My Enemy, My Brother

Chapter 21 Setting Things Straight

Fred didn't know why, but he was panicked. Something was not right, and Draco was at the heart of it.

"Fred, slow down! You're gonna hurt yourself!"

Fred ignored Ginny's shout, and kept going in the direction that he'd seen Draco go. The feeling of panic kept growing, and it felt like he was about to burst.

Coming to a break in the corridor, he paused, unsure of where to go now. Ginny and Melody finally caught up to him, and Fred braced himself for the scolding his younger sister was about to give.

But before Ginny could even open her mouth, a misty figure materialized in front of them. It took Fred a moment to recognize the ghost, Moaning Myrtle, and it would seem she recognized him. (Back when he and George were younger, they had loads of fun, well...making fun of the poor girl.)

"Oh, you." She said, looking at Fred in distaste.

"Excuse me Myrtle, but could you tell me which way Draco Malfoy went?" The question came from Melody, and Fred was pleased that she was able to take the girl's attention off him.

"The sad one?"

Fred blanched.

"Yes, he was rather upset," Melody responded.

"Well, I was minding my own business, when he came into the bathroom and started to cry, and then that other one came in, that Chosen Boy, Henry something or other," Myrtle replied.

The feeling of panic immediately turned to one of dread.

"Myrtle," he choked out, and she turned back to him, a look on her face that clearly read 'what in the world do you think you're doing addressing me?' but he ignored her. "What did Harry do?"

"Oh, I'm not quite sure. I left when the first hex got thrown."

Fred didn't wait to hear anymore, just took off down the hall toward where he knew Moaning Myrtle's bathroom was. He could still hear the girls' footsteps as they followed, but he had only one thought.

Stop Harry from doing something really stupid.

Unfortunately, he was afraid he was too late.

He made it to the door, and pushed it open. His feet were immediately soaked, and he stared in horror at the water that was flooding the room. There was a shattered mirror, and a broken sink that was still spewing said water. But what took his attention the most, was the noise.

Someone choking.

He turned, and saw Harry, back turned to Fred, staring at something in front of him, unmoving.

Fred rushed forward, his soaked sneakers splashing through the water. He shoved his way past Harry, who upon a closer look, was trembling slightly, and then saw what-or rather who, he was staring at.

"Draco?" he finally said, his voice sounding strangled. For a moment, he just stood there, staring at the prone figure on the floor in front of him, at the blood that was mingling with the water.

Then, as he heard Ginny gasp behind him, he snapped out of his horror, and rushed to the younger boy's side. Draco seemed to be fighting for air, and it was no wonder. His entire chest was covered in blood, and his pale face was scrunched up in pain. Fred felt a fury build up in him, as he noticed the tear tracks on the the blond's face.

Trying to remember what he should do in a situation like this, he quickly and as gently as possible lifted the younger boy up, to where Draco was laying up against Fred's chest. He was still choking, and the sound was too wet. It scared Fred.

Snapping his gaze up, he locked eyes with Harry, who looked back, horrified.

"What the hell did you do?!" he shouted, his fury making him see red. It took him a minute to realize that Ginny was no longer in the room, and he wondered for a minute where she had gone. Melody had rushed forward, and she was pulling her wand out. There was an intense look of concentration on her face, and Fred sent her a questioning look.

"I'm studying to be a healer-I'm trying to think of a counter curse I could use to stop the bleeding."

Fred looked back to Harry, and asked, "What sort of sick curse did you use?"

"I-I it was, my b-book, I didn't-I mean, I didn't know!" Harry stepped back, and looked at Melody instead.

"What curse?" She asked.

"It s-said, Sectumsempra." Harry visibly gulped, and Fred was about to start yelling at him again, when he felt Draco spasm in his arms. Looking back down at the Slytherin, he was surprised to see Draco's eyes were open. But his face screwed up in agony as another choked breath made it's way out.

"F-Fred," he managed. Fred could barely hear him-he was mostly lip reading. "C-Can't b-breath."

"Try to stay calm. Feel me breathing?" he asked, trying to slow down his own panicked breaths. "Breath with me. Come on, In. Out."

Fred could tell that Draco was trying, but he winced every time another choked, wet breath made it's way out of Draco's mouth.

Glancing back at Melody, his heart plummeted as he saw the look of helplessness in her eyes. "I don't know what to do! I've never heard of that spell before, and I tried to stop the bleeding, but nothing helps!" Fred could see the tears that were building up in her eyes, and he wondered when he might break down and start crying.

Draco shook in Fred's arms again, and Fred saw his eyes go wide, and he was suddenly not breathing, and-


Fred jerked his gaze back up toward where Melody had been kneeling, and instead came face to face with Snape. The professor had forcefully moved Melody, who was now sitting in the water, her face a mask of surprise. Fred saw red in the corner of his vision, and realized it was Ginny. She was looking at the boy in his arms with worry yes, but another emotion that he couldn't quite place.

