it feel like I'm so familiar with her? Ib's eyes widened as she realized...This is me. These are the clothes people bought me for my ninth birthday. Their all my pictures...why? Same age, same must of been on the same day. They're all the when I was nine years old. What is going on in here? But...this place is suppose to make people feel uneasy. Yet I'm feeling alright. Just as if I'm with him...

'Ib...hey Ib...why can't I get in?! IB! There's no other option...I have to find a way to get in.' At this, Blue started tearing at the rose vines at the door, trying to free up the door. The thorns bit into his hands, and a petal fell off his rose, yet he kept trying to clear away the vines. For every one that was disposed, another seemed to take it's place.

'...what is this?' When he had started making some head way, blue rose vines started to slowly wrap around his feet and legs.

'This should be the end of the pictures displayed in this room.' Ib said out loud to herself. Ib had been searching for a way out, and had come a long hall lined with identical picture frames. The only difference was that the paintings seemed to be taken with in twenty minutes of one another. Ib stopped and looked at one of the paintings. 'The When I was at that age...did I ever cry like that?' The next few photos seemed to be taken within a closer time range of each other...the further down she went, the harder her nine year old self seemed to bawl. 'I wouldn't know. I can't remember. It's a strange collection of pictures.'

In the next picture, there seemed to be a hand that disappeared into a ragged blue sleeve towards the edge of the frame. In the next one, it was touching Ib's hair, as if the owner was to say everything is fine. At the hands touch, Ib only seemed to sobb harder. 'A hand...? Why do I have that expression? Who is the owner of this hand?'s clearly a sad piece of art. So why is it named something like this?' It was the only painting with a name plaque underneath it, reading Wish.

'Ehh~it hurts. Pulling people from there is a bit too much...' While Blue was trying to clear away the red door, Blue rose vines had wrapped around his legs and lower arms and yanked him through the tile floor into a different room. 'This seems to be another kind of room. Now this kind of place...'

Blue stopped his trail of verbal thoughts ah he glanced around the 'room'. 'Picture...?'

A frame that was separated from the rest of the room seemed to be the source of all the blue rose vines. They spilled down in every direction, making the brass plaque at the base of the picture impossible to read.

'Ah, this picture collection...does it end here?' As Ib looked at the next few pictures, a black border formed around the edges and her crying nine year old self seemed to be unwilling walking away from the owner of the mysterious-yet-comforting hand. In the next picture there a bigger black border and she was even further away and no longer facing the owner of the hand.

The next picture was the last one, and it was all black. 'E-ends...' Tears dripped out of Ib's eye's.

'Strange...w-why am I crying? I don't know. But it's so sad! It's just so tragic! And...their hand...' Ib glanced through her tears and to her hand. She clenched it into a fist and wiped her eyes. 'I let go of their hand! Where is this?, that's not his name...Eh?'

While Ib was contemplating her awfulness for abandoning someone, a weak spot in the floor had collapsed inwards, blue rose vines snaking upwards. They wrapped themselves around her limbs and lowered her through the floor, dropping her when her head passed the tile.

Ib heard groaning under her. 'I'm sorry, It always seems to turns out like this...' She apologized as she crawled off of Blue.

'I'm just glad your ok. You really had me worried.'

Ib averted her eyes.

'You are fine right? Did anything happen in that room?'

'...That's...' Her answer was cut off when she saw the portrait in the room. 'Why? How come that picture is here?!'

'Ah, that picture. Do know about it Ib? I feel like I've seen it before...but I can't remember. Do you know Ib?'


'Who is this?' Questioned Blue as he stared thoughtfully into a perfect replica of Forgotten Portrait.


'I think I've seen a model of this picture somewhere or other.'

Ah, that's right. He said he doesn't remember anything. He forgot everything about himself. But how am I supposed to explain this to him?

'But then it a guy or a girl, I can't tell.'

'Ah...that...' Ib sweat dropped.

'It seems like a guy, writes 'king'. Blue pointed to the inscription that was cleared away. 'It's called 'King of the Blue Maze', or something like that.'

This picture's title...This time the title of the picture changed.

'A blue maze, isn't it just like this place? Is it about the king of this world?'

Those words echoed in Ib's head Is it about the king of this world? 'I don't know...'


'I don't know this kind of person.'


'I said I don't know! Let's leave...I don't like this place.'


Ib grabbed Blue's hand and started pulling him along, not letting him see her face.

That scared me. This kid can get angry too...Even after all that's happened, being chased by live artwork, getting thrown into a different dimension, seeing odd things that would drive anyone crazy; I haven't seen her angry before. That picture...was it actually...However...

'Uh, I didn't get a chance to ask back there, but what was in the red room?'

'Pictures of a girl.' Ib said, still not looking at Blue.

'That's it? Was there anything scary in there?' This kid, actually, she's hiding something. What is it?

'No, there was nothing.'

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