When the President Calls


December 31st, 2024

The annual year in review entry…

God I’m weird, regardless, the last year in review. First off, the shooting…God help us the shooting… Tony and Ziva were the first wake, as predicted. Then we had the insanity of what happened with Jen…my blasted sister doing the good thing nearly killed her… still remember when we heard that Code Blue announcement… She made it, Thank God! And eventually Jeth woke up as well, he wasn’t paralysed thank heavens, but he has been confined to life with a cane… not that any of us are complaining.

After he finished rehab, we all sat down and talked. He and Jen both gave up the life of agents, retirement…it’s a wonderful word in our family. They decided to finally take a honeymoon, and Warrick and I convinced them to take some time to themselves. The girls are living at our place now, the Peters’ Boarding House as we’re calling it. They have the downstairs apartment, though they do go over to their house whenever they want. And the boys went back to the Academy…

Nicky and Ginny are getting to know Nick and Carrie a bit more, Nicky is still angry with Jen and Jethro and all of us really for never saying anything. Part of me expected it but I know it’s killing Jen. But he’s sixteen, it’s a bit hard to talk to a sixteen year old after all. I’m not sure if he’s in contact with Nick more than Ginny as a way to get back at us, or a desire to honestly get to know the man who provided half his DNA…but honestly, if I had to have a ‘father’ for my niece and nephew out there I wouldn’t want anyone other than Nick. Speaking of which, we just got the news a little while ago that Nick and Carrie are expecting, now there’s a bit of a surprise. His family is thrilled, and they are also a bit pissed at Jen and I…rightfully so, I suppose, we did deny them sixteen years of their grandchildren/niece and nephew’s lives, but as Jackie put it…they can bite me.

I now am down to only two pernament residents of the Peters’ Boarding House, Jackie, Shanti, and Johnny graduated in May and went on their merry ways to college and training in September, leaving me crying every time I walked past their bedroom doors and Warrick figuring out the best way to handle me was to have a tissue on hand at all times. My poor lover. Jackie is at Harvard, her mother’s daughter through and through it would appear, studying Science. She still plans to follow the family legacy into law, another CSI. Johnny’s already entered Annapolis, and Sha is at training camp out in California in preparation for Ireland in two years. It’s so strange having them gone, though they did all come home for Christmas, so I’m thrilled. Even Jen and Jeth came home for the holidays, they’re traveling Europe like the munchkins and I once did.

Nicky and Ginny both got their licences for their birthdays…heaven help us. And they both got spoiled with the car of their choice… within limits of course. Same as my three did. The cars are kept over at the Gibbs house, my driveway can’t handle any more. Ginny’s now taken over driving her and Patty to school, leaving me home alone all day…though I still have my ways to keep occupied. Fawkes and I are in the garden most of the day, and I’ve kept writing. Warrick and the others thought it was hilarious when I started writing fictional novels about a team of CSIs and cases they deal with. Though I think I’m having more fun with the personal lives of these CSIs then the cases. My publisher is after me for the next one…number six and counting…they’re doing pretty good really, though I have a ghost name. My Sha would be thrilled, Samantha Diane Sidle is quite the famous writer…

Oh, other news, Doug Westin died a few weeks ago, a car accident. Liz wasn’t exactly heartbroken, can’t blame her none, he was a bastard; even the kids weren’t quite as upset as they might have been…though Annie and Gus did take it hard just the same. Speaking of which, Gus finally proposed to Daria…though they probably won’t get married for a few years yet.

But, that’s about it, so I’m going to end this past year’s review here and go back to the New Years Eve festivities. Until next year…


October 17th, 2025

Well, as insane as it sounds…it’s finally happened. All these years we’ve been basically savoring every moment until the end, and it’s finally come…Abbey died today. We always thought Jed would go before her, that his disease would take him, and yet here we are today, he still lives, and she is gone. They say it was her heart, during the night…I know that she was never a relative per say, she is Zoey’s mother, the former first lady…but she’s also more… There’ll no doubt be a big funeral, well, not as big as there will be when Jed follows her…but all the same…God help us all, this is not going to be easy. God Abbey…we’re going to miss you…

December 31st, 2026

The Annul Year in Review…

It’s that time of year again and so much has happened this year. First off we had the Olympics back in February, and my girl was there. She did wonderful…she got Gold!!! Sha is so thrilled, she’s not going back for another Olympics though; she’s already signed up with Stars On Ice and went pro. She’s also studying online, but her first love of course is still skating…

Jackie and John are both still at school, they’ve each met someone. Jackie’s Theo is a good man, I like him. But God help me, I’m not ready to be the mother of the bride or groom yet so they can wait in my opinion. John’s girl Susie is a sweetheart, she lives in Annapolis and they literally ran into each other one day at one of the stores in town.

