When the President Calls

Chapter 11

Tuesday February 17th, 2010
Bethesda, Maryland
Bethesda Naval Hospital
3:06 p.m.

It had been three days since the attack on the Vice President, three days that the country seemed to wait for word on what would happen to the woman who had taken the bullet for Leo. At least that was how the nation saw it…

Everyone in Maryland was still waiting for the final word, as of yet Jen had yet to wake from her coma, but she also hadn’t passed yet. At this point though, as much as each of the members of her family hoped and prayed she would wake up, they also knew that it was growing more and more unlikely…too much so. They had reached the point where they were truly waiting for the call to say she had passed, the doctors having a Do Not Resuscitate order. While everyone was waiting for the news none of them wanted, Sara also found herself with an added complication of sorts in Nick.

Nick had informed her his first morning in Maryland that he was going to stay, either until he could talk to Jen, or he was able to be there and support Sara through another funeral, which left Sara in a very complicated position of being between him and her niece and nephew because if Jen died, then obviously they would have the twins at her funeral…or at least have mention of them. And if Nick was going to be there, it would raise a good many questions she was not now, nor might ever be, ready to deal with.

But, with Nick refusing to leave, and Sara dealing with preparing for all the possibilities and in contact with her and Jen’s lawyer, dealing with temporary custody of the twins being placed in her name until Jen either woke, or passed; she had her hands full enough that she wasn’t able to spend nearly as much time at the hospital as she wished. So during the day while she was dealing with other things and unable to get out of Waldorf, Nick would be at the hospital, either by Jen’s side, or in the cafeteria when he was kicked out by the others there to see Jen.

So it was that Nick was the only one with Jen when everything changed once more…

He’d been holding her hand, feeling her muscles twitch, which the doctors had told them was to be expected and was a good thing because it meant that her brain was still functioning when he heard his name in a hoarse whisper from beside him. “Jen?” he said as he looked into a pair of sage green eyes.

“What…” Jen began only to start coughing due to the dryness of her throat.

At hearing her cough, Nick quickly filled a glass with water and helped her sip it before laying her back down and putting the cup back on the bedside table.

“What are you doing here?” asked Jen quietly.

“I promise I’ll explain everything Jen, but we need to let the doctors check you over first,” Nick said when the nurse showed up in the doorway. As the nurse made her way into the room, followed a few minutes later by Jen’s doctor, Nick made his way out into the hall in search of a payphone.

“Hello?” Sara asked wearily when the phone stopped ringing.

“Gina, its Nick.”

“Nick? Oh God... what happened?”

“You might want to get here quick,” Nick replied, a smile breaking out on his face. “There’s someone that’s going to want to see you.”

“She's awake?” Sara whispered.

“She’s awake,” he said.

“I’ll be there within an hour. Tell her…tell her it’s about damn time she woke up and kept her promise, cause I kept mine and she owes me.”

“Will do,” Nick said before hanging up and heading back into Jen’s room.

When Sara arrived, she found Jen asleep, and Nick watching her. “Hey...”

“Hey,” Nick greeted in return.

“I'll sit with her if you want a break,” she offered as she moved into the room.

“Thanks,” Nick said as he stood up, kissing Jen’s hand in the process before making his way from the room.

“This is going to be complicated,” Sara sighed after he was gone, before making her way to the chair he had vacated. “You're going to have a lot of crap to deal with now that you're sticking around, Sis.”

“Gina?” Jen asked quietly as she slowly turned her head towards Sara.

“Hey, I thought you were sleeping,” Sara smiled as she entwined her fingers with Jen's. “How you feeling?”

“Like I’ve been run over by an eighteen wheeler actually,” smiled Jen.

“Don't worry; I got the license plate number.”

“What happened? Is Leo alright?” Jen asked as panic and concern entered her voice.

“He's fine, don't worry. Ten to one he's going to be here in a bit to see you,” Sara assured her. “Course you realize there's no way this side of heaven or hell any of us are letting you go back in the line of fire, right?”

“It’s my job, Gina,” argued Jen quietly.

“Sis, you and I have both been there. But Girl...you got to get a new job. Please Jen...” Sara whispered. “I can't do this again, Jen, we nearly lost you...”

“It’s all I know, Gina,” countered Jen.

“I know Jen,” Sara agreed softly. “All I'm asking is that you not put yourself in danger, you can still run the detail from a desk or something, anything. Just...think about it please.”

“Alright Gina, I’ll think about it,” agreed Jen. “Please tell me I was just imagining things earlier.”

