When the President Calls

Chapter 21

Monday January 1st, 2018
Waldorf, Maryland
Gibbs Residence
10:49 a.m.

“I’ll get it Jeth, there is no way this side of heaven I’m going to let you leave me alone in the kitchen with a frying pan again,” Jen called as she passed the kitchen on her way to the front door. “May I…” she began, her words trailing off when she realized who was standing on the other side of the door.

"Hi," Nick greeted, Carrie by his side. "May we come in? We kinda need to talk, Jen..."

“We have nothing to talk about, Nick,” Jen countered as she heard Jethro walking up behind her.

“Jennifer, who is it?” Jethro asked as he stopped beside her. “Why are you here?” he demanded.

"We're here to speak with, Jen," Carrie answered evenly.

"I know about Nicky," Nick added softly

“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about,” countered Jen before turning to look at Carrie. “Anything you have to say to me you can say in front of my husband.”

"We've seen his picture, Jen, it's not just Lindsey saying she saw someone who looked like me with someone who resembled Gina anymore," Nick argued softly, Carrie remaining silent for the moment. "You put my pictures of me at nine next to Nicky and they're identical other than hairstyles..."

“Since for some unknown reason you refuse to let this matter drop, you might as well come in since this is not something that should be discussed on my porch,” Jen said as she and Jethro stepped back just enough to let Carrie and Nick into the foyer.

“Can I get either of you some coffee?” Jethro asked as they led Nick and Carrie into the living room.


"I'll just have water please," Carrie continued.

Jethro walked out of the living room leaving Jen alone with Nick and Carrie for the short time it took him to gather the coffee supplies, returning with a tray containing two coffees, a cup of hot apple cider, a glass of water and some cream and sugar. He put the tray down on the coffee table before handing Jen her cider and taking a seat beside her, opposite Nick and Carrie.

“Why do you want to know about our son?” demanded Jen.

"Because there is little doubt in my mind that he is mine," Nick countered. "And while I can't say I completely understand why you never said anything or even why Gina never did...and I am upset about not being told...it doesn't change the fact that I have a child I've never known and want to know. And things between the four of us can not be hostile for his sake."

“I’ve never admitted that he was your son, Nick, and for all intents and purposes, he’s not,” replied Jen.

"But his blood is mine," Nick countered. "Look, I'm not here to undermine your family, but he's my blood, I want to be part of his life."

“Even if you were his father, Nick and I’m not saying you are, my son knows nothing about you. His father died in a plane crash while serving off the Italian coast and ever since he can remember Jethro’s been the only father he’s known. Quite frankly Nick, you lost any and all claims to me, my life and my family when you walked out of my hospital room eight years ago and never looked back,” Jen argued.

"I had no intention of walking out," he argued with a sigh. "I was coming to talk with you when I saw you with Jethro. It was obvious he cared about you...so I left."

“There was nothing between Jethro and I but friendship at that point, Nick. Gina told me when I woke up that I really had seen you there and that you refused to leave until we talked and yet you see me with another man who was nothing more than a close friend and you turn tail and run? You flew across the country when you heard I was shot determined to talk to me about God only knows what and yet…yet you…”

“Breathe Jennifer,” Jethro instructed quietly as he rubbed her back. “I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere but I need you to breathe for me,” he encouraged soothingly.

Jen nodded as she tried to take deep breaths, managing to get her breathing back under some semblance of control. “You had…had the perfect opportunity to talk…talk to me Nick and yet you just up…up and left without a word to anyone after…after telling my sister you weren’t… weren’t leaving until you talked to me.”

"I came because I had to see you, I still cared for you and also felt guilty for the way the others treated you in Vegas. But then I saw you with Jethro, and the love I saw in his eyes...I didn't want to possibly ruin the happiness you had found with him by sticking my two cents in the picture."

“Jennifer, here,” Jethro said handing Jen a couple pills and a glass of water that he had gone to fetch shortly after she started having trouble breathing. “Nothing happened between Jennifer and I until almost 9 months after the shooting,” he said as Jen took the pills he had given her.

