When the President Calls

Chapter 17

Sunday September 25th, 2011
Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World Resort
The Villas at Wilderness Lodge
Garrison and Gibbs Villa
7:15 a.m.

Knocking lightly, Sara leaned against the side of the door, waiting for someone to answer.

“Gina,” Jethro greeted as he opened the door, his arm outstretched as he leant against the frame.

"You look tired," Sara smirked. "The not so angelic angels up so I can kidnap them and set them loose on the Magic Kingdom and give you and Jen some time to relax?"

Jethro stepped back letting Sara know she could enter. “Jennifer’s still sleeping.”

"Well, give me these two and you can go do the same," Sara countered with a smile.

“They’re all yours,” he said indicating for Sara to go ahead and get the twins.

Picking up Ginny and swinging her onto her right hip, Sara grabbed Nicky's hand with her left before looking back at Jethro. "Go get some sleep old man, you look ready to drop."

“You can thank your sister for that, Young Lady,” Jethro countered. “She picked last night to get hit with a case of insomnia.”

"She did?" Sara frowned, "Is there anything I need to worry about...she hasn't had a case since we lost John and Mike..."

“She’s fine,” Jethro reassured. “I managed to get her talking about what was bothering her and put her mind at ease.”

"Alright," she nodded. "Well, go get some sleep, just leave me a text message if you guys are going to be gone tonight when we get back. We'll be leaving MGM after the show...not that I care if you're gone after all, just so I know not to come knocking," she smiled as they moved towards the door.

“Will do,” he agreed as he watched Sara leave with the twins before making his way back into the bedroom, leaving the bedroom door open behind him, and climbing into bed beside Jen, pulling her close. “Gina just left with the twins,” he said quietly when Jen rolled over in his arms.

“Mmmkay,” Jen said as she wrapped her arms around his waist, quickly falling back to sleep, Jethro not that far behind her.

Sunday September 25th, 2011
Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World Resort
The Villas at Wilderness Lodge
Peters Villa
7:28 a.m.

“Well, they’re out cold pretty much,” Sara chuckled when she re-entered her own rooms. “Jen’s out for the count and I don’t think Jethro even registered the fact I was there,” she continued looking over at Warrick while Ginny and Nicky rushed towards their cousins.

“They were probably up half the night,” Warrick chuckled. “What would you have done if they did this without me to drag into helping?”

“Chased five children through the parks on my own,” Sara shrugged. “Now I can make you chase them for me.”

“You would too,” Warrick laughed.

“Exactly,” Sara agreed as she double-checked the backpack to make sure she had everything… water – check, band-aids – check, crackers – check. Zipping the bag up she turned back towards Warrick. He had appeared on her doorstep at seven a.m. on the dot…looking none the worse for wear considering the time difference…although she suspected he would be feeling that time difference in about five hours…

“Well, we should probably get going,” she continued after a moment. “Come on guys, time to go to the Magic Kingdom…and no yelling,” Sara added raising her voice to be heard over the five.

“Yes Momma.”

“Yes Auntie Gina.”

“Today I think they might be more excited,” Warrick chuckled as they herded out of the room.

“They’re going to spend breakfast with the Princesses and they know it, of course they are,” Sara countered with a wink

“Should I be afraid?”

“Be terrified, you’re getting a full day introduction to Disney,” Sara countered with a grin.

Sunday September 25th, 2011
Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World Resort
MGM Studios
Fastasmic! Theater
7:28 p.m.

Twelve hours after they had first set out from the Villas, Sara and Warrick sat in the seating area for those who had dinner packages for Fantasmic!, watching as everyone made their way from the theater. Ginny and Nicky were in their stroller re-enacting the fight between Mickey and the Dragon in their own way, while Jackie, Shanti, and Johnny were having a conversation in their ‘twin’ speak as it were. Sara often found herself imagining what it would be like if Mikey had lived, the four of them having their own language…it was crazy enough with the three…she could only imagine it would be annoying at times with all four…precious at others…

Turning her attention from the children she smiled at the sight of the man next to her. He had survived rather well, all things considered, having pictures taken with all the Princesses per orders from her girls that morning. She had a picture she couldn’t wait to share with Jen of him on It’s A Small World, sharing a seat with all five of the children while she was seated in front of him during the extra magic hour that morning. His face was priceless during their first time through the ride with the singing children of the world and the five children with him singing along, as were the rest of the kids in the boat with them and the boat in front of them and behind them. By the fifth trip…he was starting to hum along.

