My Enemy, My Brother

Chapter 30 The Sword of Gryffindor

True his word, at exactly 10:00 that evening, the wards were lowered, and immediately there was a crack as Snape apparated in.

Draco felt a mixture of relief and worry upon seeing his godfather. It had been months since the last time they'd seen each other, and that had been right before Snape had killed Dumbledore.

Draco shook himself, and noticed Fred give a small flick of his wand, raising the wards once more.

"Uncle Sev?" Draco asked.

Snape turned his attention to his godson, and Draco ignored the snicker from George at the "Uncle Sev" bit.

Snape looked tired, and Draco wondered how things had been going. Over the last few months with Snape as the headmaster at Hogwarts, things had increasingly worsened, but Draco knew that it wasn't really Snape's fault.

Regardless, it had been interesting trying to get the Weasley parents to let Ginny go back. Draco allowed a small smile, thinking of the girl. She'd had quite the argument with Arthur and Molly…

But snapping back to the present, Draco found himself automatically walking forward and throwing his arms around his "Uncle."

Draco saw George gaping at him over Snape's shoulder, and he rolled his eyes. Fred elbowed George, and Draco allowed himself a small smirk.

Snape briefly patted Draco on the back, and then quickly removed himself from the embrace. If it was possible for Snape to look flustered, he did, and Draco smirked as he shot a look at the still gaping George, and the famous glare was enough to get the older twin to turn red and look away.

"So, you have something you need us to get to Harry?" Fred asked, getting right down to business.

"Yes," was the simple reply. With a wrinkled nose, Snape surveyed the shabby apartment, and then walked over to the kitchen table. Reaching inside his dark robe, he something out. After he'd laid it out on the table, Draco could see it clearly. It appeared to be a sword.

"Bloody hell, is that the Sword of Gryffindor?" George breathed.

"It is."

Draco was confused. "But I thought it had disappeared." He vaguely remembered the Minister of Magic saying something about that. Well, wasn't' supposed to hear that, but that didn't mean he hadn't.

"I sent off a very convincing fake to your aunt."

Draco stiffened at the mention of Bellatrix, and he noticed Fred had a similar reaction.

"So…" George started. The atmosphere was rather tense, but Draco really hoped that George might keep silly comments to himself. "Is this what you want us to bring to Harry? And how are we supposed to get it to him if we don't even know how to find him?"

Snape gave another glare, and said, "I am getting to that part, if you would so kindly be patient. This sword can destroy horcruxes."

Draco started. "How?"

"A common thing with goblin made weapons, is that it only takes in that which makes it stronger. Remember Potter's second year? When your younger sister was taken into the chamber?"

The twins didn't look overly happy, but Draco was confused. He'd known that Potter had defeated a Basilisk that year-he'd been terribly mad at him for once again being a glory hound-but he'd not heard anything about Ginny being involved.

Snape continued. "He defeated a Basilisk down in the chamber, with this sword, which is Goblin made. The final blow was made by stabbing it in its mouth."

Draco winced, and absentmindedly rubbed his tongue on the roof of his own mouth, but then it clicked what Snape was getting to.

"It only takes in what makes it stronger. Does it have the equivalent to Basilisk venom on it now?"

"Indeed, Draco," Snape answered, and for a moment, Draoc felt like he was back at Hogwarts, just getting some random Potions question right.

He missed it.

"Basilisk venom is one of the few things that can destroy a horcrux. This is why the sword was left to Potter in Dumbldore's will, which you may have heard about."

"Wow," George said, and made a move to touch the sword.

"I wouldn't do that, considering that it took the tears of a phoenix to heal Potter's wound, and I don't have a phoenix handy right now."

George yanked his hand back.

"So, do you know where they are?" Fred said, finally speaking up.

"I don't at this time, but I may not have another opportunity to get this to you, as Hogwarts is under more and more scrutiny from the Dark Lord as time passes. I do believe that one of the horcruxes may be hidden there, but I don't know for sure. As far as how to find out where they are, I have means, but it may take a while. Remember the portrait the took a message to the Order when your father had been attacked at the Ministry?"

Again, something that Draco hadn't heard about. When had this happened?

But the twins were nodding at obviously another bad memory. Snap continued.

"Ms. Granger found out that I could…spy on them, since for a while, they were at Grimmauld place, and there was yet another portrait there of the same person. The silly girl stuffed it into her enchanted bag. So, I am now waiting for them to slip up and give something away about a location. I've already heard some things."

"Really?" Fred was suddenly animated. "Are they okay? I mean, we heard that they'd broken into the Ministry, and dad said he's pretty sure that Harry spoke to him while polyjuiced. And-"

Snape held up his hand. "I need to go, but I will tell you that at this time, your brother is not with Potter and Ms. Granger. I am not sure of the details, but it upset Ms. Granger greatly."

"He's not-" George started, horror on his face.

"No, I believe I would have heard about that, being that he is a part of the famous 'Golden Trio' and all, whoever would have killed him would have bragged."

Draco had a feeling that Snape's words had not reassured the others.

"I must go, before I am missed. If you would?"

Fred pulled his wand back out to lower the wards, and asked, "What about when you find out where they are?"

"I will send another patronus. It seems to be the only safe way of communicating nowadays." Sending another glare at the twins, and then a slightly softer look at Draco, he said, "Keep it safe. Hide it."

And a few seconds later, he was gone. For some reason, Draco felt like it was the last time he'd be able to talk to his godfather, and he suddenly felt a wave of dread.

He really hated war.

It was about three weeks later that the first patronus arrived.

"They were in Godric's Hollow, but I am unsure if you can track them down from there."

They had been debating sneaking into the town to see if they could do some sort of trace on the apparition, but before they could decide anything, another patronus showed up.

"The Forest of Dean," was all it said, but it was all they needed.

Within minutes, the three were bundled up, sword carefully hidden, and ready to apparate.

"You ready?" George asked. Fred shrugged, and Draco winced.

"I'm trying to help the guy who almost killed me last year. I'm perfectly ready."

"Please try to get along?" Fred asked.

"No promises."

And with a CRACK they were gone.

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