When the President Calls

Chapter 12

Saturday October 31st, 2010
NCIS Headquarters
5:19 p.m.

“I can’t believe Abby managed to get everyone to agree to this,” Jen commented as she walked towards her car.

“Neither can I,” agreed Jethro from his spot next to her.

“Do you even know what everyone’s going as?”

“Not a clue. Abby told me this morning my costume would be waiting for me when I got home after work but wouldn’t tell me what it was,” Jethro said as they stopped next to Jen’s car. “Jennifer…”

“Abby,” Jen interrupted.

“Abby?” asked Jethro confused.

“Is coming,” Jen said turning to face the woman in question. “Hey Abbs. What can I do for you?”

“You can get in the car and take me to your place,” Abby said as she walked over to the passenger side of Jen’s car.

“My place? Why am I driving you to my place?” asked Jen.

“Because I’m going to help you get ready for the party silly. Your costume arrived this morning so, let’s get going,” Abby said as she climbed in the car.

“I guess I better get going then,” Jen said turning back around to face Jethro.

“Guess you better,” Jethro agreed as he opened Jen’s door for her. “Jennifer…”

“I know,” Jen said as she climbed in the driver’s seat, Jethro closing the door for her. She started the car and slowly pulled out of the parking lot, waving to Jethro as she went. A short while later found Jen and Abby pulling into Jen’s driveway and making their way into her house, which appeared to have been costume central while she’d been at work. “Sis, you in here? Somewhere?” Jen called as she walked into the house, Abby hot on her heels.

"I'm here," Sara called back before coming around the corner already dressed. Her 'Jasmine' costume this year was one from the cartoon series, a pale yellow skirt with a gold belt bearing what looked like large turquoise ovals on each of the gold plates that formed the belt. Her top was the usual Jasmine cut, with a matching 'necklace' to the 'belt' making the top a bit like a halter. Her hair was already back in the familiar braid with the rest of her jewelry, and a white silk shawl was draped over one arm. "You can't kill me now, Sis," she continued quickly.

“Why would I be wanting to kill you?” asked Jen before turning to Abby. “What have you done?”

"Nothing," Abby grinned. "Oh and Gina...you ever think of a belly ring? Would look so wicked..."

"Keep your plans away from my stomach," Sara laughed. "Bad enough you got me considering a second tattoo...and she did Disney, Sis...but none of the ones we suggested..."

“Meaning…what exactly?”

"We're stealing Fawkes for the night matey," Abby grinned. "To sail the seven seas and maybe find a treasure chest or two."

"Personally, I say it would be better to find Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp," Sara shrugged. "They'd be enough of a treasure for me..."

"Isn't Orli a bit young for you?" Abby raised one eyebrow.

"Okay, I'll take Jack and you can have Will, that work for you?" Sara countered. "And shouldn't we be getting Jen dressed so she can see her pirate-ized children?"

“You chose PIRATES? Oh God, you realize Gibbs is going to kill you right? And what did you do to my children?”

"He can't kill me, he loves me," Abby countered. "They're adorable though...Nicky's got this little bandana on his head, it looks like he's got a peg leg," she grinned.

"Abby had way too much fun designing these costumes," Sara shook her head.

“And what am I? The pirate Queen?” demanded Jen sarcastically.

"Nope, you're only Will Turner's Queen," Abby countered. "Well, I suppose you might be Commander Norrington's too..."

"What she's not coming outright and saying is, you're Elizabeth Swan," Sara rolled her eyes.

“Please tell me I’m not wearing a corset,” pleaded Jen.

"Uhhh..." Sara began. "I have no idea..."

"Relax, no corset," Abby promised.

“Oh thank God, but then…” Jen trailed off as Abby pulled her into her bedroom, closing the door behind Sara.

"It's the burgundy dress," Sara explained as she walked over to the bed to pick it up.

“I’m not going to be able to drive like this you realize,” Jen said a short while later when she stood in front of her full length mirror. She was now wearing a burgundy over-dress that buttoned just under her breasts and down to her waist. She had on an off-white cotton under-dress that could be seen at the top of the burgundy over-dress where it opened over her chest and where the burgundy dress opened under the buttons, both dresses sweeping the floor. Her hair was in a rather messy state as well. It looked as if she had either just gotten out of bed or had just been kidnapped.