"You alright?" Carrie asked concerned, wondering what the pills she had just taken were.

“I’m fine,” replied Jen as her breathing finally seemed to return to normal.

“Jennifer’s health is none of your concern,” commented Jethro.

“Tell me something Nick, hypothetically speaking, if I had come to you and told you I was pregnant, what would you have done? Would you have given up your life in Vegas and moved out here? Would you have given up everything for a woman you hardly knew, who claimed to be carrying your child and who your friends saw as nothing more than damaged goods?” demanded Jen.

"Yes," he answered simply. "Wait, how did you know Jim called you damaged goods? He didn't do that until you were shot...hasn't since after I told him off..."

“Because he said it to my face, Nick. The last day Gina and I were in Vegas. You think I didn’t think of contacting you after I got home, because I did. There were nights I wished I was in your arms again, having you hold me like you did while I was protecting you but I knew that I was not welcome in your life, Nick. Jim’s words hit me hard. You think I didn’t already believe what he said, that I got my husband killed, because I did, Nick. You started to pull me out of my misery the week we were forced together but then Jim said what he did and it made me believe you were only doing what you did out of pity for me, not because you truly cared about me and I wasn’t about to interfere in your life more than I already had,” Jen said.

"I'm sorry," Nick whispered. "Jen...you have to understand, I did care for you, more than anyone before. It wasn't just pity or anything like that."

“What was I supposed to think, Nick? I had my past thrown in my face time and time again over that week, a past that was still fresh, a past I was trying to deal with, which I was starting to do with your help but…but your friends made it perfectly clear what they thought of me so it was only natural for me to believe you felt the same way. Then two years later you show up here telling Gina you’re not leaving until we talk and deep down I thought…I don’t know what I thought but I guess I had hoped that maybe you really did care about me after all but then you just disappeared again and I thought that maybe I had just imagined the whole thing so I moved on with my life. Jethro helped me deal with the loss of my first husband and what had happened to me in Vegas. He helped me live, Nick. He helped me to see I had a family that needed me, children that needed me…that he needed me. You say that you would have left everything for me, but how could I ask that of you.”

"You look very happy," Carrie spoke up, nodding towards two pictures on the living room walls; one of Jen and Jethro at their wedding, the other of the two of them with the four children just a year or two before. "It must be stressful; your jobs are demanding and have long hours if they are anything like Nick's. However can you manage to get them to school and home and such?" she asked, geniuine curiosity in her voice, no animosity.

“Gina helps look after our children while we’re at work and ever since I became regional director I have more free time to spend with my children and I make sure Jethro doesn’t over do it when it comes to working but there are times when we have to work longer than either of us wish, which is when Gina takes the children or my parents come down and look after them. And we are very happy,” Jen said.

“What exactly are your intentions Mr. Stokes?” Jethro asked.

"I just want to know my child, Carrie and I aren't here to try and demand custody or anything like that. We just want the chance to get to know my son, spend time with him...be able to know him, and have him know my side of his family, for my family to be able to know him and love him."

“And I told you Nick, he knows nothing about you. To him his biological father was my first husband Michael Garrison but his dad is Jethro, in every way that counts, including legally since Jethro adopted both my children on our wedding day,” countered Jen.

"Then perhaps we can find a way to compromise, let us get to know him as an uncle and aunt, and maybe when he's older tell him the truth?" Carrie offered.

“An aunt and uncle that’s materialized out of nowhere? My children are not stupid Carrie; there is no way they are going to buy that. With Rick it was different,” Jen countered.

"We're friends of Rick's..." Nick pointed out. "We're not just going to be appearing in their lives, I'm hoping that the possibility of a friendship I had with Gina may be able to bloom once more. Especially now that she and Rick are in a relationship."

“I’m not forcing my children to accept anything Nick. Ginny especially is too sensitive for that and she’s extremely attached to Jethro. I’m not going to let my children suffer or be hurt simply because you insist on being a part of their lives.”

