The Marauders: Year One

Chapter 2


Lily, Marie, Evans.

Born January 30th 1960.

Unlike her sister who was generally loud, Lily was quieter, more reserved. She wouldn’t look for attention; instead, she would let her brilliant bright green eyes survey her surroundings, taking in every detail.

Petunia had become very jealous of her new sister, since Lily was getting more attention from Lavender, Petunia rebelled to get the attention she craved. It was truly exhausting for Lavender. In a way she was thankful for her other daughters calm demeanour so she could concentrate on pacifying Petunia.

She got John to spend more time with Petunia while she looked after Lily, one night she was feeding Lily in her room when all she could hear was Petunia shouting about how much Lily had ruined everything. Lavender sighed and looked at her now six month old daughter suckling on her bottle with a calm look and eyelids dropping slightly.

“I do have to apologise about your sister.” Said Lavender. “But as you’ll find out, you can’t choose your family.” Lily just suckled away happily on her bottle as Lavender gently rubbed the top of her head with her thumb. Once the bottle was finished Lavender took it away from Lily’s mouth, she yawned and then settled down with now closed eyes.

Lavender walked her over and placed her down in her crib. She then watched as Lily drifted off into sleep, her breathing became more relaxed and her hand twitched every so often, as if she was trying to grab something.

She soon felt a presence beside her. She looked up and felt John’s arm wrap around her.

“Is Petunia asleep?” asked Lavender.

“Finally,” said John, “Giving her calpol was the best idea your dad ever had.” Lavender laughed softly.

“How’s Lily?”

“She’s good.” Said Lavender looking down at her. “She’s still very quiet.”

“Affectionate little thing though, isn’t she.” Said John. That was true, Lily liked being hugged and kissed, and giving attention.

“Let’s give her some peace.” Said John almost prying Lavender away from the crib.

“Goodnight Sweetpea.” Said Lavender as she closed the door. Lily turned over in her sleep, the room was very quiet, until a soft toy on the floor rose up on the floor. It floated over towards the crib and gently fell down onto the bed. Lily yawned and curled up more into a ball.

Maybe there was something extraordinary about her after all?

The Marauders Proudly Present Lily Evans in: The Marauders Year One

Chapter Two

Lily Evans Secret Origin

Written By Chambers10

“You ruined everything.” Lily made a serious of sounds and smiled.

“It was much better without you.” Snarled Petunia as she stared down her sister from across the table. “I can’t wait till you’re gone.” Lily babbled again and chewed on her hand.

“Mum, when are we giving Lily back?” asked Petunia.

“Giving her back?” asked Lavender as she walked into the kitchen, “Petunia, she’s part of our family.”


“She’s here forever.” Lavender said picking Lily up from her highchair. Lily instantly hugged lavender. Lavender then started to gently run her finger through Lily’s now growing dark red locks.

Petunia scowled as Lavender led Lily away. The back door opened and her dad came in. “Dad, when are we getting rid of Lily?” she asked, hoping he’d say something to her liking.

“Getting rid?” he chuckled. “No Petunia. She’s your sister, she stays.”

“I hate her.” she huffed, crossing her arms.

“No you don’t.” said John walking over to the counter and picking his tea up. “You just need to get used to her.”

“She ruins everything though.” Said Petunia turning round to face him. “You and Mum spend loads more time with her.”

“She’s a baby, Petunia.” Said John placing his tea down on the side. “You needed the same amount of attention.” Petunia didn’t look impressed.

“Look, spend some time with her.” said John, he picked her up from the table and led her into living room where Lavender and a curious Lily where playing with some building blocks. Lily placed a block on the top and Lavender cheered while Lily looked on confused.

“She’s stupid.” Said Petunia.

“She is not.” Said John placing Petunia down. Lily just looked around the room. Lavender huffed a little. Lily wasn’t really into any games at all.

“What’s with you madam.” She said disassembling the blocks. “Your sister used to love this game.”

“She’s not me.” Said Petunia, making both of them look up. But Lily started to smile and pointed at the two of them.

“What is it Lily?” Lily babbled and crawled over towards John and tugged on his trousers. John looked down and then back at Lavender who had folded her arms.

“Why does she like spending time with you?” Asked Lavender.

