When the President Calls

Chapter 14

Monday May 24th, 2011
Waldorf, Maryland
Peters Residence
7:29 a.m.

Jen let herself into Sara’s house, hoping she was up as she was in desperate need of a lift. “Gina? You around?”

"Kitchen," Sara called back, quickly moving the bottle of vodka so it was hidden by the houseplant. "Shouldn't you be on your way to work?" she continued as Jen came into the room wearing sunglasses.

“I would be but my car is still at NCIS, you drove me home on Wednesday remember?” Jen said as she leant against the doorframe. “Can you give me a lift?”

"Oh geez, sure," Sara agreed as she ran a hand through her hair and stood. "Long weekend?" she asked as they walked towards the car.

“Something like that,” Jen said quietly as she climbed in the passenger side.

"Hmm," Sara gave non-commitally as she started the car. "You okay?"

“I’m fine,” replied Jen as she looked out the window at the passing scenery.

"Sure," Sara agreed with a sigh. "Curious, why didn't you get a ride with Jethro?"

“Why would I?”

"Well last I knew he was at your place...your car is still at NCIS...would only make sense," Sara offered logically, not sure if she should mention knowing about the weekend or not.

“I haven’t seen him since yesterday,” admitted Jen quietly.

"What happened?" she asked concerned, glancing over to find Jen still watching the scenery.

“It’s over.”

"What?" Sara asked shocked, barely managing to hit the brakes when the light turned. "But you and he...you went out of town and...I'll kill him!" she growled.

“Gina, don’t” Jen argued, still not really looking at her. “It’s my fault. I knew going in to this what to expect and I let myself believe something else. Besides, it’s probably for the best.”

"Don't take the blame for this, Jen," Sara countered. "You weren't alone in this relationship."

“No, but I was the one that started believing there could be more for us in the future. I let myself get hurt,” she argued.

"Oh Sis..." Sara whispered.

“Can we not talk about this anymore please?” asked Jen quietly, pain and hurt evident in her voice.

"Sure," Sara agreed. "So, guess what Abbs has me doing Wednesday..." she changed the topic.

“What’s that?”

"I'm getting another tattoo finally," she sighed before smiling.

“Finally talked you into it, did she?”

"Yeah, well, more like I lost a competition we had going. She's scary sometimes, how smart she is..."

“I don’t think I want to know, Gina. One tattoo is more than enough for me, thank you very much,” Jen commented.

"Very true, I figure hey, if I'm doing a tattoo on my right ankle, it will keep her from starting on some sort of body piercing..." Sara shrugged. "Besides, your tatt is so much cuter and sentimental than mine; I need to catch up the cute and sentimental factor."

“Well, just keep any and all tattooing and piercing needles away from me. One tattoo and 2 earrings are enough for me,” Jen said.

"I did have my belly button pierced in college," Sara mused.

“And why am I only just now hearing about this?” demanded Jen, a hint of teasing in her voice as she turned to look at Sara.

"I was sworn to secrecy when the information went into one of those files that only secret government agencies have access to," Sara countered with a grin. "Well, them or your brother...he was actually trying to talk me into getting it done again during our honeymoon..."

“Okay, now that was a bit of an over share, Gina,” Jen groaned.

Sara cackled evilly, "He was all set to come home and talk you into getting one, he was going to offer having special jewelry made for us, yours with a little glass slipper, mine with a pheonix."

“One glass slipper is more than enough for me,” Jen said with a small sad smile before turning to look back out her passenger side window. /-/Especially since I no longer have a prince./-/

"I told him you'd kill him if he suggested it," Sara agreed softly. "Well, we're here..." she continued a moment later when she pulled into the parking lot.

“Thanks Sis, I’ll see you later,” Jen said as she quickly made her way into the building.

“You’re late Garrison,” Jethro snapped when Jen walked into the pen a few minutes later.

“I had car trouble,” Jen snapped in reply.

