My Enemy, My Brother

Chapter 14 Caught

When Draco woke up the next morning to the sunlight seeping in through the frost coated windows, he was momentarily confused as to why he was so warm.

Then he turned. Or at least, tried to.

A snore emitted from the red head currently sleeping smack dab behind him. Literally, right behind him. Fred was breathing down his neck.

Well, this was weird.

Stupid Weasleys.

Draco couldn't move. Somehow during the night, he had gotten tangled in blankets, and it was either fall off the bed, or just sit there until Fred woke up.

He was unwilling to do either.

He did end up making a valiant effort. But in the end, it was inevitable. He felt himself slipping, and the next thing he knew, he was on the floor. Still tangled somewhat in his blankets, he just lay there, too grumpy to move.

The snoring stopped. A minute later, Fred was peeking dazedly down at Draco. Draco vaguely wondered how someone hurt as bad as he was could be sitting up like he was, but hey.

It was a Weasley.

"What'r you doin' down there?" Fred asked, blinking his eyes owlishly.

"I thought it would be more comfortable." Draco drawled.

"Hmm," Fred mumbled, then turned and lay back down.

"Unbelievable," Draco muttered, as the snoring started up again.

It was a good hour later that Draco was ready for the day. It was still early-he usually wasn't up by 7:30 on a holiday. But he was suddenly scared about the consequences of his choice to help Fred. His aunt and the other Death Eaters were gone, doing who knows what. But sooner or later, Fred's absence would be discovered.

It was with trembling hands that he showered and dressed. He had put a ward on his bedroom door, and another one on the door to his antechamber. It wouldn't slow anyone down, but it would give him warning if someone came within 20 feet of the door. Even so, he was still jumpy, and any little sound had him gritting his teeth in anxiety.

He had just dismissed Libby, who had dropped off his breakfast, when he felt the slight tingle that became stronger as someone came up to the door. Nearly dropping his fork, he quickly cast a well practiced concealment charm on the bed where Fred still lay sound asleep, and he hurried out to the antechamber.

There was a knock. Draco breathed a small sigh of relief. There was only one person in this house who still did that besides him.

"Mother," he said, opening the door.

Narcissa smiled at him, and he gave her a quick hug before letting her step inside.

"Draco. I, well." She looked rather nervous and unsure of herself. "Is he alright?" she finally asked in a hushed voice.

Draco hesitated a moment, and then moved toward the door to his room. "See for yourself."

Narcissa hesitated for a moment, and then it seemed curiosity got the better of her. She followed her son into his room, and stood, momentarily confused for a moment, as she saw no one on the bed like she had expected. Draco smirked.

"I've gotten rather good at hiding things lately, and now I've extended that to people." With a wave of his wand, the air around the bed shimmered, and the illusion of a well made bed disappeared. In it's place, was a tangled mess of blankets and sheets, and wrapped up in them was one Fred Weasley.

Draco was suddenly rather nervous. What would his mother say? He trusted her, but that same anxiety came back. What if it wasn't enough?

Narcissa had debated with herself since last night as to whether or not she should see if she could help her son, but the thought of helping him with, well, him, was just such a foreign thought. She had finally gathered her courage up though and decided to visit Draco, to see what all had happened.

Narcissa was not a Death Eater. She supported her husband who was a Death Eater, and she stood by all she had been taught by her parents about blood purity. But she didn't condone violence. And the last week especially, she had hated listening to the tortured screaming coming from the poor Weasley boy. Once again, she hadn't had the courage to do anything about it. But her son on the other hand...

Narcissa watched, impressed, as the illusion disappeared, and the red headed teen was revealed. She had to hold in a gasp as she saw the state he was in. The last time she'd lain eyes on him, he was unconscious after having arrived. He had looked healthy, for the most part. But now...She quickly took in the bandages that were visible on his arm, which had a few spots of blood showing. And then the terrible bruising on his face as well as the cut. But then his paleness. Yes, he was a red head, and they had a tendency to be pale skinned, much like how her own son was always so pale. But this was a ghostly color. His skin almost appeared to be translucent. And even wrapped in so many blankets, he looked terribly thin, almost emaciated.