"Ginny?" Nick repeated shocked. "Two?" he continued, completely lost before looking up at the picture on the wall. "Twins?"

“Yes Nick, twins,” admitted Jen. “Nicky and Ginny are the oldest, Toby and Patty are their younger brother and sister, again twins. It’s not surprising when you think about it, Nick. John, Gina’s husband, was my twin brother.”

Nick nodded, still surprised at the discovery. Thinking he had a son was one thing, finding out he had a son and a daughter was another. "I'm not asking you to force them into anything Jen, just for the chance."

“I need time to think about it,” replied Jen.

"Understandable," Carrie agreed, sharing a glance with her husband to keep him quiet for the moment.

“It’s okay, Jennifer, go ahead,” Jethro said knowing exactly what his wife was wanting to do at that moment.

Jen nodded before rising from the couch and making her way out of the living room. A few minutes later they heard the front door open and close.

"What?" Nick asked confused.

“She’s on her way over to her sister’s place,” Jethro replied.

Nick nodded in understanding while Carrie took a sip of her water. "May I ask you a question, Mr. Gibbs?" she asked after a few moments.

“Alright,” Jethro agreed.

"You tend to come off as rather...controlling and possessive...at least you did last night. Maybe I'm just a bit too cynical from some of my patients and some of the cases Nick deals with...but it could appear that all is not well in your relationship. On the other hand, I know that your wife loves you very much, that much was apparent when we talked in Vegas two months ago, and from what I understand from Nick, Gina is very protective of her sister and could probably get away with murder if anyone was hurting Jen. So that leaves me also thinking there probably isn't anything going on..." she explained carefully.

“Jennifer told me about meeting you in Vegas and she told me what she believed your thoughts were in regards to our relationship last night after we left. There is nothing wrong with our relationship Mrs. Stokes and if you think I would ever dream of hurting my wife or children in any fashion then you’re sorely mistaken. There are no secrets between Jennifer and I, so she’s told me everything about what happened to her in Vegas when she was there with Gina and Zoey and I saw what those events did to her, physically and emotionally. We were very lucky that she even pulled through after being shot. Her doctors never thought she’d wake up again. Her life since losing Michael was not easy seeing as Michael was her whole world. I’ve watched her struggle to rebuild her life and been there for her when she’s had any kind of setback. I’m very protective of my wife because of what she’s been through. Jennifer’s health is my top priority and I was not about to let the events of last night lead to her ending up in the hospital and in order to do that I had to remove her from the situation since she’d already taken her medication and she couldn’t take more without serious side effects,” he explained.

Carrie nodded once more, "Sorry to insinuate then," she apologized softly.

“It’s understandable,” replied Jethro.

"Why don't we leave for now, and Jen or you can call us when you've had time to think..." Nick offered after a moment.

“That’s probably for the best,” agreed Jethro as her rose from his spot.

"Do you have a piece of paper or something we can leave our cell numbers with you on?" Carrie continued as Nick gathered his and her coats.

Jethro walked into the kitchen for a moment and returned with a notepad and a pen, handing them to Carrie.

Quickly writing the numbers down, Carrie handed the notepad and pen back to him before slipping into her coat. "Thank you," Nick spoke up softly.

“Don’t thank me yet. There’s no guarantee either one of us will agree to what you’ve asked,” Jethro replied as he led them to the door, opening it so they could step through.

"But at least you're considering it," Carrie countered before they headed towards their car.

Monday January 1st, 2018
Waldorf, Maryland
Peters Residence
10:51 p.m.

Catherine watched Nick and Carrie get into Jen and Jethro’s house before getting out of her car and heading towards Sara’s door.

“Catherine?” Sara asked shocked a few minutes later when she opened the door, dressed in her housecoat and clearly just out of bed. “Good God woman, it’s the day after New Years Eve and you’re knocking on my door before noon?”

“Good morning to you too,” she countered with a slight smirk.

