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The Marauders: Year One


Before they where the cream of Hogwarts they where just eleven year olds who where as naive and fallible as they come how did they become the living legends that are The Marauders.

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Chapter 1

“Stop dreaming of the quiet Life…

South London: 3:00 AM

The rain lashed down on dockyards. A man looked up at the thick droplets from under his hood and went back to work. He directed the crane carrying a large container onto the ground.

“Ok, open her up.” The man looked round to see the foreman. He was tall and broad will thick red hair and beard. The man picked up his crowbar and smashed the lock and opened the container. It groaned up and the red hair man looked inside. Inside where six Chinese women in their underwear shivering in the minus temperature.

“Round em up and put them with the others.” He said, a couple of guys went in a dragged them out, kicking and screaming in the rain. The red hair man pulled out mirror from his pocket. Instead of his reflection there was a hooded man on the other side.

“How is it going Murdoch?” he asked, his voice was low and deep.

“It’s going well.” Murdoch replied. “Where just emptying the last of the containers now.”

“Good.” The man replied. “We need the funds from this to step up our operations.”

“And I still get my payment?” asked Murdoch.

“Yes, yes.” the hooded man said, “The Information you seek will be with you within the hour.”

“Good.” Said Murdoch, “I have to go.” The mirror went blank and he went back to the men carrying the women out.

“How many more have we got to go!”

“Two more sir.” Said one of the helpers. Murdoch rubbed his brow in the pouring rain. “Ok, get them up.”


In the distance, they were watching. The rain had battered them as well, and yet they were undisturbed or unfocused. They had been watching them for weeks, and now was the time to strike.


Potter was watching through a pair of binoculars. The rain pattered on his long black coat and on his greying black hair that was wild and unruly. He placed a finger to his ear.

“Yes Sir.” He replied.

“Do you have a location?”

“Affirmative Sir.” Said Potter, “They’re at the docks moving the last shipment. But I still don’t see how this affects their other operations.”

“We’ll find out. And…Alec.”

“Yes Sir.”

“The Minister has decided against DOA.” Alec Potter but down the binoculars and turned round.

“What has he authorised then?” asked Alec, half dreading the answer, half relishing it.

“…He’s authorised just D. He wants to present a corpse to the papers. Mainly Murdoch’s.” Alec pinched the brow of his nose.

“Ok. I’ll go and inform the rest of the team.” Said Alec.

“I thought you would relish this. You would get the glory after all.”

“I would prefer to question him first.” said Alec.

“Tell that to the parents of his victims, Alec.” Alec sighed and stood up.

“OK, where going to go dark. We’ll let you know when it’s done.” Said Alec. Alec was crouching on top of a large pile of shipping containers about six high and behind the workers and Murdoch. Alec stood up, his coat whipping the wind. He jumped down from the highest container his boots splashing on the concrete floor below. He then walked to a van parked behind the walls of disused containers. He walked to the back of them and opened the doors. Inside where six other men dressed like Alec.

The Marauders Proudly Present Alec Potter In: The Marauders: Year One.

Chapter One

The Quiet Life

Written By Chambers10

“Ok Lads. I’ve just been given new orders.” Said Alec. The others nodded and shuffled in closer.

“This is no longer a DOA mission.” A few of them groaned.

“Don’t tell me.” Said Moody gruffly, “The minister wants them all captured.”

“No.” said Alec, “The reverse in fact. He wants them dead. The Minister is under a lot of pressure. He thinks doing this will gain him some votes.”

Moody rubbed his hands in glee while the others talked amongst themselves.

“But I still want them captured alive.” Said Alec, “We can extract any information from them and then leave them for the Minister to dispose of.” Said Alec, “I won’t have blood on one of my team’s hands.” They all nodded.

“Killing is the last resort.” Continued Alec, “Even though we can, that still doesn’t mean we deviate from the plan. Understood.”

“Yes sir.” They chorused.

“Right. They’re on the last container. So get in position everyone.” Alec turned out of the van and back into the rain along with the rest of his team. Alec looked up at the sky and saw lighting streak across the sky.

“Ready Sir?” Moody came up next to him. Alec nodded.

“I was born ready.” Alec smiled and nodded.

“Doing this will guarantee a few weeks off and an order of Merlin.” Said Alec. “So I want this done by the book.” He looked round to Moody, who nodded.

