Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 11: Poisonous situation

When Harry returned to the Weasley's House Hermione was waiting for him patiently.

-'Where have you been?'- She asked intently trying to look into his soul for answers.

-'Luna forgot something at my house and so I met her at Black's Manor so I could return it to her and then Ron joined us'- Harry lied almost innocently at his eldest friend.

-'That girl, the only reason she doesn't lose her head is because it's glued on her shoulders' -Hermione sighed, believing what Harry said to be true

-'Well, I think we should be going, we have to spend some time with your Aunt and the rest back at Godric's Hallow. I have already informed the curator that we're going to spend a few days there so the museum can close on time. I wish to visit the Dursley's … Merlin I cannot believe that the obliviate spell does not affect them, maybe they have some resistance. Anyway I am obligated to say hello to Dudley, he said he wants to see me… well, I really do appreciate that you choose to accompany me on my little journey but we do only have a week or the babysitter, who is taking care of our little Snakes, is going to get mad and grumpy'- Harry smiled at the end.

-'Now I know why professor Snape doesn't like you that much… you're like your father in that way'- Hermione sniggered and disappeared out of sight, Harry only rolled his eyes and disappeared following her into oblivion.

The Snakes side (a few days later)-

Malfoy, Theo, and Blaise were walking through the Heroes alley, a new alley that was created after the war, that alley was like a tribute to the muggle culture, many restaurants, cafeterias, shops and other things that could be found in the muggle side of the universe was gathered there, but with the magic style in the facades, it was like a muggle mall but with the magic appearance. The snakes were wandering around. Malfoy didn't like going out very often and so he never knew about the Heroes alley, so the guys took him to their favorite restaurant, and let him wander in and out of the shops.

-'This is wonderful; I have never expected to find this high quality kind of pancakes'- Said Malfoy while ordering some waffles in a cafeteria.

-'How do you know waffles?'- Asked a curious Theo.

-'Hermione occasionally makes me some of them at home, they're the most delicious thing in the world, but she said that I was getting addicted so she only now make them twice in a week, or when "mysteriously" the other ingredients are gone, so she can only make waffles'- Draco smiled devilish at his pancake almost as if the high sugary food understood.

-'You are pure evil, poor Hermione… how are they?'- Blaise smiled at the pure shining face that Draco had when his waffles arrived floating at their table.

-'Decent, but the ones that Granger makes me are a lot better'- Draco looked disappointed whilst biting into his food.

-'Do you know the meaning of your words?' -Theo placed his food back on to his paper plate. He wondered if Malfoy released he switched between calling her 'Hermione' and then 'Granger'.

-'Yes, what I mean and say is the truth, they are better'- Sugar and syrup threatened to slip from his slim lips as he spoke honestly.

-'Man, you're impossible…'- Theo began before being rudely interrupted.

-'Shame on you Malfoy, I never expected that a pure blood like you could possibly be eating here… in the muggle side of our world'- An annoying girl's voice loomed over the trio, when Draco turned to face the one that interrupted his meal, he found Pansy Parkinson in front of them, hands clinging to her bag almost as if she expected to be attacked

-'I can eat whatever I like wherever I decide to eat, and I see you also are here?'- Draco altered his playful voice to that one full of terror and authority.

-'I'm not here because I want to be, I'm here because I don't have any other option this is the only way to get to Diagon alley, the alley that is especially for us pure bloods- Pansy's nose rose a few inches in the air almost offended he had noticed her being there.

-'Like I care, where are your manners? Miss. Pure blood, I'm not alone, show some respect to my friends here'- Malfoy sneered at her disgustedly

-'They're not considered people anymore, they're traitors, so I don't have to salute them, and do you know that they're friends with Potter? And not only that, they're living with him in the Black's Manor'- Pansy whined trying to rile Draco up.

-'No way! Really?'- Draco's mouth formed an 'O' shape for a dramatic effect. -' I don't remember me telling you to dig up information on my friends and prepare them on a platter for me, I already am aware of their living arrangements. I am ok with it. Your face is beginning to annoy me so unless you have something nice to say disappear'- He silently began to wish he could hex her or worse.

-'You're shameless, but I think eating muggle stuff is worse than befriending Potter, or living with a mud blood, that would be the ruin for one's magic status… I mean you, me and these traitors are the remaining of the magic aristocracy, and would be at a lost that one of you get mixed up with a mud blood'- Pansy was too busy slating off old news she didn't notice three killer Snake's glaring at her.

-'Well, I can't stand this muggle stuff I'm going, keep pure guys'- Pansy held her purse closer and quickly walked through the alley.

-Dear Salazar, could she be any more annoying?'- Blaise stared disgustingly at her retreating form.

-'Many Slytherin's took it very serious about being a snake… like her for instance, we have to be careful, she is a poisonous snake, a very dangerous one … You know Malfoy, only a few members of the Order of the Phoenix and selected members of the Dumbledore's army know about us living with Potter… I wonder how she knows that'- Now that had piqued Draco's interest up, how did she know?

When they arrive home the snakes tell Severus about the incident with Pansy, the ex-professor acted quickly, as soon as they finished their story he went to the chimney and called Harry.

-'Well, it's not serious that pug face knows, all but a selected few believe that we're living in the Black's manor, and that is a lie, so we can reduce the number of people, the ones that do not know the truth are the Army, everyone in the Order know the actual situation, so our traitor is in the Army, I'll question all the members. Could you send them home tomorrow? We got some information about their families so we'd like to tell them as soon as possible, that's all for now, thank you and good night'- Said Harry and disappeared.

