When the President Calls

Chapter 9

Sunday April 15th, 2008
Washington, D.C.
The White House
Vice President Leo McGarry’s Office
11:45 a.m.

Four months had passed since the final kidnapping attempt on Zoey Bartlett’s life and Jen’s temporary reassignment to the protection of Las Vegas CSI Nick Stokes, and both Jen and Sara were back living and working in D.C. At least Jen was back at work having officially taken Leo up on his offer and was now heading his detail, while Sara had decided to take some time off and be a stay at home mom while she attended classes at George Washington University, working towards completing her masters in criminology and her doctorate in physics.

The events in Vegas had really thrown Jen for a loop. She had never expected to fall for anyone ever again now that Mike was gone, but Nick had done something to her, she wasn’t sure what but she found herself now trying to deal with the fact that she had feelings for him. While having to face the fact that she had fallen for Nick it forced her to have to deal with her feelings for Mike and everything else she had refused to deal with since his death, resulting in many sleepless nights, not to mention the nagging virus she seemed to have that wouldn’t go away, draining what little energy she had from the lack of sleep so that she was running on empty and had been for the past couple months.

“You wanted to see me, Mr. Vice-President,” Jen said as she stepped into Leo’s office, closing the door behind her, nodding at Annabeth Schott, Leo’s chief of staff as she passed where the other woman was sitting on the office sofa.

“Yes Jennifer, I did,” Leo said. “Please have a seat,” he told her indicating the two chairs on the other side of his desk. Once Jen was seated, Leo sat forward, leaning his forearms on his desk. “I’m worried about you, Jennifer.”

“Worried about me, Sir? Why would you be worried about me?” Jen asked in confusion.

“I’m worried that you might be working too hard,” Leo said, quickly holding up a hand to stop the arguments he knew would be coming soon. “I’ve seen your work logs Jennifer and I know that you pull more hours than the rest of your agents, working shifts when you’re scheduled to be off, covering for sick agents when you have other available agents that could take the shift, working double, even triple shifts at times.”

“I’m more than capable of handling the work load, Mr. Vice-President,” argued Jen when Leo finally let her say something. “I know my limits.”

“I don’t think you do, Jennifer,” Leo said. “That’s why I’m ordering you to take the next two weeks off.”

“But Sir…”

“No buts Jennifer,” argued Leo, giving her a stern glare, one that she knew he had picked up working with Jed. “I will see you in two weeks,” he said as he got up and walked around his desk, intent on walking Jen to his office door.

“Fine,” Jen said standing up. “But I’m telling you I’m…” Jen never finished her sentence as her world suddenly went black.

“Annabeth, get an ambulance, now,” Leo ordered as he caught Jen just as she collapsed to the floor.

Sunday April 15th, 2008
Bethesda, Maryland
Bethesda Naval Hospital
Private Waiting Room
12:02 p.m.

When Sara got the call that Jen had collapsed, she'd nearly dropped the phone. Within five minutes she had the kids in their jackets and in car seats and she was on her way to Bethesda. When she walked into the waiting room to find Leo there and half a dozen secret service agents, she'd ignored all of them save Pete and Leo himself. Handing Jackie and Johnny’s stroller, both of them asleep in their seats, to Pete, she focused her attention on the Vice-President while leaning on holding Shanti.

“What happened?”

“I called her into my office to tell her she was to take time off. She was not thrilled to hear that but I insisted. As I was walking her to the door she passed out,” Leo explained.

“Shit,” Sara whispered before looking down at her daughter. “Oh fudge, don't pick that word up from Mommy.” Shaking her head slightly she looked back at Leo, “Doctor still with her?”

“Yes, has been since we got here,” replied Leo. “Gina, have you noticed anything out of the ordinary lately?”

“You mean besides the fact my sister is very rarely home and is working far too much for her own good?” Sara countered. She'd been on Jen's case as much as possible about it as well. But at the same time she knew better than to push too far, she didn't want to push Jen far enough she would shut her out again.

“So, you noticed it too then,” commented Leo.

“We all have. Pat and Kevin are concerned as well, but we can't tell her what to do, she's not a child. We can only worry and hope that she gets to the point where she doesn't need work as a way to get through the day,” Sara sighed, keeping her voice low so only Leo and Pete heard her. “May I go see her first when she's allowed visitors?”

“Need you ask?” replied Pete.