“I don’t know.” He said picking her up. Lily started to hug him and mumble into his chest. “Maybe it’s the hair.” He said as Lily laughed. Lavender sighed and stood up and walked towards them.

“You ok Honey?” she asked Petunia while picking her up. Petunia didn’t say anything, her attention was instead focused on Lily.

“Can I play in the garden?” asked Petunia.

“Sure.” Said Lavender placing her down, Petunia then scampered from the room.

“She doesn’t really get involved with the games we play.” Said Lavender turning to John and Lily. “Maybe there might be something wrong with her.”

“There isn’t.” said John rubbing noses with Lily who began to laugh. “She’s happy and healthy, I think she’s more interested in how things work.” Said John.

“Are you sure?”

“Sure I’m sure.” Said John. He frowned slightly and looked at Lily. “She has your eyes.” John said.

“She does not, there green, like my dad.” said Lavender.

“Not the colour.” Said John laughing, causing Lily to go into giggles. “The shape.” He said, “There the same shape, aren’t they Lily?”

Lily just giggled and leaned onto her father’s shoulder.” John looked at Lavender who now looked very sombre.

“What is it?” Lavender stroked to top of Lily’s head.

“Are we giving them the best start in life?” she asked.

“Of course we are.” Said John, “We wouldn’t we?” Lavender sighed.

“It’s just…what if they don’t leave a mark on the world?” said Lavender, “What if they just end being a number, a face in the crowd, leaving nothing but memories that will surely die away.” she said.

“What if they end up ordinary?”

“Remember what’s carved on my parent’s graves?” Said John. Lavender looked up. John rarely talked about his parents, he’d only taken her to their graves once, and to be honest she had to hug so she never saw the writing.

“No. I don’t.” she said.

“It said. A person, in the eyes of the world is nothing.” He kissed Lily’s forehead. “But in the eyes of another person, you are the world.” He looked at Lavender.

“Maybe they might not be important in the great scheme of things. But…to someone else, they will be a life changer, someone worth getting up for in the morning.” Said John.

“But knowing there genes they have.” He smiled.

“I know they’ll be different.”



Lavender walked up the stairs with a strawberry milkshake in hand. She bypassed Petunia’s room and walked into Lily’s room.

She was sitting up in bed with a book open across her legs and hugging her blanket. Her brow was furrowed in confusion as she ran a finger underneath the words and tried to understand them.

“Can’t you wait five minutes?” Said Lavender as she walked in. This made Lily look up. She still had those bright green eyes, against her pale creamy skin and long dark red hair, it looked like she was permanently celebrating Christmas.

“I couldn’t wait.” She said. “I want to know what happens.”

“Patience.” Said Lavender handing Lily her milkshake. She sat down next to Lily and lay down on her bed. She picked the book up and turned to the page they were on.

“What’s patience?” asked Lily after taking a sip of her drink.

“It means to wait a long time without getting bored.” Said Lavender, as she made herself comfortable.

“Now…where were we?”

“Here.” Said Lily, “I remember the picture.” The picture was of a girl with blonde hair in tacky clothing cleaning a floor.

“Ok, so…what do we know about the story so far?” asked Lavender. Lily thought for a moment.

“Cinder…cinder?” she looked up at her mum for help.


“Yeah, Cinderella’s mum died when she was small, and her dad remarried to a scary woman with two Petunia’s.” Lavender laughed.

“Evil step sisters.” She said, “And your sister isn’t evil.” She flicked some of Lily’s hair into her face.

“Cheeky madam.” She said as Lily giggled and took the hair from her face.

“And then they make her work really hard.” Lily continued, “And then that’s where we got up to.”

“Right, so we end up here.” Said Lavender leaning back.” Lily leaned into her and brought her blanket to her face while Lavender placed the book in front of them.

“Right, Cinderella, was one day cleaning the floor outside the dining room, where she heard talking from the room.” Lavender turned the page. She continued to tell the story, but almost felt like there was an echo. She then looked down and could see Lily was repeating everything she had said.

“What are you doing?”

“What are you doing.”

“Lily, I’m not reading, I’m asking you a question.” Lily looked up.

“I’m trying to read.” She said, “Like you do?” Lavender laughed and kissed her head.

“You’re too young to be reading.” She said.