“It’s not morning until I’ve had coffee,” Sara grumbled. “Can’t this wait Cath?”

“No, it can’t. I want answers,” she countered evenly.

“Haven’t we done this before?” Sara asked with a sigh. “Okay, let me take a guess at what this is about, you think that Jen has Nick’s son, you refuse to believe that she doesn’t, and are here to press your point once more. My answer remains the same.”

“I’ve seen him,” Catherine shot back with a smirk. “Pictures on the Former President’s website come in quite handy, especially when you can then compare them to pictures of one Nick Stokes at age nine.”

Sara frowned before glancing out towards the car Catherine came in to make sure no one else was there. “Fine, come in. I’m not having you going and harassing my sister and brother-in-law this morning.” Turning she made her way into the house, heading straight for the kitchen and her coffee pot.

“So, I’m assuming you’ve known all these years that your nephew is Nick’s son…” Catherine challenged after she joined Sara in the kitchen.

Glancing up from the Starbucks coffee Sara rolled her eyes. “I have known about my nephew since the day Jen found out she was pregnant. But my nephew’s father is my late brother-in-law, and his adopted father is my current brother-in-law…”

“Bull shit!”

“What the hell do you want from me Catherine?” Sara demanded, spinning around to look at the other woman. “If, and I am saying this only as an if, my nephew is Nick’s child then that is Nick’s problem, not yours. Whatever happened between Nick and Jen is their business…”

“But you should have said something. You should have told Nick! Especially when he was here,” Catherine shot back.

“What was I suppose to do? At the time my sister was dying as far as any of us knew…”

“Even better reason to tell him he has a child, a child who was losing his mother.”

“Catherine, back off alright? I was facing the death of my sister, and trying to arrange for custody of my nephew to be placed in my hands officially as her will specified. My nephew who’s legal father at the time was the same man on his birth certificate, the same man who was married to his mother for twenty years before his death. Even if Nick was my nephew’s father, he would have had no legal say in my nephew’s life or future. And what court would have ordered a DNA test with the child having a father on the birth certificate and the mother having already established who the child should be left to in her will, a family member who is very well established in their own life.”

“So, your reason for not saying anything is because you were what? Protecting him from the heartache at learning he had a child but had no legal rights to the child? That’s ridiculous.”

“Until you’ve been in anyone’s shoes in that situation you can’t judge!” Sara snapped, smacking her hands against the tabletop in her anger.

“Enough!” Warrick growled from the doorway to the hallway, “Catherine you heard Gina, this is a matter between Nick and Jen whether or not Nicky is his son. Leave Gina alone, walk away now. I’m not going to stand here and watch you harass her.”

“Nice to see where your loyalty lies Rick,” Catherine rolled her eyes before turning to move past him and leave the house. “Oh, and don’t think any of us haven’t figured out you’ve known about Nicky for a while, we may not know how long exactly but we do know you have known.”

“Catherine…” he warned low in his throat and she shrugged before heading towards the front door, only to shriek lightly when something snagged her pants leg, looking down she saw Fawkes holding on to her leg.

“Fawkes, let her go,” Sara called softly and after a moment the bird did as told. With a huff Catherine stomped out of the house. “You don’t have to protect me you know…”

“Who? Me or the bird?” Warrick countered softly, walking over to pull her into a hug.

“Both,” she chuckled softly, looking up when she heard the familiar sounds of little claws on the linoleum. “And I thought the bird was bad in Europe during those years…”

“Fawkes protects you, you should be used to it by now considering he’s already twelve and counting. If not you better get used to it since he’s got another seventy or so years to live.”

“Yeah, I know,” she smiled softly before they heard a knock at the door, then the door opened and Jen entered the kitchen a few moments later.

“Sis?” Sara asked surprise.

“Girl, what are you doing here?” Warrick continued.

“I needed someone to talk to,” Jen said as she leant against the doorway.

"What's wrong?" Sara asked concerned

“Jethro and I just got ambushed,” Jen replied.

