The Grass Is Always Greener

Chapter 15

Dearest Adrianna,

How are your holidays faring so far? Petunia is being an absolute bore. As you know, she is deigning to speak to me now but she flinches and cowers every time I lean in her direction. It’s so over the top and just – ugh! It infuriates me so much and she knows it.

Also, she’s gone and got herself a boyfriend. They’ve only been dating a few weeks but he is the most horrendous creature I’ve ever met. Although, I’m not sure where he ranks against the heinous Potter. I’ve still not forgiven him for the whole Snape incident; that was awful. He’s sent me a letter (Potter, that is) – as if I’m going to answer it. Sorry, Adie, I know he’s your friend but I can’t abide him.

Anyway, enough of my ranting. How are you? How are your parents? Please, please just come to stay at mine or Em’s for a couple of weeks. I know you can’t and you won’t, I just feel so bad for you trapped in that lonely house for six weeks.

Tons of love,


Lovely Lily,

Hah, Petunia doesn’t know how lucky she is – she could have had a sister like mine. Seriously, if only we could do a sibling swap. Imagine how much happier our lives would be! Petunia’s just jealous, Lily, I’m sure deep down she wishes she could take it all back and go back to how things used to be. At least you two had a period where you were close – or does that just make it harder?

I’m sorry to hear about her beastly boyfriend though, gross. Lily, I can’t deny that how James and Sirius acted with Snape made me sick to my stomach but it’s not their usual behaviour, I swear. His usual behaviour, on the other hand, is creating Dark spells and hanging out with Malfoy so screw him.

My family, how are things going with my family? How do you think? I hate him, I hate him so much! Bloody Malfoy – how else could my parents know about me hexing Snape or about the fact that I’m friends with James and Sirius?

It was mostly the whole “Friends with a Potter??” thing that they reacted the worst too. I think they may have secretly been quite proud of me hitting Snape. It’s a Slytherin thing to do, right? Awful, the things I’ve got to do to gain their approval.

But, yes, they despise the Potters. My mother actually loses her cool façade in order to rant about their “superior, ‘oh-so-perfect’ attitude’. It’s insane. I reckon something went down between my mother and Mrs Potter – my mum’s reaction to the very mention of the P-word is unreal. So, I have a few new, rather impressive bruises to show you when we return. Sorry, I know you hate it when I joke about the situation – I just can’t see any way to change it or make it better. I think the way my family feel about me is the one thing I have managed to accept about my life.

Depressing moment over. Have you heard from Em? She hasn’t written to me yet and I miss her!



P.S. Send me a copy of the letter James sent you? It’ll give me a good laugh!

Hey Adie!

Greetings from Bordeaux – that’s in France, by the way, you uneducated halfwit. Lily told me to write to you, sorry I forgot I’ve just been busy reading… She also told me to tell you that under no circumstances is anyone to read the words that “foul Potter boy” sent her. I’ll tell you that we can just wrestle it out of her once we get back to school.

It’s horribly hot here and I miss the overcast weather in England although I never thought I’d say it. Plus, we’re staying at a Muggle resort and my parents won’t let me read any obviously magical books in public; how do they expect me to complete all my summer reading in time for school? Ugh.

I hope you’re well. I never know what to say to you, Adie. I love you and it hurts to see you hurt. I wish there was something we could do to help you; you really don’t have to endure this stuff. You really don’t, Adie. We ignore this problem going on in your life all the time but it’s such a huge thing. It is not okay and it’s not something that ‘just happens’ in life.

Emotional rant over, write back soon. The owl will know where to find me (I feel like a fugitive, writing that down).

Love you,


Emmeline Vance!

One, how could you forget to write to me, the most fabulously wonderful person you know?! And two, I know where Bordeaux is, you condescending cow. Pah. Three, Evans better fear us – we will discover her secrets (or I could just ask James what he wrote?). Four, only you would be blessed enough to spend a few weeks in sunny south of France and waste it reading. Five, you set that list of summer books for yourself. Loser (and yes, I do realise I did exactly the same but it’s not like I have anything better to do).

Em, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to describe my messed up family dynamic to you. My parents, they don’t want to hurt me and they don’t hate me. They are not cruel people. They are just so disappointed in me; they don’t know how to make me be everything they expect me to be. The violence is the only thing they know to do, it’s what they were raised with (although I doubt they ever did much to warrant it). I can always see the pain in their faces every time.

The worst thing is, I suppose, that I can never really resent them for it. I love them so much and I would do anything to make them proud, if I could. I just can’t though, I can’t be the daughter they want. There’s a part of me that wishes I wasn’t the way I was although I’ve been blessed with such great friends as you and the Marauders. It would just have made my life a lot easier and I just wish my parents liked me more. Isn’t that awful?

I don’t really want to talk about it much more, I already wrote to Lily about the situation too. I just want to live for today.