“Of course,” replied Leo just as the doctor walked into the waiting room.

“How is she doctor?” asked Leo, his voice full of concern and worry.

The doctor hesitated for a moment when the reality of who had just asked him that question sunk in before clearing her throat. “She’s still unconscious. She’s exhausted; she’s malnourished and far lighter than she should be for a woman in her condition.”

Sara frowned, sharing a glance with Leo before passing Shanti to Pete as well. “Jennifer is my sister, Doctor, I'd like to see her if she can have visitors.”

“I’ll allow one of you in to see her at a time. She’s pushed her body a lot farther than is healthy and given that she’s still unconscious the less busy her room is the better,” the doctor replied.

Sara nodded before moving to the door, the doctor following her. “How long should she stay away from work, Doctor?” she asked as they walked down the hallway. She wanted the knowledge now so she could give a timeline for Jen when she found out Sara intended to back up the doctor’s orders 110%.

“Given the seriousness of Ms. Garrison’s condition, I’d have to say a minimum of 8 months, if not longer,” the doctor said, opening the door to Jen’s room and letting Sara step through ahead of him.

Sara's initial confusion over the length of time went out the window the moment she entered the room and saw the machines there. “She's pregnant...” she breathed before glancing at the doctor. “Four months?”

“About that,” replied the doctor. “Not being able to talk to Ms. Garrison I can’t confirm anything from her but our tests put conception around the end of December sometime.”

“That would be right,” Sara nodded before returning her attention to Jen's form. “We have a standing waiver for HIPA for each of us. If there is anything that you think I need to know later...how many are there?” she continued after a moment as she listened to the fetal heart monitor. “Twins? Or more?”

“Twins,” the doctor confirmed. “I’ll keep you informed as to her condition. Now, would you like to inform the entourage out in the waiting room or should I?”

“I'll tell them when I go back out,” Sara nodded. “Thank you, Doctor.”

“If you need anything, tell the nurse’s station to page me,” the doctor said making his way from the room.

Sara nodded to the empty room before silently making her way across the room and sitting next to Jen's bed. “Girl, I'm going to talk some sense into you if I have to beat it into you after this...” she whispered as she carefully took Jen's hand in her own. “Damn sis, this is going to hit you hard...”

Monday April 16th, 2008
Bethesda, Maryland
Bethesda Naval Hospital
Jen's Hospital Room
8:32 a.m.

Sara had sat with Jen for a few minutes before heading out to the waiting room and quietly informing Leo of Jen's condition and the time off she would be requiring. He agreed to keep it quiet for now, before leaving Pete with her until Alicia arrived to take the ‘triplets’. During that brief time, Sara also called Pat and Kevin, and they arrived later that afternoon. The Bartlets arrived mid-afternoon to find out how Jen was, staying until Pat and Kevin arrived. Eventually though, she convinced them all to go home, Kevin and Pat having her keys. She'd call them the moment Jen woke up...and she had settled in to wait by her sister's side.

Jen finally woke up the next morning, and Sara was waiting with a pitcher of water by her side. After taking a sip of water with Sara’s help, Jen slowly rubbed her eyes, finally noticing the tubes going into her hand and arm. “What happened?” she asked quietly.

“You passed out yesterday,” Sara explained, “After your meeting with Leo...”

“The one where he decided to inform me of my forced vacation,” commented Jen.

“Exactly,” Sara agreed with a nod. “Gonna be a bit longer than that now, sis.”

“Gina, what are you talking about?” asked Jen in confusion.

“You’re on eight months leave minimum, Jen,” Sara began wanting to get that out of the way first. Jen would be pissed, was better to have her pissed before she was upset.

What?” demanded Jen as she tried to force herself into a sitting position.

“Lay back down,” Sara ordered lightly. “This is not Leo's doing, it's your doctor's. And I am going to back her up completely, as is everyone else who cares about you.”

“Gina, what the hell are you going on about?” demanded Jen angrily, her blood pressure monitor going off in the process. “And since when does my doctor get to dictate my vacation since the last time I checked I worked for Leo not this hospital.”

“Jennifer Jacqueline Peters Garrison, Calm Down,” Sara ordered, not lightly this time. “You don't, and you're not getting answers until you are calm.”

Jen huffed in annoyance and turned her face away from Sara so that she was looking at the opposite wall for a moment before closing her eyes.