“Petunia can, why can’t I?” asked Lily seriously.

“She’s started school.” Explained Lavender, “She’s meant to.” Lily huffed and sank into her bed. Though Lily was quiet and shy in nature, she could throw a tantrum if she wanted to.

“Ok, we’ll do some tomorrow.” Said Lavender.

“Really?” asked Lily, holding her blanket to her face.

“Yes.” said Lavender. “Now, it’s way past your bedtime.” She stood up and took Lily’s empty cup from her and tucked her in.

“Night Mum.” Said Lily yawning.

“Goodnight Lily.” She said kissing her forehead, she walked out the room and left Lily in the soft orange glow of her room.

Though sometime in the night, when John was on his way to bed, he noticed a strange pattern from underneath Lily’s door. The light was going in various stages of dim to bright. The pattern was quite bizarre from the doorway.

John opened the door and peered in. Lily was sleeping soundly, while her night light was still the same brightness it always had. John looked around the room. Shook his head and made his way of the bed.



“Oh Lily, you look so adorable.”

“Why does it have to be maroon?” Said Lily darkly, “I hate Maroon.” Lily was in her sitting room having to parade her new school uniform, her first day at All Saints School Cokeworth. She had her hair down with a maroon hairband which was the same colour as her uniform. It was a maroon cardigan with a white shirt and maroon tie with a simple grey skirt and black shoes.

“You look great Lily.” Her Dad said, “Come on or where going to be late.” Lily sighed and picked her reading folder up. She walked with her family to the car and climbed into her seat. She looked over at Petunia who was in the same uniform, but she had an air of confidence about her that Lily thought she could never achieve. Lily was very nervous the entire trip to her new school, they pulled up outside the gates. The family got out of the car and moved to the gates with all the other parents. Lavender was in tears as she hugged and kissed her daughters goodbye.

“Have a great day Lily.” She said to Lily who looked very sombre. Lily hugged her mum and refused to let go. Lavender laughed softly and stroked her hair.

“Come on Lily.” Said Lavender, “You have to go through sometime.”

“I don’t want to go to school.” Said Lily, “I want to stay with you.” Lavender laughed and kneeled down to her level.

“Lily, this will be the happiest time of your life.” Said Lavender placing soothing hands on her young shoulders. Lily however didn’t look convinced.

“You’ll be just fine.” Said Lavender

“Just be yourself and make some friends.” Said Lavender standing back up. Lily felt really small.

“Go on Lily.” said Lavender. Lily obediently turned round and walked through the gate and joined the back of her line.

She breathed deeply as she looked at some kids smiling, some crying, others like her looking nervous. They walked in to the school. Each child waving goodbye to their parents as they disappeared from view.

Lily stood outside of a peg with her name on the top. She hung her coat up and walked with the rest of her classmates into a huge classroom.

“Ok class.” The teacher said clapping her hands to gage the class’s attention. “My name is Mrs Goodwyn. And I will be your teacher for this year.” She smiled to try and soothe the nerves of any of the scared children, of which Lily was one of them.

“Now, I will hand out a piece of paper for you to right your name on, ok.” She held up a piece of paper that was shaped like a puzzle piece. “So you write your name, and then something you like doing, and then what we do.” She pointed to a wall on the side of the room. We’ll place them on that wall.” She started to hand out the pieces of paper to everyone. She placed a gold piece in front of Lily and moved on.

“When you’re finished, you can bring your paper over here and we’ll then place it on the board. There was a quick bustle of people starting to write on their paper. Lily looked down at hers and gulped. She picked her pencil up and started to write with her left hand.

Lily Evans.

I like reading books.

Lily placed her pencil down and saw that everyone else had now moved towards the wall that Mrs Goodwyn had shown them. Lily though remained glued to her spot. She had always been told that you had to ask permission to leave her seat.

“Miss.” She said quietly, but she was swarmed with kids handing her pieces of paper. Lily grabbed the ends of her seat and watched as Mrs Goodwyn placed the pieces on the board so they made a puzzle.

“Thank you Kobe.”

“Very nice writing Wendy.”

“I’m not sure that should be a hobby.” She placed the pieces so it made a rectangle on the wall.

“See, it looks very nice doesn’t it?” she said. She looked around the room and her eyes landed on Lily who was still sitting in her seat.