"How? Catherine didn't have time to get to you..." Sara frowned.

“It wasn’t Catherine,” Jen said rubbing her face tiredly.

"Who?" Warrick continued.

“Nick and Carrie. They showed up unannounced on our door this morning while Jethro was preparing breakfast, which we never did get to eat,” Jen answered.

"Coffee?" Sara offered, "Since you didn't get breakfast."

“Would love some.”

Sara nodded and set about to making the coffee, knowing it was bad if her sister was saying yes to coffee in the first place. While she was at it she grabbed the coffee cake from the counter and put it on the table. Settling into her seat she took a sip of coffee before looking up at Jen, waiting.

“I don’t know what to do, Gina,” Jen said, taking a sip of her coffee.

"What exactly happened, Sis..."

“Nick and Carrie showed up this morning, wanting to talk about Nicky, saying they knew he was Nick’s son. They had compared a picture of Nicky with one of Nick at the same age,” Jen said quietly.

"I'm going to kill that blonde," Sara muttered under her breath. "What do they want?" she continued aloud as Warrick grabbed her hand under the table, she mentally smiled, wondering if he was holding on to her to keep her from going after Catherine.

“They want to spend time with him, get to know him, at least as an aunt and uncle if not as his father, but I don’t know if I can do that, Gina. I don’t know if I can let my children spend time with them,” Jen said, her voice cracking.

"Sweetheart," Sara sighed softly, reaching over to take her hand across the table. "Sis...part of me is saying you don't have to...you know that. But the other part is saying that we may not get a choice in the matter, Catherine has her mind set on the truth coming out. She sees a wrong that is wrong in her mind and sets out to make it right…even if it isn't necessarily wrong. I'm worried that if we don't give it a shot...she'll find a way to go behind all of our backs and tell the kids. They're not going to take that well, you know it and so do I. Maybe there's another option..."

“Another option?” asked Jen curiously.

"Why don't we start with the kids simply knowing them as Warrick's friends? Don't even try the 'aunt and uncle' names you know. They're friends from Vegas who came to visit. If you think you can handle it, I can do a party or something here to make up for the messed up party last night before they all head back but make it clear that the only way they are getting past my doorstep without the cops being called to escort them off the property is if they abide by set rules. Wonder if Cath would even figure out the rules are basically for her..." she trailed off with a small smile.

“As long as none of them are alone in a room with my children, either you, Warrick, me or Jethro has to be in the room with the kids at all times. I don’t want anything to happen to my children to make this harder on them then it needs to be. I don’t want Catherine to screw up my life any more than she already has. If it wasn’t for her and Jim I wouldn’t be in this bloody mess in the first place,” Jen said.

"I know sis, I know," Sara whispered. "And you know how my kids are, they don't leave yours alone at all. I doubt Cath would try anything with my kids there...and I can tell Sha to keep Fawkes with her, Cath won't try anything then either. Fawkes went after her today...we'll have the whole family...I doubt Cath would try anything with everyone here."

"We wont leave them alone though, Jen," Warrick added with a slight smile.

“Make sure that everyone includes my parents. Heck include Jed and Abbey as well, once they know the situation there is no way Jed will let anything happen to his surrogate grandchildren,” Jen added. “Thanks Rick.”

"Already planned to have them come," Sara smiled. "And I'll get Zoey, Charlie and the kids, Ellie, Vic and the kids...heck I'll even try to see if we can convince Annie and Rick to bring the kids up and Liz to come down and drag Gus and Daria here..."

"Something tells me she'd get every former member of the West Wing who can come here and the President if it would make a difference," Warrick chuckled.

"Don't tempt me."

“Or me, cause the way I feel right now I’m tempted to call Pete and see which of our old teammates he could spare for the day,” Jen said.

"Why not, we haven't had the gang over for a while," Sara shrugged.

“I wonder if Tobias would be interested in coming,” mused Jen. “Then we’d have a former President and family, the current President and family, the Secret Service, NCIS and the FBI present.”