“But wasn’t that your car I saw in the parking lot this morning?” asked Tony from where he was sitting at his desk.

“Hence the car trouble, Tony. I live in Maryland,” Jen said rolling her eyes.

“That’s enough you two,” Jethro ordered. “Next time, don’t leave your car here when you suddenly decide to take a last minute vacation Garrison.”

Jen spun around to face Jethro. “Why…”

“Why don’t you come with me Agent Garrison and I’ll get you up to speed on what’s happening,” Fornell said as he walked past Jethro, throwing a glare at the other man as he did so, before leading Jen out of the pen.

A few moments later, the elevator dinged and opened. "Hey Gina, what are you doing back here?" Tony asked when he saw her.

"Just need to talk to Gibbs about last week," Sara answered as she passed his desk.

“What is it Ms. Peters?” asked Jethro as she neared his desk.

"Walk," Sara growled.

“That doesn’t look good,” Ziva commented when she saw Jethro turn around and walk off with Sara.

"Maybe he forgot to sign the paperwork for the hours she worked Wednesday," Timothy offered.

"That's it," Abby agreed joining them. "I passed them on the way up," she explained, leaving out the part where Sara had called on her way in to let her know she needed to borrow the lab for a few.

The walk down to Abby's lab was done in silence, until the door was shut and locked behind Sara. "I have half a mind to beat the crap out of you!"

“And I have half a mind to have you thrown out of here,” Jethro snapped in reply.

"And risk people wondering just what you did to piss me off enough that you ended up with a black eye and walking around funny for the rest of the day from me kicking you in the nuts while security comes for me?" Sara countered with a smirk. "And we both know I'd do it."

“What do you want, Gina?” he demanded.

"I'm still debating the full extent of that answer," Sara grumbled. "Although I suppose the first thing should be, what the hell you did? Five days ago I left you after you said you'd never hurt her, I trusted you to keep your word, you bastard."

I’m not the one that walked away, Gina, she did,” he snapped.

"Well, what did you do to push her away!"

“I didn’t do anything. She threw me out last night!”

“What the hell did you do Gibbs?” demanded Fornell as he came stalking into the lab.

“I didn’t do anything!” he snapped once more.

Sara simply snorted while rolling her eyes at his claim. "Wait, how did you get in here?" she asked with a frown.

“Abby saw me come back in with Jennifer and handed the key to me,” Fornell said to Sara before turning back to Jethro. “Well you must have done something to that poor girl Gibbs or else why would your best agent be asking me for a job in a field office as far away from here as possible?”

She walked away from me!” Jethro cried in frustration.

"Wait, she asked you for a job?" Sara asked shocked. "God damn you JETHRO!" she shrieked turning on him. "We nearly lost her when she was working with the Service, and then she comes here and our family got to give a small sigh of relief seeing as it's not quite as dangerous. And now she's going to the God Damn FBI! No offence," she glanced at Fornell before turning back to Jethro. "What the hell did you do that not only drove her away from you but to put her life in danger! Again!"

“None taken,” Fornell said.

“If you want to know what happened then ask her! One minute things were fine, the next I’m getting a glass thrown at my head and being ordered out of the house,” Jethro countered.

"I did ask her, and she tried to take the blame for everything. But you know what...I don’t care anymore," Sara shook her head. "You screwed up Gibbs; you just ruined the best thing that ever happened to you. And you just cost yourself some of the few friends you do have." Shaking her head once more she turned and left.

“She’s right you know. Jennifer is an excellent agent and an amazing women, Gibbs. If you don’t want her anymore, we at the FBI will be more than happy to have her,” Fornell said before he turned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him just as he heard something crash in the lab.

Meanwhile, Sara had made her way back to the pen and over to Jen's desk. "Hey you,"

“Hey,” Jen said in surprise. “I didn’t realize you were still here.”