“Lily?” she asked. “Lily, are you ok.” Lily nodded mutely, not daring to speak in fear of saying something silly.

“Have you brought your paper over?” Lily shook her head again. Mrs Goodwyn frowned and walked over to Lily.

“Why are you sitting down Lily?” she asked.

“My mum says I have to ask to leave the table.” Said Lily timidly. Mrs Goodwyn smiled.

“Ok, why don’t you bring your paper over and we’ll place it on the board.”

“Can I leave the table?” asked Lily.

“Of course you can.” Lily stood up and walked over to the wall but remained at the back of the group as Mrs Goodwyn looked for a place to put her puzzle piece.

“Right…” she said, realising there was no room in the rectangle. “I’m going to place it right there.” She stuck it on the outside of the rectangle. “There we go class. There’s your wall.” Lily went to put her hand up. Why couldn’t her piece be on the inside of the rectangle like everyone else? Lily then swallowed and placed her hand down. Don’t make a fuss, that’s what her mum had said to her. Lily just walked quietly back to her seat.

The morning was a little boring, Lily spent her time doing what was asked of her. But she didn’t like it, people where already getting into groups, socialising, and yet she was alone. A couple of times she tried talking to people, but they just ignored her, or told her to go away.

Lunchtime came, Lily took her lunch and went outside and sat by herself on a bench. She opened the bag and saw what her mum had packed for her. She watched the other children play, she looked down and began to eat her jam sandwich.

“Excuse me?” Lily looked up and saw a girl standing by the bench, she was in Lily’s class, she had long brown hair and big brown eyes with a very pretty face.

“Do you mind if a sit with you…no one else wants to sit with me.”

“Sure.” Said Lily gesturing to her seat. The girl sat down next to her, she pulled out her lunch as well. Lily looked at her with curiosity, the girl looked up and spotted Lily’s sandwich.

“Ah, you have Jam.” She said, “I love Jam, I wish my mum had made it for me.”

“Do you want one?” asked Lily offering one out to her. The girl eyed it wearily.

“Nah, I shouldn’t.” she said eyeing her sandwich.

“…I like cheese.” Said Lily noticing her sandwich. The girl looked at Lily and smiled.

“Ok.” The two girls exchanged sandwiches and began to eat. Lily looked at the girl again who was looking at the other kids playing.

“Do you want to be friends?” asked Lily, the girl looked in thought for a moment.

“Yeah, ok then.” She said Lily smiled.

“I’m Lily.”

“I’m Elle.” The two girls sat on the bench and talked as they watched the lunchtime go past. Lily’s mood brightened with the acquisition of a new friend. The rest of the day didn’t seem to go so badly.

Lily ran to her mum who gave her a big hug as she came out of school. “Oh sweet pea.” She said as Lily finally stopped hugging.

“Did you have a good day?”

“Yeah,” said Lily, “It was ok.”

“Hey Lily.” Lily looked round and saw Elle waving at her, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you Elle.”

“A new friend.” Said Lavender. Lily nodded enthusiastically.

“Her name’s Elle,” said Lily quickly, “She likes horses, and Jam, and we have loads in common.”

“Whoa, slow down.” Said Lavender, she held Lily’s hand as they waited for Petunia to join them. Petunia bid her new friends goodbye and joined her mum and sister. Lily was now talking all the way the way home about her new friend, Petunia went on ahead as she couldn’t take more talking about Elle.

Lily fell onto her bed and crawled underneath the duvet, her mum came in a couple of minutes later and sat at the edge of her bed.

“So, what story will it be tonight then?” Lily leaned out of bed and scanned her bookshelf. Finally she stopped at Cinderella and passed it to her mum.

“This one.” she said.

“Again?” said Lavender, “don’t you want to listen to something else?”

“I like that one.” said Lily smiling. Lavender opened the book and started to read.

“A long time ago, in land, far, far away.” Lily lied down in bed warped as her mother recited the story to her over again. The fairy godmother that saves Cinderella from her evil step mother and sisters, the handsome prince which seemed so far away, and of course, the happily ever after.


“Yes Lily.”

“Do you reckon I’ll be a princess one day?” asked Lily, Lavender laughed and kissed her daughter on the head.