"Leave it to me, Sis, I'll get a houseful," Sara promised. "Hell, I'll have Tony call that lawyer they work with from JAG every now and again and see if he wants to bring his family to a party, sure he doesn't know us but what the hell, right?"

“I just want my children safe, Gina. If I’d had my way…God, when did everything go so wrong? Why can’t God just let me be happy in my life? I have a loving husband and four great kids. Why is he doing this to me?”

"Sis...we both know God doesn't dictate everything in our lives. Free will remember? Catherine's just using her's to make our lives hell," Sara sighed. "Damn gift of free will, I'm so giving God a talking to when I get to heaven. After I see my sister, brother, John, Michael, and Mikey first. That way if he decides to kick me out for telling him off...I'm covered," she smirked lightly.

“I just wish it didn’t hurt so much…seeing Nick, that is,” Jen sighed quietly.

"Oh Sweetheart," Sara sighed. "You want I can make a call...he can visit the fishes..." she winked.

"Should I know something about your acquaintances?" Warrick raised one eyebrow.

"What? I know interesting people..." Sara smiled.

"Remind me to never make her angry, Jen."

“Deal,” replied Jen. “I should probably go rescue my husband if he hasn’t already gotten rid of Nick and Carrie.”

"Okay, lunch at Red Hot and Blue? My treat?" Sara asked with a smile. "Before we go rescue Mom and Dad from the kids?"

“Sounds good, especially since Jeth and I didn’t get breakfast. See you in about an hour?” Jen asked as she stood up.

"Sounds great," Sara agreed. "I so need their blackberry cobbler."

"And to be treated like royalty by our traditional waiter," Warrick teased.

"I can't help it the man has been serving Jen and I since I moved to Waldorf, and he knows us better than we know ourselves..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I swear I should be jealous or something," Warrick countered as Jen made her way towards the door, chuckling at the two.

Saturday January 6th, 2018
Waldorf, Maryland
Peters Residence
10:45 p.m.

"I ever suggest having a party again and manage to invite every member of the Bartlet Clan, the Peters Clan, NCIS Clan, and the former employees of the West Wing...kill me," Sara groaned as she collapsed on her couch. "God, I hurt in places that haven't hurt since I went through twenty-eight hours of active labor."

“Poor Gina,” Jen laughed from her spot next to Jethro on the opposite couch.

"Oh, and next time I hear Alicia talk of any more babies...I'm telling her to go through twenty-eight hours of labor then speak to me," Sara chuckled.

“At least you only went through it once,” countered Jen.

"So true," Sara chuckled once more. "I think things went well though..." she mused thinking over the night. She had, God only knew how, managed to get every member of their extended family down there. When Abbey found out what was going on she ordered her daughters and family back that weekend. And then she made calls to everyone who used to work in the West Wing...it was just downright scary what the woman was able to accomplish.

“I can’t believe you pulled it off and everyone managed not to kill each other,” Jen laughed. “Although, I think Abbey had to stop Jed a few times from going after a few of the people from Vegas.”

"You and me both," Warrick agreed as he sat down next to Sara.

“You think having the entire former West Wing here made an impact on them? I mean for them to hear us talk about it is one thing, to come face to face with the reality of it is something completely different,” Jen said.

"I think we just managed to completely terrify the scientists of CSI...and one former dectective..." Sara trailed off with a frown, sure they knew Jim would be there but seeing him was a whole other matter.

“Where did you and Detective Brass disappear to Jeth?” asked Jen as she remembered seeing her husband disappear with Jim for a short while not that long after the crew of Vegas had arrived, Jim quite a bit paler upon his return.

"Very good question," Sara agreed. "Do tell, my dear brother-in-law."

“I had a few things that the esteemed Detective Brass needed to hear and didn’t want it interrupting the party,” Jethro said with a shrug. “Something about damaged goods, I believe.”

"Good man," Warrick smirked. "He needed a second kick in the butt."

“Believe me, this conversation was well over do,” Jethro said.

