My Enemy, My Brother

By WinterSolsticeGirl

Drama / Adventure

Chapter 7 Saying Farewell and Wishing Welfare

The next few weeks went by slowly for Fred. He eventually got over the pain that the cruciatus curse had left him with, but he was constantly hungry with his still limited diet. The Death Eaters had forgotten him again, but Malfoy hadn't. The blond boy came down at least once a day, and since that first apple, he'd continued sneaking him some extra food. When Fred had shown his surprise at this, Malfoy had simply said something about Weasley appetites and knowing he could probably use the extra food. Fred eventually figured out he was referring to Ron.
Fred was grateful for the visits. He wasn't sure what he liked more. The break from the monotony to talk to someone, or the fact that he brought food. He really couldn't decide.
One time, Malfoy brought down a few acid pops, and Fred had politely refused. When asked why, his response was, "I fed an acid pop to Ron when he was little, and ended up burning a hole through his tongue. Mum really let me have it. I don't think my behind will ever be the same. So, that particular candy brings back bad memories."
Malfoy had laughed and asked for more funny stories. Fred didn't think it was that funny, at least not for him, but he related the story of how Ron had gotten his fear of spiders.
"He'd broken my broom. So I got angry and retaliated. He was holding a teddy bear, and I used accidental magic and made it turn into a teddy bear-sized spider, that wriggled and everything. Again, I had to face my mother's wrath, and I suppose I do feel kinda bad for scarring Ron for life, but when I think back, it is kinda funny."
Upon seeing the thoughtful look on Malfoy's face, Fred had immediately threatened him into not saying anything to Ron about it.
"Of course not. If I did, then he'd wonder where I had heard it, and I really can't go around telling the world about how Death Eaters have you locked up in my basement, can I?"
"Well," he ventured, "you could tell them about me, and do the right thing." Fred couldn't help feel a little hope that maybe Malfoy would do that.
"I can't. My mum is here all by herself. If anyone knew I'd betrayed them, then she would pay."
Fred felt sorry for him, but immediately tried to convince him otherwise.
"The Order could get her to safety. You wouldn't have to worry about her, and you could go into hiding too. You'd be safe."
Malfoy had sneered then. "And what if I don't want to help the Order. What if I'm perfectly fine with the Death Eaters and how you're a prisoner here. I could care less."
Fred raised his eyebrows. "Well, if you could 'care less', then why do you keep coming down here?"
Malfoy had no answer for that.

Draco took a deep breath, as he looked over his school things one last time. He didn't think he was missing anything, but it didn't hurt to be sure. He tried to forget about the...highly illegal...objects hidden at the bottom of his trunk. A shiver ran down his spine as he thought about what he'd have to use them for.
Could he really do it? Could he possibly manage to kill Dumbledore?

Did he even want to?
Draco shook himself. He would do it. He would make his family proud. Save his mother, and get the approval from his father he always craved.

He made his way down to the cellar one last time, the night before he had to go.
"Malfoy," Fred acknowledged as Draco became visible by the door.
"I'm leaving for school tomorrow."
"Oh. And here I was enjoying your visits." Fred mocked pouted.
Draco smirked. "You mean you'll miss me?"
Fred stopped mid-stride from where he'd been pacing. "Oh, well, you bring food. I'll miss that."
Draco's smirk got bigger. Was it possible that the Weasley twin could actually miss him?
"Well, since it's the last night, here...enjoy it."
Draco reached through the bars and tossed another apple to him. Fred caught it expertly.
"So..." Fred said.
"Yeah." Draco answered.
"Bye, I guess. Have fun." Draco inwardly cringed, thinking about just how much fun killing Dumbledore could be. Not.
"Yeah." Draco said again. "Um, I don't know what they have planned for you. But try not to be an idiot. I'd hate for them to kill you and have you come back to haunt me."
Fred snorted. "I wonder if it would be possible to be a poltergeist like Peeves, and come back to play non-stop pranks on you."
Draco over-exaggerated a shudder. "I wouldn't exactly like that. So no, please try to be nice to Aunt Bellatrix and Pravus."
"You know, the other Death Eater. The one that broke your arm?"
Fred's confused expression morphed into an understanding one. "Oh, that's what Bad Breath's name is!"
Draco shook his head.
"Only you, Weasley, only you."

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