“Every princess finds their prince eventually.” Said Lavender, “Sometimes they could be under your very nose.” Lily smiled and closed her eyes as her mother closed the door.



“Why do you put up with it?” asked Lily. “Why is he so obsessed about it?”


“Yeah, it’s all boys care about.” said Lily, turning another page of her book.

“Your dad included?”

“He’s been glued to the T.V all summer.” Said Lily, “Why is this…world cup thing so important anyway? I mean, what do you get at the end of it?”

“You’re called the best in the world.” Said Lavender. “The best of the best.”

“Why can’t they just vote?” asked Lily looking up. Lavender laughed softly to herself and walked round to Lily.

“Because that’s not how it works Sweetpea.” Said Lavender.

“It should though.” Said Lily, “Because then people won’t cry when they get knocked out.”

“I’m afraid that’s the way it is.” The front door opened.

“Everyone. In the living room.” said John, “I’ve bought us all something.” Lily and lavender looked at each other. Lavender washed her hands while Lily jumped off the chair and they both walked into the living room where John was beaming. Lavender stopped dead.

“You didn’t.” she said annoyed.

“Well…what do you think?” asked John, as he finished saying that Petunia came downstairs.

“You got a new T.V.” she said in her constricted tone.

“Not just any T.V.” said John. “A colour one. So we can watch the final later in all its glory.”

“Why?” asked Lily.


“Why?” asked Lily again, “What was wrong with the old T.V?”

“Nothing honey.” Said John, “But I’ve got this so we can all benefit from it.”

“You mean you.” Said Lily.

“How do you mean?” asked John.

“Well. None of us are watching the football.” Said Lily, “So it really benefits you.”

“In the long term Lily.” Said John, “You’re not watching the match then.”

Lily rolled her eyes. John had to suppress a laugh, it was a very Lavender trait.

“No. Because football sucks!”

“Then go to your room so I can watch the match in peace then.” Said john.

“Gladly.” Said Lily, she disappeared from the room and reappeared with her book and went upstairs and closed her door. Lavender folded her arms and gave John a stern look.

“I’m with her.” said Lavender. “You bought a new T.V without telling me.”

“You would have said no other wise.” Said John.

“Damn straight I would have said no!” said Lavender. John grinned at her and moved closer.

“Oh no you don’t!” Lavender said warningly. But John didn’t take no for an answer and enveloped her in a hug. Lavender muffled something incoherent into his shoulder, while uncrossing her arms and hugging him back.

“See, you’re not that mad at me.” Said John.

“Yes I am.” Said Lavender pulling back slightly.

“Well don’t be.” Said John. “You’re dads coming round to watch the match anyway.”

“I am not watching the football with you.” Said Lavender.

“You used to watch me play though?” said John.

“Yes, you.” Said Lavender, “Not twenty two men I don’t know.” John frowned at her, Lavender smiled back.

“I’m going to take Lily’s stance on this and I’m going to read my book in her room.” John shook his head.

“You’re missing out on history here.” He said.

“Well…” Lavender got on her tip toes so she could whisper into his ear, “I’ll help you…celebrate, if we do.” She leaned back and raised a teasing eyebrow at John, she then left and went upstairs. John exhaled deeply.

“Geoff Hurst has a better chance of getting a hat trick than me getting that lucky.”

Lavender opened the door to Lily’s room. She was lying on the floor reading her book while leaning on her blanket. She looked up at her mum.

“I didn’t do it.” she said straight away. Lavender had to chuckle.

“You’re not in trouble.” She said sitting cross legged next to Lily. “Your dad and granddad are watching the football in the living room. So I thought I’d come up here and read.”

“Ok,” said Lily, “What are you reading?”

“Oh you wouldn’t like it.” said Lavender.

“Try me.”

“Middle March. By George Eliot.” Said Lavender showing her the cover. “Her real name is Mary Anne Evans.” Lily looked confused. She sat up next to her mum.

“Why have two names?” she asked.

“Well it’s complicated.” Said Lavender. Lily looked up.

“We have time.” she said.

“Well…” Lavender shuffled and Lily leaned into Lavender, who placed her arm round her.

“When this was published.” Began Lavender, “Women couldn’t get the recognition for writing their books.”

“That’s horrible.” Said Lily.

