Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 10: Snape's advice

As Harry promised they visited Professor Snape's house, of course Harry had already talked to him before hand and explained the motive for their visit, the wizard was happy to hear that his little Snakes were going to visit him, but of course he didn't express that feeling to Potter. Any visitor is still a visitor in his old eyes.

That morning they arrived in Spinner's End precisely on the hour they had planned.

-I was wondering why you were so punctual Potter, but now I remember that Granger is with you, come on in'- Severus moved and allowed them entry into his home, his statement not having any of his usually malice in, all honestly he was feeling too old for any of it.

-'Thank you for having them here Professor Snape'- Hermione said in greeting before following Harry into a room, facing a portrait on the mantel place.

-'Hi mom! So you are here, Father told me that you were visiting an old friend'- Lily looked up from her book, putting it down on the little round coffee table she gave the occupants her full undivided attention.

-'Yes dear, so you're visiting Severus too? How unusual, oh! I get it the guys wanted to pay him a visit right?'- Lily placed her hands on her lap

-'Yes, and they're spending a couple of days with him, Mione and I have some business to attend to.'- Harry explained, trying to not make it sound as if Severus was on babysitting duty.

-'Well, is that's so, then you better solve your problems quickly, the faster the better, I don't want you causing any trouble to other'- Lily berated as if talking to 5 year old children.

-'Yes Mrs Lily, we have to go now, so see you later Boys, be good… and sorry for the intrusion professor I hope you have a good day'- Hermione glared at a still rooted Harry, she wanted to get these next couple of days over and done with. With a sigh he nodded to the boys before following Hermione's retreated form.

-'Tea anybody?-' A resounding chorus of- 'yes please'- filled the room. Severus, with his usual black robe on, left the room and entered the kitchen knowing full well his Godson was following him, leaving the other two to peruse his books.

Draco stared at his ex-professor, headmaster and current godfather with an unbelievable expression.

-'Why would you never tell me that you were alive? My parents were sad thinking you were dead, and me too'- Draco willed the tears to go away.

-'If you're wondering how I am still alive, I can only tell you it's because of Granger's amazing abilities, I didn't think someone would care about me besides Potter and Granger, I mean your parents and I were friends of course, well I was closer to your Mother than your Father, but I just didn't think they would care about me that much, I apologize for making them worry… and of course I apologize to you'- Severus face him after switching his stainless steel kettle on, the hurtful look on his Godson's face nearly broke him.

-'And… are you going to explain me how did you survive?'- Asked Draco.

-'As I told you before it was Granger's doing, she managed to somehow control and neutralize the venom of Nagini'- Severus was still in awe that she of all people would save him, so kind and so gentle.

-'Any way I'm glad to see you alive'- the tears had disappeared now that Draco was helping him by fetching the milk from his fridge.

-'Thank you Draco… and I am sorry about your father I also heard that you're under Granger protection, how are you doing? She can be a little annoying sometimes'- Severus asked curiously as he carried two cups into the room and Draco grabbed the other two.

-'Well, he's still under investigation, or at least that was what my Mother told me in her last letter, Granger… we understand each other, unbelievable right? Well we refrain ourselves from insulting so we can interact peacefully… the most surprising thing is her relationship with Potter'- he muttered hoping to obtain some information from the ex-teacher.

-'Not surprising, they were together all the time ever since they entered through Hogwarts walls, I always believed that someday they would be a couple'- Answered Severus like it was the most obious thing.

-'No, they're not lovers, they are brother and sister, I asked James Potter about it and he said that they were close before Potter moved to the manor, so I was thinking how in the world do people become like that, or at least when did they start to feel like family and why'- Assured Draco.

-'Why did you want to know about their relationship?'- Snape asked suspiciously.

-'Because he fall in love with Granger… or something like that, or he doesn't know how he feels about his feelings for Granger'- Theo piped up from a green high back tub chair as Severus handed him a warm drink.

Severus just stood quiet, trying to assimilate the things that Theo had said.

-'Weren't you in the library?'- Said Draco angrily.

-'Yes, but you took a long time, and Blaise fall asleep, so I thought about joining you both in here'- Theo smiled an evil smile.

Draco and Theo sat in chairs as Severus stared at the portrait where his best friend stood only an hour earlier, still trying to process the information.

-'Is that true Draco? What Theo has said?'- Asked Snape a bit worried.

-'Yeah more or less'- Confessed Draco to his Godfather, whom he thought of a rather Father figure.

-'Do you want my advice? Or do you just want me to tell you something more... Meaningful?'- Severus glared at his Godson.

-'Both, I think I need both'- Draco sighed, knowing Severus would only tell him the truth. Was he prepared for that?