After breakfast they headed over to Epcot just as the World Showcase was opening and walked around there, stopping for a very brief lunch in China. Then it was back to Animal Kingdom where they saw A Bug’s Life, she saw the look in his eyes when they rose and were heading out of the theater and smirked.

"You're thinking Grissom would love this," she had commented, stopping him in his steps and he looked down at her surprised.

"How did you know? I had to bite my tongue not to say it when the show ended..."

"I thought it too the first time I saw the show," she had shrugged. "Relax Rick, you can talk about them," she'd sent a smile his way before grabbing the stroller they had left outside the theater.

After Animal Kingdom they had headed back to MGM to spend a bit of time, riding the Great Movie Ride, letting the kids play in the "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" Movie Set Adventure before they headed over to Mama Melrose’s for dinner and ending up there at Fantasmic!. All in all it had been a very good day, but she could tell that he was ready to drop; even with his Mouse Ears on his head to match the ones each of the kids had gotten with the year as well.

Shaking her head she stood and stretched out the kinks in her back before he followed suit and they got the kids moving. The trip back to Wilderness Lodge was spent listening as Jackie and Shanti gave a recap of the show and got Warrick's opinion on everything from Monstro the whale and the dragon Malificent, to the Steamboat with all the characters celebrating. The twins fell asleep on the bus ride back to the Lodge and in turn the Villas, so Warrick helped her get everyone back to the Villa, the girls as well dropping by the time they got off the bus so she ended up with Jackie in her right arm while Warrick had Shanti in his left arm and they each used an arm to push the stroller.

To be honest Sara had been a bit surprised, of her girls Shanti was the shy one, much like her namesake, so the fact she just let Warrick pick her up gave Sara a smile and helped her believe her girls were liking the strange man who had shown up on their vacation. She knew her real shy one, Johnny, was starting to like him too so… Once they were all in the rooms, Warrick smiled before saying goodnight and heading back to his own room to drop, and she made a call down to Jenny's to have a pint of chocolate ice cream delivered to munch on while she watched the 'cartoon' channel as she had nicknamed it years before, while waiting for Jen and Jethro to get back.

“I find it hard to believe they were out of coffee, Jeth,” Jen said with a laugh as she opened the door, only to find her sister on the other side. “Gina?”

"Think we can call him and get him to pick up another coffee before he leaves?" Sara smiled.

“Don’t see why not,” Jen shrugged as she stepped back to allow Sara to enter and walked over to where her phone was sitting on the coffee table, hitting the speed dial and asking Jethro to pick up a coffee for Sara as well as his coffee and her hot chocolate. “Thanks for taking the twins earlier,” she said after hanging up and turning back to Sara.

"No problem," she smiled. "Ice cream?"

“Would love some. Got an extra spoon?”

"Of course," Sara smirked handing over the plastic spoon still in its wrapper, and then heading towards the couch. "The twins are out, will need help bringing them over, or they could just stay in my rooms tonight, either or. They have new Mickey and Minnie ears with the year; we got Rick his first pair..."

“It might be easier to just leave them where they are and collect them in the morning,” Jen said as she sat down on the couch next to Sara. “I bet they looked adorable in their ears, Rick too. So how did he survive his first full day at Disney?”

"Fairly well, he was ready to drop though... time change finally caught up with him," Sara chuckled. "I have the cutest picture of him from It’s A Small World..."

“I can’t wait to see it,” Jen smiled. “I’m sorry we couldn’t have been there with you guys and for leaving you with all five kids plus Rick. We flew him out here for your birthday present and end up dumping you with all the kids.”

"Girl, relax. We'll just return the favor when he's completely exhausted in a few days."

“Deal,” Jen agreed as she put a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.

"Good," Sara smiled. "Besides you needed the rest from what I hear..."

“I was up until almost 5:30 this morning,” Jen admitted. “Couldn’t sleep.”

