My Enemy, My Brother

Chapter 37 Bond Between Brothers

Ginny was peeking around a corner to see if the coast was clear when she heard George gasp behind her. Turning quickly, she spotted him on his knees, pale-faced and shaking. She immediately searched the area around them, trying to spot a threat, when George gasped.

"Fred!" He finally managed, and then before she could say anything g, he was up and running. Worry and fear coursing through her, she followed. She wouldn't ever understand the bond that the twins shared, but at the moment, she hoped that it wasn't communicating something awful.

As she ran, she shot a few hexes here and there, at several stray Death Eaters who were within her line of sight. Something she noticed while she ran though, was the limp that George suddenly developed. She was sure he wasn't hurt, yet it looked extremely painful.

She almost ran head long into Harry, and wasn't terribly surprised when she saw Ron and Hermione following him closely.

"We have to go, but you need to help them!" Harry exclaimed, and Ginny didn't miss the frantic, worried looks on the other two's faces.

"Fred!" She heard, and rounded the corner, forgetting all about the Golden Trio.

The sight that met her made her breath hitch. She stared in horror at the pile of rubble in the middle of the hallway, where she could make out the distinct colors of white and red hair.

Percy and Lupin were pulling chunks of rubble off the two teens, and Ginny was jerked back to reality when she heard Fred cry out in pain.

Striding forward to help, she had to swallow as she saw the sale that Fred's leg was in. She was pretty sure it wasn't supposed to twist...well, everywhere.

Fred's face was screwed up in an expression of extreme pain, and she noticed a trail of blood running down the side of his face.

"Draco. Is he okay?" Fred finally managed to grit out between his clenched teeth.

Ginny had been so focused on her brother, that she hadn't thought to look at Draco, the owner of the white blond hair that she had seen.

He was laying beside Fred, on his stomach as opposed to his back like Fred. There was a smear of red in his hair, that was otherwise speckled with dirt.

He wasn't moving, and that scared her.

Fred let out a cry as the last piece of rubble was lifted off him, and George was immediately at his side, trying to sooth him.

"No...Draco, is he alrigh'?" Fred said, starting to slur his speech.

Ginny had continued to remove pieces of the wall off her boyfriend, and, her own head pounding, she reached forward towards his neck. After feeling the faint but steady thrum if his heartbeat, she let out a relieved laugh/sob.

"He's alive."

Lupin joined her, and soon they had Draco free as well, and they gently rolled him onto his back.

"I don't know if he's fractured his skull or not, but his pupils are uneven, which is a sigh of concussion at least. He needs to wake up."

There was yet another explosion, and it was nearby. George, Percy, Lupin and Ginny exchanged glances.

"We can't help them now, as much as we'd like," Percy, ever the logical one. George shot him a dirty look, and Ginny was sure that he would start yelling at him, but Lupin quickly intervened.

"There is an alcove-more of a niche, really, where they can stay and wait for help. Can you help me move him?" The last part was directed to Ginny, and she nodded. With Lupin's help, the hoisted Draco as carefully as possible over to the niche the werewolf had mentioned, and carefully laid him down.

"You'd better be alright," Ginny whispered, and gave the unconscious boy a quick kiss on the cheek.

She turned, hearing horrible pained noises, and saw George and Percy doing their best to move Fred, but it was causing Fred a lot of grief. She was dismayed at seeing there were tears streaming down his face, and she didn't blame him. If her leg looked like that...she'd probably screaming louder than Mrs. Black's portrait at Grimmauld Place.

"You gonna be okay Freddie?" George asked, his shaking hand resting on Fred's tensed shoulder.

"Depends on your definition of okay," Fred said, and Ginny marveled at his ability to tell jokes right now.

Shouting was coming closer, and Lupin said what they were all thinking.

"We have to go. They still need all the help they can get."

Ginny nodded, and, tears threatening to fall, she gave one last look at her still unmoving boyfriend, and then turned and ran back into the fray.

Draco was swimming somewhere along the edge of consciousness. At one point, he thought he heard his mother, but he knew that was impossible.

Unless I died...

When he finally became aware again, he slowly blinked blurriness from his eyes.

He looked around his clean, white room, studied the bed he was in, and realized he was in a hospital. Probably St. Mungos.

A snore to his left caused him to jump. Turning, he saw Fred propped up in a char beside his bed, and his right leg up on a stool that had pillows propped up around it. Looking closer, he realized that there was a cast on the leg that went from the middle of a bare foot all the way up to mid thigh.

It didn't look very good...

He suddenly heard a gasp, and he turned quickly to see Ginny standing in the doorway. Her eyes wide, she turned and yelled over her shoulder, "Draco's awake!"

Draco winced, the loudness making his headache know. Then, he was doing his best not to swallow a bunch of red hair as Ginny threw herself at him.

"You're okay!" She cried, and Draco finally got over his shock enough to rub her back.

"Well, it's about bloody time you woke up!"

Draco looked over Ginny to see that Fred was awake.

"What do you mean? How long was I out?" He asked.

"About a week," Ginny said, her face still buried in his chest.

There was a commotion by the door, and suddenly the whole Weasley family, plus Hermione, Melody and Harry were there.

Draco blinked.

For the next ten minutes, it was a mess of noise as everyone tried to talk to him at once. Molly Weasley kept going back and forth between Fred and him, cooing over the two, promising treats and not chores at home and other gifts etc. and Draco had to resist the urge to roll his eyes.

He smiled at Hermione, gave Melody a hug, nodded at Harry, and then finally a healer came in and shooed most of them out, til all that was left was once again Ginny and Fred, and this time George.

"So, we won?" He asked.

Ginny nodded, and began to fill him in in details.

Snape was in critical condition. It was the reason everyone was just a shout away. Fred and George had explained everything, and Harry had backed them up with the memories he had apparently watched, and Snape had been cleared. But after being attacked by the snake, he was going to have a long recovery.

"Just like dad, in my fourth year," Ginny said.

Draco swallowed hard when he found out that Lucius was dead. He had apparently helped Harry, after he had been "killed" by Voldemort, and then once they were back in the castle, Bellatrix had killed him. He hadn't had a wand, and had just simply taken a step into a curse that was meant for Tonks.

"At least he redeemed himself a little," Draco said thickly, and allowed Ginny to hold him while he shed a few tears for the only parent he had had left.

Lupin and Tonks were both alive, and apparently would be visiting him soon to introduce him to his second cousin, Teddy.

"Padma died," Fred said. He had a haunted look in his eyes.

"Yeah," George said. "Parvati is pretty upset. I can't imagine...losing a twin..."

Draco suddenly understood, as he remembered why he was here in the first place. If he hadn't gotten Fred out of the way of the majority of the blast-he involuntarily shuddered. A George without Fred was unthinkable.

"What happened to your leg?" He asked Fred.

"Oh, I just broke it in four spots and shattered my kneecap."

Draco stared at him.

"Well, it feels okay now, but it really hurt before."

Draco stared up at the ceiling, and Ginny asked, "You okay?"

He nodded. "It just feels weird now, knowing I'm an orphan. There wasn't a lot of love lost between me and Lucius, but it still hurts to some degree."

"You still have us," George piped up.

Draco smirked. "Yeah, thanks."

"No, seriously," Fred said. "Your part of our family. Blood doesn't always matter."

Draco stared at him for a moment, and then offered him a real smile.

"So, can I start calling you little bro now?"

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