I love you too,



It is your beloved James here, I bet you’re missing me so much! I am positively wasting away without you, my Slytherin princess. I cannot live without my life, I cannot live without my soul! Moony keeps giving me these Muggle books to read; Sirius keeps telling me they’re girls’ books. I don’t really care, Heathcliff is one scary guy.

Anyway, how’s your holiday going? I am clearly bored to bits, hence my writing to you. As if I would ever voluntarily write something unless it was the last thing between me and dying of boredom! Although, I’m probably having a better time than you – shut up in a stuffy mansion with your snotty sister and your scary parents. It must be so dull.

Tell me, how many awful pure-blood events have you had to go to? Have you seen Sirius at any? Please get pics of him in dress robes, I’d die laughing! Have you had to dance with anyone super creepy like Avery or Nott? Gross.

Much love,


P.S. Lily told me that on no accounts was I to tell you what I wrote to her a couple of weeks ago. Which is a shame because I was really proud of the poem bit. It was great. I’ve been feeling really inspired after reading that Jane’s stuff. Classic.


I may have just puked a little in my mouth. Never, ever refer to me as your “Slytherin princess” again, for the sake of my sanity. No, fool, I am not missing you or your utter insanity at all. Well, maybe a teeny, tiny bit…

And you are right, there is no way on this Earth that you could be having a worse time than me! Callie is driving me mad, she’s so sniffy and condescending. Don’t even get me started on the “events”, as you so kindly phrased them. I’d be more inclined to use the words “living” and “hell” (and no, I haven’t seen the older Mr Black at any of them).

I’ve already been dragged to a couple of balls and the Malfoys themselves are holding some horrendous event in a week’s time. I am dreading it – I don’t know how Sirius gets out of going to these monstrosities. I wish I knew his secret.

Now James, it is time for me to revert to begging mode. The bit about a poem has dragged this conversation out of the post-scripts. GIVE ME THE LETTER. Please! Or else I’ll spoil the end of Sense and Sensibility for you…

Much loving for you,


Dear Adie,

I’m guessing that James has neglected to write you back? I haven’t heard from him in a week, he must have found something to occupy his time. Which is nice for some – I, however, am still finding my holidays rather dull.

My parents are so overprotective. They don’t seem to understand that apart from ‘that time of the month’, I live a completely normal life. They treat me like a complete invalid. I suppose that really I shouldn’t be so ungrateful; they only do it because they care.

Oh yes, in James’ last letter he did mention your long list of engagements for the summer. I do hope you aren’t suffering too badly – a ball at Malfoy Manor sounds quite appalling.

Speak to you soon,


Hello Remus,

No, I haven’t heard from James either. He’s probably off writing more love letters for Lily, poor bloke! He’s not going to be getting a favourable response from her anytime soon – she’s in a foul mood over Petunia’s new boyfriend and James still isn’t forgiven about the whole Snape-incident.

Actually, all these balls aren’t too bad; they get me out of that house at least. Reg and Cissy keep me entertained (I know you aren’t exactly their biggest fans, but they really are good friends to me). However, Cissy does have to spend most of her time dancing with that insufferable blond git which does mar the atmosphere somewhat. Reg is an absolute star though; he always makes sure I’m having an alright time.

Malfoy Manor was appalling because of the amount the arsehole was showing Narcissa off like some prize pony he’d just purchased. It made me feel quite sick.

Anyway, only a just over a week left and then I’m back at proper home!

Until then,



I am in such shock right now! I can’t believe he’s actually done it – amazing, he’s kind of grown in my estimation after this… But more importantly, what are you going to do now? I mean, doesn’t this open up a world of opportunity to you if Sirius has managed to get away with it?

God, like I said, complete shock.



What the hell are you talking about? Breathe and then resume story.



Have you not heard? I would have thought Sirius would have written to you too, or James at least; this is kind of big news, especially for you.

Sirius has run away from home. He has left the Black house forever. As in, his mother’s blasted him off the family tree and disowned him and everything. He’s living with James now. He’s free.

You could do it too. You should do it too. If he can do it, so can you. Funny that he didn’t write to you.

See you soon.


Adie folded the already crumpled not one more time before placing it back in the drawer of her desk. It had arrived a week ago; today was the last day of the summer holidays.

Yes, a week had passed and yet Adrianna could still not sort out the mess of emotions she felt. Primarily, she thought it was a sort of scared happiness. Did this really create opportunities for her? Would it be possible for her to make a similar escape? The thought made Adie feel shaky and nauseous, yet excited at the same time.

Also, as much as she tried to deny it to herself, there was a sense of hurt underlying all of this. Hurt and confusion; why would Sirius not write to her to let Adie know of this huge development? She thought their friendship had advanced – that he would know how much of an impact an act like that could have on her situation.

Adie continued to wonder whether it had all gone wrong between her and Sirius or if she was just reading too much into his silence as she continued to pack.

Oh well, she thought grimly as she chucked a Slytherin tie at her trunk, I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow…

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