“It was the way things were back then.” Said Lavender. “So she came up with this other identity so she could get her books published.”

“What would happen if they found out?” asked Lily.

“Not a lot I suppose.” Said Lavender. “But it’s good all the same.” Lavender was half reading and half watching Lily try and keep up with her, all too soon, her eyes began to droop. She yawned and carried on reading. Before she knew, Lily was fast asleep. Lavender chuckled and picked her up and placed her on her bed. She tip toed out and closed the door.

Lily stirred in her bed. Her face twitched as she seemed to concentrate on something. Slowly, things in her room began to levitate. Books, her shoes, and her lamp. Lily turned over in her bed, all the objects did the same thing.


“IT IS NOW!” There was cheering from downstairs and Lily woke up with a start and everything fell to the floor. Lily looked around her room frantically. She looked at the books and lamp on the floor and slowly sank back into her bed. Maybe she was imagining things. But she was sure that that book was on her bed.


“I’ve got to go.” John leaned over and kissed Lavender on the cheek.

“Good luck.” Said Lavender. John looked over at the kitchen table where Lily was painting.

“See you later honey.” Said John kissing Lily on the top of her head. Lily looked up. With her pale complexion, dark red hair and bright green eyes, it looked like she was permanently celebrating Christmas.

“Bye dad.” said Lily, John started to walk out. “Dad.” John turned back.

“Yes Lily.”

“Do you want to do something this afternoon?” she asked.

“Sorry Lily, I can’t.” said John, “But maybe tomorrow ok?”

“Ok.” Said Lily down hearted and going back to her painting. John walked out. He didn’t see Lavender glare at him. As soon as she heard the door close she sat down next to Lily.

“Why doesn’t he want to spend time with me?” asked Lily, “He goes shopping with Tuney.” Lily added a couple of precise strokes.

“We don’t have anything in common.” Said Lily.

“Of course you do.” Said Lavender.

“Like what?” said Lily. “We don’t see each other.”


“Hey.” John started to kiss Lavender’s neck tenderly. His hands moved up her sides.


“Yeah.” He replied huskily, lightly nibbling on her neck.

“We need to talk about Lily.” John sighed and buried his face in her neck.

“What about Lily?” asked John.

“She was very upset today.” Said Lavender sitting up. “You don’t spend enough time with her.” Joh moved of Lavender and sat up.

“I know.” He said gravely. “But…me and Lily, where just really different, she more your daughter than mine.”

Lavender gave a non-committal shrug. “Well I always liked it when you took me on those walks in the park.”

John looked down at her with a strange look on his face. “You know, when you used to tell me about all the different flowers we could find, and the different bird calls you could make. Don’t you remember?”

“Of course I do.”

“I think Lily will enjoy it. She does have an adventurous streak when she wants to.” Said Lavender. “And she likes learning things. It’s a win-win.”

“Do you reckon she would like playing football?” asked John. Lavender laughed.

“I think that’s pushing It.” she said, “But, she is curious about why you like it, so you could try.”

“Are you sure you don’t want another?” John asked, his hand snaked under Lavenders night shirt and rested on her stomach. “I mean I make more than enough, and we have been thinking about upsizing.” Lavender looked down at where his hand would be, her own gently outline it on the cover above.

“I don’t know.” Said Lavender, “We always did say we wanted two, and we have the two now.”


“But I love my house.” said Lavender, “I’ve decorated it and furnished it from scratch.” She looked over at John.

“It’s our home. It’s where the girls are brought up and where Lily was born.” Lavender sighed. “I couldn’t bear to part with it.”

“Ok.” Said John kissing her shoulder. “We’ll stay.” Lavender smiled.

“Well. Why don’t you take Lily into the woods. She’ll like the exploring element.”

John nodded. “We could do that.” He said, “I don’t she liked painting with me.”

Lavender smiled and snuggled down with him. “Well. Now where done talking about Lily…”


“Dad, where are we going?” asked Lily. She was holding onto her dads hand as they walked by her school, her dad looked down at her.

“Were going on a little explore.” He explained to her. “Your mother and I think you spend too much time indoors and not enough getting fresh air.”

“I read outside, that’s getting fresh air.” Said Lily. John went to answer, but no answer came out, she was right, technically.