"Yeah, I needed to talk with Gibbs about last week," she shrugged. "I realized I forgot to ask you in the car, want to have lunch with me and the munchkins after I pick them up?"

“I don’t know if that would be such a good idea,” Jen said when she noticed Jethro walking towards the pen, not liking the look on his face.

“DiNozzo! Any more tattoos on the body that we know of?” Jethro demanded as he stalked into the pen.

“Only the rose on Jen’s butt,” Tony replied with a wink at Jen.

“It’s not a rose, and it’s not on her butt,” Jethro replied before turning his attention to McGee.

Jen could not believe Jethro had just said that in front of everyone. Growling she stood up and stalked over to where Jethro was standing and slapped him as hard as she could across the face. “You bastard,” she snarled before she turned and stormed out of the pen.

Sara glared at Jethro before turning and following Jen. "Hey you," she whispered when they entered the elevator and the doors shut behind them. "I have a theory."

“What’s that?” Jen asked as she swiped at her tears. “That all men are bastards?”

"Actually I think that's a proven fact," Sara teased lightly. "No, why don’t you call upstairs, say you're taking the day off, family emergency. We'll go get the kids together. Nicky and Ginny will love to see you this early."

“That might not be a bad idea,” Jen sniffed as Sara handed her her purse and she dug out her cell phone and called Ziva to let her know that she needed to inform Jethro that she was taking the day off.

"Come on you, we'll get your car back to the house, change into more comfortable clothing then have a day to relax," Sara smiled. "Want to stop for Starbucks before we hit the road?"

“Sounds good,” Jen said as they stepped off the elevator.

Once both were in their cars and heading back home, Sara hit the speed dial on her cell for Abby, letting her know to watch out for Gibbs, and to not call, Sara would call her. Abby in turn let her know that his mood was getting progressively worse and she really wanted to know what was going on. Sara simply replied that it was bad and left it at that. Once they were back home, Jen changed before they met back at Sara's car and headed to Starbucks, getting their drinks to go.

Once they were on 75, Sara glanced over at Jen, before sighing and deciding to bite the bullet. "Ran into Fornell on my way to your desk..."


"He mentioned your request," she continued softly.

“You think I’m crazy don’t you,” Jen said, more as a statement of fact then a question.

"Not exactly," Sara disagreed. "I know what it's like to leave a job to avoid the issues of people you work with...I think the FBI as a next occupation is a bit nuts. But that is mostly cause I'm terrified something is going to happen to you," she admitted honestly.

“I need to get away from everything here and a field assignment anywhere but here is the best way to do just that,” Jen said sadly.

"Why not take a break? It's not like the kids are in school, we've never had a real family vacation...why don't we go somewhere? Hell, we can leave the country, Sis. Take a sabbatical...it's not like we can't afford it..." Sara suggested, though it just popped in her head, it suddenly sounded like a very good idea. "We can go to England, Paris, Rome...Venice and ride a gondola down the Grand Canal..."

“I don’t have much luck where vacations are concerned, Sis,” Jen sighed as she thought back to the weekend.

"Maybe as of late, but this would just be you, me, and the kids. We're good together; it would be like Disney trips, just longer..."

“The problem is Gina, I don’t know if I’d ever want to come back.”

"So," Sara shrugged. "You and I are smart enough to teach the kids... We could settle somewhere in Europe, just have the houses here when we come back to visit..."

“Let me think about it?” asked Jen quietly.

"Deal," Sara smiled, reaching over to squeeze Jen's hand. "So, where should we take the munchkins for lunch?"

“Wherever you like is fine,” Jen replied.

"Lonestar?" Sara suggested, knowing it was Jen's favorite steak house.

“That’s fine.”

"Okay," Sara agreed before reaching over to turn on the CD player where a Disney CD was, giving Jen the chance to avoid talking.

Saturday May 29th, 2011
Waldorf, Maryland
St. Cloud Residence
4:19 p.m.