Alec and Moody climbed up the containers to the place Alec was watching them before. The crane groaned into life and plucked the last container off the boat.

“Ok team.” Said Alec, “On my go.” The container was lowered onto the ground.

Alec got out his binoculars and looked down at the dockyard. He watched as Murdoch proceeded over the shipment. He opened the door and peered inside. Alec zoomed in on him.

“Ok, shipments leaving. Bravo team you are good to go.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Charlie Team. On my mark.” Alec turned to Moody. “Ready?”

“We were less prepared in Beirut.” Said Moody.

“Nice to have you back.” Said Alec.

“Charlie team, go!”

Alec and Moody jumped over the container, in the distance stunning curses flew around the dockyard.

“Were under attack!”

“Fire back at them!” roared Murdoch as he pulled out his wand. He sent a killing curse over towards Charlie team. Alec and Moody landed on the floor and raced towards him. Alec pulled out his wand and sent a body binding curse over towards him. Murdoch waved it out of the way and stared at Alec.

“Murdoch!” shouted Alec. The air was thick as the two men stared each other down, the only sound being the thick rain drops of the containers.

“So close Potter.” Taunted Murdoch he jumped from his station and started to run off.

“Moody! Keep everything under wraps here!” shouted Alec as he ran off. He ran down a side alley.

Alec turned away just in time as a green jet of light missed him by inches. He turned back round the corner. Blood beating though his veins, adrenaline flowing, he ran towards the two figures that had started to run off into the night. Alec had one in his sight, he was much faster than he was and was gaining ground on him with each step. Alec threw himself into the tackle and hit the guy to the ground. He fell to the floor with a crunch and turned him round. It was Murdoch’s lackey; Alec swore and punched him in the face knocking him out on the floor.

“Moody, one of them is out, I need you to take care of him.” said Alec.

He got up and ran after the other guy, his coat just visible in the street light.

“What did you do to him?” asked Moody.

“Punched him in the face.” Said Alec, “He can’t remember me.” Alec ran down the alley and jumped over some boxes on the floor.

Murdoch ran down another alley, Alec turned to but couldn’t see him. He swore and looked around. A noise from up above caught Alec’s attention, he saw the flaps from Murdoch’s coat. Alec concentrated and Apparated to the top of the building. He landed and began to run towards Murdoch who was a good hundred meters in front of him.

Alec sprinted towards him. He had to hurdle some aerials and piping. But Murdoch was getting away. The hard rain was beating against the two of them as Alec went in pursuit. He jumped a gap between two buildings and landed with a thud. The London skyline to his left he set off again.

Murdoch was already on the building opposite. Alec pulled out his wand.

“ROPARO!” he pulled his wand back and a Lasso shot out of the end of his wand. It soared in the air. Murdoch was running across to the building opposite he jumped.

He was mid-air while the lasso snared his ankle. Alec pulled his wand back to tighten it. Murdoch turned mid jump and pulled out his own wand. Just before it the lasso went taught Murdoch pulled back his own wand and cut the rope.

“Shit.” Muttered Alec under his breath.

Murdoch didn’t make the gap. Alec sprinted to the edge and peered over the side. Murdoch was lying in a dumpster; Alec smirked and jumped over the edge. He apparated and landed on the floor. Murdoch had climbed out of the dumpster and was further down an alley.

Murdoch looked back at Alec and kicked a door in on the side of the alley and ran in. Alec skidded along the wet concrete and peered through the open door. He walked in; the windows on the building where boarded up letting only thin pieces of light coming in. He was here; the rain fell on the roof in a gentle pattern as Alec held his wand tight in his hand.

For some reason he felt safer with his wand than the guns. The feeling that he could do more than just fire bullets. Alec’s steps echoed as he walked round the room, he was here, and he could hear him breathing.

Alec took another step forward, deeper into the abyss. His heart was pounding in his ears, only adrenaline drove him forward. He stopped…and.


Alec turned to the left.


He turned to the right. Then out of the blue Alec felt a kick on his chest.

Alec fell back on the floor, he swore as his wand flew off into the darkness. Alec landed on the floor and did a backward roll onto his haunches as a punch came his way. Alec blocked with an elbow before countering with a punch to Murdoch’s face. Murdoch wailed and held his face as Alec rugby tackled him into the darkness; they smashed through some furniture before they banged onto a wall. The man picked up a loose chair leg and swung for Alec.