"You okay?" Sara asked softly. "Been a while since you pulled a me...I'm the queen of insomnia..."

“I’m okay. Just had a lot of things on my mind is all,” Jen shrugged.

"Anything I can help with?"

“I don’t think so,” Jen said. “I had a few concerns but Jeth and I talked about it.”

"Mm hmm," Sara agreed passing the ice cream to Jen, she raised an eyebrow when she noticed the glint of light. "So, when do I need to get my butt back from Europe? Or are we doing the wedding before I leave?" she asked with a smile.

“What?” asked Jen as she chocked on her ice cream.

"Breath Sis...this is a good thing...right?"

“Why wouldn’t it be?” asked Jen quietly, suddenly finding the tub of ice cream in her hand fascinating.

"As far as I can tell, it's a very good thing...but you don't seem very...I'm engaged, I'm on cloud nine mood-like..." Sara trailed off.

“I am, really I am it’s just…you’re not mad at me? I mean, you don’t think I’m betraying Mike or anything?” she asked uncertainly.

"Jen..." Sara shook her head, reaching over to pull one of her hands off the ice cream and give it a squeeze. "No sis...I'm not mad, I'm thrilled," she grinned. "No girl, you're not betraying Mike, in fact I bet you that he's up there with John and my little boy, yelling down at us going 'someone smack her head, she's lost her ever loving mind!'. He'd want you to be happy Jen girl and we both know he liked Jethro. I think that if Mike were to have chosen someone for you to end up with...it would be Jeth..."

“You sure?”

"Jen...I'm positive," Sara countered rolling her eyes slightly. "Relax Sis...this is a very good thing."

“I’ve wanted this for so long that when he asked me last night I thought I was dreaming, which is why I had so much trouble sleeping. If it was a dream, I didn’t want to wake from it,” Jen said, a smile breaking out on her face.

"I don't blame you," Sara chuckled. "And I missed it...Wishes?"

“Wishes,” Jen smiled. “It’s why I had my back to the castle when you came over. He did it near the end. He was holding me from behind. Out of the blue he said to look down and when I did, he was holding this,” she indicated the ring on her finger, “in front of me and asking me to marry him.”

"Oh geez...entirely Jethro," Sara giggled. "Okay, there must be something about Wishes and proposals..." she added with a grin.

“There must be,” Jen laughed. “I’m just glad the entire family isn’t here.”

Sara laughed at that, "It isn't that bad having everyone there when you get engaged...I survived having the entire Bartlet family and half a dozen of our co-workers after all."

“I know, but somehow this just feels different. This is something I want to keep private, at least for the time being. I don’t even want a big affair and no parties.”

"Well, I can promise that I will not do anything, and will do my best to keep anyone from doing anything big...how's that sound?"

“Sounds good. Jeth and I were talking earlier at dinner about what kind of ceremony we want and we both agreed that it would be very small. Mainly just family and really close friends.”

"Deal," Sara smiled. "Speaking of which, where is that man with my coffee?"

“I have no…” Jen trailed off as there was a knock on the door. “Guess that’s him now,” she said hopping up and walking over to the door to let him in so he didn’t have to fight with the key on top of the drinks. “What took you so long?”

“When you called asking for another coffee for Gina, I figured the two of you would like some time alone to talk,” he said, kissing Jen on the cheek as he walked in.

"Thanks for the time but hand over my coffee. That rule of yours doesn't just apply for Marines. You can ask the man over in the main lodge...I could have given you a run for your money in the coffee drinking department when I was back working as a CSI," Sara smirked.

“One black coffee with sugar,” he said as he handed the cup to Sara after putting the tray down on the table. “One hot chocolate,” he said handing a cup to Jen before picking up the third and final cup, sitting down on couch, Jen taking up position next to him and wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

"So, when are we doing this? Any ideas?" Sara asked stealing her ice cream back. "Oh and congrats by the way, you missed them the first time Jeth."

“Thank you,” he replied.

“We were thinking Easter,” Jen said. “Give Alicia some time to do my dress plus it’s a long weekend so not a very high likelihood of having to work.”

"Okay," Sara nodded. "I'll contact the agent when we get home to work that in...Although you get to tell the Bartlet's on your own after the wedding if you want to keep it major small and not have them there..."