"Okay you two, we come to ask you a serious question," Pat began as she and Kevin joined Sara and Jen. It had been five days since the insane day at NCIS, and the two sisters had gone together to get the kids.

"What's that Mom?" Sara asked as she glanced around Alicia and Thomas' backyard. Everyone had come for the first Summer BBQ, even Jethro and the director with him...much to Sara's ire. So far Jen hadn't commented on it, but she knew Jen had noticed.

“Did you guys make a decision about the trip?" Kevin asked softly. They had mentioned it briefly Monday, but not the reason behind it. "You going to go to Europe?"

“Just a few things left for me to take care of first, and then we’ll be getting everything organized,” Jen said sadly, her gaze flipping to where Jethro was standing with the Director and the other members of the team before dropping to her hands.

"Well, I'm sure you guys are going to have a great time," Pat smiled encouragingly. "And don't be surprised if your Dad and I join you in Venice for a week."

“I’m not feeling that well at the moment, I think I’ll go lie down if that’s alright with everyone,” Jen said.

"Of course," Pat agreed with a smile.

"Want me to walk with you?" Sara offered.

“Sure,” Jen said with a small sad smile.

As Jen and Sara were walking across the backyard, Jen stopped suddenly and spun to face where the karaoke machine was set up when she heard the notes of a familiar song begin to play. She glared at Abby as Zoey and Ziva started dragging her over to where Abby was standing with Alicia, who handed her the microphone the minute she got close enough and in time for the opening words.

“If there's a prize for rotten judgement
I guess I've already won that
No man is worth the aggravation
That's ancient history, been there, done that!”

When Jen finished Abby, Alicia, Zoey and Ziva began singing, taking on the part of the muses.

“Who'd'ya think you're kiddin'
He's the Earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden
Honey, we can see right through you
Girl, ya can't conceal it
We know how ya feel and
Who you're thinking of”

No chance, no way
I won't say it, no, no,” Jen countered.

You swoon, you sigh
why deny it, uh-oh,” the ‘muses’ argued.

It's too cliché
I won't say I'm in love

I thought my heart had learned its lesson
It feels so good when you start out
My head is screaming get a grip, girl
Unless you're dying to cry your heart out
Oh,” Jen continued a note of sarcasm in her voice.

You keep on denying
Who you are and how you're feeling
Baby, we're not buying
Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling
Face it like a grown-up
When ya gonna own up
That ya got, got, got it bad,” the ‘muses’ pressed.

No chance, now way
I won't say it, no, no,” Jen sang stubbornly.

Give up, give in
Check the grin you're in love,” the ‘muses’ teased.

This scene won't play,
I won't say I'm in love,” Jen said shaking her head.

You're doin flips read our lips
You're in love,” the ‘muses laughed

You're way off base
I won't say it
Get off my case
I won't say it,” Jen threatened.

Girl, don't be proud
It's O.K. you're in love,” the ‘muses’ reassured her.

At least out loud,
I won't say I'm in love,” Jen finished quietly.

The majority of the group began to clap, thinking it was nothing more than another impromptu karaoke session they were famous for, those closest to Jen though were glancing around at each other while they clapped along to not raise suspicion, all wondering what was going on, except for Sara who was glancing between Jen and Jethro, worriedly biting on her bottom lip.

It took everything Jen had not to strike out at Abby, instead turning to the karaoke machine and punching in another song, letting it do her talking for her as she put all her hurt, pain and anger into the words.