He missed it, just, but the wind swishing against his face told him that it was incredibly close to. The Murdoch gave another roar as he brought it down again hard Alec jumped back and let it smash on the floor. He kicked Murdoch’s hands before grabbing him and throwing him into some barley see able furniture. Murdoch groaned as Alec went to kick him only for Alec to be kicked back and smacking into the wall.

Alec got his bearings as the fist came towards him. Alec moved to the left as the fist went straight through the dry wall and back out again. Alec kicked Murdoch in the side only to be pushed back into some furniture. Alec picked up a chair leg and threw it at Murdoch. It swished through the air and he heard a thud which told Alec he’d hit him. Murdoch came out of darkness with his hands together and above his head. He brought them down hard, jumped back and went for the punch but was brought blocked by Murdoch and was punched on the face.

“You’re out of your league Potter.” He said. He grabbed Alec and threw him across the room. Alec smashed into a table and groaned. He had to move fast to avoid a stamp, he did a backward roll so he was on his knees. Murdoch went for the stamp; Alec caught his leg and brought him down to the floor. Alec stood up and kicked him in the face with a crunch. Alec went for it again but kicked something Murdoch had placed in his way. This gave Murdoch enough time to stand up. He had a plank of wood in his hand and brought it down.

Alec did a cross arm block and kicked Murdoch in the stomach again. He picked up a plank of wood and it brought it down with a crunch on the floor. Alec felt his feet go from underneath him and fell onto the floor.

“ACCIO WAND!” Alec’s wand flew towards him and into his hand, he brought across his chest as the plank hit the wood. The wand sparked and Murdoch flew across the room.

Alec stood up and looked around, he was right there. Only a second ago he was there. Then, from behind him…the clock of a pistol, and the feel of a gun in his hair. Alec took a deep breath. Apparition he thought.

“Hands up.” Alec obeyed slowly.

“Potter.” Said Moody, “What’s happened? Have you been caught?”

“Then he was wrong about you. You fell too easily.” Murdoch said smugly. Alec smiled in the corner of his mouth.

Alec turned quickly and pushed the Murdoch’s arm out of the way to the sound of gun fire and grunting. Alec punched him in the face, he then pulled him back and smacked Murdoch through the boarded up windows. The windows broke and fell into the street below. Alec held Murdoch by the scruff of his neck as his torso hung out of the window with the rain beating on to him. Murdoch shouted and looked up at Alec, but his face was in darkness from where he was hanging while Alec could see the Murdoch’s face very clearly.

“It’ll give this to you straight.” Said Alec. “It’s you…me…and three storeys. Now, the fall won’t kill you. But…it will severely cripple you, a few broken bones, and concussion. So you’re going to tell me exactly what you know about this new movement.”

“WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!” Murdoch roared in the rain.

“You’d better start talking. Or I’d hate to…Wups.” Alec slackened his grip on the collar so Murdoch slipped a little and shouted again.

“Lose my grip before you tell me what I want to hear.” said Alec.


“If you insist.” Said Alec loosening his grip more to Murdoch yelling more as he slipped more and more.

“Ready to deal?” asked Alec. Murdoch looked up at the shadows with a fearful look in his eyes, His chest was beating up and down hard in the rain which was blinding him to. Alec held all the cards and he knew that. Murdoch in his panic tried to flip backwards. He fell.

Alec went with him, they were falling through the air, Alec’s face became visible to Murdoch. Alec punched him in the face and apparated away. Alec landed on the roof of a nearby building. He got up quickly and ran to the ledge looking over to see Murdoch running away in the distance.

“Shit.” Said Alec under his breath.

“What is it?” asked Moody.

“He’s on foot towards the docks.” Said Alec.

He turned and ran after him. Murdoch was still slow, Alec caught up with him on the rooftops from jumping from building to building. The rain didn’t stop him, or disturb his focus. The low rumble of lightning hummed in the background as Alec jumped a particular long distance. He Landed on the floor and listened. The other footsteps had stopped. Alec stood up and walked over towards the edge. There, hiding in the alley looking straight back at him. Murdoch. Alec shrugged his shoulders as Murdoch ran off again down the alley.