Ginny and Nicky graduated this past spring, Ginny’s already headed down to Orlando to study at the University there, she’s even got an internship at Disney…her mother’s child through and through. Nicky’s gone to the Merchant Marine Academy in New York, he’s quite happy there, we hear from him through e-mail and phone calls often. Now the last one I have here is Patty, she and Toby started ‘High School years’ in September…he’s still at the Academy of course. And I’m back to driving, which in all honesty I’m thrilled with, I get to get out of the house.

Tony and Ziva welcomed their first child this past year, a boy, Tony Jr…poor thing. And Abby and Tim’s little girl is a year. A bit scary really that there are more little ones to spoil and such…and that Tony has a child. The four of them are still working at NCIS, I doubt they’ll leave. Ducky retired finally though, that was a bit of a shock…but he’s around quite often, he’s helping me with new case ideas for the books.

Lindsey got married this year; she and her husband are living in Vegas, enjoying life there. Jim’s grandson Carey is attending WLVU, plans to go into law enforcement like his grandfather. Greg and Lai’s two are wreaking havoc at the local schools of course, and Nick and Carrie’s little girl has everyone wrapped around her finger out there. Nicky and Ginny too are enjoying having another little sister to spoil… Nicky’s finally relaxed in his anger and accepted things... Thankfully.

But I need to close this off for now; Jen is asking where the cider is… I hope we haven’t managed to use it all up…


August 23rd, 2027

Why God? Why?

My little girl died today… oh dear God…

We got the call this morning, there was an accident, she was driving to practice…my Shanti…God, she was so young…you’re not supposed to outlive your children, and now I will have buried two.

Dear God, why…

May 9th, 2028

It’s happening too close now…or we’re just getting old. I’m not sure which it is anymore. Jed finally died. I think that losing Abbey, and then Ellie last year to the cancer…it was too much for his heart. As much as he loves all of us, it was his time. But that doesn’t make it any easier to accept. Liz has already found out, President Phillips has requested to have a state funeral, there’s even talk of having him entombed at Arlington, and Abbey moved to rest beside him. Though I suspect that the family will decide to have him buried next to her back in New Hampshire, as much as he loved America…he loved his home.

So much has happened over the years, so very many things. We just lost Kevin and Pat last year to that horrible accident…a too familiar accident…and Sha…

Warrick just got home, to be continued I suppose…

Miss you like mad Jed…

December 31st, 2030

Another year come and gone.

Jen and Jeth finally came home for good this year, in time to see Patty and Toby graduate. Toby’s followed Nicky to the Academy, and Patty has followed Ginny down to Orlando. Ginny’s working at the parks now, Cinderella…Patty’s going to school and hoping to intern at Disney as well.

My babies graduated from college, Jackie’s already got her first job, she’s out in Alaska of all places, and she and Theo finally married…yes, I was the mother of the Bride. John’s stationed on a carrier out in the South Pacific right now, and Susie and I are planning their wedding for next Christmas…I’m really starting to feel old, then again, for crying out loud I am 59 years old…God knows we’re all getting old…

Liz died this year, cancer like her sister…Charlie has Zoey getting checked up constantly now. But she did live to see her older grandbabies all finish high school except for Eloisa, but she’ll graduate in just two years. She saw Gus and Daria marry and they have two children, Jed and Elizabeth Abigail. He’s working at a hospital in New Hampshire now, and she works at a local Mortuary in town where they live.

Charlie was elected to the House this year, and became a grandfather again. Leo had his second child, a boy, his daughter is two already. He’s living in Atlanta with his family. Nan just got married as well; she’s living out in Chicago, a journalist…

Jen’s joining me in the ‘feeling old’ department; both Nicky and Ginny announced their engagements just a few days ago. Then again many of us are living in that ‘department’. Catherine is a grandmother twice over; she’s living with Lindsey and her family since losing Gil to the heart attack last year. Greg and Lai’s eldest is driving now, their youngest is in middle school already. Carey’s just joined the force out there in Vegas, and many of the ‘generation’ throughout the ‘family’ is now in college or close to being in college…grandchildren are popping up everywhere for those of us in ‘our generation’, honestly, I don’t expect it will be long before I’m getting the call that I’m going to be a grandmother…heaven help us. But, for all my complaining, I’m looking forward to grandchildren, to be able to hold babies again and spoil them. Perhaps to see another generation with John’s eyes or my unique smile. To see my babies with babies of their own.