-'First, don't dwell on what we discussed earlier, Potter is really private about that, he can smell the danger or he can tell when things aren't normal. Lily says it's almost a gift. I think it is years of being semi attached to Voldemort. He's friends with powerful wizards, witches and magical creatures that would do anything he asked them to, he's very skilled with a wand, but of course you know this, he's a beast in different ways, and the most important thing is that he is the Death master who has the invisibility cloak, the Elder wand, and the resurrection stone, in other words he's dangerous, my advice is TO NOT GET yourself INVOLVED with his affairs- Severus sat on the visitor chaise in front of the younger boys. -'About the other information, I can only talk about Potter's experiences, he lived with an Aunt, the Sister of his Mother, a simple muggle. I know her very well from my days as a young boy. She's afraid of magic and never gave Harry a single display of affection, she didn't care about him, nor even her husband, and their Son was a despicable person, up until late, I have talked to Potter in great detail and he has, in confidence, confided in me about the things they would do to him. In our world he is the "boy-who-live" but in the muggle world, in that family he was a nuisance, a problem, a waste of space, the only place where he could find love and friendship was Hogwarts, but in his first year he faced the dark lord and Quirrel, and that was the start of all his disgraces, second year the basilisk, he came across many people who would kill him for the right prize. Stuff like that does stuff to a person, he became afraid of people and what they would do to him. He became closed in and anxious, Harry think it is all his fault that a lot of people died and have been seriously maimed for the light to win. Granger was... and is, the closest to him despite Weasley, Weasley was close to the two of them but not now. The Weasley's adopted Potter like another son, so for him the Weasley's are more like a family like aunts, uncles and cousins, but for Granger they are dear and close friends only, talking about friends the Lovegood family are very close to the two of them, both Eagles are very clever… that doesn't meant that they're lucid. I know Hermione is like a Sister to Harry... I unlike some, do not go about asking anybody and everybody.'- Severus stopped himself from hissing at his Godsons stupidity.

-'Well… I don't think the Lovegood are crazy, they are a bit… different'- Theo noted rather pertinently. Snape only glared at him intensely as if he had grown another fully functional head.

Draco only smiled at his opportunity to get back at Theo. -'You only say that because Luna is your girlfriend and her Dad is your future Father in law, but atlas not everyone can see past the crazy'-

-'Your girlfriend is Luna Lovegood? You are as crazy as her'- Said Severus surprised.

-'You could say that'- Theo chuckled at the comment

-'Enough on this, Draco, go and wake up Blaise, it's time to eat I'm getting rather peckish.'- Severus watched as Draco sulkily went to library to fetch Blaise, waiting for the two to return –with a flick of his hand- food appeared on a make shift table.

Harry's side of the world-

Harry and Hermione visited the Weasley's, whom were warmly welcomed as usual, Harry excused himself from the kitchen table when he saw a familiar corporal hare shaped patronus jumping through the wards and down the garden path, he left Hermione with Ginny whom was planning a shopping trip. Automatically he dissaparated back to the Black's Manor.

-'Glad to see you again Harry'- Harry turned on the spot to see a Luna smiling up at him.

-'Yes, it's been a while'- he laughed ironically, but his eyes still held the same warmth in them for her.

-'You understood my message? I was wondering if it was clear enough'- They walked through the living room.

-'Well the war has ended yes, but the code is still in my head. So, what is the danger?'- Harry asked getting straight to the point.

-'First you have to promise me that Theo will be safe by your side'- Luna's eyes shone a strange light as she asked such a thing from her old friend.

-'Solemnly swear'- Harry held his wand over his heart before putting it back in his holster.

-'Ok, I think Malfoy has some curious wrackspurts in his head, he asked me about the beginning of your relationship with Hermione, and the motives and the events that started your sibling relationship up, as you know the curiosity isn't something bad but in a Snake's head it isn't something good either. I just wanted to warn you, if you don't want to give him any explanations watch your words in front of him, Theo told me about his research with your Father, yes Harry don't look me like that, Theo is not infected by the wrackspurts, and he's not lying to me either'- Said Luna calmly.

-'How can you be so sure? The grass goblins tell you?'- Harry asked curiously, knowing full well Luna believed in them.

-'Well, not really, some truth potion on my lips and a warm kiss confirm it'- Luna batted her eyelids innocently.

Harry stared at Luna and then started laughing at her sly ways of getting information. -'Ok, ok I understand…but I can't believe that you actually gave Veritaserum to your boyfriend.'-

-'I trust him, but he's loyal to his friends too, so that was the only solution that came to my mind… well that or make him eat some grass goblin saliva, but it's quite difficult to get a hold of it'- Luna distractedly stared out of the window.

-'Ok, but why does Malfoy want to know about my relationship with Hermione?'- Harry's body radiated worry as his thoughts went haywire.

-'Draco admitted to me and the boys that he might have fallen for Hermione but he wasn't sure about his feelings, don't misunderstand how reserve he is. He don't know how it feels to be in love'- Luna explained to try soften Harry's expression.

-'So, he's not sure, I can understand that… what does all of this have to do with my relationship with her?'- Harry features softened a bit.

-'Maybe he's only curious about that, he told me about when you erased his mark, that is enough to awake someone's curiosity, and maybe he knows about your secret, or he has some idea about it'- Said Luna in a soft voice.

-'Yeah, maybe, in any case I have to tell Hermione… no, that's probably a bad idea, Mione is in love with him… not that she will admit it, or maybe she thinks that's impossible, since Ron, she's so cautious about her feelings- Said Harry seriously thinking on what the best course of action would be.

Luna meanwhile started dancing around the room leaving Harry to his own thoughts for a while.

-'I'm hungry, do you mind if I prepare some tea?'- Luna brought Harry from the gutter of his thoughts.

"Someone is coming" That was the real message in her words, did it mean someone like Malfoy was going to be joining there ranks or was it a more dangerous meaning.

-'Yes please, three cups'- Harry felt the essence of Ron, winking an eye to Luna that smiled in return as they retreated for a warm brew in the kitchen.

Some minutes later Ron stepped in the room, yelling at Harry about how he left him alone with three girls that wanted to go shopping, he saluted Luna as she offered him a cup of strong coffee. Ron retelling the "awesome adventure of Lav and Ron" for second time.

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