"Aren't we in luck, I can move easy," Sara smirked.

“And that’s a good thing cause I can’t,” smiled Jen as she looked back at Sara in the mirror.

"Aren't you glad that we aren't given much chance to sit with so many things to do?" Sara teased.

“At least your outfit is fairly light. I’m going to be exhausted lugging these dresses around. What did Alicia do? Track down original fabrics from the time period or something?”

"I never ask," Sara chuckled. "This is part of why I stick with Jasmine; I need light airy fabrics since my girl is from the desert...course I freeze my ass off too. Be happy you're going to be nice and warm come maze time..."

“I never thought of that,” smiled Jen as she turned around. “Do I look damsel in distress enough?”

"Oh yeah," Abby grinned. "My turn," she added before skipping out of the room.

"You as afraid as I am about her costume?" Sara mused.

“I think I’m more afraid of what she’s done to Jethro then herself,” replied Jen with a smile.

“Ahoy matey’s,” Abby greeted as she re-entered the room, dressed as the pirate Ann Marie.

"I'm seriously afraid to ask what you did to Gibbs, Timothy, and Tony..." Sara sighed shaking her head.

“Then I think it’s time we find out, and hope they don’t try to kill her when they manage to finally get their hands on her,” Jen said quietly as she walked by, on her way towards the door.

Seven o'clock rolled around and found everyone who had been at Jen's at Jed and Abbey's. Alicia and Thomas were dressed as Luke and Leia from Star Wars, Jed and Abbey were there as Antony and Cleopatra. Everyone loved Charlie, Zoey and Leo - they came as Raoul, Christine, and Leo was a little baby 'Phantom of the Opera'.

Sara and Jen lost it when Ducky came in as Governor Swann, and they all thought Jethro was going to kill Abby when he came in as Commander Norrington...

When Timothy arrived as Will, Sara glanced at Jen, "Well, I did say she could have Will..."

“If Tim is Will, then who’s Jack?” asked Jen as the man in question swaggered in. “Oh God, she didn’t…”

"Oh dear God, I lied, I don't want Jack!" Sara groaned as Tony swaggared towards the group.

"But he's so cute," Abby pointed out.

"Hello ladies... anyone up for a tour of my boat, sauvy?" Tony asked waggling his eyebrows when he joined them.

Sara blinked at him before looking at Jen... "Did he just say 'sauvy'?"

“He did,” replied Jen. “Now then, I think I see my darling fiancé Commodore Norrington over speaking to Cleopatra so if you’ll all just excuse me, me and the little pirates here are going to go join him,” Jen said before carrying Nicky and Ginny over to where Jethro was standing talking with Jed and Abbey.

“I thought I was supposed to get the girl in the end,” Timothy said as Jethro took little Ginny from Jen’s arms.

"Nope, Anne Marie laid claim to you earlier," Sara smirked. "And Jack darlin', you have nothing on Johnny or my Aladdin, so go hunt elsewhere."

"Well, I see a lovely pirate over there, I guess I'll go pick on her," Tony rolled his eyes before heading towards Ziva.

"Ten bucks says she hits him..." Sara mused glancing at Abby.

"Deal," Abby grinned before they saw Ziva reach up and smack the back of Tony's head. "McGee, pay her..."

"Wait, I lose the girl and have to pay?"

"This is why you don't want to be a pirate," Sara grinned before taking the ten-dollar bill then walking off with her children to head for the apple bobbing.

“Well now, if it isn’t the prettiest captive in this here room,” Jed said by way of welcome when Jen joined him, Abbey and Jethro.

“Hi Jed, Abbey,” Jen greeted before turning towards Jethro. “Hi.”

“Hi, may I?” Jethro asked indicating one of the twins.

“Thanks,” Jen said with a smile as she handed Ginny over to Jethro.

"I hear Abby decided to make the costume decision for all of you," Jed smiled.

"Lovely look Jen," Abbey added with a wink.

