Albus Potter and the Dark Future

The Duel

Albus and Malfoy were slashing and twisting and diving through the charged, flashing air, attacking, blocking, dodging, and countering. Albus could no longer feel the outside world. He wasn’t even aware of the blinding, churning innards of Sirius surrounding them. He could only see the figure in front of him, his arms spewing deadly curses.

“You are nothing!” screamed Malfoy, a solid beam of green light shooting from his palm. “You and your kind are insignificant weaklings. There will be no voice for individuals such as you in my new order. You will be crushed like ants!”

Albus said nothing, but dodged the stream of Killing Curses and retaliated with a brilliant purple orb that knocked Malfoy backwards. Albus hurled himself forwards, preparing to strike again, but Malfoy had recovered and had circled behind Albus before he realized what had happened. Malfoy’s curse hit Albus squarely in the back, and the next thing he knew, black flames were licking all over his body.

Fighting the terrible pain, Albus concentrated every fiber of his being upon turning the magic against its caster. At once, the flames were sucked inside Albus’s body. But now they were no longer burning him. Albus thrust his arms into the air, and a great vortex formed above his head, howling and swirling. When Albus brought his arms down to point at Malfoy, the vortex turned into an unbroken stream of light which bathed Malfoy in a brilliant glow.

When the light died, Malfoy emerged unharmed. He thrust his arms out to the side, and bellowed like a wounded beast. The walls of plasma surrounding the empty space in which they were standing began to spin, faster and faster.

“See how Sirius bends to my will?” Malfoy roared, as the plasma churned and swirled around them. “See how the seat of magic longs to submit to my command? The universe is Dark, Potter. Nature is Dark. You aren’t fighting me. You’re fighting the laws of magic! They will not give…and neither shall I!”

Another blast of green light surged towards Albus. He vanished and reappeared behind Malfoy. Malfoy blocked Albus’s spell and retaliated with a series of blue streaks. Albus felt the spells slashing his chest like swords, and tumbled backwards towards the rushing walls of plasma.

“Magic is power, Potter. Magic is authority. Magic is the arbiter of the strong and the weak. The blasphemous hold Muggles have over wizards is about to crumble for good. Muggles will at last be given what they deserve!”

Albus vanished again, this time reappearing in front of Malfoy and launching a volley of fresh spells. Malfoy blocked most of them, but a few made contact with his chest, and he was thrown upwards, yelling in pain and surprise.

Emboldened, Albus flew upwards to meet him, palm raised and glowing. But Malfoy was already back in control, and Albus had to duck to avoid another jet of green light. Albus aimed another spell at Malfoy that missed him by a fraction of an inch, but the momentum carried him uncontrollably past his quarry, and before Albus could do anything else, Malfoy was in front of him.

A pair of hands shot out and seized Albus’s arms. Albus was unable to move; he seemed paralyzed by Malfoy’s glowing eyes. “It’s time to end this.” Malfoy sneered triumphantly.

And now, Albus felt his strength leaving him as rapidly as water from a draining tub. He tried to resist Malfoy, but it was too late. His power was being leached away into his opponent, who was leering in triumph. Malfoy pushed Albus roughly away from him, and Albus hung limp in the air, unable to summon any force at all.

“I had expected a greater challenge, seeing as you managed to breach my other defenses.” said Malfoy with cold amusement. “But I guess that isn’t how it was supposed to be. This duel is over.”

Malfoy raised his fists above his head. “And now, Potter, you are going to get a privilege I did not intend to bestow upon you. You will be allowed to watch the dawn of the new order. The power of Sirius is mine!”

The walls of Sirius were now churning faster than ever. The previously smooth sides of the empty chamber now became rough, like the ocean in a storm. As the conditions grew more and more energetic, Victoria Perfectus began to tremble. Albus watched as the fortress’s protective magic began to break up. Suddenly, the protruding towers of Victoria Perfectus started to vanish as the energy of Sirius broke through the enchantments. Within a few seconds, the entire structure had crumpled, broken apart, and disintegrated.

Malfoy showed no reaction to the loss of his fortress, simply roaring with triumphant laughter. And now, Malfoy began to move through the air, heading for the central point where Victoria Perfectus had just vanished…the very center of Sirius. And there he hung, rotating slowly, limbs outstretched, the wild laughter barely audible over the roar of energy.

Malfoy’s lips began to move, forming incantations that Albus could not hear. He knew what was happening. This was it. The final play. In a few seconds, Malfoy would become the master of magic.

Then, Malfoy stopped speaking, resuming the terrible laughter. The spinning of the walls grew even more violent, and now the whiteness was being replaced by a rainbow of glowing, swirling colors. Streaks of red, dazzling bolts of blue, bursts of yellow and orange and purple. Albus was powerless. He couldn’t stop it. He couldn’t even move.

Suddenly, tentacles of blue light extended from the swirling walls, snaking through the air as they gathered towards the center. And in that instant, Albus knew what was going to happen. For the first time, a small smile formed on his face.

The jagged bolts collided in the center, converging on the point where Malfoy was floating. And as they hit, Malfoy’s expression changed from triumph to terror. He screamed in agony as the blue light enveloped him, flailing and thrashing and struggling to remove the encasing ball of energy. But it was too late.

Albus felt his strength return to him. Malfoy was no longer capable of holding it back. He sailed towards the central point, coming to rest hovering in front of Malfoy, who stared at him in horror.

“Here’s the proof, Malfoy.” said Albus, as his opponent’s body contorted and twisted. “You’re the one fighting the laws of magic. And now, they’re fighting back. You never had a chance.”

And then, Malfoy was gone. All that was left was a cloud of black ash.

Instantly, the walls of Sirius snapped back to their original state. Albus was once more surrounded by white plasma. And he began to feel a disturbance in the air. With a stab of horror, he realized that Malfoy’s last enchantments were starting to unravel. In a few moments, the magic shielding Albus from the heat and energy of the star would break. He had to get out immediately.

Albus shot out of the bubble into solid whiteness. As the final layers of the enchantment dissipated, Albus cast his own. Now, he was fully protected again, but the battle had taken most of his strength and he wouldn’t be able to continue like this for much longer. Every cell in his body was screaming for him to stop, but he pushed on, faster and faster, willing himself to break the surface of Sirius.

And then, he did. Albus found himself sailing through space. He was not safe by any means, but it would now be far easier to shield himself from harm. His second charm produced a protective, clear bubble around his body. This spell would last for a long time; he was free to relax his mind.

The moment he did so, the weight of everything he had been through came crashing on top of him. Every last ounce of his strength and willpower had been spent. The shapes of the stars around him blurred. And then, everything was gone.

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