“Actually...” Sara began with a slight grimace. “He sorta showed up here the night you were shot. He saw Leo's press conference and came.”

“What? But why?” asked Jen in confusion.

“I think you made more of an impression than you thought, Sis,” Sara shrugged lightly. “He declared he wasn't leaving until either you woke up and the two of you could talk, or...well, you get the idea,” Sara sighed softly. “He doesn't know Sis, I've kept him away from the houses and no one has said a word to him. Just so you know.”

“I never meant for this to happen Gina, anyof it,” sighed Jen tiredly.

“I know Sis, I know,” Sara whispered. “Why don't you get some sleep, Girl, you're awake and not going anywhere on us, get some rest. Dealing with Nick can wait alright?”

Jen nodded as her eyes closed before she drifted off to sleep.

Friday March 20th, 2010
Bethesda, Maryland
Bethesda Naval Hospital
2:14 p.m.

He had decided that he had put it off for too long. He knew that he was expected back in Vegas shortly after receiving a call from Grissom when the news of Jen’s condition hit the airwaves. As he neared Jen’s room, he caught sight of someone in there with her. What surprised him was the fact that it was not Gina that was with her; instead it was a man that was helping her to her feet and over into the bathroom, where they disappeared for a few minutes, only to emerge with Jen fully dressed, allowing Nick to get a look at the gentleman as he helped her into the waiting wheelchair. Stepping back into the shadows he watched as they made their way out of the room and down the hall before turning and making his way down the hall in the opposite direction. He had a plane to catch.

“Jen, promise me you’ll at least consider the offer,” Jethro asked as he pulled onto her street about an hour after they had left the hospital. He had offered to be the one to pick her up while everyone prepared for her arrival home…

“I promise,” Jen agreed with a smile. “I think Gina’s right. It’s time for a change. I have more than just myself to consider these days and besides I think Leo will refuse to let me go back to work for him and he’ll get Santos on the bandwagon so Presidential detail will be sort of out of the question,” she said with a shrug. “Just don’ttell Gina I said that.”

“Not on your life,” Jethro replied returning Jen’s smile as he turned to look at her for a second before turning his attention back to the road as he pulled into her driveway and stopped the car. “Take some time and think about it and let me know in a few weeks.”

“Deal,” Jen agreed.

“Here we are,” Jethro said as he turned to look at Jen.

“Do I really have to go in there?” asked Jen.

“You can take a bullet for the Vice President of the United States yet you’re terrified of your own family,” Jethro teased.

“Have you forgotten that family contains a former President and his family? A man who is impossible at the best of times,” Jen laughed. “Well, I guess we better get this over with then,” she sighed.

“Stay there,” Jethro ordered when Jen went to open the door before getting out of the driver’s side and walking around the car and opening Jen’s door for her and helping her out of the car.

“This really isn’t necessary you know, I am quite capable of walking on my own,” Jen whined as Jethro wrapped her arm around his.

“And you’ve only just gotten out of the hospital after nearly losing your life, Jennifer. Take advantage of this while you can,” replied Jethro as he led Jen towards the front door of her house.

Before they reached the door, it opened to reveal Abbey Bartlet standing there with a smile. She had been the one watching from the window, and found herself wondering what was up with those two...but not able to quite put her finger on what was going on...

“Hi Abbey,” Jen greeted as she and Jethro stopped outside the door.

“Mrs. Bartlett,” Jethro greeted with a nod.

“Welcome home, Jen,” Abbey smiled before reaching over to give her a gentle hug. “Gibbs,” she continued to the other man. “Well young lady, we're all set. You ready for your party?”

“Do I have a choice?” asked Jen.

“Nope,” Sara spoke up as she came around the corner with Ginny. “And quit scaring her,” she added to Abbey. “Trust me Sis, you are going to love this party,” she continued with a grin.

Jen threw a skeptical look towards Jethro, who merely shrugged in response before letting him help her into the house, Abbey closing the door behind them.

Moments later Jackie and Shanti came into the room jumping with excitement, but staying back from their Aunt, not wanting to hurt her. “Aunt Jen!” Jackie grinned before holding out a popcorn bucket. “We're going to the movies...”

“The movies?” asked Jen as she took the popcorn bucket from her niece. “Gina, what’s she talking about?”