“Unfortunately she did,” sighed Jen. “Thanks Abbey, and no you can’t kill her Jeth.”

“Fine,” Jethro replied.

"You could deny her that drink she has far too much off," Abbey suggested with a smirk.

“That would be a good form of punishment for her Jeth,” agreed Jen. “Although she is at her best when she’s highly caffeinated.”

"True..." Abbey gave. "Wonder if she even knows it's been linked to cancer in lab mice..."

“I really don’t think that would make a difference Abbey,” commented Jen. “Well, if you’ll excuse us, I think we’re going to wander around and show little Ginny and Nicky what they’re in for as they get older.”

"Of course," Jed grinned. "Have fun."

“We’ll try,” Jen laughed as Jethro led her away from Jed and Abbey, his hand resting lightly on her lower back.

“Hey Gina,” Abby called a little while later in the night, trying to get the other woman’s attention without drawing too much attention to herself while she did it.

"Hey Abby," Sara smiled. "Great party this year."

“Amazing party actually, but have you seen your sister?” Abby asked.

"She was with the munchkins and had Gibbs helping her last I saw..."

“Have you seen them lately?” Abby asked indicating for Sara to look across the room.

"Well, that is an interesting sight..." Sara spoke taking in her sister across the room with Jethro, who was about to put a piece of candy in her mouth.

“What’s the deal with that? They’ve been doing things like that all night and Gibbs hasn’t once put little Ginny down,” Abby observed.

"They're friends..." Sara offered, not quite believing that was all but not wanting to say anything until she had more time to watch them and talk to Jen.

“Friends? Looks like more than just friends to me,” Abby commented, as they watched Jen and Jethro make their way outside.

"Abbs, girl...I'll make you a deal. Let's not jump to conclusions, and I'll go with you to get a tattoo next time you go for one..." Sara countered. "And we keep whatever suspicions between you, me, and God."

“Deal,” Abby agreed with a smile, sticking her hand out towards Sara.

"I'm picking the tattoo you realize," Sara added before taking Abby's hand.

“Of course,” replied Abby, shaking Sara’s hand.

“Ladies,” Jethro said as he joined Abby and Sara.

"Jesus!" Sara jumped. "Mary and Joseph, Gibbs, trying to give me a heart attack?" she asked shaking her head.

“Sorry, Gina,” Jethro said. “Jen sent me to let you know I’m taking her home. The twins are both asleep and she’s beat.”

"Okay, tell her I'll see her tomorrow. Thanks for giving her a ride," Sara smiled. "And no problem, just don't do that again or I might drop kick you," she added with a wink.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Jethro replied before turning and making his way back out to where he’d left Jen waiting in her car.

"See..." Abby grinned when he was gone.

"Oh hush," Sara rolled her eyes. "Come on, I need help getting my own munchkins away from the candy supplies."

"Yes ma'am," Abby gave a salute before they headed after Jackie and Shanti.

Friday February 19th, 2011
Waldorf, Maryland
Peters Residence
12:21 p.m.

Mrs. Peters,

My apologies…I have run into a slight problem here in Las Vegas. I found myself with a bit of time on my hands last week and decided to see if I could find out anything about the group as there has been little in the newspapers since the announcement of Mr. Sanders and his fiancé.

During my observations, I found myself with the chance to have a meal at a restaurant where the CSIs were gathered for their own meal. I did learn that Mr. Brass has received custody of his grandson, I believe his name is Carey from the conversations and he is around the age of two from the conversations Ms. Willows and he were having.

I am afraid that I was spotted by one of the CSIs, and it would appear he has noticed me before and he in turn followed me home…Mr. Brown has demanded that I tell him who I am working for, and as he threatened to press charges I caved. He does know that I was finding out information for your knowledge, but I did not tell him how to get a hold of you as he demanded. In exchange I have his e-mail, phone, and home address. It was the only way I could get him to not press charges once more.

I am truly sorry about all this, and if you wish to no longer use my services I would understand. Please respond as soon as possible.