“It’s not that I don’t want them there, Gina, it’s just that you know what Jed’s like. He had Ellie married in the White House and he arranged for Mike and I to renew our vows in the White House Rose Garden after he was out of office. I love Jed and the rest of the Bartlet’s dearly but for once I just want a small wedding where we don’t have to deal with the joys of our lives in the spotlight as being close personal friends of a former President of the United States,” Jen explained.

"I know, Sis," Sara smiled. "And relax; I'll be there every step of the way to make sure it's hush hush...I'm just going to be evil and run before everyone comes after us for not telling them. I promised the kids they'd get to see Disneyland Paris before we come home next year...I want to live to keep that promise," she teased.

“Good, cause we were thinking of inviting just you, Tobias, Ducky, Mom and Dad of course and Alicia and Thomas. We’ll probably extend the invitation to Warrick but whether he can come or not…” Jen shrugged.

"Who knows in that regard...I can't believe he got two weeks off to come here..." Sara agreed. "So I'm taking it you like him?"

“We do, as for how he got two weeks off…well let’s just say it helps having friends in high places,” Jen smiled.

“I still can’t believe you did that,” Jethro said shaking his head.

“What he owed me for what he did to me,” countered Jen. “This was my payment.”

"What did you do?" Sara asked shaking her head. "And which person who owed you are we talking about?"

“Jed of course. He owed me for what he did to me in Vegas, taking me off Zoey’s detail like that,” replied Jen.

"Ah, okay," agreed Sara before chuckling. "Well you two, I am going to take what is left of my ice cream and my coffee and go crash. Which reminds me, you two are returning this favor in a few days...I want a day kid free to relax and go shopping..."

“Of course,” agreed Jen. “We’ll find something to do with the munchkins,” she said as Jethro helped her stand before they escorted Sara to the door. “Good night Sis.”

"Night Sis, night Jeth," Sara called before heading towards her rooms.

Wednesday September 28th, 2011
Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World Resort
The Villas at Wilderness Lodge
Peters Villa
8:30 a.m.

“Good morning,” Sara greeted when she opened the door, Warrick had shown up right on time. Jen and Jethro had left fifteen minutes earlier with all the kids, headed for Blizzard Beach.

“Good morning,” Warrick smiled before presenting her with a daisy. “You have a look that says you’re up to something…”

“I am kid free today and can do some shopping,” Sara grinned as she turned and headed back into the living room.

“Should I be afraid?” he teased as he sat down.

“Terrified,” she countered with a giggle before tossing the menu for Jenny’s at him. “Pick your breakfast Mr. Brown; I am in serious need of coffee and food.”

“Yes ma’am,” he countered before looking over the menu.

A few minutes later, their orders were placed, and they were sitting on the couch. Sara with her back against the left armrest, her feet resting on the middle cushion while she, from Warrick’s view, was scribbling on a notebook she had propped against her knees. He himself was sitting by the right armrest, her feet not far from his side.

Smiling he just sat back to watch her, mentally comparing the woman next to him to the woman she had been when she lived in Vegas so many years before. He couldn’t remember a time they really saw Sara out of her pants and tops…let alone out of the lab. Now, she sat next to him in a blue tank top and long white skirt, both decorated with sequins…her hair, that he now could not really imagine anything other than the blue-black he had seen her with over the past years was waist-length, and at the moment just held back with a ribbon tied at the nape of her neck, a cascade of curls…

“Hey Gina…”

“Yeah?” Sara asked looking up from her planning.

“Why did you change your hair color?”

“Oh God…” Sara chuckled, setting her notebook aside. “No one’s even commented on my hair color in years…but it goes back to the first Halloween here… John and I went as Aladdin and Jasmine; we both dyed our hair for it. He didn’t keep his black, I did keep mine. I liked it,” she shrugged.

“That part of why it’s so long now?”

“Yeah,” she chuckled once more, “It’s tradition now, I’ve been Jasmine each year, only once did we plan another theme…”

Seeing the frown and sadness that suddenly crossed her features, Warrick reached over and grasped her hand. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she waved it off. “The only year we planned another theme…ended up being the year we lost the two of them. Anyway, I stopped cutting my hair after that first Halloween; I keep it at waist length now.”