“But you’re going to learn about useful tips for when you’re in the woods.” Said John. “Plus, I can teach you some bird calls.”

“Wow, you can do that?” asked Lily impressed.

“Yes.” said John as they approached the entrance to the woods. “There’s a whole world inside these places Lily, they can provide sanctuary from the outside world.”

“So, when you’re sad, you can come here?” asked Lily.

“It puts things in something called perspective.” Said John, “It means to put things that are important, first.” Lily nodded.

“Right, let’s go in.”


“Go and watch Dad play.” Said Lily.

“Yeah.” Said Lavender. “You’ll find it fun.” Lily frowned in concentration.

“Isn’t he supposed to do something I like?” Said Lily.

“It’s give and take Lily.” Explained Lavender. “You do something he likes and then you’ll do something you like.” Lily thought for a moment, it did make sense. “I mean, how much have you enjoyed your walk in the woods.” Lily nodded.

“Ok.” She got off from her seat in the kitchen and went into the garden. Lavender waited as she reappeared carrying the football from the garden.

“You going to watch your dad then?”

“Yeah.” Said Lily putting her trainers on.

Lily waited outside the changing rooms. She could hear laughing from inside as she waited nervously. After what seemed like an age, they started to file out. The sounds of studs on the tiled floor rang out. Lily waited until she saw her dad.

“Dad!” John turned round from talking to the goal keeper and saw her. Lily ran over and hugged him. John picked her up.

“Hey you.” He said kissing Lily’s forehead. “What are you doing here?”

Lily pointed to a football that she was waiting on. She looked up at her dad.

“I was thinking maybe we could have a game after you’re finished. Spend some time together?” said Lily brightly. John smiled.

“Sounds great.” He said. “Have you been watching me all this time?”

“Yeah.” Said Lily, “You’re doing really good.”

“Thanks.” He said pecking her. “Come on. I’ll take you back over.” John walked out with Lily to the edge of the pitch, chatting aimlessly about a cloud Lily thought looked like a Lion.

John placed her down with her football and kissed her on the head before going back and taking his place on the pitch.

“GO ON DAD!” shouted Lily as the game kicked off.


As she got older, Lavender noticed the subtle changes in her daughter’s personalities. Although they shared the same parentage, there were some very notable differences. Petunia was the one coming out of her shell, she had settled well and had a large group of friends. Still always needing attention, and developing quite a temper.

Lily on the other hand, though everyone said she was a beautiful little girl, she always remained shy, a recluse, she only had one real friend, but seemed happier that way. She would much rather have the limelight on someone else, but attention and drama always seemed to follow her wherever she went. She was much more patient than her sibling, but she too could sometimes loose her cool.

When she turned seven, things started to happen, strange things that sometimes couldn’t be explained.

“Ok you two. Not too high.” Called Lavender. She was sat on a bench watching Lily and Petunia play on the swings. Lily always had this fascination of going higher than Lavender allowed. But for Lily it was showing Petunia that she was better at something. Lily began to build up more momentum, she looked over at Petunia and smirked.

“Look what I can do!” Lavender looked up and saw Lily jump off the swing at the height of its arc. She soared through the air.

The screams of her mother didn’t affect her as she looked at the rows of suburban house roofs. Lily looked down to see her mother now looking opened mouthed as she started to gracefully land on her feet. Lily looked up to see her mother looking at her in shock.

“Li, Lily, what did you just do?” asked Lavender.

“I jumped.” Said Lily in a timid voice. Lavender breathed deeply and looked over at the swing, then Petunia and back at Lily.

“I know you Jumped.” Said Lavender, “But…how did you land?”

“I don’t know?” Said Lily slightly tearful.

“No Lily, I’m not mad.” Said Lavender hugging her tightly. “Just promise me you’ll never scare me like that again.” She leaned back and looked at Lily, “Promise me.”

“I promise mum.” Said Lily, not really knowing what she had done wrong.

It was the start, after that, things with Lily began the change. Whenever she was upset or angry, strange things would happen with her. Whenever she was angry, during an argument, Lavender sent Lily to her room. When she slammed her door shut, every other door in the house slammed shut to. Lavender placed it down to strange wind patterns. Petunia would tell her that Lily would jump of the swings and land slowly again.