H. Williams

Groaning, Sara dropped the letter on the table. The last thing she had expected when she found the letter from Heather that morning was that someone had spotted her…course considering it took them over five years… Sighing heavily she picked up the second piece of paper and glanced at the information for Warrick. Another shake of her head and she was up heading towards the den and her computer.

After quickly creating a new mail account, evilly creating a yahoo United Kingdom account, she began to write.

To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
Subject: It’s Gina…
Date: 19 February 2011 1730 GMT

Hello Warrick,

I just received word that you met Ms. Williams, and heard that you threatened her as well. Shame on you, she’s a struggling college student…okay so she’s in her sixth year of college but she’s got a great ambition…

Anyway, I’m writing this letter mostly to ask that you not press charges against Ms. Williams, I was the one having her keep tabs on everyone there for me, and if anyone has committed a crime it’s me. Most of her information though came from newspaper articles and such so she wasn’t following all of you around 24/7/365… it was actually very rare that she saw you all in person so please do not take any angry thoughts (rightfully so) that you may be feeling, out on her.

I am going to ask that you not give this e-mail to anyone in Vegas, though I also know that that might be unlikely. If you do though, they should understand it is very unlikely I will respond, and that tracing me through my e-mail is also very unlikely… (So in all honesty Archie may as well not even try). You should know as well that I may not respond if you write back, don’t take it personally.


Satisfied, Sara saved the e-mail to the drafts then went back to her own account and sent a quick message off to Abby with the screen name and password, as well as a request that she do what she did best…make it untraceable.

Shaking her head once more at the insanity that this simple letter could cause, that one man could cause, she sighed and shut down her computer. She needed to get lunch ready and she needed to get back to planning the birthday party for Pat… of course if they did 62 birthday candles….her mother-in-law might kill her. And she had to get that anniversary card and gift for Alicia and Thomas while she was out shopping…

To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
Subject: Re: It’s Gina…
Date: 23 February 2011 0111 PST

Dear Gina,

First let me make it clear that I’m not going to be pressing charges against Ms. Williams, especially after your e-mail. Second, I have been debating this for the last few days and have decided to do as you ask and not give this to anyone else. I can’t say I completely understand your reluctance to be in contact with anyone here in Vegas, especially since you are having someone ‘keep tabs on us’ as you put it.

I’ll be honest, that fact does confuse me a great deal Gina, why would you not want to have any contact with any of us, yet you have Ms. Williams watching the newspapers and occasionally seeing us in person to find out what we are up to, if you don’t want contact with us? It doesn’t make much sense really, and I would love to hear why, if you decide to answer this e-mail.

In that regard, Gina I would truly like to hear from you. I promise that I won’t tell the others I am in contact with you if you decide to answer this if you prefer that I not tell them. I can understand that you are upset with us over how things ended when you left Vegas back in 2003, and I can understand why you wouldn’t want to talk to us after we cornered you in your hotel room that night.

Please write back,


To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
Subject: I can’t believe I’m doing this…
Date: 18 March 2011 1421 GMT

I seriously cannot believe I’m doing this…but here I am staring at my computer screen trying to figure out just why I am writing this…

Well I suppose the first thing to be said is, thank you for not pressing charges against Heather. She’s a sweet girl really, and this would be the last thing she needs.

As for your question...the answer is rather simple and simply a reaffirmation of what I said in Vegas. All of you may not have known me, but I knew you, I considered you friends even if the lab in its majority didn't give me the same consideration. I had to leave, I didn't have a choice really, and Zoey needed me. And I had a chance at a better life out here, a chance at happiness. But just because I had left Vegas, and left the life of Sara Sidle behind...didn't mean I was going to just forget all of you. Heather let me know how you were doing, that everyone was well.

Thank you as well for not telling anyone that you are in contact with me. I, in all honesty, don't wish to get into the insanity that would ensue if they did. Catherine and I are not on good terms, we never were. Truth is, it would probably not be the wisest decision to put me in the same room with the majority of the 'gang'...murders may ensue and the need for alibis and disposal of evidence and that is just entirely too much hassle to deal with when I have five children under the age of three that I am chasing around.