“We decided to do something we knew you would love,” Sara grinned as they made their way towards the living room, where everyone was waiting

Perched in chairs and couches, on blankets with pillows on the floor, was every member of their 'family', including the rest of Gibbs' team. As Abbey took her seat with Jed, their other Abby was the first to rise and walk over, placing a tiara on Jen's head and grinning as she flicked the 'magic wand' she held. “Okay Princess, since everyone here got their wish of you making it here safe and rather sound...I'm gonna grant your wish.”

“My wish?” asked Jen in confusion as she settled the tiara on her head a little better.

“Of course,” Abby grinned before turning and waving her wand at the TV. At that moment the TV came to life and the DVD menu for Cinderella was visible. “We're going to the movies.”

“Now, this is my kind of party,” Jen said with a huge smile spreading across her face.

“We know,” Abby grinned before turning and skipping back to her seat.

“Now sit,” Sara ordered with a grin. Once Jen was comfortably settled on the couch, the center of the couch cleared for her, she found a bucket of popcorn on her lap thanks to Jackie and a bag of Hershey Kisses from Shanti. Seconds later she found herself with a glass of apple cider from her mother and then everyone was finding seats so the movie could start when Sara returned from putting Ginny upstairs as she had been falling asleep before her mom got home.

Later that night everyone headed back to their homes, leaving Jen and Sara the only ones awake after the kids were asleep once more. While they were curled up watching Aladdin, Sara glanced back at Jen from where she was lying on her stomach while Jen sat up. “Enjoy the party?”

“Very,” replied Jen with a smile.

“Good,” Sara smiled before rolling onto her back so she could look at Jen easier. “Got a bit of news you might want to hear but don't want to ruin your good mood...so think you can promise not to fret about anything?”

“That sounds ominous,” observed Jen turning to look at Sara.

“Nick's gone back to Vegas, he called me when he was at the airport to say goodbye,” Sara explained softly.

“That’s odd,” Jen commented, a hint of confusion in her voice. “I wonder what made him change his mind so suddenly. Didn’t you say he was determined to stick around until we could talk?”

“I know,” Sara shrugged. “But you know, I'm not going to worry about it. He doesn't know about the twins, and he just went back to Vegas...I doubt we're going to be seeing him again anytime before I get to introduce him to the twins when they're older,” Sara grinned lightly.

“I hope so,” agreed Jen. “That’s one complication I don’t need.”

“Hear hear,” Sara agreed with a sigh. “Okay, no worrying about that for now, back to Aladdin. What do you say?”

“Works for me,” replied Jen with a smile.

Saturday July 18th, 2010
Columbia, Maryland
Columbia Gateway Medical Center
3:28 p.m.

The next four months passed rather well all things considered. They settled into a bit of a new routine, Jen home for three months recovery, and then found herself having to decide to what she was going to do now…whatever it was Sara wasn’t sure, they hadn’t talked about it much. Sara didn’t want to make Jen think she was trying to influence her decision.

Other things had been happening over those months as well, the major one being Zoey and Charlie preparing for the birth of their first child. Everyone had come for the baby shower at Zoey and Charlie’s house. Liz and Gus had come from New Hampshire; Gus was thirteen and preparing for high school in the fall.

Annie as well had come, with her husband Ricardo Estevez, Rick was a police officer in Orlando. Annie meanwhile had followed her mom into teaching, though she taught Kindergarten. Ellie was there as well with Vic, the family had come down from Baltimore, Erin was five now, her brother Tommy was three, and the baby, Becky, was four-months-old.

Sara and Jen had been sitting out back with Ellie, watching as the kids under the age of ten played together while each of the women held either Nicky, Ginny, or Becky when they heard the commotion inside the house. Somehow it seemed rather ironic that Zoey’s water would break during her baby shower…

Twenty-three hours later, after Sara and Jen had volunteered to take all of the children back to their place while the family waited, the phone call finally came. Leonard Josiah Young had been born just after five a.m. Leo as he was immediately nicknamed had his father’s hair and his mother’s eyes.

Monday September 14th, 2010
NCIS Headquarters
7:30 a.m.

It had been one of the hardest decisions of her life. She had been wrong about Leo trying to stop her returning to the Secret Service but he had informed her that she would be prevented from ever doing Presidential detail again if she did return. Knowing that she still wanted to serve her country and that the Secret Service was not really available to her anymore, since she did not want to ride a desk there for the rest of her life, she started looking at her other options. Even though she was no longer in active service she was still a member of the United States Navy but the thought of returning to active duty there was not appealing as it may mean leaving her children for extended periods of time and that was not something she was willing to do but it did afford her another option and she had decided to finally take Jethro up on his offer, which is why she found herself sitting in her car in the parking lot of the Naval Criminal Investigative Services.