"Vulnera Senentaur." Fred snapped his attention back to Snape, who was tracing his wand over Draco's chest, and as Snape muttered the spell again, Fred could see the blood receding. After the third repetition, Fred could see enough to tell just where Draco's wounds were.

Harry was in big trouble.

After Snape muttered the counter curse for a fourth time, most of the blood was gone, save for a few spots where the worst of the wounds were, and Fred felt slightly sick as he noticed some blossoms of blood spotting the water that was almost five inches deep now.

"Come, we must get him to Madam Pomfrey."

Fred didn't protest as Snape put his arm between him and Draco, and his other one under Draco's knees, and for some reason Fred wasn't surprised to see the man lift his godson up with considerable ease.

The next while was a bit of a blur to Fred. He remembered feeling rather weak all of a sudden, and vaguely realized that Melody was supporting him at one point, and then he thought he saw George, and maybe Ron. But then the black spots that kept floating in his vision finally got bigger, and he fell into blissful unconsciousness.

Ginny was worried and angry. She really needed to stop feeling those two things together. First worried about Fred and angry at Draco, and now worried about Draco and angry at Harry.

When had the world gotten so confusing?

When she had seen Draco covered in blood lying on the waterlogged floor in Myrtle's bathroom, she had been horrified. Her initial reaction was to run to the injured boy's side, to help him, but then thought better of it. They needed help, and they needed it fast.

So she had turned and left, hoping that Fred and Melody would be able to do something where she couldn't, and had run back the way she had come. When she finally found Snape, who had appeared to actually be looking for someone-Draco perhaps?-he had started to deduct points from Gryffindor when he noticed that she was leaving a trail of watery footprints behind her. But Ginny had started to hurriedly tell him what had happened, and before she had even finished, Snape had pushed past her and walking faster-almost running-to get to his godson.

Ginny was currently sitting beside Fred's bed, her hand covering his, as he slept. "Shock, and overexertion," was what Madam Pomfrey had said. Ginny tried not to think of what was happening on the other side of the room, as Snape and the kindly nurse hurried about. At one point McGonagall had come in, and Ginny hadn't seen her come out from behind the white curtain again.

George had just gotten back to the school. He had gotten off work early, and as usual, wanted to spend as much time with his twin as possible. He had been shocked when he'd shown up, only to see said twin passed out and Draco Malfoy of all people soaking wet and bleeding in Snape's arms.

At the moment, George seemed to want to pace a hole in the floor.

Heaving a great sigh, Ginny let her gaze wander, and she noticed someone standing by the door. She felt a growl start in her throat, and standing, she said, "George, sit down before you end up in one of these beds. I have some business to attend to."

Stomping over to the door, the first words out of her mouth as she locked gazes with one Pansy Parkinson, all she had to say was "Leave," and the dark haired girl snapped her mouth shut, forgoing whatever it was she was about to say, and turned and left. Later, George would tell her that if looks would kill, she would have committed genocide.

Ginny turned to the Golden Trio, and much like she had with Draco when she had first confronted him, found herself suddenly in front of Harry. The loud slap resounded down the hall, and both Harry and Ron looked at her in disbelief. Hermione, Ginny was happy to note, looked pleased with her judgement.

"Now Ginny," Ron began, but Ginny didn't let him continue.

"Don't you 'now Ginny' me Ronald!" Ignoring the shocked looks on the boys' faces, she continued. She had a rant ready, and she had no intention of leaving until the two idiots understood everything.

"I don't know what hair-brained idea you had, thinking that Draco was a Death Eater spy, but you're dead wrong! If it weren't for him, Fred would still be at Malfoy Manor, or worse. And what in the world possessed you to attack him Harry?"

Harry, seeing a chance to defend himself, quickly said," He threw the first hex!"

"Oh, really. And what, pray tell, did you say to him to set him off?" Ginny glared at Harry, who averted his own eyes.

"I noticed that he was, um, well, crying, and I asked him if a fellow Death Eater had died, and-"

Another slap resounded through the hall.

"You. Are. An. Idiot." If Ginny was angry before, she was now seething. "Do you know what just happened, what Snape had just told him, why Draco was crying?" Ginny noticed that Ron was looking appropriately worried, and Hermione even more so. "Snape had just delivered the news that Voldemort killed Narcissa. Draco's mother is dead."

You could hear a pin drop. Finally, Ron swore. Loudly.

Ginny suddenly felt drained, and she could feel the tears start to course down her cheeks. "I don't want to talk to you. Just, stay away from me." And she turned, and walked back into the hospital wing. George said nothing, as he pulled her onto his lap and she cried into his shoulder. Ginny was barely aware of Ron coming in, but heard him say something about Hermione and Harry going to get rid of the book.

Ginny was glad. She never wanted to hear about the Half Blood Prince again.

And so it was a few hours later, when Draco was out of danger, that Madam Pomfrey once again found an interesting sight. She didn't know quite how they managed it, but all four of the Weasley children were curled up on Fred's bed.

Sighing and shaking her head, she blew out the candle, hoping that they would all sleep well.

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