Someone always gets their hearts stomped to the ground
This is what I see every time I look around
I never thought that this would happen to me
I never thought I'd end up this way

And now that you're through with me
Don't know what to do with me
I guess I'm my own again
Like I'm some kind of enemy
Never a friend to me
Remember when you used to say
Things will always be this way

Why don't you, break my heart
Watch me fall apart you see
I'm falling apart, look what you're doing to me

Now I'm trying to get my heart up off the ground
My confidence is gone
Happiness can not be found
So look what you did to me
You got the best of me
And now I'm stuck with all the rest
It will never be the same

Why don't you, break my heart
Watch me fall apart you see
I'm falling apart, look what you're doing to me

Break my heart
Watch me fall apart you see
I'm falling apart, look what you're doing to me

All I ever wanted
Has left me standing here alone
It started with you and ended with me

All I ever needed
I had it with you in my arms
It started with you and ended with me

Break my heart
Watch me fall apart you see
I'm falling apart, look what you're doing to me

Why don't you, break my heart
Watch me fall apart you see
I'm falling apart, look what you're doing to me

Why don't you, break my heart
Watch me fall apart you see
I'm falling apart, look what you're doing to me

Why don't you, break my heart
Break my heart
Break my heart
Break my heart
Break my heart
Break my heart
Break my heart

As soon as the song ended, Jen spun around and quickly bolted from their make shift stage area, her emotions completely over taking her and making it hard for her to breathe.

“Jennifer wait,” Jethro said reaching out to grab her as she ran by, stopping her in her tracks.

“Let me go,” she ground out through her tears as she struggled to get out of his hold, only to have him pull her into his chest so she was wrapped in his arms.

“I’m sorry,” Jethro said quietly, his mouth next to her ear so no one could actually hear what he was saying to her. “I was an idiot, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

“Please, just let me go,” she suddenly pleaded through her tears.

“I’m sorry,” he said again as he held her tighter. “I love you too.”

Jen suddenly cried out as her knees gave out on her, the only reason she was still upright was the fact that Jethro was holding onto her tightly, as if he wasn’t about to let her go.

"Well, there goes the trip to Europe," Sara mused before smiling. "Okay everyone, I think we have had enough swimming and singing for the day, time to head to my place for dinner. Come on, let's move. Nothing to see here, move it!" she ordered before everyone started to head into the house rather reluctantly.

“Can you walk?” Jethro asked quietly, still holding onto Jen, who was now holding onto him as if her life depended on it.

"Don't worry you two, take your time," Sara spoke up. "And don't forget our conversation on Monday, Jethro..." she added sending him a warning glance before heading into the house to give them time to talk.

“Come over here,” Jethro said as he led Jen over to sit on one of the benches placed around the backyard.

“I don’t understand,” Jen said as she tried to wipe away her tears, only to have him reach over and do it for her. “What happened? What changed? Last week you…”

“I know what I said last week and it was the stupidest mistake I ever made. You know I’ve not had the best of luck when it comes to relationships and I was afraid of ruining what we had. I was afraid of what I was feeling for you. I have never loved anyone the way that I love you. Yes, I did love all three of my wives in one-way or another, but this…what you and I have is different. You’ve given me something I never thought I would ever have,” he said as he wiped away a few more of Jen’s tears before brushing her hair back behind her ear.

“What’s that?” she asked quietly.

“A second chance,” he said. “Being with you and the twins…”

“Then why did you push me away? Why did you tell me that that last night together changed nothing? Why not just ask me what I wanted? If you had, you would have discovered that what I wanted was you. Do you have any idea how close I came to telling you that I love you? I must have chickened out about a hundred times,” Jen countered.

“Why didn’t you?” he asked in confusion.

“And drive you away from me? Jeth, you’re everything I could want in someone. You’re the first man I’ve truly let myself love since Mike but we had agreed that…”

“That there would be no strings,” he finished.

“Yeah,” agreed Jen with a sigh. “And then last weekend happened and I thought that you might want more but then you…”

“Then I stuck my foot in my mouth,” he commented. “I am truly sorry for that, Jennifer. The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you like that. It killed me to walk away from you that night, knowing I’d just hurt you and to see you walk into NCIS the next morning, I lashed out at you and for that I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve the brunt of my anger and frustration.”

