My Enemy, My Brother

Chapter 27 Crashing A Wedding

Draco smirked a little as he heard Arthur Weasley yelling at Fred and The Weasel.

"It's your brother's wedding day, now buck up!"

Draco was busy trying to get his tie put on right, using the small mirror on the wall in the kitchen, and didn't notice it when Ginny walked in.

"Zip me up?" She asked. Draco turned, slightly startled, and then felt his face heat up as he realized she wanted him to zip up the back of her dress.

Face still flaming, he walked over and zipped the dress up, careful not to touch the exposed skin. He really didn't want Mr. Weasley to come in and have a reason to start yelling at him too.

"It seems silly, doesn't it? Having a wedding after everything that's happened?"

Draco swallowed, trying to think of something intelligent to say. "Um, well, maybe it's what everyone needs right now? A little bit of normal?"

Ginny had now turned around, and hummed a response, and before either knew it, their lips had met.

Draco had kissed Ginny before, but he was still immensely enjoying it-

-until George sneaked past them and leaned up against the sink. Ginny and Draco broke apart and turned to him, and Draco tried unsuccessfully to hold back a snort. Ginny rolled her eyes, and walked away, muttering something about immaturity.

Draco felt slightly disappointed, but turned back to George who said, "Morning."

Nodding in response, still smirking, Draco said, "I really like your new ear," and went to join the others outside, leaving George with the toothbrush sticking out of the hole in the side of his head.

After what had seemed like ages, a visit from the Minister of Magic, a ton of food preparation, about a million guests, and finally the wedding vows, Fred was really ready to be done with the whole thing.

He'd been standing the whole time, going this way and that to make sure everyone had what they needed. He'd been turned into a bloody butler!

"More like a waiter."

Fred turned in surprise to Melody, who stood beside him. "Oh, um, I didn't realize I said that out loud."

She smiled. "Well, I was just commenting that in a setting like this, you're only taking care of food needs, so you're more like a waiter."

"I suppose...but 'butler' sounded better with 'bloody'."

Melody giggled. "You ought to make that into a tongue twister."

Fred smiled, and then turned his attention to the rest of the room. Bill and Fleur, newly wed, were dancing in the middle of the floor, both looking happier than Fred had ever seen. Ginny was standing next to Draco, the two of them observing from the other side of the tent. George was in the corner with Luna Lovegood, and Harry was sitting at a table with some old guy...oh, and it seemed his Aunt Marge was talking to Harry and said guy.

Fred kinda pitied him...

Suddenly, Harry was standing up, looking outside the tent at something rather intently. Fred was about to skirt his way around the crowd to see what on earth was so interesting, when a bright blue orb of light shot through the top of the tent.

There were a few stifled screams, and everyone backed away from the blue light that was casting an eerie glow over everything. Fred recognized the light to be some form of patronus, and wasn't terribly surprised when a voice sounded from it.

"The Ministry has fallen. The Minister of Magic is dead. They are coming!"

Fred was frozen in shock for a moment, and then, as the blue light faded, screams started up all around. All was suddenly chaos as people began apparating away. The man that Harry was gone in seconds.

Suddenly, a crash was heard, and a black, horrible smoke like substance that Fred had hoped he would be seeing less of, mad a swoop through the tent.

"Death Eaters!"

Fred felt a momentary felling of deja vu, as he pulled out his wand, Melody shouting at him from behind. He was running on auto pilot as he deflected a curse from one hooded figure and shot a hex at another. Suddenly, his dad was in front of him.

"Find Ginny, and you and George get her out of here!"

Before Fred could protest, he heard his Harry call out to the aforementioned sister, and turning, saw her battling her own Death Eater. There was too much chaos to see why, but just moments after Harry was shouting at her, Harry, Ron and Hermione apparated away. Fred knew it was probably because their hunt for horcruxes, but he still felt a slight flare of resentment as Harry left his sister to fend for herself.

"Ginny!" He cried, and shot his own hex at her opponent.


He grabbed her hand, and turned, and was pleasantly surprised and relieved to see that Melody was close behind him. Turning, Fred quickly spotted George and Draco, and called out to them.

A small fire had started on one of the white tablecloths, and all was chaos and confusion. But Fred tried very desperately to focus on his destination, watching as if in slow motion as George and Draco ran over to them.

Clasping hands, the group of five disapperated. Location, Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

But not before Fred felt something hit his side.

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