“Do you have him in sight Potter?” Asked Moody.

“Target in sight.” Alec said running. Murdoch looked to his left and threw some boxes onto the floor, Alec hurdled them with ease.

“Where’s he heading?” Moody asked as Alec hurdled another stray container.

“Towards the river.” Said Alec shaking his head to see through the rain.

“Be careful, this guys a-”

“Yeah, I know.” Alec said impatiently as he had to take a sharp right. He Ran towards the next alley keeping him in sight. The houses started to disappear and it became more industrial. The ships engines came into range as Alec ran into an industrial area.

Murdoch was running along the water’s edge. Alec apparated so he was now next to Murdoch and rugby tackled Murdoch over the edge of the pier.

They apparated again.

They were now falling above central London. Alec punched Murdoch, his fist making a satisfying crunch on impact. Murdoch grabbed Alec and they apparated again.

They were now falling in a narrow alley. Alec hit a fire escape while Murdoch punched him this time. Alec grabbed Murdoch and they apparated again.

They both landed on a metal structure. The rain coming down hard and fast and the wind whistling in Alec’s ears. He got to his feet quickly and sent a curse over to Murdoch. The blue jet of light was waved away easily and he sent back a green one of his own. Alec jumped to the floor. The sound of metal again.

Alec sent a hex which was waved away with a puff of smoke.

“Roparo!” the lasso shot out of the wand and this time snared Murdoch. Alec pulled Murdoch’s weight was taken from underneath him. Alec got to his feet and ran over, he jumped towards him. Murdoch brought his feet up and kicked Alec over his head. So he fell over the side. Alec turned round mid-air and sent one more curse over. The white beam hit Murdoch.

“AHHHHHHH!” Alec apparated so he was back on top of the structure. He looked around for Murdoch.

He was gone.

Alec cried out in frustration. The only sign of Murdoch was a pool of blood which his curse had hit him. Along with apparition residue. Alec looked out at the waves of rain. Judging from his position, he was atop Tower Bridge. He placed his finger to his ear.


“Yes Sir, did you get Murdoch?” Alec sighed.

“…No.” he said, “Target got away.” He heard Moody swear from the other end of the line.

“How about you, did you get the rest of them?”

“All of them.” said Moody. “Plus all hostages saved. Their memories are being wiped and there being sent back to China.”

“Good.” Said Alec. He stood up and apparated back to the dockyard where Moody was waiting of him. Both men looked at each other, but said nothing for a moment. Disappointment and failure where things that never came often to these two.

“Ministers gonna be pissed.” Said Moody, “Not to mention the captain to.”

“You leave me to deal with them.” said Alec. The two men walked out of the dockyard and through the streets of south London.

“So how did he get away?” asked Moody.

“He got the jump on me.” Said Alec placing his hands in his pockets. “Literally.” Moody made an accepting sound. Dawn rose as they continued to go over the mission, finding out how they could of caught him.

Alec placed it down to him being too hot headed. Letting his need for getting Murdoch got in the way of his focus and he misjudged the situation. He told Moody as such.

“You did your best.” Was his reply.

“That’s no it though.” Said Alec. “If he kills again, I won’t be able to sleep knowing that I could of caught him. Or should of caught him.”

“Mate, if you wounded him as much as you said you did, he won’t be killing for a while.” Said Moody. “Besides.”

They stopped by a park where there was a football match about to begin. Alec and Moody looked at them.

“I don’t think muggles are half aware of the dangers around them.” Alec sighed.

“It’s hard to think that there in blissful ignorance.” Said Alec, “They don’t know how much work goes into keeping them safe so they can have a normal life.”

“Normal to them.” said Moody.

“Potter.” It was the Ministers voice. “We need to talk.” Alec nodded.

“Understood Sir, on my way now.” he turned to Moody.

“Time for debrief.” He said. With a flash of blue light, they were gone.

Over by the Park, the match was about to begin. But one team was a player short.



“John Evans!” John Evans lips hesitantly removed themselves from Lavenders lips. He leaned back and she smiled shyly at him, he pale cheeks flushing bright red in the cold November rain. Her long blonde hair just visible from underneath his jackets hood, he took one last look of her exceptionally pretty face and startling almond shaped bright blue eyes. John’s hands slowly disembraced from cupping her cheeks and leaned his forehead against hers.