“So, do you remember what’s this plant is?” Lily looked at the flower curiously, she knew this. She felt her dad kneel beside her and watch with her.

“Do you want some help?”

“No, I know it.” said Lily. “It’s…a…dock leaf?”

“Very good.” Said John. Patting her on the shoulder. “Remember, they can be used to help treat nettle stings. Because they always grow close to nettles.”

“That’s handy.” Said Lily. She looked behind her.

“What’s that?” Lily walked over towards a small cliff behind her. The trees had formed like it had pulled back like theatre curtains to reveal a small village. Lily could see the spire of a church in the distance with rows of terraced houses. John walked up behind Lily and looked for himself.

“That’s Spinners End.” Said John, “It was made for the workers of the old wool mill. Just over there.” John pointed to two large chimneys in the background.

“I can see those when we go to the park.” Said Lily. “Is it nice in Spinners End?” John didn’t say anything at first.

“It’s…not the nicest.” Said John.

“Why not?” asked Lily. John kneeled down next to her.

“Lily.” He began, “You need to know that there are some places in the world that me and your mother don’t want you to go. Spinners End is one of them, Ok.”

“Ok Dad.” said Lily. Her eyes now followed the fields next to Spinners End.

“Oh, there’s a Buzzard Lily.” John pointed out to a large bird that was floating just above one of the fields.

“Why is floating?” asked Lily.

“Buzzards wait to see their prey.” Explained John, “So it floats over where it saw it last. And then…”

The buzzard suddenly darted down into field.

“Looks like it caught its prey.” Said John, “You see Lily, the buzzard only strikes when the time is right. It can wait hours waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.” Lily watched as the Buzzard then flew off.

“Got his prize.” Said John. “Come on, let’s go back.”

Lily ran a bit further ahead, John was pleased that she was exploring it, before Lily would never venture out of the house. But now she actively wanted to go out and explore new places.

“Don’t run to far Lily.” Lily continued forward into the thicker trees. She could hear the running of the river somewhere but couldn’t see it. Lily stopped outside a large branch that now blocked her path, its leaves blocked her view ahead. Lily pulled the branch back and slipped underneath.

It led her into a clearing. She looked up at the sky and saw that it was covered by thick branches that only let a little light in that where dotted in patches around the floor. The clearing itself was very spacious, on the right was the river that led down to Spinners End. Lily walked over to it and leaned over the edge and dipped her hand into the water. It was very deep and Lily pulled her hand out. This was a very nice and secluded place, maybe she could bring her books here.

“Lily!” Lily looked around the clearing and back to the opening. She could defiantly remember where it was. She made her way back to the branch that covered the entrance, she looked back and went back to Join her Dad.


Lily and Elle where reading on the playground. Lily took a bite off her sandwich and went back to reading. Her focus was disturbed by a flying object that bounced and then rolled to her feet.

“Hey!” Lily and Elle looked up, to see a football come over to them. Lily looked up to see the boys in her year looking expectantly at her.

“Little help?” Lily got off the bench and walked towards the football. She looked at the goal that was made from their jumpers. She rolled the ball forward and the kicked it back. The ball swerved through the air and it curled into the goal.

“Damn!” The boys, whose attention had been entirely focused on the football, looked back at Lily who was walking back to Elle.

“Hey! Wait!” Lily turned round to see Kobe, one of the boys who had run towards her. He stopped in front of her and caught his breath.

“That was amazing.” He said, “How did you do that?” Lily shrugged.

“My dad taught me.” Said Lily, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to reading my book.” She turned.

“Wait!” Lily turned back round.

“Why don’t you come join us?”

“Sorry, I don’t play football with boys.” Said Lily smiling kindly. She turned back round.

“Well…why don’t you come read next to us?” Lily turned back with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s better than reading alone.” Said Kobe. Lily looked over at Elle who shrugged and nodded.

“Well…ok.” Said Lily, “Let me go get my bag.” A few minutes later Lily and Elle walked towards where the boys where situated. They sat down by some benched nearby and paced their bags down.

“Could you do us a favour?” asked Kobe.


“Can you keep score for us?” Lily and Elle looked at each other before nodding. Kobe smiled and went back to playing.

“Why are we doing this?” asked Lily.

“We might make more friends.” Said Elle, “They may be stupid but they could come in useful.”

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