As for your request...I can't say I will honor it, but for whatever reason, I've yet to understand why; I've decided to give it a go. I can't promise that this communication will last, but I'm willing to give it a shot since you asked so nicely. (and yes I am teasing ;-) )


Wednesday May 19th, 2011
5:18 a.m.

Groaning softly as he turned over, he rubbed his eyes as he felt around blindly on the side table for his phone, which was ringing incessantly.

“Don’t answer it,” his companion instructed quietly as she rolled over and hugged him from behind, kissing his shoulder.

“It could be work,” Jethro said, kissing her wrist lightly before flipping the phone open. “Gibbs.” He was silent for a moment before closing the phone and dropping his arm to the bed, only to have it ring again the minute his hand hit the bed. “Don’t answer it,” he said when she tried to wrestle it from his hand.

“Give me that,” she said as she fought Jethro for the phone, finally managing to get it out of his hand, granted she now found herself sitting on his abdomen but she had succeeded in her goal of getting the phone away from him.

“Don’t answer it,” Jethro said again as he put his hands on her waist.

“Gibbs’ phone,” she said into the phone.

“Who the hell are you?” demanded the voice on the other end of the line.

“Does that really matter?”

“I sure as hell think it does since you’re on my ex-husband’s phone,” snapped the voice through the phone.

“Actually I’m on more than just his phone,” she said as she tried to hold her laughter in as Jethro started tickling her. “Bye,” she finished, her voice full of sugary sweetness before breaking out into hysterical giggles as Jethro continued his assault on her sides, she turned the phone off just as Jethro flipped her over onto her back, so that he was on top of her.

“Was that really necessary, Jennifer?” he asked, one eyebrow raised in question.

“Uh huh,” Jen giggled as she pulled the battery off the back of the phone just as it started ringing again. Jen tossed the phone and battery across the room as Jethro leaned down and kissed her.

“Wait here a second,” Jethro said a few minutes later after he broke the kiss.

“Jeth, where are you going?” asked Jen in confusion as Jethro climbed out of bed and made his way from the room, returning a short while later.

“Now where were we,” he said as he climbed back into the bed next to Jen.

“What did you do?” Jen asked as Jethro started closing the distance between them once more.

“Turned your cell phone off and disconnected all the house phones,” he said simply.

“Why?” asked Jen curiously.

“Because Miranda has this weird way of managing to find out whatever number I’m at no matter how often I change my number, this way even if she finds your number, she can’t get through and interrupt us once more,” Jethro explained.

“I see,” Jen nodded. “And what pray tell Agent Gibbs would she be interrupting?”

“Oh I don’t know,” he said. “Was thinking of something along the lines of this,” he said as he kissed her once more, his hand gliding lightly up her side under his shirt.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Sara grumbled as she shut off the engine and looked up at the house. "I can't believe she talked me into this..." she continued before glancing at her phone. Picking it up she tried one more time to reach Jen, once more having Jen’s phone going to voicemail. "I don't even work for NCIS and I have to be the one to go find Gibbs and Jen when they are unreachable on a case...why can't someone who actually works with them come to Gibbs' house looking for him..." Sighing she tossed her phone over to the passenger seat. "Jen and Gibbs would both kill whoever it was that arrived if they were from the team and if Abby's theory is correct about them being together, that's why you're the one who has to do it Gina..."

Opening the door she stepped out before slamming it behind her. "Jesus Christ...sorry," she added glancing up at the sky and crossing herself before she stopped mid-step realizing what she had done. "Good heavens John you managed to convert me after all..." shaking her head once more before continuing on the path to the front door of Gibbs' house. The last thing she wanted when she was getting the kids breakfast was to get a call from Abby saying they couldn't reach Jen or Gibbs and both were needed. And with the last seven months only leaving Abby and Sara more convinced that something might be going on between the two...well, obviously Abby wasn't going to let Tony or Ziva be the ones to go check his house...

So she found herself an hour away from her home while poor Thomas got stuck with the five munchkins and having to give them all breakfast. "So help me if I find them in any type of compromising position...I may permanently close that woman's coffin with her in it," Sara muttered before knocking on the door.

“Do you want me to answer it?” Jen asked as she stepped up behind Jethro, her arms wrapping around his waist as she kissed his neck.

