My Enemy, My Brother

Chapter 25 Battle of Seven Potters

"We'll have time for the cozy cut up later. We have to get the hell out of here." Fred jumped slightly as Mad Eye pushed his way into the middle of the room.

"Potter, you're underage, which means you still have the trace on you." Fred saw Draco smirk out of the corner of his eye.

"Sucks to be you," Draco said, relishing in his own freedom without the trace, seeing as he had turned seventeen a week earlier.

Mad Eye went on for a moment about what the trace was, and then he pulled out a small flask.

"They won't know which Harry Potter is the real one," Mad Eye finished off.

"The real one?" Harry asked, looking uncertain.

Mad Eye smirked, and said, "I believe you're familiar with this particular brew."


Realization dawned on Harry as Mad Eye popped the lid off the flask.

"No, absolutely not!"

"Told you he'd take it well," Hermione said.

"No, taking that, becoming me! I can't let you all risk your lives for me!"

"Like we haven't done that before mate," Ron piped up.

Fred exchanged a look with George. "Well, none of us really fancy it mate," Fred said.

"Yeah," George said. "Imagine if something went wrong and we ended up a scrawny specky git forever!"

Draco snickered, and Harry glared.

"Everyone here is of age, Potter. They've all agreed to the risk."

Someone cleared their throat. "Uh, technically, I've been coerced." All eyes were drawn to the small balding man over by the window. "Mundungus Fletcher, Mr. Potter. Always been a huge fan."

Fred rolled his eyes. True, the man had helped them get their shop started, but the younger twin had never really liked the shifty man. It seemed that Mad Eye didn't either. "Nip it Mundungus."

Draco was constantly looking around the bare room. Before they had arrived, Fred and George had talked briefly about how Potter's aunt, uncle, and cousin had gone into hiding, and they had essentially moved out. So he was a little disappointed when he didn't get to see the type of things that had been in Potter's house. When he had gotten the courage to ask Granger earlier, she had just arched and eyebrow at him and said, "I never saw the place, but from what I've heard, you couldn't tell that Harry lived there. His aunt and uncle were pretty horrid to him, and usually kept all his stuff out of sight."

Draco wasn't quite sure he believed that. This was Harry Potter, the Golden Boy, the Boy Who Lived. Was it really possible that he was locked up like a prisoner in his own home?

Draco didn't entertain the thought for long, but he did recall the hideous outfit that Potter had been wearing the first day he had seen him in the shop getting fitted for robes. Could there actually be some truth to the story?

Draco was snapped out of his daydreaming when he heard Mad Eye making a comment about how the potion tasted like "Goblin piss." Draco did a double take.

"Had a fair amount of experience with that, have you Mad Eye?" Draco raised an eyebrow at Fred's question, and wondered the same thing. Then he continued before he took the flask and drank, "Just trying to diffuse the tension."

Within a few minutes, Fred, George, Draco, Weasel, Granger, and Mundungus were all identical to Harry Potter. Draco rolled his eyes again when Fred and George said in unison, "Wow, we're identical!"

Draco was a bit uncomfortable with getting changed in a room full of people whom he had considered his enemies just a short time ago, but one look at Mad Eye when he snapped at them all to hurry, and Draco complied quickly. He didn't talk as he pulled on the muggle jeans and the gray blue sweat shirt, and then he put the ugly round glasses. He heartily agreed with Granger when she said, "Blimey Harry, your eyesight is awful."

It was all a flurry of motion as they were all assigned partners and filed out the door. Draco was paired with Bill Weasley, and they settled on one of the thestrals that stood outside the door. Draco tried not to think about the fact that he could actually see the skeletal creature. He quickly brushed away the many bad memories from his Death Eater initiation...

After Mad Eye gave a quick speech about people maybe not making it- Bloody inspiring-Draco had barely a moment to look over at the Potter that he thought was Fred, who sat on a broom with Mr. Weasley, nodded in a quick farewell, and they were off.

"They've taken off," a masked Death Eater said to the other.

The two Death Eaters sat beside each other on their brooms, shrouded in the darkness. The other turned slightly to his opponent and said,"If Malfoy's brat is with them, leave him to me. And if either of the Weasley twins are there, the same for them."

The first cloaked Death Eater nodded. "Fine." He wasn't going to argue with the other man and his bone to pick with the two boys who had kept him from satisfying his vengeance for his brother.

Behind his mask, Pravus smirked in anticipation.

When the first of the Order flew into range, there was confusion on both sides. None of the Death Eaters had counted on more than one Potter, and the Order wasn't expecting any Death Eaters that soon.

Mad Eye was not happy. After he commanded Mundungus to watch behind them, he brought his broom into a steep dive. Someone was going to be in big trouble for feeding the other side information.

George had been somewhat prepared for the onslaught. He, Fred, and Draco had all known ahead of time that Snape had let the Death Eaters know about their early leave, but due to the fact that Snape was in deep cover, they weren't able to let anyone else know. That was why Snape had mentioned the polyjuice potion, and Fred and George had suggested it as their own idea that Mad Eye readily agreed to. Draco had convinced Fleur to let him go in her place so that he could be one more person who would be a little more prepared for what was going to happen. George had been somewhat surprised that the Slytherin would readily volunteer for a dangersous mission, but hey. That was what he got for spending too much time with the most Gryffindor family there was. I suppose we've corrupted him, the older twin thought with an amused smirk on his face.

So George was ready when the first Death Eaters showed up. He wondered if Lupin might question him later for his quick response as he took out three of them in quick succession.

Draco was the only one who saw both things happen. As he and Bill were flying up, trying to get some cloud cover, Draco's Dark Mark burned. He gasped, prompting Bill to ask what was wrong. But Draco didn't need to say anything.

A good fifty feet below them, he suddenly appeared. Draco watched as if in slow motion as the Potter who was with Mad Eye-Mundungus-disapperated, and then there was a quick flash of green-

And Mad Eye was gone. Fallen into the darkness below. Draco stared in horror as the Auror disappeared.

And then, a shout. Bill and Draco both looked up, ahead of him. There was a Death Eater in front of them, but not paying any attention to them. His mask was off, and Draco started at recognizing Pravus. He looked mad. Draco searched for the object of his attention, and saw the Potter who was with Lupin.


Draco pulled his wand up a little too slow. His own hex hit Pravus, but not before he had already said whatever curse it was. Pravus's aim was slightly off, but the curse still connected. Bill was shooting his own spells now, realizing that this was his brother who had just been hurt, but other than a few bruises and a snarl in their direction, Pravus was unaffected.

Draco wanted to help when he saw Lupin desperately grab onto George who had slumped sideways a little. Draco was afraid that George would fall, just like Mad Eye, but his attention was drawn elsewhere as more Death Eaters showed up.

Please don't be dead!

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