“Alright then,” Sara nodded. “Jen, you've pushed your body too far, you're underweight and malnourished...I know that you've been wanting to work and forget stuff, but you can't do that, Sis. It's not good on your body or emotions. That's part of why the doctor is ordering for your health that you don't work for a minimum of eight months...” Sara continued after taking a breath. “Sis...there's something else...” she paused squeezing Jen's hand, hoping she might look at her.

“More than just taking my life away from me?” commented Jen a little sarcastically, still not looking at Sara.

“Well I suppose, you're getting a new life...actually two...” Sara shrugged lightly. “Jen, you're pregnant,” she continued softly.

“No, it’s not possible,” replied Jen as a tear trailed its way down her cheek. “It’s not possible.”

“Oh Honey,” Sara whispered. “It's true, I'm so sorry but it's true,” she continued knowing that at this moment Jen was no doubt thinking about things with Mike more than things with Nick. For that she was sorry, that it wasn't her and Mike...

“Oh God no,” Jen sobbed as she rolled onto her side and tried to curl in on herself.

“Shh, it's going to be okay, let it out Sis...let it out,” Sara whispered as she brushed a hand through Jen's hair

“It’s not fair,” Jen cried.

“I know Jen,” Sara whispered. “Come here,” she offered slipping to sit on the edge of the bed.

Jen rolled over so that she was facing Sara and wrapped her arms around her as she cried. Wrapping her arms around Jen, Sara fought back her own tears, she was right, it wasn’t fair.

Wednesday April 18th, 2008
Waldorf, Maryland
Peters’ Residence
11:49 p.m.

Jen’s doctors decided to keep her in the hospital for a few weeks to get her weight back up and keep an eye on her and the babies, and she was transferred to Civista there in Waldorf two days later. The next day, Wednesday, everyone finally convinced Sara to leave Jen’s side. Well, to be exact, Kevin walked into the room and dragged Sara out of it. As such, she found herself home in her bed, trying to actually sleep.

After another twenty minutes of tossing and turning, Sara rolled onto her back and tossed the covers back. “Jesus John, what the hell am I going to do now?” she asked as she stared at the ceiling. It wasn’t the first time she had talked to John, probably wouldn’t be the last. “I don’t know what to do to help her. She hasn’t listened to me for months with this working like a mad woman…only you and Mike could ever talk some sense into her without her turning around and biting the person’s head off…I don’t now what is worse…the fact that she’s pregnant with Nick’s child or that she’s pregnant now when she and Mike couldn’t have kids. Speaking of which, you better be thankful as hell that you aren’t here Michael William Garrison. I’d beat the crap out of you if you were here for letting her assume all these years it was her when we all now know it was you!”

“Then again if you were here, we wouldn’t be in this mess,” Sara sighed. “God, why did you two have to leave? Why did either of you have to leave but even more so, why both of you. I’m selfish enough to admit I’d love to have you here John, more than you know…but if one of you had to go, I could have been content to know I had the babies and Jen had Mike…God damn it!” Sara cried before sighing once more. Rolling over on her side she pulled her legs up and tucked in on herself, curling her hands under her chin. “God John…I miss you,” she whispered to the room.

“You’re going to wake up with cramps in your wrists.”

“Go away,” Sara groaned

“Fine, but don’t come crying to me when you wake up and your wrists are killing you.”

“Shut up John,” Sara growled. “John?” she asked rolling over. “Oh my God…John…” she whispered.

“You okay Gin?” John asked concerned.

Sara raised a trembling hand up to touch his cheek, “You’re real…”

“Well I hope I am,” John countered. “Hey…you’re shaking…you okay?”

“But you’re dead…both you and Mike…” Sara argued.

“Gin…Sweetheart, it was just a dream,” John shook his head. “We’re all fine, it’s okay.”

“But the accident…” Sara began shaking her head as she sat up to sit Indian-style. The next twenty minutes were spent with her trying to prove what she knew to be true; telling him everything from when the accident happened up until two days earlier when Jen found out she was pregnant.

“Shh, Gina it was all a dream. We’re all fine, Jen, Mike, the girls, Johnny, and Mikey…we’re all fine,” John whispered when she was done.

