A dark passionate love story where human emotions know no boundaries. It's a MANAN fantasy where every right thing has been done in the wrong way. She is like crystal clear water. He is like a rock-solid mountain. She is naïve and innocent; loves to love and to be loved. For him, love is inconstant and overly hyped and relationships are just social obligations. For her, life is a fairy tale if you want to be the ‘Cinderella’. However, for him, fairy tales are only for morons. Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy two opposite personas collided in the circumstances of jealousy, hidden attraction, insecurities, and sacrifices. Will their story meet a desired destination or remain a tangled saga. Will they survive or be destroyed by each other?

Romance / Fantasy
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“You are the last leaf in my snow-clad winter heart”

Manik leaned forward and laid his rough lips on her. He was kissing her petal-like lips with so much care that if Nandini is a glass doll and a negligible extremity could break her fragility. Nandini, on the contrary, being against her nature was a little bit restless. She was trying to devour his lips in such sheer desperation as this moment will not sustain in their life for a long.


Nandini was shivering with cold. Her cracked lips and dried throat desperately needed water. But she couldn’t come out from this deserted hideout. She couldn’t risk her unborn child’s life. She had to save the innocent soul from the ‘MONSTER’.


“Nandini, You didn’t do it right”. Manik nodded his head in desperation. “ You lied to me. You too deprived me of my deserved love. But you forgot that everything comes with a price tag. So you too will have to pay for your deeds ‘LOVE’. No one can snatch anything from my grip which belongs to me.” Manik gulped the scotch in one shot.


The prologue has some scattered parts of this story which easily could indicate that it would be a roller coaster journey for ′ Manan’. Welcome to a dark passionate love story of two individuals who easily could say.....” It’s a Malevolent Love”

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