Jen jumped when a knock sounded at her window, turning she quickly lowered the window when she recognized just who it was that was knocking. “Are you trying to scare me death? If I’d known that was your plan all this time I would have just died from the gun shot wound.”

“Are you planning on coming in at some point or just sitting out here in your car?” Jethro asked as he leant down leaning against her window frame. “They won’t bite you know…well Tony might if you let him.”

“EW!” cried Jen as the image flashed through her mind. “Thanks Jeth, really needed that image,” she said shaking her head to try to clear it of one of the most unpleasant images she had ever had. “And I’m coming. It’s not easy you know, starting a new job.”

“Jennifer, you’ve known these people for years. They’re your friends,” Jethro argued lightly.

“It doesn’t make it any easier you know,” Jen sighed. “But I guess I have to bite the bullet sometime, right?”

“Probably not the best of phrases, Jennifer,” chided Jethro as he stepped back and let Jen get out of her car.

“I know, sorry,” Jen said patting Jethro lightly on the cheek before handing him an extra large coffee from Starbucks. “Shall we?”

“Follow me,” Jethro said taking the coffee from Jen before leading her into the NCIS building. After helping her get all her passes, ID’s and security access registrations sorted out Jethro led her into where his team was already assembling for the morning,

“Hey boss, heard we got a newbie...I got another probie to pick on?” Tony asked as he tossed a rolled up piece of paper in his garbage. “Two points!”

“Only good thing to possibly having a new person might be the end of being called 'Probie',” Timothy sighed.

“Considering he didn't stop when I joined...” Ziva offered, not looking up from the magazine she was flipping through.

Jethro walked over to where Tony was sitting and smacked him across the back of the head. “Call her that to her face and she might just put you traction.”

“Ow! Boss!” Tony grumbled as he reached up to rub the back of his head. “Wait... Her? Is she cute?” he asked with a grin.

“Oh brother,” Ziva muttered rolling her eyes before looking up. “Oh, she might qualify as cute by your standards...” she smirked when she spotted Jen.

“More likely she'll hit you like she did the first time you hit on her,” Abby spoke up as she walked into the pen area.

“Huh?” Tony frowned as Abby breezed by him.

“Hi!” Abby grinned as she jumped towards Jen. “Why didn't you tell us?” she demanded after letting Jen go.

“Oh God,” Tony groaned when he saw her. “Bad enough she's former Secret Service, she's also the daughter of Agent Peters...”

“Because I only just made up my mind a few days ago,” Jen said answering Abby’s question before walking over to Tony and smacking him on the head before leaning over so her mouth was next to Tony’s ear. “Take Gibbs’ warning to heart Tony,” Jen said looking over at Jethro for a moment before turning back to Tony. “You won’t be the first guy I’ve put into traction for not watching what he said.”

“You should be grateful she’s formerly of the Secret Service, DiNozzo, she has clearances you could only dream of ever having,” Jethro said as Jen stepped away from Tony and went to stand next to him.

“Why do I think you just threatened to do to me what we've only heard rumors about that happened in Vegas?” Tony asked concerned.

“Cause she did,” Abby grinned.

“The Las Vegas Crime Lab was in need of a new break room table by the time I was done, Tony, as well as a temporary lab tech to fill in while the guy recovered,” Jen smirked from her spot next to Jethro. “And like Gibbs said, I have clearances you only wish you had. I can get through red tape that most of the world can’t.”

“Yeah, if Gibbs can see the aliens, she can autopsy them,” Abby grinned.

“I'll just shut up...” Tony nodded. “So, what we got today, Boss?” he asked to change the subject

“Lieutenant J.G. Heather Abrams, went missing off the base at Norfolk naval yards sometime last night,” Jethro said as Timothy pulled the information up on the screen in front of everyone. “Her commanding officer Commander MacDonald reported her missing this morning and he was apparently the last one to see her when he dropped her off at her home last night.

“Commander James MacDonald?” clarified Jen.

“That’s right,” agreed Jethro. “What is it, Jennifer?”

“I know him,” Jen said.

“That might come in handy,” Ziva mused.

“You know him?” asked Jethro.

“He was friends with…with Mike, they were in the academy together,” Jen explained, a slight hint of pain entering her voice when she said Mike’s name.

“Tony and Ziva can talk to him...” Jethro offered.

“No…no it’s okay Gibbs. I’ll do it. I might be able to get more out of him than they could. No offence meant on their abilities but he’ll see me as a friend, someone he can confide in,” Jen said.