“Mikey?” Sara asked with a slight frown before she looked up at him. Turning she was off the bed and out of the room before John had a second to react. She paused in front of the door to Michael’s room, terrified that she would not find him in there and yet also afraid she would. Taking a deep breath she pushed the door open before choking back a soft cry. Crossing the room to the side of the crib she reached up to brush at her tears. He was sound asleep, laying on his stomach, his right hand curled up by his chin as his head faced the now open door. Reaching down she gently brushed one of the sandy blonde curls that were brushing the top of his sleeper. He was just as big and healthy looking as the girls were when she went to sleep…as much as his brother across the room.

“He’s okay,” John whispered as he wrapped his arms around her waist and let his chin rest on her shoulder to look at Michael. “Come on, he’s going to be up in a few hours, let’s enjoy the time without him while we can,” he continued before pulling her back towards the door.

“He’s so healthy…” Sara whispered.

“Very much so,” John smiled before closing the door and leading her back to their room. “Gina, I’m a bit worried about you. That dream really seems to have hit you hard…”

“What day is it?” Sara asked with a frown.

“April 19th,” John countered. “You really don’t remember anything?”

“The last time I saw you before half-an-hour ago was when you and Mike came home that January…everything here…” Sara waved her hands to indicate the house and the two of them… “I don’t remember this…could this all be the dream…” she whispered looking back at him. “God knows I don’t want to wake up if it is…”

“Maybe we should go to the hospital…” John began with a frown. “Let me just call Jen and Mike and they’ll come watch the kids and we can make sure you’re okay…”

“No,” Sara argued, shaking her head. “Please…let’s just sit. I don’t want to sit around the hospital with you for hours when we could be here and you could just as easily tell me everything here as much as there…”

“Gin…” he started before she shook her head again. “Alright, but I want you to make an appointment with Doctor Whittaker tomorrow…I want to make sure you’re okay.”

“I promise,” Sara smiled. ‘Now, tell me everything,” she continued as she crawled back onto the bed and he joined her before pulling her into his arms.

“Well, the accident you were talking about did happen. But they told us we were coming in too low so we ejected just as the nose hit the deck. Our plane was still a ball of fire, but we landed in the water. You and Jen still wanted to kill us when we got home though…”

“For nearly getting yourselves killed?” Sara asked softly.

“Well, that and the fact we both had a number of broken ribs, Mike’s leg was broken and my arm was…” John shrugged. “You both informed us that we weren’t going back to sea and if we thought we were we had another thing coming…then mom got a hold of us…” he chuckled.

“Good,” Sara smiled. “So what happened then?”

“We retired, we’re both working for civil service now, Mike in Physics and Engineering and me of course with computers.”

“And the munchkins came along…”

“Yes, they did, and you nearly broke my hand,” John teased her. “Abbey thought it was the sweetest thing when King Arthur’s court showed up with two little princesses and two little wizards in training…”

“We didn’t?” Sara asked before giggling. “Oh that must have been a sight.”

“Everyone said it was,” he smiled. “We didn’t go to Disneyland for the first Christmas though…we’ll have to do that next year for the next ‘first’ Christmas…” he mused.

“Next first Christmas?” Sara frowned.

“Sweetheart, are you sure we shouldn’t go to the hospital?” he frowned once more.


“Gin… you’re pregnant,” John answered glancing down towards her stomach.

“No…” Sara whispered before reaching down and sure enough feeling the bump that had escaped her notice so far. “Jesus…how long?” she whispered.

“Just shy of four months. Jen’s just a few weeks ahead of you…”

“Jen’s pregnant?” Sara asked looking back up at him.

“Yeah…you and she were having a mom and aunt day with the munchkins about six months ago. She went to the bathroom and you were walking by after putting Jackie down for a nap, the other three were already down…you later told me you heard her crying and asked what was wrong, eventually she let you in and she explained about her and Mike and everything. When Mike and I got home that night you, Mom, and Josephine were waiting. You went up one side of him and down the other for letting her think that it was her fault all these years without finding out just what was the problem, and then Mom did, then his own mother. Then got him,” John paused to grin, “Mike went home with his tail between his legs, going out for a stop at the flower store before he actually went home to talk to Jen.”

“And…” Sara prompted.

“And they went to get things checked out…turned out Mike’s team was a few members short. So they went via invetro, and as mom likes to say, two of the eggs took.”

“Twins?” Sara whispered, part of her mind flashing to the dream, the other part thrilled in the here and now. “Wait a minute…I’m just shy of four months pregnant and already have a nice bump… don’t tell me we’re having quads again?”

