My Enemy, My Brother

Chapter 32 The Deathly Hallows

After Draco had destroyed the horcrux, they had all wandered into the tent, and Hermione had made them hot chocolate. Harry said something about chocolate having cheering up properties and it worked wonders for Dementor attacks, and after seeing the look on Draco's face, Fred figured the younger boy would need it.

It was now almost noon, and Hermione was intently reading a book (nothing new there) while the others made small talk. Harry was still asking about how they had know where they were etc. and was worried about others being able to find them, and George was trying to reassure Harry that their spot was NOT compromised, and no, they couldn't tell them how they had found them.

Fred was pretty mad at Ron, disappearing on Harry and Hermione like he had, and over some pitiful argument.

"It's true, I really only see Ron as a friend, but Harry too. We were never together. After the bit with Lavender last year, I just lost any interest I had," Hermione explained.

Next time I see Ron, Fred thought, I think I'll punch him.

"I think we need to go visit Mr. Lovegood."

The boys looked up at Hermione's statement, and Fred stared at her incredulously.

"What on earth could you need to visit him for?" Draco asked incredulously, the distaste for the man who ran the Quibbler very apparent on his face. "Isn't he a little nutty?"

Hermione patiently explained her reasoning, but Draco still looked doubtful.

"I think we should go," Fred piped up.

This time, George looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Why?" he asked.

"Well, a few reasons. The Lovegood's live pretty close to the Burrow, and I'd like to visit home a bit. And I know someone who would love to see us again." Fred looked pointedly at Draco at this, and George smirked.

"Oh, yeah! She's probably home for the holidays."

Harry looked confused. "Who, Luna?"

Hermione sighed and rolled her eyes. "Honestly Harry, are you that clueless? Ginny, of course."

It took a moment to sink in. "Wait, you and Ginny?!"

Draco flushed a little. "Yeah. Finally caught on, have you? We've only been dating since the summer."

Harry looked like he was going to say something else, but his jaw snapped shut, and shook his head, rolling his eyes. Fred thought he heard him mumble, "What is the world coming to?" but wasn't sure.

But it was decided. They were going to the Lovegoods.


Draco was uneasy.

They were sitting in the Lovegood's living room? and they had just finished listening to the story of the Deathly Hallows, as Harry had never heard of it before.

Really. Potter must have had a horrible childhood.

But there was something off. Mr. Lovegood, Draco knew, was a strange man, but he was acting…stranger than he'd ever seen him. True, he'd met him a few times in Diagon Alley, and then at Bill and Fleur's wedding, but still…

After mumbling an excuse about the tea going cold, another spike of unease went through him.

"I'm not drinking any more of that stuff, hot or cold," Fred said, and George nodded in agreement as they all stood.

"Let's go get some real food, and you guys can plan your next move, and think about these Hallows."

"You really think they're real?" Draco asked.

"Maybe." Hermione said. " Harry has the cloak."

Draco scrunched his brow up. He still thought it was a silly fairytale, but whatever…

Harry led the way back to the main level of the house, and proceeded to say farewell to Mr. Lovegood, but the twitchy man dropped what he was working with, and placed himself in front of the door.

"They took her," he said, and Draco felt his heart sink to his toes. "They took my Luna. They were angry, you see, about what I'd been writing."

Harry took a step forward.

"Who took her?"

Draco wanted to shout out, "Don't ask such a stupid question!" but couldn't find his voice.

And then Mr. Lovegood's eyes narrowed, and he said, "Voldemort."

Fred shouted a curse, and Draco felt himself being thrown to the floor as the sound of an explosion met his ears.

"That name is taboo!" George shouted.

Outside, Draco could hear Mr. Lovegood shouting that "he had Harry Potter" to the Death Eaters he knew were circling the house, shooting curses into it.

"Here!" Draco heard a shout, and as part of the ceiling caved in, he looked over to where Potter and Hermione were clasping hands and reaching out to him and the twins.

They all managed to clasp hands, and as Draco heard the rest of the ceiling cave in, they disapperated with a crack.

After a brief moment of disorientation, Draco realized he was staring at trees and an overcast sky.

"That git!" Draco heard, and looked over to a furious George. "How could he do that?"

"He was just trying to help his daughter, "Harry said. "He was desperate."

"Well, he could have asked for some help…" Fred commented.

Hermione sighed. "I'll put up some more protective charms. Sorry about visiting your family guys. It might not be the wisest thing to do right now."

"S'okay," Fred said. "We'll get over there eventually.

Draco was no longer listening.

He was staring in horror at a man he recognized, who was holding a scarf in his hands.

"Well well well…" Pravus said, sneering at the pale teenager. "What have we here?"

Draco felt the panic coursing through him, unwanted flashbacks flashing through his mind. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Fred looking extremely pale, and Draco was worried that he'd pass out.

"Hello beautiful," someone else said, and Draco suddenly realized that they were surrounded by a group of Snatchers.

It was as if that were their signal, and everyone overcame their shock, and started to run.

It would be a race for their lives.

Behind him, he heard the other man who'd spoken say, "Don't just stand there, snatch 'em!"

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