-'Did anyone notice how serious and irritated was Potter was just now?' – Said Blaise a bit worried

-'Well, if someone told me that one of my allies is a traitor I would be upset too'- Theo retorted back to his Italian friend.

-'No, knowing Potter he's mulling over something else'- Draco sat on the sofa thinking.

-May I ask how you know that?'- Severus asked bit concerned, had he been doing more digging when he advised him not to.

-'I made it my life mission in Hogwarts to watch him, trying to catch him, expose him or other things so I could get him into trouble. So, it's kind of logic that I know that he's plotting something tough I can't ever predict what he is going to do'- Said Draco smiling.

Severus only smiled at Draco, after all he did the same, but for different reasons, Draco wanted to put Potter in trouble and he, the headmaster of the Snake's house wanted to keep Potter far from any problems.

The morning of the next day an owl arrived at Snape's house, it was carrying a letter with the seal of the ministry, they was demanding the presence of the little Snakes in the ministry office, as soon as they had finished having breakfast. After eating and clearing away their breakfast mess, Severus escorted the boys to the ministry and to where they were beckoned to be

Harrys Office-

Severus raised his knuckles to knock on the door that was opened ajar. The boys just behind him stopped also as they heard Harry and Hermione inside the room. Severus dropped his hands and like the other three Snakes listened in on the conversation with curiosity.

-'I'm sick and tired of death eaters; I don't want to see another one in my life, hell, it is like reviving the war Hermione, STUPID DEATH EATERS AND THEIR DAMED UNFORGIVABLE CURSES!'- Harry raged as they heard something been thrown against the wall before falling to the floor.

-'Calm down Harry or you're going to reveal our secret… I understand how you feel, it's like me and the dark mark, just please keep it down'- Severus could see Hermione walk around the desk and put her arm around Harry's shoulder.

-'And not all the death eater are bad, we have Snape'- Hermione pointed out, Mini Severus almost did a backflip before Severus regained his snarky self.

-'Right, Uncle Snape was one of them but he has always been on our side'- Harry agreed a bit calmer.

-'And Draco is not bad at all or you never would have helped him'- Hermione edged a bit further.

-'But Malfoy didn't have any option, it was become a death eater or die, that was a different situation to the sadistic rest but I got your point'- Harry put his head in he's hands and sighed a tired sigh.

-'And what about Blaise and Theo, they're good people, one of them is our little Luna's boyfriend'- Continued Hermione.

-'I still don't know what she sees in him plus they're not death eaters Mione… God, how am I supposed to tell them this? I think we have become close and I almost call them friends'- Harry lifted his head up to silently plead for help.

-'We're on the same boat as always Harry, but I think we have to tell them the truth'- Said Hermione.

-'Are you sure you can handle Malfoy?'- Harry asked looking directly at Hermione's eyes.

-'Yes, I trust him as much as you trust Blaise and Theo'- Hermione answered without missing a beat.

The snakes that heard every word of the conversation was now wondering how to enter without seeming as if they had been spying on them, fortunately for them Severus entered the room.

-'Here we are Potter, what is the emergency?- Asked Severus in a "I just arrived here" voice.

Harry stood up in all his glory and title, authority and respect radiated from him stature.

-'We have to move quickly, Malfoy we will start with you there was a situation with your father, and unfortunately he has died, my condolences, in resume, at your father's judgment … the fourth to be honest, a group of death eaters interrupted at the salon and executed your father, the only reference that was left was a paper that said "traitor, you and your family have to die for being such cowards" at that time your mother disappeared, and she only contacted us today saying that she was going to see you in Hermione's place at eleven, It's ten thirty, so you better hurry, Hermione's place is one of the most secured places in the world, right now the ones that know the new protecting charms of that house are Hermione, myself and Luna, so you're safe, your mother is one of the 'unsearchable witches', if someone tried to find her… well it's impossible your aunt Andromeda is a specialist at hiding as you aware, the ones that were behind the first attack to your manor and were caught were under the imperius curse the one manipulating them was Flint… yes Marcus Flint your ex quidditch captain and that's all … Hermione take him away now'- Hermione took an astonished Draco and disappeared without another word.

-'And you guys, I'm going to take you to Saint. Mungo, I'm afraid that your parent's conditions are getting worse'- Said Harry with a sad voice.

-'What do you mean by that?'- Asked Theo rather horrified.

-'The crusio curse affected the mind of your mother Theo, she's lost her mind, she no longer recognizes herself in a mirror. Yesterday an old wound get infected and… let's go to see her'- Harry didn't know how to finish the damn sentence, either way they were both going to be hurt.

-'And how about my mother, did she wake up?'- Blaise tried to keep the trembling at bay but failed terribly.

-'… I'm afraid that your Mother has the same condition Blaise, but now she's not responding to the healing potions or spells , let's go to Saint Mungo's, so you can ask a healer in person'- Harry allowed the boys to go through the floo fire to arrive at St Mungos. Harry turned to give a piece of paper to Severus.

"Draco was right, Potter is always plotting something, but at least this is for a good reason, not like his idiotic father that only knows how to plan something only for bother other people" Severus thought as he finished reading the note.

The note only said:

It was Seamus who let out where the boys were living, he was under the imperius curse. I read his mind to know who it was, thank you Uncle! See you soon…


-'That boy, just like his mother'- Severus muttered to himself with a small rare smile filtering up his face.

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