My Enemy, My Brother

By WinterSolsticeGirl

Drama / Adventure

Chapter 16 How to Ruin Snape's Holiday

Later, Fred would continuously refer to this incident as the Slytherin-gone-Gryffindor incident. Because seriously...who would have thought that Draco Malfoy of all people, had the guts to stupify the Lord Voldemort himself?

Fred had to keep telling himself that he never really thought that Draco was going to kill him.

"Kill him," Voldemort had said, and Draco had pointed his wand at Fred. Fred would have to have a talk to the kid about pointing things at other people. But in that split second, when Draco had looked into Fred's eyes, he saw a determination that he wasn't sure was him being ready to kill Fred, or if it was something else.

Heart pounding, Fred really hoped it was the "something else."

And then chaos erupted. What Fred wouldn't have given for one of those muggle contraptions that recorded things. A video camera, he thought it was called. Oh well. He would just have to acquire a penseive.

It all happened so quickly, it wasn't until later that Fred knew for sure what happened.

Draco turned from Fred in a flash, and shot a stupify at Voldemort, while at the same time digging into his pocket, to pull out-wait a minute was that his wand?!-and shooting another stupify at Bellatrix. Then he turned, and shot a petrifying spell at Pravus.

And that's when his luck ran out.

"Watch out!" Fred screamed as Greyback jumped on Draco. Again, it happened too quickly for Fred to see everything clearly, but the next thing he knew, Greyback was flying across the room and smashing into the wall due to a levicorpus spell cast by Narcissa.

"Don't you dare touch my son you filth!"

And then Draco was stumbling to his feet. There was a nasty claw mark on his face that were bleeding far too much, but the younger boy didn't seem to notice it.

"Mum?'' Draco said, his eyes asking everything.

"I have the portkey here, you need to go quickly before they regain consciousness." While she spoke, she pulled a necklace out of her pocket. "It will be activated in a minute. I've lowered the wards, and you should be able to go."

"B-but, what about yo-"

"No!" Narcissa said, then softened her tone, as she took a handkerchief out of her pocket and pressed it to her son's face, the bright red blood contrasting to the snowy white. Draco hissed in pain as Narcissa continued to speak. "I will not abandon your father."

"But they'll know that you helped me!"

"You'd be surprised what I can talk my way out of. Besides, my innocence will be better seen if you stupify me as well."


"No Draco! You are running out of time and have to go!" She pushed her son toward Fred, and noting the woman's urgency, Fred forgot about his pain for a moment, and lunged forward to grab onto of Draco's open palm, where the portkey rested.

Draco seemed to be in a daze, and didn't seem to register that Fred was now holding his hand. Under normal circumstances, he didn't think the boy would have appreciated it.

"I love you Draco," Narcissa said, "now stupify me!"

Draco still didn't seem to be registering anything, so in a last ditch effort, Fred lunged for his now discarded wand (he was really glad that he noticed it lying there on the floor) and he did the honors of stupifying Narcissa.

Then the world spun, and Draco and Fred disappeared from Malfoy Manor.

To say that Snape was annoyed would be an understatement. He would never have admitted it, but when he heard the crash coming from his sitting room, he had nearly had a heart attack. Then, he reassured himself that he had nothing to be afraid of, that he had so many wards and protections around his home, that there was no way anyone unauthorized just showed up.

But then that was one of three things.

One of the Death Eaters-he really wasn't about to tolerate Wormtail's presence right now-Narcissa Malfoy-who would only use the front door to visit-or-

Snape jumped up and rushed to the other room. He remembered that day when Narcissa had come to him, and asked him to make the unbreakable vow. Before they had left, he had given her a necklace-a portkey. Something that only Draco would be able to use. And only in case of an emergency where he had no other choice.

The sight that met his eyes though, was not quite what he was expecting.

Yes, he was terribly worried about the fact that his godson was laying on the floor, blood smeared across his face and the front of his shirt, and that the boy appeared to be unsconcious.

But what really threw him for a loop, was the Weasley boy who knelt beside him, looking the part of a liberated prisoner of war. Which, Snape supposed, Fred Weasley was.

"Oh, you. I think I would have liked someone like Mad Eye better," Fred said, and then promptly passed out on the carpet beside Draco.

A dozen thoughts were running through Snape's head as he tried to figure out what happened. Putting aside his usual prejudices for Gryffindors, Snape moved forward quickly to pull the ginger away from Draco, and he lifted the too light boy up onto the couch. Seeing that whatever wounds he had were treated somewhat, Snape turned back to his godson.

After muttering an incantation to stop the bleeding, that Snape realized was coming from some sort of cut on the boy's face, Snape felt anger course through him. To clarify what he was already sure about, he muttered a vanishing spell that cleaned most of the blood from Draco's face. The rage coursed through him freely, as he saw the claw marks that now adorned the left half of the blond's face, starting from just below his eye and running down just missing his mouth and reaching the top of his neck.

"Vulnera Senentaur" he recited a few times, managing to slow the bleeding. But with werewolf wounds, there was not much he could do.

Gently picking Draco up, he carried the boy out of the room, and into his own bedroom. Laying him down on the bed, he pulled his wand out once more, and cast a patronus telling Dumbledore what had happened.

Sighing as his doe raced out the window, he wondered what he should do now. "Merry Christmas to me," Snape muttered,

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