“Don’t answer it. Hopefully they’ll go away,” he said as he turned enough to kiss Jen lightly on the lips before turning back to the stove, only to have the knock sound a second time.

“Think it’s Miranda?” asked Jen curiously.

“God, I hope not,” Jethro said as he stepped aside and out of Jen’s embrace. “Take this,” he said as he handed Jen the frying pan.

“Uh Jeth…” Jen called out as he left her alone in the kitchen as a third knock sounded on the door. “Sure do leave the woman who nearly burned her own kitchen down alone in a kitchen with a frying pan and the stove on,” she mumbled to herself, completely lost as to how to continue making the omelets.

“Gina?” Jethro asked in surprise when he finally opened the door a few minutes later, just as she was about to knock for the fourth time.

"It lives," Sara smirked. "What’s burning?" she asked with a frown a second later. "Oh God, you let Jen cook..."

“Ah hell,” Jethro cursed as he turned and raced back into the kitchen just as his smoke detector went off.

“I can’t believe you left me alone in here,” Jen cried, a note of laughter in her voice, as she smacked Jethro with a dishtowel after he took the frying back from her. “You know I can’t cook to save my life and you leave me in here with a frying pan. Who was at the door anyway?”

“See for yourself,” Jethro said indicating Jen should look behind him.

"I can't believe he left you with the stove on..." Sara smirked. "Doesn't he know you once managed to nearly burn your own house down?"

"This from the woman who managed to burn water," Jen shot back before groaning and letting her head hit Jethro’s shoulder. “What…Why…How…” she said trying to form a coherent question only to give up and groan again, never once lifting her head from where it rested against Jethro’s shoulder as he cleaned up the mess she’d made of their breakfast.

“Would you like to join us for breakfast, Gina?” asked Jethro.

"Sure, I missed mine," Sara smirked. "And deep breaths, Sis...we need you making some sort of sense by the time you get to work."

“Jennifer,” Jethro called quietly, getting Jen to lift her head and look at him. “Go sit down, I can handle this,” he told her quietly before kissing her on the forehead and sending her over to the kitchen table where she collapsed into one of the chairs.

"Good morning," Sara smiled as she took a chair across from Jen. "You two need to get the phones fixed, you almost had Tony, Ziva or even Timothy coming out here..." she teased. "Though can you imagine Tony's face?"

Jen groaned as her head hit the table.

“The phones are fine, Gina,” Jethro said over his shoulder.

Sara looked skeptically at him before shaking her head. "I don't think I want to know...but you might want to make breakfast a quick one, seems they have a case and need you. So," Sara grinned. "I don't think I need to ask why, considering the man is to die for in appearance and you my dear sister, are quite beautiful as well. Or how, I took enough biology and been noticing the chemistry between you two since Halloween...but when definitely is begging to be asked..."

“Eight months,” replied Jen

"Whoa..." Sara whispered, surprised, "Girl you've kept this quiet for eight months? Damn, I think I'm loosing my touch, seven years ago I would have caught this seven months, three weeks, and six days ago..."

“I’m actually surprised it’s taken you this long to notice,” commented Jen as a waffle was placed on the table in front of her and Sara. “Thank you,” she said looking up at Jethro.

“You’re welcome,” he replied, kissing her lightly before walking back over to the counter and returning with two cups of coffee for them. “Enjoy your breakfast ladies, I’ll be in the shower,” he said, running his hand gently through Jen’s hair before leaving the room and the sisters alone.

"Let's blame it on me trying to finish my second doctorate and dealing with seminars relating to said doctorate... planning a bunch of parties and having exceptionally energetic two-year-olds," Sara grinned. "Hindsight is twenty-twenty of course, still curious how everything worked out. The need for girl talk, gossip and all..." she teased.

“Do you remember going to a seminar back in September?” asked Jen as she took a bite of her waffle.

"Of course."

“Four days after I started at NCIS.”

"Okay so I'm assuming what is being said here is that this," Sara paused to wave her hand to indicate the house and everything, "started the weekend of the seminar in North Carolina. And shall we continue with the story then?" she continued as she went back to cutting her waffle.