But I must end this for now; it’s time for the ball to drop.


December 31st, 2031

Life goes on as they say…we lost Catherine and Jim this year, both to strokes. But Cath lived long enough to see her third grandchild born…and Jim saw Carey settle down, he and Julie don’t intend to marry, but they’re happy together.

I saw my own grandchildren join the world this year, John and Susie just welcomed their first children, twin boys: Jonathon Kennedy Peters the third; and Richard Andrew, the wedding was moved up after learning she was pregnant. He’s stationed out of Norfolk now, the family inheireted Kevin and Pat’s house. Jackie too welcomed her first children, twins as well. I’m sensing a scary pattern…she had one of each though, Rose and Michael. And as I’m having fun teasing Jen, she’ll be a grandmother come this time next year. Ginny just informed us she’s expecting her first…the girl doesn’t waste much time…Nicky and his Amy are planning on waiting for children though; they’re living out in California now.

Erin and Thomas are both married now, and Erin had her first child, a girl named Ellie after her mother. She and her family are in California, Thomas is in Pennsylvania now. Little Becky’s in college, she plans to follow her mom into medicine. Annie’s eldest Eli is also studying medicine, her Ángie is married, and both she and her husband are attending the University of Florida. Eloisa is driving now, and living up here with her mom rather than down in Orlando with her father. She’s hoping to get into Georgetown like her great-aunt Zoey.

Alicia and Thomas both finally retired, his heart is getting bad…heaven help us when we lose him. For now though, we’re all enjoying time together. Alicia is over nearly every day and we bug Jen constantly. Jethro, Rick and Thomas have all taken up golf like the old men they’re supposed to be, I suspect it’s mostly just an excuse to get away from the three of us when we’re being silly all day

As they say, life does go on… it’s amazing sometimes how fast it does though…


Tuesday Fabruary 14th, 2034
Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World Resort
Italy Pavilion
10:23 a.m.

Smiling to herself, Sara glanced around at everyone gathered in the courtyard of the Italy Pavilion…her family. Well, everyone save Charlie who had passed the previous summer, Zoey took over his seat in the House until the term was up. But for now, everyone still alive and kicking was there with them, gathered at Disney World.

Warrick had finally convinced her to make it legal as Nicky put it. And when she said yes…well, you would have thought she told him they won the lottery. Who knew a 64 year old man could still act like a sixteen year old. The next thing she had known, they were planning a wedding at Disney World…something told her she was quite possibly one of the oldest people to be married at the Park…

And so she found herself in Italy, with the reminder of Venice where they had first kissed…twenty something years earlier. Everyone had come; Nicky was there with his wife Amy, who was due to pop any day almost with their first child, a son. Ginny was there too of course, taking the day off from duty as Cinderella, her husband Andy by her side. Patty had become an Imagineer for Disney, and was still single, just like Toby who was stationed in Germany but had managed to make it out for the wedding.

Then there was her kids, both John and Jackie were there. John now a father of three with one-year-old Tiffany. Jackie too had a third child, Betsy was two now. It was a bit scary that they were grandparents many times over now. Speaking of which…looking over Sara smiled when she saw her grandchildren with the four Disney Characters they had requested: Mickey and Minnie of course, and Belle and the Beast since that had become her and Warrick’s theme for Halloween’s over the years. At least until they declared they were entirely too old to be dressing up anymore.

“You look happy,” Jen teased as she sat down next to Sara.

“I am,” Sara smiled. “You know, I think I can handle spending the next twenty or so years like this…”

“You expect us to live close to ninety?” Jethro chuckled.

“Why not? Look how much we’ve made it through…besides, we stick around long enough, we might see Annie become a great-grandmother.”

“Stick around twenty years we might see ourselves become great-grandparents,” Warrick teased as he joined them.

“I can live with that,” Sara smiled before looking at her family once more. Yes, she could live with that. It took half her lifetime to find a family…she was quite content to keep them as long as possible now that she had them. And she thanked God she came when the President called.

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