Narcissa swallowed. She wasn't sure what to say. Turning, she looked over at her son, who still stood beside the doorway. He was looking at her with a mixture of hope, fear, and nervousness. And suddenly, she knew.

"Draco," she started, walking back to him. "I, well, I just want you to know, how proud I am of you. I never would have thought you would ever make such a decision. An incredibly dangerous decision, but a very brave one. A noble one. You did what was right."

Narcissa's heart felt lighter as she saw the smile of relief that graced her son's usually stony features. They both turned, and looked at Fred for a moment. Then Draco finally spoke up.

"I have to get him out of here. They're gonna find out he's gone soon, and they'll know he hasn't left yet, because the wards won't let him."

Narcissa knew this. "I have an idea," she said. Her son looked at her in surprise. She smiled tightly. "When you get him out of here, you have to go to. You can't stay, or come back." Draco blinked, and started to speak, but she cut him off. "And no, I won't go with you. I will not leave your father behind."

"But Mum, if they suspect you had anything to do with it-"

"They won't." She assured him. "You and Snape aren't the only ones who know occlumency."

She smiled at his surprised look, then turned to leave. "Wait!" he cried. "What are you planning?"

She turned back to him. "I have a portkey I've been saving for an emergency. I can lower the wards long enough for you to use it. I'll be back as soon as I can." And with that, she left.

Fred hurt all over. But he was more comfortable than he'd been in ages. What was with that?

Wait. He'd already been over this.

The memories of last night hit him, and he was left stunned for a moment.

Draco. Bloody. Malfoy.

Another memory tugged at the back of his mind. Something about Draco laying on the floor because it was more comfortable.

Nah, that wasn't right. A Malfoy would never say that.

Fred groaned, and forced his eyes open. For a moment, he just relished in the fact that the room he was in was so bright. Goodbye dreary dungeon. Hello badly decorated Slytherin bedroom. Seriously. Everything was green and silver. Didn't Malfoy have any imagination?

"Oh, you're finally awake. Are you up for real this time?" Fred turned to see said Slytherin standing at the foot of the bed.

"Morning Albino." He winced a bit as his dry and sore throat protested against being used.

"What did you call me?"

Fred smirked. "I said Ferret."

Draco looked pretty peeved at the comment, but Fred didn't really care at the moment. "Hey, do you have such a thing as water around here?"

Draco sighed, and stomped over to a table in the far right corner of the room. Fred's mouth started to water as he saw the food laying on it. Eggs, muffins, sausage, bacon...

Draco came back over to the bed with a glass of water, and as if he'd read his mind, he said, "No, you can't eat any of that yet. I'm just gonna give you some water first, and see if you can keep it down. According to Libby, you haven't eaten in three days, and your diet was slim to nothing before that."

Fred pouted, but took the proffered glass in his shaking hand, and greedily started to gulp the clear liquid. "Hey, not so fast!" Draco snapped.

As disappointed as he was, Fred did remember Hermione saying something similar to Harry, back when he'd come to Grimmauld Place last summer. And Hermione was always right.

"So, we getting out of here?" he asked after the water was more slowly drained.

"Yeah, actually. My mother has a portkey that we can use apparently.

"Your mum?" Fred asked, surprised. He remembered that Narcissa knew about him, but he didn't think that she would be willing to go so far.

"Surprised me too," Draco said, shoving his hands into his pockets.

Fred thought a moment, shifting on the bed a little, trying not to grimace at the pain assaulting him from all directions. "Where's the portkey to?"

Draco blinked, then said,"I actually didn't ask."

Fred rolled his eyes, and was about to say something incredibly witty, but he caught Draco suddenly tensing, his gaze going to the door.

"What?" he asked.

Draco relaxed after a moment. "I have a ward on the door, to let me know if anyone is coming. But it's just my mother."

The next minute though, the door slammed open, and both boys stared at the person standing there in horror.

Fred gulped, fear taking over his whole body. "Uh, D-Draco? That doesn't look like your mum-it looks like her deranged sister."

Bellatrix Lestrange stared at the two boys, a look of shock and then triumph appearing on her face. "Well, well, well. Look who we have here."

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