“That is when this as you put it started. I don’t know if it’s what either of us expected to happen that night but…” Jen trailed off with a shrug before she continued.


“Gina, did you forget something?” Jen asked opening the door, figuring Sara had forgotten something for one of the twins. “Jeth, what are you doing here?” she asked in surprise when she noticed who was actually on the other side of her door.

“Jennifer,” Jethro greeted with a small smile. “May I come in?”

“Oh! Of course,” Jen said with a laugh as she stepped back, allowing Jethro to step through the door, which she closed behind him. “Can I get you something to eat or drink? Don’t worry, I didn’t cook,” she laughed when she saw the look that crossed his face when she mentioned something to eat. “I ordered a pizza.”

“Coffee, if you’ve got it,” Jethro said.

“One coffee coming right up. I just brewed a pot,” Jen said as she walked into the kitchen, Jethro following her. “So what brings you by, Boss,” Jen said as she leant back against the counter after handing him his cup of coffee.

“You do.”


“Yes, you, Jennifer,” replied Jethro.

“Okay. I don’t understand,” Jen admitted.

“I’ve been watching you, Jennifer.”

“Watching me…why?”

“Because I’m concerned about you, Jennifer, that’s why,” Jethro said as he walked over to where Jen was standing, putting something down on the kitchen table on his way by. “I saw the way Mike’s death affected you…”

“Jeth I…”

“Let me finish, Jennifer,” he said. When Jen nodded he continued. “You’ve come an amazingly long way from the lost woman you were three and half years ago. Until four days ago, when you returned from interviewing Commander MacDonald and I saw that same lost look in your eyes that I saw then. It affected you more than you admitted when I took you to dinner, I don’t think you’ve even admitted to yourself how much it affected you,” he said wiping away an escaping tear, Jen never even realized was falling. “You’ve never truly accepted what happened to Mike and John have you?”

Jen shook her head, as Jethro wiped away a few more of her tears.

“Come here,” he said as he led her over to the table, where he’d placed a file, sitting her down in front of it and pulling up a chair next to her. “Now, I had to pull quite a few strings and call in a few favors in order to get this, but I think it’s something you need to see.”

“What is it?” asked Jen quietly.

“Open it,” instructed Jethro.

Jen did as he said and slowly opened the file. “Oh God,” she whispered when she realized just what the file contained. “Is this…”

“The investigation into John and Michael’s accident,” he said quietly, putting his arm around her shoulders as she started reading through the file.

As Jen read through the file, she couldn’t hold back her tears, letting them flow freely down her cheeks, though careful not to let them hit the pages in front of her. “There really was nothing they could do,” she said, her voice barely audible.

“I’m afraid not,” Jethro replied.

“A part of me always thought that maybe…”

“I know,” he said as he pulled Jen into his arms, holding her while she cried.

“Thank you,” Jen said as she pulled back a short while later, her hand going to Jethro’ cheek and caressing it lightly. “You have no idea what this means to me.”

“I have an idea,” he said with a small smile. “Jennifer…” he trailed off when he realized what Jen was doing.

“Please don’t,” Jen said, her mouth mere inches away from his.

“Are you sure?” he asked, he needed to be certain this is what she wanted before letting things progress further.

“I’m sure,” Jen replied.

“Good,” he said as he closed the final distance between them and kissed her.

“Come,” Jen said a short while later after breaking the kiss as she rose from the table, taking Jethro by the hand before leading him out of the kitchen and upstairs. Once in her bedroom, Jen pulled him to her and kissed him again. “Make love to me,” she said between kisses as he slowly guided her towards the bed.

End Flashback

"You read the report?" Sara whispered.

“I did,” replied Jen. “Jeth thought it would help me finally put the accident behind me,” she said quietly.

"I'm glad," Sara smiled softly before reaching over to grasp Jen's hand. "I'm glad you found someone who makes you happy, Sis, and who can help you with your demons...we never could..."

“You tried,” replied Jen. “I never thought Jeth would be the one to do it though.”

"He's a good man," Sara shrugged. "Damn good looking as well," she teased lightly, hoping to break the lingering sadness. "Now wasn't I the one who had a thing for older men?"

