The Grass Is Always Greener

Chapter 30


Former Auror Sirius Black has been arrested and will be sent to Azkaban, without trial, following the murder of thirteen Muggles and wizard Peter Pettigrew. This tragic event comes just days after the downfall of You-Know-Who and his murder of Black’s “best friends” James and Lily Potter. Officials believe that Black, as Secret Keeper for the Potters, revealed their location to the Dark Wizard acting as a double agent.

Black’s mass-murder was a brutal killing of twelve innocent Muggles as well as another of his school friends, hero Peter Pettigrew. Pettigrew attempted to defend the memory of his departed friends and alerted the world to Black’s betrayal before the madman created an explosion, killing everyone in the surrounding area. All officials could find of Pettigrew, was a severed finger; he has been awarded the First Class Order of Merlin, posthumously. Both this and the remaining part of Mr Pettigrew have been sent to his family.

Minister for Magic Crouch has decreed that Black will not be put to trial but sent to Azkaban immediately. Many are angry that he has not been sentenced to the Dementors’ Kiss. He hass been sentenced for being responsible for the deaths of Pettigrew, the twelve Muggles, and James and Lily Potter.

Many believe the trigger of Black’s behaviour to be the death of his fiancée, Adrianna Greengrass, last August. Her death had a large impact on the wizarding community as the first pure-blood murdered by He –Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’s army. Her sister, Calliope Greengrass, writes in the Commentary section of today’s Prophet, discussing her sister’s positive contributions to society, how Adrianna would have reacted to Black’s actions, and why she herself was prompted by her sister’s death to leave the Death Eaters society. The Ministry is also looking into potential links between Black and the death of Adrianna Greengrass; they believe he may have been involved in her murder too. Calliope Greengrass strongly denies this idea, stating “he loved her in a very pure way and would never have done anything to hurt my sister. Although I find his recent actions to be reprehensible, of course, I believe my sister’s death to have been the trigger for these actions. I do not think Black would have had a hand in Adrianna’s murder”.

Our thoughts are with the Pettigrew family. Lily and James Potter are survived by their only son, Harry. To read more about Harry Potter’s miraculous survival against You-Know-Who, turn to page 4.

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