“None taken,” Ziva smiled.

“I’ll head over to the naval yards and see what Commander MacDonald has to say,” Jen said picking her purse up that she’d put down on Timothy’s desk earlier before walking over towards Tony and smacking him on the head once more, a final look back at Jethro before walking from the room.

“Did she just smack Tony for no reason?” Timothy asked surprised.

“I love that woman...and her sister is one of my best people to call when I need help,” Abby grinned. “Well, I'm off to do my thing. Now I need to figure out how to get her and Gina to get tattoos...” she continued as she disappeared.

“I'm surrounded by women who don't like me...what happened to me?” Tony asked shaking his head. “I was a God...I am a God...and yet...”

“DiNozzo!” Jethro snapped while walking by, reaching out to smack his head.

“I know, Boss, shut up,” Tony answered.

“And get to work.”

“Sis, you here?” Jen called as she entered Sara’s house twelve hours later. It had been an exhausting day, in more ways than one, and she wanted to collect her babies and head home and collapse into bed for the night.

“In the kitchen,” Sara called back quietly. “Nicky and Ginny are out.”

“I’m about ready to join them,” Jen said as she leant up against the doorjamb.

“I bet,” Sara smiled as she produced a cup of cider. “Long day?”

“The longest,” Jen sighed as she took a sip of the cider.

“Know the feeling...wait until your first triple,” Sara smiled. “You eat?”

“Yeah, Jethro took me out to dinner after shift,” Jen said as she sat down at the kitchen table, rubbing her face tiredly. “Had to go see an old friend today.”

“Hmm, remind me to thank him for taking care of you,” Sara smiled as she turned back to putting away dishes. “Who did you go see?”

“Commander James MacDonald. He was a friend of Mike and John when they were at the academy together,” Jen replied.

“James...wait Jimmy? The one who was with them the night John got that Wizard on his bicep and Mike got the dragon on his?”

“One in the same,” Jen said quietly.

“Jen...why did you have to go see Jimmy?” Sara asked concerned.

“A junior grade navy lieutenant under his command went missing sometime last night. He was the last one to see her before her disappearance,” Jen explained.

“First suspect,” she sighed as she leaned back against the counter. “You okay?”

“It wasn’t easy. Talking to Jimmie brought everything back. Sitting across from him almost made me forget that Mike was gone. I almost wish I hadn’t been the one to interview him,” Jen sighed as she took another sip of her cider.

"Couldn't someone else?" Sara asked with a frown.

“When Jethro realized I knew MacDonald and how, he offered to let Ziva and Tony go,” replied Jen.

“But you didn't want it to look like anything would interfere with your work?”

“That’s part of it. But I also know James. I figured he’d be a little more forthcoming with someone he considers a friend. I tried to hide how much seeing him again after so long affected me but Jethro must have picked up on it. He gave me hell before offering to take me out to dinner,” Jen said with a small smile.

“Jethro certainly does take care of you...” Sara mused. She had noticed how much time her sister was spending with Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs... “Want some chocolate or just want to go crash and chat about it later?”

“As much as I would love to crash right about now it’s probably best if we talk about this,” Jen said.

"Okay, I'll grab the chocolate, you start chatting..."

“Seeing Jimmie just brought it all back. The pain of losing them. It was like I could see them there in the room with us. Like old times.”

"Oh Sis..."

“I honestly don’t know how I held it together long enough to actually get through the interview. I somehow managed to make it through the interview, back to my car and all the way back to NCIS before finally breaking down in my car in the parking lot,” Jen sighed.

"Sis..." Sara began with a sigh before rising and pulling her chair around to sit next to Jen and wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "I miss them too..."

“I thought the pain had lessened, Gina, but the way it hit me today, I don’t know if I can do this, be back amongst the people my husband and brother worked with,” Jen said wiping away a few tears.

"Girl...you don't need to do this," Sara whispered. "You can go back to school, be a stay at home mom...hell you could walk dogs to give you something to do during the day...if you don't think you are ready...don't push. Whatever you pick, you know all of us are here for you..."

“I know,” Jen replied. “But…but I feel like if I don’t do this then all I’m doing is running away from everything and I can’t live like that, Gina. I can’t live a life where I’m afraid of what the future holds for me because I’m living in a world that doesn’t exist anymore.”

"Oh Girl..." Sara sighed sadly. "Then you know what? I'll support you every step of the way and have chocolate and cider waiting every night..."

“You’re a goddess, you know that right?” smiled Jen.