“Will you be here when I get back?” he whispered against the driving rain.

“Of course.” Said Lavender, “After last night…” she trailed away and she turned.

“Evans!” John turned to see his Manager waving his arms.

“Put it you fucking pants! She’ll still be there when you’ve won us this match!” he shouted angrily, “Get your arse over here pronto!” John kissed Lavender on her forehead and trotted off towards the pitch where the other twenty one footballers where waiting patiently for him to take his position at centre back.

Lavender stood on the side lines and watched as the referee blew his whistle and game commenced. She had been to every game so she could snap John up for the afternoon, but as always with the men in his life, twenty one other men and a white ball came before anything else.

Somehow she didn’t mind watching John play, her brothers hated the idea of her going to watch him play, but only because Lavender never wanted to see them. Besides, their first date was going to a football match. It seemed only fitting to have to start as they meant to go on.

The game was hard and tiring, very slow due to the bogged down to the pitch cutting up. This meant of course as captain maverick John decided at the end of the ninety to take the entire pitch home with him. As he walked of the pitch Lavender couldn’t help but giggle as he was covered from head to toe in mud.

“I better go shower.” He said leaning in for a kiss. Lavender held her hand up.

“After your shower.”


Lavender and John walked down the streets of south London; John had an arm round her shoulder as they took in the sights and smells of the neighbourhood. Lavender leaned onto John’s shoulder as they stopped outside a small café and went inside.

John watched as Lavender mixed in the sugar for her tea, her slender hand turning the spoon in what anyone would normally consider normal. But to John, it was the sexiest thing in the world.

“What are you looking at?” asked Lavender. John smiled and closed his eyes as a slight chuckle escaped him.

“You.” He replied honestly. “You’re all I think about at the moment.” Lavender flushed.

“If it’s about the other night.”

“The other night.” Said John moving his hand across the table and placing it on hers, “Was amazing. It just makes me more determined to do what I want to do.” Lavender leaned forward and took his hand in hers. She looked up with big blue eyes.

“Tell me again.” asked Lavender.

“The plan?” Lavender nodded.

“Well…” Began John, shuffling to make himself comfortable. “I’m going to work my butt off at the factory and get that promotion to Sheffield. Where going to have a really nice house in the suburbs, with one of those trees in the garden.”

“The fifties house.”

“Yes, the fifties house.” said John, “Kids, cars, pets. The whole nine yards.” Lavender smiled and looked around the café. She then looked down at her coffee and twirled her spoon in the mug.

“It’s a million miles away from here.” She said looking back.

“But where going to have It.” said John, “I swear on my parent’s graves I will find a way.”

Lavender smiled, because she knew he would.

“I know you will.” She said, “I can’t wait to be your wife.” John smiled.

“What about kids?” he asked.


“How many?”


“Boys?” Lavender smirked.

“One of each.” She said I know how much you’d love a son, but… I would like a daughter to call my own.” John’s and Lavenders hands intertwined.

“And they’re going to be Extraordinary.”


“So…long and short of it John, we want you to be heading up our new plants operation up in Sheffield.” Mr Willow smiled as John looked ecstatic in the small office.

“Uhm…Sir I have to ask. Why me?”

“Well. You’re the sort of person we want to head up this operation.” Explained Mr Willow. “You’re young, ambitious. And your ideas have propelled us to the forefront of our filed. Your ideas have given us the basis for this new plant. I believe that I owe you a chance to prove that you can do the same elsewhere.”

“Thank you sir. That means a lot.” Said John.

“We have your new house ready to.” Said Mr Willow handing John a booklet. “You move up north in two weeks.”

“Thanks Sir.” Said John.

“You’re welcome. Now, go home and celebrate with that pretty wife of yours. Lord knows you’ve earned some time with her.”

“She’s going to be thrilled.” Said John looking at the booklet. “I promised her and it came true.” Mr Willow smiled.

“Go on, go.” He said. John walked back out with a grin plastered across his face. He couldn’t wait to tell Lav about what he had done. They were finally going to move away from London. John had already been to the area, green everywhere, much better for children than grey.

He got back to his small terraced house and parked up. He skipped up the stairs and banged the door open and then closed it.

