My Enemy, My Brother

Chapter 5 Joke Shop Visit

When Malfoy left, Fred was still feeling rather shocked. He looked down at his arm again, and continued to flex it, as if to make sure that it hadn't just been a trick. He stared at the barred door, thinking. Maybe Melody was right. Could Slytherins be nice? Obviously. Could Draco Malfoy? It seemed that way. But there had to be an ulterior motive for healing his arm.


He was just trying to make Fred think he was his friend, and then get information from him about the Order.

Yeah, that had to be the reason behind it.

Fred winced, still feeling rather sore. Something Malfoy failed to notice. That insane Death Eater...
His attacker-whose name he still hadn't heard-had seemed to finally remember he existed. He'd come into the cell, and started to make big long stupid speeches about how "great the Dark Lord" was, and how "blood traitors, mudbloods, and filthy muggles" would either "change their ways" or suffer "horrible deaths". Fred had tried to insert insults and witty remarks, but the guy didn't even stop to breath, it seemed.
And then he'd turned his wand on Fred. Having felt the cruciatus curse from the second most versed in it, he could tell that it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

But that didn't mean it didn't bloody hurt.

Fred had made up his mind though, not to give the man the satisfaction of hearing him scream. He'd almost bitten clean through his lip trying to accomplish this, and had mostly succeeded. The only sound he'd made was a quick yell at the beginning in his surprise at the blinding pain. And of course that's what earned him the broken arm. Bad Breath had been upset that he had kept quiet. Thus, he stomped on his arm. Fred had yelped at that, which had seemed to satisfy the Death Eater for now. He couldn't help but wonder what might happen next, and if he would live to survive it, or die from it, or miraculously escape it. Or maybe someone would rescue him.

How he wished he could see George again.

Fred closed his eyes, and despite his wariness of the whole "Malfoy being nice" thing, he truly hoped that Malfoy would actually tell him something about his twin and their business.

The next day found Draco dragging his feet as he walked through Diagon Alley, buying the things he needed for school. He usually enjoyed this trip, but he had to get things done quickly so he could make a special trip to Nocturn Alley. That, and the fact that most of the shops he would actually like to visit, were shut down. It was probably a result of the attack a while ago.

Draco was surprised when he finished his shopping early. His mother wasn't to meet him for at a half hour yet. He looked around, wondering what he could do to spend the extra time he had.

A store on the corner that he hadn't paid much attention to when he first entered the alley, caught his eye. And then then remembered what he'd told Fred the day before.

Sighing, wondering if he needed to be admitted to the mental ward at St. Mungo's, he made his way into the newly opened Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

The place was packed!

It was noisy, colorful, loud and chaotic all at once. He had to duck soon after entering the place when, well…something, flew over his head.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets, and began to browse. He made a face when he noticed a group of girls hovering around a display of love potions. Gross. He'd have to watch it this year. He could just imagine Pansy trying to slip him one.

He thought the hats that make your head invisible were neat. He wondered if they could be improved to include the whole body. That would be really helpful, and then someone other than Potter would have the ability to sneak around without being seen.

It was the display of odd-looking rocks that caught his eye. Picking one up, he examined it, trying to figure out its purpose.

"Instant darkness powder," a voice said behind him, and he jumped. Turning, he smirked at the girl standing there.

"Hello Landis," he drawled, back in the "superior Malfoy" mode.

"It's nice to see you again Draco. How's your summer been?" she asked, seeming eager to get him to talk.

He wanted to tell her everything at that moment. Even though they hadn't been friends really, he still felt as though he could tell her everything at that moment.

And then he remembered his mother, and the Dark Lord's promise of her death if he failed, and the words died in his throat. Instead, he asked what she was doing there.

"Oh, well, I offered to help out with the opening week, since we knew it would be busy. I mean, they do need it, since the other, other twin is, um…gone?"

Draco suddenly felt rather guilty. Here he was, standing in the Weasley twin's shop, looking at merchandise, when one of said twins was rotting away in his home's dungeons. And he wasn't saying anything about said twin's whereabouts.

"Draco?" Melody asked.

Feeling like the air was too close all of a sudden, he stuttered out, "I have to g-go. My m-mum is meeting me soon. " And with that, he quickly exited the shop, leaving a confused Melody standing there, open-mouthed.

Melody frowned as she walked back to the back room. What had been up with Draco? First of all, he was incredibly pale, as though he hadn't been out of his house all summer. She pitied him if he ever got sunburned. Plus, he had acted almost panicked after she had mentioned Fred. Why would that bother him so much then?

Melody stopped abruptly, upon hearing a noise she desperately wished she could take away. She moved forward, intent on at least trying to help, when she heard a soothing voice, and she realized she wouldn't be needed. Feeling incredibly sad, she grabbed what she had come for, and left, knowing that George Weasley was in good hands with Angelina. She could at least help stop his crying, but Melody knew that George wouldn't be the same again without being with his twin once more.

"Oh, Fred," she whispered as an image of his collapsed form by the wandshop filled her head. "Please be okay. Your family needs you. Especially your twin."

Blinking back her tears, she put on a fake smile and walked back into the store.

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