“Why do you think I asked Fornell for a job in a field office as far away from here as possible? I couldn’t stand the thought of being near you because it just hurt so much,” she said quietly.

“I’m sorry. I know that that is probably not going to make up for the amount of pain I’ve caused you…”

“Don’t,” Jen said, cutting him off. “Just promise me it won’t happen again because I don’t think I can survive it if it does.”

“I swear it to you, Jennifer, it will never happen again,” he said pulling her into his arms again as she wrapped hers around his back.

When Jen and Jethro arrived at Sara's for 'dinner', Sara quickly joined them, linking arms with Jen and pulling her away, much to her confusion. "Dad and Jed want to talk with Jethro, and I think you and I need to plan a way to get back at Abbs...she ran for the hills soon as we got here..."

“You’re going to leave him alone with Dad and Jed?” asked Jen worriedly with a look over her shoulder to see the two of them leading Jethro out of the room. “I would like him back in one piece you know.”

"I'm pretty sure he can hold his own," Sara countered. "Besides, you want to try and stop them?”

“Well no, but…”

"Then I say we follow Abbs' lead and head for the hills, or in this case, the gardens."

“Okay,” Jen said a little reluctantly as she let Sara lead her out of the room.

"Relax Sis, he'll be fine. After all, John survived the two of them together...and we both know Dad was even harder on his own son than he would be on anyone else...and they both know we'd lead every woman in the family on a manhunt for the two of them if they did anything to Jethro."

“I hope you’re right,” Jen sighed running a hand through her hair worriedly. “I only just got him back, I don’t want Dad and Jed running him off now.”

"Girl, if he didn't run for the hills after me, he's not going to run for anyone."

“Wait a minute…after you? And what was that about a conversation on Monday?” asked Jen in confusion.

"I just pulled my right as your sister to threaten any man who dates you," Sara shrugged. "Relax, I doubt he took me seriously, and all I did was threaten him with a black eye and having to walk around awkward for a day or so..."

“Oh God,” Jen said as she realized when exactly this conversation must have taken place. “So that’s why he looked so annoyed when he came back.”

"Hey, I left him with Fornell; I'm not the only one..." Sara defended herself.

“Wait…Fornell? Him too?”

"Yup," Sara agreed. "Kinda how I ran into him on the way to your desk..."

Jen groaned as she collapsed onto one of the many garden benches, her head in her hands.

"Breathe sis; he's here, even with our threatening...he's not going anywhere."

Jen nodded, as she fought to get her breathing back under control.

"Deep breath girl, in now out..." Sara instructed softly, until Jen had her breathing under control. "Better?"

“Can you get Abbey? I just want to be sure…it’s been a long time since I had two attacks so close together,” Jen said.

"Sure, want to go upstairs to the library so no one knows?"

“I’ll just stay here,” Jen replied.

"Okay," Sara agreed before leaving to get Abbey.

"Trying to make sure I don't retire," Abbey teased lightly when she sat down next to Jen. "Gina's keeping your mom from coming after you," she added with a wink.

“Sorry Abbey, it’s just been so long since they’ve happened so close together like this, not since I was a child,” Jen said. “And good luck to Gina, mom’ll get around her. When it comes to her kids, nothing will stop her.”

"I think she intended to distract her with her grandchildren," Abbey smiled. "Now then, as for the attacks…"

"Gina, I just may kill you yet," Pat grumbled.

"Mom, she's fine," Sara countered. "It's just a panic attack, she's been stressed, it's allowed. She's got a doctor out there, now breathe."

“It doesn’t change the fact that it happened in the first place, and judging by Abbey’s reaction it isn’t the first time either,” Pat argued.

"No, it's the second one," Sara agreed softly. "But Mom, don't panic okay? Both times had provocation..."

“The second one?” demanded Pat. “When was the first one? And what kind of provocation are we talking about Gina?”