“No, not quads,” John chuckled.

“It’s not more than four is it?” she began when the thought entered her head.

“No, not more than four.”

“Is it just one?” Sara asked hopefully.

“No,” John shook his head. “Twins Gin,” he shrugged.

“Two? And we have four who aren’t even in their twos?” Sara looked at him in shock before shaking her head. “Damn John I’m getting you fixed.”

“That’s what you said two months ago when we were at the doctor’s.” John teased.

“Well, I still mean it,” Sara smiled. “You should get some sleep though, you have work tomorrow?” When he nodded she smiled softly. “Then get some sleep.”

“You sure? I don’t want to go to sleep if you’re not doing so great…”

“John, I’m fine. Now get some rest,” Sara argued, smiling when she saw him give in. Twenty minutes later she found herself smiling over the fact that he was snoring. She had almost forgotten that sound...

Shaking her head she rose, making sure he didn't wake. She didn't know if this was the dream, or like John believed, that was the dream. But she did know that she was not going to go to sleep and give herself a chance to wake up from the dream. Slipping into the bathroom she grabbed her shampoo, cream rinse, and her favorite body wash from Victoria Secret. On her way from the room she plucked her robe from its hook before heading downstairs, not surprised to hear tiny feet behind her.

“Hey you,” she whispered, stopping to reach down and let Fawkes climb on her hand before she raised it up to her shoulder so he could settle on her shoulder. Continuing down the stairs, she made her way into the kitchen to head down to the basement. There were times she loved the fact they had a fully furnished apartment instead of a basement...such as when she wanted to take a shower without waking her husband up.

“Jesus Fawkes...I have to take a shower downstairs so I don't wake him up...” Sara whispered, stopping mid-step. “Baby, I don't know if this is the dream or not, but God help me, I don't want to wake up if it is...” She smiled when Fawkes rubbed his head against her ear. “Come on, I need a shower, you can sit on the door.”

Thirty minutes later she was back upstairs, Fawkes following her through the house as she made her way into the kitchen to make some hot chocolate and grab the can of whip cream and an extra spoon. Making her way back into the living room, she smiled softly, still thankful for the heated floors. She pulled the footrest over to the corner of the couch she planned to sit on, setting her mug down on a coaster in the windowsill. Before she sat down, she crossed over to where she knew she kept the scrapbooks, pulling them out from the cabinet under the TV. Picking up the four, she went back to the couch and settled down in the corner, letting her leg drop down so Fawkes could grab a hold of her robe to climb up. Once the bird was settled next to her, she tucked her legs under herself and turned her attention to the albums.

The next few hours were spent re-acquainting herself with memories she didn’t know, and after locating her journals she learned even more than she had from John’s explanation. In between giving Fawkes a bit more whip cream on his spoon, and getting herself more cocoa, she got a chance to see all the pictures she had known not long before only to have John and Mike present at the events now. The Christening of Johnny, Mikey, Jackie, and Shanti, with pictures of each of her children and their godmother. Johnny and Zoey, Mikey and Abby, Shanti and Alicia, and Jackie with Jen. The only difference between these and the ones she had before was that the godfather’s were with them, she had chosen to not make Charlie, Leo, and Thomas’ place official with Michael being gone. Yet in this world there the three were… There were birthday pictures, not just of the children that now had Mikey where he had not been before, but her birthday and Jen and John’s. Kevin’s sixtieth birthday that December after the accident. Pat’s sixtieth just that past February. Zoey’s big 3-0 the previous year, her father’s seventieth earlier that month.

She learned that she and John had gone to Disneyland for their third wedding anniversary, leaving the munchkins with their grandparents for a few days. She not wanting to be away from them for more than that so soon after their birth. In a way that could explain the trip to Disneyland for Christmas, if it was a dream… There were wedding pictures from Zoey’s wedding, and Christmas in Norfolk. New Years traveling between the three houses as they always did. She nearly cried when she saw the Halloween pictures from the year that John remembered and she didn’t. The Quads dressed just as he had said - two Princesses and two little wizards.

She learned from her journals that she and Jen had gone back to Vegas a year ago to finally clear her stuff out of storage there, though they never ran into anyone she had known. But she did still have notes on the team she had kept over the years. A note about Catherine and Grissom’s marriage…Valentine’s Day…she had a feeling that was Cath’s idea. Another point explained with their trip, though the question remained of the events with Nick and such.