"Hear, hear," Sara agreed, raising her cup of water in a toast.

“Think Catherine learned not to mess with us?” wondered Jen.

"I would hope so," Sara shrugged. "But she is stubborn as hell, so..."

“I don’t think the kids were too impressed at any rate. Ginny reacted exactly how I expected her too never leaving mine or Jeth’s side all night,” Jen commented.

"Was the first meeting, she didn't know a lot of the people there...kinda to be expected, Sis," Sara countered softly.

“I don’t think Nick enjoyed the fact that his kids would barely even acknowledge he was in the room besides the initial greeting and I could see it in his eyes that he was not impressed when Nicky greeted him by calling him Sir,” Jen observed.

"Surprising considering he is a Texas boy...he calls everyone Sir or Ma'am...but had to love it when Nicky saluted Jed...and Jed asked him how long it would be until he could attend the Academy," Sara smirked.

“I don’t think Nick or Carrie are too thrilled with the idea that Nick’s son wants to follow his dad,” Jen nudged Jethro, “into the Marines, even though he wants to be an officer like his mother and father.”

"You and me both," Sara chuckled. "Well, I think it was more Nick than Carrie..."

“I know but they both know I lost my first husband because he was a navy officer, Jeth is a former marine, and I’m still an officer in the Navy and I nearly lost my life protecting the Vice President. I think they see it as being more dangerous than it really is,” Jen said.

"Girl...it's dangerous as hell being in the military, you know that. But we don't do it for the danger we do it to protect our country and the rights of every citizen...even those who don't like us," Sara smiled softly. "And they'll get over it."

“They better because there’s nothing they can do about it, hell, there isn’t anything Jeth and I could do about it if we disapproved. Nicky’s had his mind made up since he could talk,” Jen pointed out. “And I think Toby may be leaning the same way.”

"I know he is," Warrick smirked.

“Excuse me?” asked Jen in shock.

"Girl, your sons walk around like little miniature General Patton’s and Admiral John Paul Jones'. If they don't join the military, who will?"

“Very true,” Jen laughed as Jethro chuckled next to her. “At least my girls aren’t leaning that way.”

"Thank God," Sara giggled. "It's going to be quiet enough around here with the two boys gone most of the year once Toby's old enough to go too."

“I somehow see Patty doing something acting wise, she’s the little actress of the group, always putting on plays and acting out her favorite movies while Ginny I see doing something creative, I just don’t know what,” Jen said.

"True...they're yours though...they've got endless possibilities," Sara smiled. "Mine have their hearts set on CSI, a skater and Johnny wants to follow his dad...except he's the odd one, not going to military school."

“Sounds just like his father,” Jen laughed.

"John always did things to his own tune," Sara smiled softly.

“That he did,” Jen said, trying to hold back her yawn.

"Okay, I vote we all crash..." Sara sighed, letting her head fall back against the top of the couch. "You know this thing is looking rather nice to sleep on..."

“As comfortable as these couches are, Gina, I don’t think any of us will appreciate them come morning if we all sleep on them so I think I’ll take Jennifer home,” Jethro said as he helped Jen to her feet.

"You do remember there's a complete bedroom downstairs don't you?" Sara teased. "Your kids are out cold upstairs... if you don't feel like walking..." she shrugged. "Either way I'm taking my butt upstairs..."

“Downstairs works,” commented Jen as she leant against Jethro for support.

“The woman has spoken,” Jethro teased. “Come on Jennifer,” he said as he led her from the room and down to the basement.

"You know, that apartment comes in so handy," Sara chuckled as Warrick helped her to her feet and led her towards the stairs.

"I know, and the bed is quite comfortable. Crashed on it enough times before you officially told the kids," he teased.

"Watch it; you'll end up on the couch since the bed is taken...I doubt my sister and Jeth would want to share."

"Evil woman," Warrick muttered before pushing her slightly towards the bedroom door. "I'll steal the covers if you keep it up."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Try me," he smirked before shutting the door behind them.

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