“Lav!” he said excitedly. He walked to the living room. She wasn’t there. John went into the kitchen, still nothing. “Lav!” he called. He stopped and listened. A soft whimper. John looked upstairs, he walked slowly into the hallway and up the stairs where the whimpering got stronger. The bathroom door was shut and tightly bolted.

“Lav?” asked John. The sobbing continued from behind the door. John tried the door but it was locked. John kneeled down and placed his hand on the door.

“Lav, Lav, are you ok.” She tried to say something, but she was crying too much. “Lav, please open up.” Said John. “What’s wrong?” John heard the latch of the door unlock. He waited for a minute before opening it softly.

“Lav?” he said peering into bathroom. Lavender was sitting on the toilet. She had her arms folded and was looking down into the floor.

“Lavender, what’s wrong?” he asked. Lavender looked up, her blue eyes red round the edge. She shook her head.

“Read this.” She said, she unfolded her arms abruptly and thrusted something into his hand. John looked on confused as he looked down at what Lavender had given him. It was a white stick. He looked confused.

“What am I supposed to do?” he asked dumbly.

Lavender sighed. “…Turn it over.” John turned it over. At one side there were two blue dots. John inhaled sharply and looked over at Lavender.

“I’m so sorry.” She said, “I…I know we aren’t ready, you haven’t got that promotion but I’m going to keep it, and you’ll have to find a way to live with It.” she said.

“You’re pregnant.” He said. Lavender nodded. John broke out into a huge grin. Lavender looked on surprised. John started to laugh. “This…this is the best day ever!” he shouted and continued to laugh.

“What?” Lavender stood up. “What, what do you mean, we agreed we weren’t ready. We, we said that it wasn’t an option yet.”

“It is now!” said John hugging Lavender tightly.

“What’s going on?” John stopped hugging her, he cupped her face and brought his forehead to hers.

“I’ve got the promotion.” He whispered. Lavender went wide eyed.


“I got the promotion. We leave in two weeks.” Repeated John. Lavender almost forgot to breathe out.

“You…you got it?” she said, not quite believing it. John nodded. He then started to laugh again. Lavender began to laugh as well.

“Where going to be parents.” Said John, “I’m…I’m going to be a Dad.” The look on Lavender’s face told John that it was the first time that she had thought about being a mum.

“I’m…I’m going to be a mum.” She said. John nodded. Lavender laughed more as well. She then kissed John.

“I love you.” She said, “I really do.”

“I love you to.” Said John and kissing her. She stopped and they laughed in the small bathroom. Suddenly, the plan didn’t seem a million miles away after all.


Petunia, she arrived in the November of that year. She had inherited her mother’s blonde hair and her dads blue eyes. Lavender thought nothing could ever look so beautiful, a little her and a little John to call their own. Someone that they could mould into their own image.

Lavender would spend hours playing with her, making her laugh and marvelling at how much she was growing in a short space of time. John also doted on her. Nothing was too much trouble for his little girl. If she cried, he went running to her, never wanting to be upset in the new home he had worked so hard to create for her.

Lavender loved her new house. She had spent her time at home decorating it to her liking. It was nice to do things to the building she lived in, she owned. Petunia used to laugh at her paint splattered overalls and hair as she sat in her highchair.

Lavender couldn’t think could get any more perfect than this. But alas, John came home one day to see Lavender jumping round the room laughing with a pregnancy test in her hand. Petunia looking at her like she was mad. But that’s why John married her, she was mad.

As he walked into the living room she bounded over and hugged him.

“Good news I take It.” he said. Lavender beamed and nodded.

“There’s going to be twice as much love in this house.” she said happily.

“Where going to start doing it in the morning?”

“No.” said Lavender laughing. “No, Petunia is going to have a little brother or sister.” John laughed and hugged her.

“It just gets bigger all the time.” said John.


Lavender was sitting on the sofa, she looked at her protruding belly. She smiled and rubbed it, she couldn’t wait to meet the little life she was creating inside her. She groaned as she looked for her drink. She swore she left it there only a second ago.

“I can’t wait till you can pass me things.” She said stroking her belly. Lavender stood up and went to check on Petunia who was sleeping soundly. She went back out and looked at the nursery down the hall. She walked down the corridor and peered inside, the room was still the same cream that it was painted when they moved in. Lavender loved this room.