"And here I thought I was just a Princess," Sara teased. "Wanna do something for a bit to get your mind off work?"

“Sounds wonderful,” replied Jen. “Anything to make sure I don’t dream about Tony would be very much appreciated, unless it involves hitting him in some way of course.”

“Well, I could help provide plots of how to beat him up...” Sara teased. “Other than that though, we have two options...one, the costumes arrived so we need to see if they need to be altered. I already checked the munchkins. Or, we can steal the TV from the munchkins and watch a movie. Which knowing us they won't complain,” Sara winked.

“Lets check out the costumes,” replied Jen. “I can’t wait to see how they turned out.”

“The girls’ are adorable,” Sara grinned as she stood. “I got them up in the library...” she continued before they headed towards the family room and the stairs to the private room.

“Oh my God, this is so adorable,” said Jen when she saw the costumes for Shanti and Jackie.

“I know,” Sara grinned. “Who knew my girls would be Disney Princess lovers,” she teased.

“Well, we did kind of ingrain them into their psyches since the day they were born,” laughed Jen.

“True,” Sara agreed as she returned the miniature version of Belle's ball gown to the dress bag, then took the miniature version of Meg's outfit from Hercules.

“The girls are definitely going to be the belle of the ball, if you’ll pardon the pun,” Jen smiled.

“I know,” Sara chuckled. “And this is Johnny’s…” she continued with a smile, holding up the miniature version of Dopey.

“Oh that’s adorable… and he picked that himself?”

“I know, my son is unique,” Sara smiled. “So, wanna catch a movie? My costume of course is another version of Jasmine so no need to see...”

“Wait a sec, what about the costumes for Nicky, Ginny and I?” asked Jen.

"Abby took charge of those..." Sara explained with a shrug. "You don't get to see them until Halloween, from what I understand..."

“What?” asked Jen in surprise. “Oh, I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned it to her,” she groaned dropping her head into her hands.

Sara patted her sister on the shoulder, "We should have known she'd find out about it someday, all those BBQs she never seemed to catch on when we were planning over the years..."

“I’m in trouble, aren’t I?” Jen asked looking back up at Sara, her hands over her mouth. “There’s no telling what she’s going to do. OH! Jed and Abbey had to pick a movie theme this time, didn’t they,” she groaned.

"What's the worst she can do?" Sara asked with a smile. "Interview with A Vampire?"

“Knowing my luck, it’ll be Night of the Living Dead or something like that.”

Chuckling Sara shook her head, "Maybe she'll stick with Disney and do Nightmare Before Christmas...Ginny could be Sally and Nicky could be Jack..."

“I can only hope,” Jen sighed. “I guess she can’t go too crazy with it considering she insisted on doing a group costume and since Jethro is a part of the group…”

"Oh God, can you picture Gibbs as the Mayor? Or Oogie Boogie?"

“Oh I’m giving myself nightmares,” Jen groaned.

Sara laughed once more before pulling Jen out of the room, "Let's go watch a movie to counter those then."

“Make it something happy,” Jen pleaded as she let Sara lead her down to the living room.

"And what Disney Animated movie isn't?" Sara countered with a grin. "I know how to cheer you up, Sis."

“I’m all yours, Sis. Do as you wish with me.”

Laughing evilly Sara walked over to the bookcase with DVDs and ran her finger along the cases as she looked for one. "My second favorite Princess," she smirked. "Have to love how the book worm got the Prince..."

“Sounds wonderful,” Jen said as she collapsed onto the couch.

“Good,” Sara smiled as she dropped the copy of Beauty and the Beast in the player and Shanti climbed onto her Aunt's lap.

“Hey Sweetie,” Jen said greeting her niece.

“Can we watch too Aunt Jen?”

“Only if your mom says it’s okay Sweetie,” Jen said as she gently ran her hands through Shanti’s hair.

“Please Momma,” Jackie spoke up as Sara crossed to sit on the couch.

“Get up here, Baby Girl,” Sara smiled. “Just the one movie you three...” she added as Johnny curled up on her right side, Jen sitting on her left.

“Yes Momma,” they chorused.

“They'll be out in thirty minutes,” Sara chuckled while Shanti left Jen to curl up on the other couch with Jackie, Johnny staying with them.

“Don’t be surprised if I join them,” Jen said around a yawn.

“Go for it,” Sara smiled as she grabbed a throw pillow and tossed it to Jen before moving to lay on her stomach, Johnny coming with her, then hitting play.

“Kay,” Jen said as she tucked the pillow behind her head and curled into the corner.

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