Warrick nodded, just as the knock on the door drew their attention. Rising he went and got their food, before they settled back on the couch to eat and Sara threw her thoughts for the day at him, planning to try and get as much of her Christmas shopping done while they were free of the others.

After he had finished eating, Warrick sat back with his coffee, watching as Sara picked at her fruit, once more plotting her shopping. He smiled when he noticed the French manicured nails tapping an uneven rhythm on her knee cap before she began to write once more, who would have ever pictured her with a manicure…then again who would have ever pictured her with the bright red toe nails that were resting near his hip.

“What’s this?” he asked, tracing the design on her left ankle.

Glancing up once more Sara shook her head before pulling her ankle from his thumb and lifting her leg so she could stretch it out, her ankle more visible to the light. “A tattoo, what’s it look like?” she teased.

“I assumed that,” he countered with a smirk before holding her foot and the bottom of her calf so he could see. It was basically a design around her ankle, like an anklet almost, vines and small white roses connecting names… “Jonathon, Jacqueline, Michael, Shanti, Jonathon…” he read the names from the front of her ankle, around the outside to the back.

“Abbs had been on my case for years to get another tattoo, I made her a deal that I would get one finally if she stayed quiet about her suspicions back at Halloween. The day Jen and I got back from Hershey; she took the rest of the day off to escape Jeth after she tricked him into coming down to the parking lot for me, and dragged my butt to the parlor finally. She got her eleventh tattoo that day, I got this,” she shrugged once more.

“Who are Rus and KJ?” he asked when he saw the two names on the inside of her ankle. He had to smile when he saw the flush creeping up her neck…

“I had this dream once, that everything that happened had all been the dream and the guys were still alive. In the dream, Jen was pregnant with the twins as she was in real life, and I was pregnant with twins as well. John and I planned to name the two Russell and Kevin… Rus and KJ for short,” she shrugged once more before glancing off towards the other side of the room.

“Hey,” Warrick started as he reached over with one hand to turn her chin back to him, “I’d say something like that’s sweet, but we both know that’s not my thing. But it is…it’s nice, Girl. And it sounds right to me, ‘cause you know…had the accident not have happened…then maybe Rus and KJ would be running around. Just because they aren’t here… doesn’t mean they aren’t here…” he added letting his hand drop to rest on her heart a second before pulling back.

“Thanks,” she smiled, “You know you’re the first person I’ve ever told about that dream, even Jen doesn’t know…I don’t think she’s even looked that closely at my ‘anklet’ to see that it does have those two names on the inside…”

“Why haven’t you told her?”

“I had the dream just after we learned she was pregnant…I couldn’t tell her about this dream world that seemed so real… not when the real world was being a pain in the ass to her like it was…”

“I bet it was…” he agreed softly, absentmindedly stroking her ankle with his thumb. “She got pregnant in Vegas didn’t she?” he asked after a moment, before looking up to meet her wide eyes. “Nicky looks just like him girl…”

“Jesus…” Sara whispered, her eyes falling shut as she swallowed hard. “Rick…” she began as she opened her eyes.

“Hey…hey…” he spoke up quickly, “I made a promise, I wouldn’t tell anything about you guys to anyone back there without talking to all of you first…”

“He’s Mike’s son as far as the world is concerned,” she explained softly. “The only people who know exactly who the twins’ real father is are Mom and Dad, Jeth, Zoey, Charlie, me, and now you. The rest of the gang knows that it’s not Mike, but nothing more, and the rest of the world is just under the assumption that Jen and Mike had a fall-back in place in case anything happened…”

“Why wasn’t Nick told?” he asked gently.

“She didn’t want to ruin his life, they only knew each other that short time…and Jim was determined to keep any sort of relationship from happening. And in Jen’s mind, in all of our minds to some extent really…Nick provided half the DNA, but they were a gift from Mike…”

Warrick nodded, “How come he never found out when he was there after the shooting?”