It was long with all the nursery equipment, a crib, a rocking chair and baby changing equipment. The house had low windows with sills big enough for sitting on, the view looked over towards the park. Lavender looked around the room. It needed some paint, maybe a nice light green.

After making John go and get some paint charts she held them up against the wall and looked at each colour in a different light. The main reason she liked this room was that it got light all day from the windows. But mainly the skylights on the right hand side of the room, and a large circular window near the top.

Finally, she decided on a calming light green that was light during the darker times of the day, but gave the room more light when the sun shone in. Lavender climbed back into her overalls and began to paint.

Lavender held her stomach in one hand as she painted the wall. Her long hair tied back in a ponytail and wearing a headband with paint splattered overalls. John looked over at his tired wife who took a long breath and sighed.

“Why don’t you go to your dads.” Said John putting the tin and brush down and walking towards her. “I can finish up in here.”

“I want to.” Said Lavender smiling. “You wrap me up in cotton wool.”

“I just want to make sure your both safe.” Said John placing a hand on her swollen belly and kissing her. Their silence was interrupted by a baby cry.

“Petunia’s calling.” Said Lavender. John turned back out the room and a minute later came back holding Petunia.

“Now what are you complaining about.” Asked John thoughtfully as Petunia clung to him. Lavender smiled and took her off him.

“She just misses her mum.” Said Lavender, “And is excited for her new baby brother or sister.”

“I think we all are.” Admitted John. “Hopefully, not long now.” said John rubbing Lavenders bump. With that, the floor went wet.

January 30th: 1960

John paced up and down the hospital with a cigarette in his mouth, He’d only smoked twice in his life, before marrying Lavender, and when Petunia was born. The third time, when either his new son or daughter was about to enter the world.

He took a drag and looked out of the window at the rain battering the glass. He took a deep breath and realised he had finished the cigarette, he then checked the packed. He’d finished them too. The door the opened and a nurse popped her head round.

“John Evans?” she asked.

“Yes.” John turned round and jogged towards her. “How is she? Is she ok, what about the baby?”

“Fine, fine.” The nurse said calming him down. “You’re a father.”

“Again.” said John.

“Mother and baby are fine.” She reassured him.

“Can…can I go see them.” The nurse nodded and led him into the maternity ward. The doctor came past with a midwife and then he saw her. She was glowing. Somehow she always looked more beautiful when her hair looked more awry than usual. But her attention was on a little bundle of blankets that was murmuring and had outstretched arms.

She then looked up and smiled.

“Good thing you weren’t here earlier.” She said laughing. “The things I said about you…” she trialled off when their baby made a noise.

“Shh, shh.” She cooed.

“What is it?”

“Excuse me?” John walked next to Lavender and sat down on the bed and pointed to the blankets.

“It’s a girl.” Said Lavender looking back at her.

“Another one.” John beamed as they looked at their new daughter, she had a thin line of red hair along her head and looked beautiful in her blankets. John held her and kissed her on her forehead as she settled down into what he could only assume would be a dreamless sleep. He placed her down in her crib and looked over at Lavender who was now sleeping soundly. And after a while, he fell asleep on the chair in a supremely awkward position.


Lavender woke up after only a few hours’ sleep. She looked over at John was still asleep. She smiled and looked over at the crib. She got out of bed and winced as her feet touched the floor. She picked her daughter up. Lavender looked at her, her first night as a human being, a living, breathing, independent girl. Lavender looked at her and couldn’t help but feel she was holding something very special.

It was almost like she was different, because there was something different about her, something mysterious Lavender ran a finger across her. Ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes, two ears and four limbs. But something was different about her, that motherly instinct which says so.

“What is it with you?” she said quietly, she blinked and continued to stare at her daughters face. She yawned and stopped moving again. Lavender smiled and kissed her gently on her head.

“You will change the world.” Lavender said, she looked around and looked out of the ward window, she saw a small pond with Lily pads on the surface. She looked at her daughter again and then back outside.

“Lily?” she whispered, she then looked back at her daughter. “Lily…Evans?” she nodded and smiled.

“Yes.” She said kissing her daughters head. “Lily Evans.”

“You will change the world.”

…It’s the one you’ll never know.”

Paul Weller: Town called Malice

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