Eventually as the sun began to rise, she closed the last album and put it away with the others, returning her journals to the box she kept them in and set them aside for now. Getting up she smiled and started the coffee before turning her attention to fixing a light breakfast, she had just put the toast down in the toaster when she heard the first cry from upstairs. By the time she got there, John had already started getting Jackie dressed. Sending him back to finish getting ready for work, she took over and only saw him again when he helped her take the munchkins downstairs.

A few hours later, John had long since gone to work, and Sara found herself in the living room with her laptop while the munchkins watched a Baby Einstein movie on the TV. She had the hardest time tearing her eyes from Mikey as he bounced back and forth to the music; she hadn’t even added a single word to the paper she was working on in an hour because she couldn’t tear her eyes from him. Shaking her head, she pushed off her throw and plodded towards the kitchen to refill her coffee.

After the movie ended, she bundled them up and everyone went out in the back yard for a while, before returning inside. The rest of her day was spent like any other day, she spent time with her children, worked on her studies, and she did the laundry and made dinner, the only difference was that Mikey was there, and at the end of the day, so was John.

After dinner, Jen and Mike came over, and she knew she confused them both when she hugged Mike for a good minute and a half, afterwards John told them all about her ‘dream’ and they all questioned her about going to see the doctors because she still didn’t remember anything except her dream, but she had learned so much from John and her journals and the scrapbooks, but it wasn’t the same. After the children were put to bed, the four adults stayed downstairs, pulling out the Disney monopoly for a game. Mike and Jen teased Sara endlessly about her dream, but also talked about other things at the same time. She learned the planned names for the Garrison twins – Michael William Garrison Jr.; she already declared that she was going to call her nephew Will, and Josephine Virginia Garrison, who she decided to call Joey. Much to Mike’s amusement…

Eventually the game ended and the Garrisons headed back towards their own home. John in turn poured Sara another cup of tea before joining her on the couch, the fire not quite out yet.

“You okay?” he asked once they were both comfortably curled up on the couch.

“I’m still afraid I’m going to go to sleep and wake up to find out this is all a dream you know?”

“It’s not a dream Gin,” John argued softly.

“I’m starting to believe that,” Sara chuckled.

“Good, so, since Jen was telling you all about her and Mike’s plans for the nurseries…was wondering. Should we start discussing this?”

“Perhaps, we’re having boys right?”

“Yes, tell me you at least remember their names,” John teased lightly.

“It wasn’t in my journals…” Sara looked up at him sheepishly.

“Gin, we are so going to see a doctor tomorrow, if I have to tie you down and lock you in the car to get you there,” John sighed. “Russell Alexander Peters. and Kevin Josiah Peters.”

“Jed is going to jump for joy, another baby with one of his names…” Sara giggled. “Well, I’m assuming that we’re letting Mikey and Johnny keep their own room. So… I vote for Eeyore. Mickey would still cause a possibility of a complex for Mikey so…and we just can’t do any of the fab five without Mickey so…”

“Somehow I saw that coming,” John laughed.

“This is me, what else would I suggest? Aladdin?” Sara countered with a grin. “Do something for me, Babe.”

“Anything, Sweetheart.”

“Sing me a song,” Sara asked softly.

“And what song would you like?” John asked as he un-entangled himself from her and headed for his guitar.

“A Statler Brother’s one,” Sara shrugged.

“Hmm that gives me a good amount of options, they have so many,” John teased as he thought. “Aha, I know…”

“When I’m lying down besides you
And your attention’s all on me
There’s nobody else that I would rather be

“When I look across the table
And you’re looking back at me
There’s nobody else that I would rather be

“No picture in the paper, the movie, or TV
Nobody in the news or history
When our babies call me daddy
And throw their arms ‘round me
There’s nobody else that I would rather be

“No picture in the paper, the movie, or TV
Nobody in the news or history
When our babies call me daddy
And throw their arms ‘round me
There’s nobody else that I would rather be

“There’s nobody else that I would rather be”

Sara wiped a few tears away while he sang; she had always pictured him singing that song, but never thought she’d get the chance to hear him singing it. When he was done he returned his guitar to where he kept his, her’s was kept upstairs in their library. Eventually John got her to go to bed, and being up for so long finally took its toll as Sara dozed off in John’s arms.

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