“I didn’t tell him, he was never anywhere near the kids…Mom, Dad, and I made sure of it,” she began before shaking her head. “It may have been wrong, and it most likely is…but I couldn’t see letting him find out about the twins when he had no rights to them. Legally they are Jen and Mike’s children. If something happens to Jen, I immediately retain full custody. Same thing goes if something happens to me, Jen gets my munchkins. Legally, Nick would have no way of claiming them, he’d have to convince a judge to force a DNA sample to even prove the suspicion that they are his kids and I don’t know many judges that would with there already being a father on the birth certificate…” she trailed off with a shrug. “I couldn’t see, and I still can’t, Nick finding out when he’s got no claim to Ginny and Nicky. That would just cause more heartache for him and issues for the kids…”

“He ever going to be told?”

“The plan is to tell them when they turn sixteen. Jen has to tell them, and then I’ll have all the information about Nick over the years that Heather has gathered for me… Then it’s in their court if they want to know him or not…”

“Reasonable plan…” he agreed.

“Are you going to tell him?” Sara asked flat out.

He remained silent for a few minutes; his lips pinched together, before he finally shook his head. “It’s not my place, yes, Nick is my best friend…but this isn’t my place. And you’re right…legally, he’s got no claim to them…he’s just starting to get over the thing with Jen; I can’t throw him back into that place. It wasn’t a good place for him. And ten to one Jethro may adopt the twins…it’s not my place to get involved; this is between Jen and Nick.”

She released a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding, before nodding. “Thank you.”

He merely smiled in response, “So,” he began to change the subject. “When exactly are you planning on dragging my butt all over the ‘World’ for your shopping?”

“Now’s as good a time as any,” Sara grinned, “Come on Mr. Brown, time to get some exercise for the week.”

“Something tells me I should be more afraid today than I was Sunday…”

“Considering we don’t have to work at the pace of children…what do you think,” she countered with an evil smirk.

“Heaven help me…” he laughed as they rose and began to gather their things.

Sunday January 1st, 2012
Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore International Airport
6:21 a.m.

After Warrick learned the truth of Nicky and Ginny’s father, it was never mentioned again, save the day he talked with Jen and Jethro while Sara was taking all of the kids for another ride on It’s A Small World. In reality it was a rather short conversation, one which they never told Sara the specifics of what was said…but they knew that he knew and everyone was alright with Warrick knowing and Warrick not planning to say anything.

The rest of the trip to Disney World passed without any major life-altering events. They were there of course on the actual 45th Anniversary of the opening of the park, and enjoyed another week of ‘fun in the sun’ before finally having to head back to the real world.

Once back in Maryland, life moved on as normal. Sara and the kids’ plans were finalized, Sara also making arrangements to write a number of articles for various travel magazines while they were gone, a series on traveling Europe, a single parent and kids. Halloween came, and to everyone’s happiness, Tony didn’t go as Lestat. None really questioned why Tim was there…they just gave a grateful sigh of relief that while Tony was there as a vampire…he wasn’t the vampire.

Thanksgiving was spent as always down in Norfolk, Jeth joining them this year. Christmas was spent up in New Hampshire, everyone receiving an invite to Liz’s home; of course any invitation to the Bartlet family included those from the Peters family. They were back in Waldorf for New Years though, one last big get together for everyone before Sara, Jackie, Shanti, and Johnny left.

After the ball had dropped, Jen and Sara had stayed up, laughing when even Jethro dropped after a time… They woke him with fresh coffee before making him drive, at a normal speed, to BWI so they could make the eight o’clock flight to Reykjavik, Iceland.

“I can’t believe you’re actually giving up coffee,” Jethro chuckled as they made their way towards security.

“You and me both,” Sara sighed as she looked at her Starbucks cup. “I shall miss you my dear friend…”

“At least you’re not giving up chocolate,” Jen teased.

“Thank God for that,” Sara grinned. “Well, we’re here…”

“Yeah…” Jen agreed with a sad smile. “I’m gonna miss you…”

“Me too,” Sara sniffed as they hugged. “But I’ll see you in four months…”

“I know,” Jen agreed. “Have a fantastic time!”

“You too, and we can e-mail and call and instant message each other…”

“Okay you two…you’re going to start crying soon and then that will get the kids crying and I simply can’t deal with all of you crying.”