“I think you were. Trust me, this…whatever this is between Jethro and I, is not exactly something that was planned and not exactly something that we want broadcast around to everyone. Which brings me to the question of why are you here? And how did you even know I was here in the first place?”

"Abbs called me when they couldn't reach either you or Gibbs. She's been suspicious since Halloween, I talked her into keeping everything to herself...she's been noticing things, a lot more than I noticed, but not enough to prove anything. She had a feeling you two being both unavailable wasn't a coincidence and figured it would be best if I was the one to see anything if it existed than say...Tony," Sara shrugged.

“I see, well you can thank Jeth’s ex-wife for us being unavailable,” replied Jen.

"Which one? The psycho with the bat? The psycho with the golf club? Or the only one that I'm assuming is not nuts since we've yet to hear about her coming after him with any sort of sports accessory?"

“The psycho with the bat, Miranda. She decided to grant us with a wake up call at five this morning. Jeth insisted on answering the phone until he found out it was her. I got the phone away from him and answered it when it rang a second time and actually talked to the woman, she was not impressed,” Jen said with a smile as she remembered the call and where she had been at the time. “I took the battery off Jeth’s phone and tossed it on the floor and then he decided to turn my cell off and disconnect the phones in the house.”

"Isn't Miranda the one who gets drunk every year?" Sara frowned.

“That’s the one,” Jethro said from the kitchen doorway.

“Guess that’s my cue,” Jen said getting up from the table, walking over to Jethro and kissing him quickly before leaving the room and making her way upstairs to get ready.

"You know something Jethro...you sucked when it came to choosing brides the second and third time," Sara smiled to show she was teasing.

“Which is why I have no intention of ever marrying again,” he replied.

"So," Sara began after a minute, turning her full attention to him, all trace of mirth gone. "You realize that if you hurt her, I still know how to get away with murder... and Pat would help, as would the former President."

“Who said I had any intention of hurting her,” he countered, raising one eyebrow before walking to the table and picking up the breakfast dishes and walking them over to the dishwasher. “I’ve waited a long time for her,” he mumbled under his breath, his back to Sara.

"You know...when you intend to try and have something not be heard, might be a good idea to not say it around someone who was once trained to hear a pin drop and see a piece of brown hair among brown carpet underneath a dresser," Sara began as she stood and walked over to lean on the counter next to the dishwasher. "How long?" she asked softly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” replied Jethro as he closed the dishwasher and set it going.

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs...don't!" she ordered sternly. "Look you're avoiding the overprotective father here so deal with it," she added, grinning for a moment. "How long Jethro? Please...for my peace of mind."

“Two, almost three years,” he sighed. “Are you satisfied?” he snapped suddenly.

"Yes," Sara replied with a smile, wondering if he was going to bite her head off for that. "Look, sorry for prying, at least I got someone now who can understand what it was like for me having Jen corner me about John," she smiled lightly before walking past him, stopping to pat his shoulder. "Hey, you two have my approval...now you just got to tell Jed and Tony..." she continued before moving towards the door. "Thanks for breakfast Jethro, tell Jen I'll see her at home tonight, and that you two are coming to dinner next Saturday. We need to finish planning the trip to Disney World next fall, especially now that I suspect we'll be dragging your butt there," she called before the door shut behind her.

“Gina gone?” asked Jen when she came down a few minutes later.

“She left a few minutes ago, informing me we’re expected for dinner at her house next Saturday,” Jethro said as he walked over to meet Jen in the hall, picking his keys up from the table in the front hall before leading Jen to the door.

“It seems kinda pointless to be taking separate cars seeing as we’re both going to the same place,” observed Jen as she waited for him to lock the door.

“Do you really want Tony asking questions if he finds out we came in together?” Jethro asked as they made their way down to their cars.

“Not particularly,” Jen admitted with a smile, as Jethro pulled her into his arms. “See you at work?”

“See you at work,” he replied before kissing her. He stepped away a few minutes later and opened her driver side door for her before closing it once she was seated. He waited until she was out of the driveway and pulling off the street before getting into his car and following her.

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