The Grass Is Always Greener

Chapter 3

“Honestly, Adrianna, you should just stop talking to them.” Regulus was on her right, Cissy to her left. “They’re no good for you. You’ll end up like my brother.”

Adrianna pulled a face at this comment. “I’ll have you know I am not friends with Sirius. And they’re absolutely great for me.”

Narcissa poked her arms softly but pointedly. “They’re obviously not.”

“I wouldn’t fit in no matter who my best friends were.”

“It’s not about fitting in; it’s about surviving.”

“And Cissy, I want to live – not just survive.”

The trio of friends fell into silence again; each contemplated their own impending fate. None of the teenagers had what one could call the best home life.

Narcissa was doomed to marry Lucius Malfoy and, therefore Adrianna thought, also become his personal slave. They all knew she’d be the ultimate trophy wife. She’d spend the rest of her life running around after him, expected to organise his life and take on his every belief and view. To be an extension of that, Adrianna thought of Lucius contemptuously, is no sort of life at all. Narcissa definitely has it worse than me.

Regulus was the youngest and the most beloved son of the Noble House of Black. Since Sirius had turned out to be such a disappointment, all the responsibility to bring glory to the family lay on Reg’s shoulders and he resented his older brother for that immensely. Reg probably has it worse than me too, decided Adrianna. He’d be forced to marry a lifeless pure-blood bimbo and shout abuse at Muggles for the rest of his life.

“I should have been a Hufflepuff or something.” Adrianna said mournfully.

“Oh sweet Salazar, don’t say that! That’s worse than being a Gryffindor for goodness’ sake…”

“The house of rejects though, that fits me perfectly! Seriously, though what the hell even is a Hufflepuff?”

“I’m not sure… They don’t seem to have any special qualities. Not smart, brave or cunning.”

The three laughed. Yeah, Adrianna thought, better to be a Slytherin than a Hufflepuff…

At this point, ‘the posse’ (as Regulus had dubbed them) swept into the Common Room. Unfortunately for Adrianna, being friends with his fiancée meant that she saw an awful lot more of Lucius Malfoy than she really wanted.

He hated her and the feeling was perfectly mutual. He couldn’t stand her Muggle-loving ways and her friendships with Gryffindors and Squibs. She knew he was the one who had written to her parents in her First Year. They’d have inevitably found out anyway, but Adrianna deeply resented the way Lucius had gotten involved with her personal business.

“My darling Narcissa, Regulus and our little Adrianna – how are we faring being back at Hogwarts? I do hope we all enjoyed a pleasant Christmas break?” His silky smooth tone immediately riled Adrianna. He was the sort of person that was completely incapable of ever sounding sincere.

“It was fine thank you, Lucius.”

“Sirius didn’t cause to much familial discord, I hope.”

“He kept himself to himself.”

Lucius nodded to himself. The gesture suggested that if Regulus’s answer had differed, Malfoy would have gotten involved. This infuriated Adie.

“Well, my break was nice. I did miss everyone though,” Adrianna flashed a wide grin and Lucius looked at her somewhat warily. “But I kept in contact, you know? And Lily sent me the most wonderful gift: clothes from some of her favourite Muggle shops.”

She knew it would anger them and their reactions didn’t disappoint. Calliope, sitting across from her, looked away in disgust as if she was ashamed to be related to her (she probably was, Adrianna realised). Alecto mimicked her leader almost unconsciously.

Narcissa rested her head on her hand with a faint tinge of exasperation which was as close to expressing emotion as she was likely to get. Regulus just cleared his throat uncomfortably.

A thunderous look passed across her nemesis’s face for a split second before he collected himself. He stood up slowly and as much as Adrianna hated to admit it to herself, she felt a small twinge of fear in the pit of her stomach.

Lucius grabbed her arm from where it lay on the sofa.

“One day, Adrianna, you will finally learn your lesson. What we’ve been trying to tell you for years will finally pass through that dense skull of yours,” There was a steely look in his eyes that made Adrianna want to turn her face away from his. “You are a Greengrass, a Slytherin. This is not some mould that you can break with your ‘rebellious ways’. You should save yourself a lot of heartache and just submit now.”

He turned on his heel, stalking out of the main Common Room and through the maze of tunnels that led to the various dormitories. His faithful posse followed suit.

Regulus also stood up from the sofa. He shot a look at his friend, full of sympathy but a helpless look all the same, before leaving the two females alone.

“I hate to say this, Adrianna, I really do… But he’s right.” Narcissa’s voice was full of regret, her eyes were blank. “Sooner or later, you’re just going to have to do it; do what I do, every single day. For your own sake, I have to agree with Lucius – just start being a good pure-blood girl. Make it sooner rather than later.”

Narcissa took this as her exit cue, leaving Adrianna alone and very close to giving up. However, it would just never be as easy as they all made out, could it?

She felt like she tried so hard at home, to fit in and to please her parents because, honestly, she loved them and wanted them to love her back. But maybe they were all right. Maybe she wasn’t trying hard enough.

She shook herself. Adrianna Greengrass would waste no more time thinking about this… morbid subject. Narcissa was right: the ‘engagement’ day would arrive but Adrianna would wait until the last possible moment before submitting to what they all wanted of her. They’d have to take her kicking and screaming to her executioner, to her pure-blood pedigree husband.

Live for the present, she thought, carpe diem!

Yeah. Carpe Diem…

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