Both sisters reached over to smack him as they chuckled, the sad moment gone. “You better take care of her Jethro Gibbs…don’t make me come back early and hurt you…”

“Yes ma’am,” Jethro teased before raising an eyebrow in response to her own eyebrow that had shot up. "Take care of yourself, Gina."

"You too," Sara smiled before giving him a hug, then stepping back to watch as her kids exchanged their own hugs with their Aunt Jen and 'Uncle Jeth'. "Love you, Sis," she whispered as she and Jen hugged one more time.

"Love you too."

Finally Sara pulled herself and the kids away from the two and headed towards security once more, then once on the other side they stopped and waved one last time before heading towards their gate.

Tuesday March 13th, 2012
London, England
Langham Hotel
Peters Suite
7:19 a.m. (Local Time)

Tying the robe around her waist, Sara left the bathroom, quietly walking past the bed that held her daughters, Johnny was sound asleep on the sofa couch; then made her way to the desk where her laptop had spent the night charging. Turning it on, she went for her e-mail first, when she noticed one of her ‘buddies’ was actually online. Smirking she clicked on Warrick’s name.

Aladdins_Pheonix: Hey you, what are you doing online?

LV_Piano_Man: Hey Gina, slow night at work, got to head home until a call comes in.

Aladdins_Pheonix: Ah, okay. How are you?

LV_Piano_Man: Doing good. You?

Aladdins_Pheonix: We're pretty good, in England right now. The munchkins are sleeping still.

LV_Piano_Man: I see. So, how's the UK? And the trip so far?

Aladdins_Pheonix: Gorgeous :-) We're leaving for Scotland today though.

LV_Piano_Man: :-)

LV_Piano_Man: So where's my postcard ;-)

Aladdins_Pheonix: LOL

Aladdins_Pheonix: It's coming, it's coming. Actually I sent a care package back to the house today, and other mail so...give it a few days.

LV_Piano_Man: Deal, but if I don't get it soon, I'm coming after you.

Aladdins_Pheonix: Are you threatening me, Mr. Brown?

LV_Piano_Man: All promises.

Aladdins_Pheonix: I see...well, it would probably be easier to just come after me when we're back home for the 'wedding'.

LV_Piano_Man: True.

Aladdins_Pheonix: So, how are things in Vegas?

LV_Piano_Man: Good, normal. Linds is busy with college, but she came home for Christmas as you know. So that made C happy, and of course that made the bugman happy. I think Nick might be starting to let himself move on from Jen. He's dating again.

Aladdins_Pheonix: He is?? Oh, thank God.

LV_Piano_Man: Yeah :-)

LV_Piano_Man: I think he can do much better (she's worse than the ones he dated back when you were around...) But at least he's back in the game.

Aladdins_Pheonix: Very true. Maybe this one won't last long and he'll find the one he's supposed to soon...VERY soon -crosses fingers-.

LV_Piano_Man: Yeah, I'm praying right along with you.

LV_Piano_Man: So, how are the kids?

Aladdins_Pheonix: They're good, they love traveling. We went to Blarney Castle and they convinced me to kiss the Blarney Stone -rolls eyes- Jackie found a four-leaf clover which of course had Sha hunting for one. Johnny found one first…

LV_Piano_Man: LOL Are you suppose to fall in love now? Or is that something other than the Blarney Stone...

Aladdins_Pheonix: LOL, no the Blarney Stone is the nickname for the stone of Eloquence...in other words, you kiss the stone, you get the gift of eloquence in return ;-) Legend has it that it was Jacob's pillow and brought to Ireland either by the prophet Jeremiah or during the crusades...either way...don't glance down when you're going to go lean back to kiss it.

LV_Piano_Man: Girl, I doubt you need to be more eloquent... ;-)

Aladdins_Pheonix: Oh, shut up.

LV_Piano_Man: LOL

Aladdins_Pheonix: -rolls eyes- I think you've had too much caffeine, Mr. Brown.

LV_Piano_Man: Why, have you not had enough?

Aladdins_Pheonix: YES!