"The first one was over Wednesday before my lecture. She panicked when I learned something she had been keeping quiet for good reason. Today's is related to the same thing, but I know that things are going to get better from here on out and I am 99.9 percent sure there will be no more attacks."

“How can you be that sure Gina,” questioned Pat worriedly.

"Because the majority of the reasoning behind her fear has been removed for the most part."

“What does that mean exactly, Gina?”

"It means you need to take a deep breath and let her tell you when she's ready," Sara countered softly.

Just as Pat was about to say something in response, she noticed Abbey lead Jen into the room. As she was in the process of handing Sara back her daughter, she saw her own daughter make her way across the room as if she was going to get someone.

“Where’s she going?” asked Pat as she watched her daughter walk by, turning to follow Jen’s progress, only to see her quickly enveloped in Jethro’s arms as he entered the room followed by Kevin and Jed. “Gina what’s going on here? What am I missing?”

"She's found happiness, albeit by a bumpy road," Sara answered cryptically.

“I think my daughter and I need to sit down and have a very long talk,” Pat sighed as she watched Jen and Jethro slowly make their way over towards them.

“What I don’t get is what she sees in him,” Tony commented as he leant towards Tim and Ziva. “I mean…he’s Gibbs and I’m…well, I’m me.”

“Ziva!” Jethro called out getting her attention. Once she looked over he nodded his head in Tony’s direction.

Ziva nodded back at Jethro before turning back to Tony and smacking him on the back of the head.

"Thank you," Sara smirked. "Well, you two worked things out, yes?" she asked them.

“You’re welcome,” Jethro replied as he put his arm around Jen’s waist.

“I think so,” Jen said with a smile. “Miscommunication problem fixed.”

"Thank God," Sara grinned.

“You said something about revenge on Abby?” Jen asked.

“Revenge?” asked Jethro in confusion.

"Well, I figured we'd be doing something," Sara shrugged.

“I think I’ll leave the three of you to your plans,” Pat said, making her way over to where Kevin was talking to Jed.

“Got anything in mind?” asked Jen curiously. “While I’m happy about the results, I still want to wring her neck for what she did to me.”

"I quite agree; I want to wring her neck still for having to go to his place the other morning. All I could think was ‘Dear God if I find them in a compromising position... I'm nailing Abby's coffin shut with her in it...’," Sara shuddered.

“Compromising position? What compromising position are we talking about and who was in it?” asked Tony suddenly from behind Sara, having only just caught those two words as he was making his way past.

"Shit," Sara mouthed before an evil look crossed her face and she turned back to Tony. "Oh, just telling them about the compromising position I heard about you being in last week, though somehow I still can't imagine you batting for the other team. Then again I suppose it would explain why you are always determined to exaggerate your accomplishments..."

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Tony replied, glaring at Jen who was giggling like mad, leaning against Jethro who was having to hold her up.

"If you say so," Sara shrugged.

“Why don’t we take this outside ladies,” Jethro said as he reached over and smacked Tony.

“I’m going, Boss,” Tony said before turning and walking away.

"I love doing that," Sara chuckled. "So, I should warn you, Mom is curious."

“I’m not surprised,” Jen said as they made their way back out into the garden. “Let me guess, ‘we’re going to be sitting down and having a very long talk’.”

"Exactly," Sara agreed. "I think this is part of why I don't date...I'm afraid of her talks even more than I worry about what Jed and Dad would do..."

“You don’t want to know,” Jethro said as they sat down on one of the benches, taking Jen’s hand in his.

"Now you know what John went through," Sara chuckled. "Except Dad was on my side, not his."

“Try having it be the other way around. You’re father can be damn scary, Jennifer,” Jethro chuckled.

“You think he’s bad, you should try my mother,” Jen laughed.

"Mom is the only one who can send not only Dad, but Jed, Leo, and the entire former West Wing running for the hills."

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he said. “Now about this revenge…if you’ve got any ideas other than denying the woman her Caf-Pow, let’s hear it.”

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