Aladdins_Pheonix: Of course in my insane thoughts of teaching my children about culture, not to mention how to count to 100, we submerse ourselves in the culture so to speak...and thus I have had tea, tea, tea every day since we arrived in Ireland nearly two whole months ago...I want my coffee :'-(

LV_Piano_Man: The rest of the time before you head home for the wedding is going to be spent in Scotland

Aladdins_Pheonix: Yes...

LV_Piano_Man: Damn...you're going to get back to Maryland and camp out at Starbucks for an entire day, aren't you?

Aladdins_Pheonix: Ooooo I hadn't thought of that...-sighs wistfully- My sister is going to kill you for putting that suggestion in my head

LV_Piano_Man: LOL

LV_Piano_Man: She can't, she owes me ;-)

Aladdins_Pheonix: -raises eyebrow-

LV_Piano_Man: nope, not going to tell you nosy one.

Aladdins_Pheonix: -rolls eyes- evil bastard.

LV_Piano_Man: no name-calling, Virginia.

Aladdins_Pheonix: Pft! Alright, Alright, I'll play nice. Send me some blue Hawaiian and I'll REALLY play nice ;-) ;-)

LV_Piano_Man: LOL but that would ruin your plans to submerse yourself in the culture for the kids' sakes.

Aladdins_Pheonix: Damn...

Aladdins_Pheonix: Speaking of the kids...Jackie's waking up. I got to run and get them in the shower and get us packed and all that fun.

Aladdins_Pheonix: Enjoy the night off and hope it lasts.

LV_Piano_Man: Thanks. Enjoy the rest of the time in England and the trip to Scotland. TTYS Girl.

Aladdins_Pheonix: ttys

Shaking her head, Sara shut her computer down before rising and heading towards where Jackie was pretending to not be awake. Leaning down she proceeded to tickle her eldest.

“I’m awake I’m awake!” Jackie cried a few minutes later and Sara sat back to smirk. “Good, now what do you want for breakfast?”

“Pancakes and eggs.”

“Pancakes it will be,” Sara chuckled, “Now go get ready for a shower while I wake Sha and Johnny.”

“Okay Momma,” Jackie agreed before heading towards the bathroom while she walked over to the other side of the bed.

“Little One, it’s time to wake up,” Sara called while gently shaking Shanti.

“Go away Momma…”

“You want to e-mail Aunt Jen before we leave, don’t you…” she countered softly, smirking when Shanti sat up straight in bed. “Good then, go get ready for your shower, Jackie’s already in the bathroom…”

After watching Shanti race towards the bathroom, Sara turned her attention back to waking her last child, the easiest to wake. Once Johnny was up and moving towards the bathroom, she grabbed a shower cap on the way and followed after so they could get showers out of the way and get on with their last day in England.

Sunday April 1st, 2012
Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore International Airport
6:15 p.m.

“Aunt Jen!”

Chuckling, Sara watched her children race towards Jen, who nearly was bowled over by the three. By the time she joined them, they had moved on to Kevin and Pat…

“They’ve gotten bigger,” Jen shook her head. “What are you feeding them?”

“Nothing exceptionally weird,” Sara smiled before leaning over to get a hug. “You look good, engagement agrees with you,” she teased.

“I’m a basket case; you know how hard it is to keep trained investigators from finding out a secret?”

“Been there, done that,” Sara smirked. “But now I’m here and will help. Besides it’s only a week until the big day…you’re doing great.”

“Girl…I am so glad to have you here…you can keep me sane and give Jeth a break from the job.”

“Deal,” Sara laughed. “Come on girl, I’ve been on a plane for hours and dealing with a five hour time change... I need sleep…and coffee…”

“Well, at least we can provide one thing,” Jethro’s voice drew her attention just as the familiar logo of Starbucks appeared in front of her. “Venti Mocha with an extra shot.”

"Sis...if you weren't marrying him..." Sara sighed as she took the cup.

"Hands off, he's mine," Jen shot back as Jethro wrapped an arm around her waist. "But let’s get you some sleep...you look like you haven't slept in days..."

"Ahh...blessed bed...." Sara smiled as she headed towards Kevin and Pat.

"Come on, let's get you to the car and you can crash and Jeth and Kevin can get the luggage," Pat smiled before leading a half conscious Sara from the airport, Jen chuckling before joining them, all of the kids in tow.

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