Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 12: Breaking point


Hermione was walking around the house making protection spells that even Draco ignores they existed, by the time she finish with that she sat in the sofa, and conjured a tea set, Draco only look at her like she's crazy.

-Now we're here Granger, I half understand Potter, and now I want you to explain what the hell is going on? - Said Draco hissing.

-I would like your mother to explain this to you but if you insist… - Said Hermione after a short pause she continued.-Your father's last judgment was a big shock to everyone, he presented evidence that proved his redemption, and we were about to free him, when a green light hit him from behind… you don't have to be a genius to identify that light as the Avadakedabra, it was the most frightening thing in the world, Harry reacted instantly at the attack, he send a searching spell and found the wand, but not the wizard, he ordered me to cover your mother in case that someone might go after her, and Harry was right, a seconds after your father's death a red spell were directed to your mother, I reflected and told her to leave, when she was gone I helped Harry with the searching spell, but with no results, the wand that kill your father had been passing hand by hand to the point that the wand were confused and didn't know who was her master, your mother contacted us and said that she wanted you to go with her, but she was being hunted so we decided that you're going to stay here… while your mother distract the enemies-Said Hermione confused and nervous, by the time she finish the explanation the doorbell rang, Hermione took her wand and went to the door, before she opened she asked a sentence and a female voice answered after that Narcissa Black widow of Malfoy step inside.

-Dear Merlin! Draco you're safe, I was really worried my dear- Said Narcissa hugging her son.

-Mother is it true? That father is death and that you offered yourself to be hunted by those beasts?-Draco didn't react at all he was in a catatonic state.

-Yes my dear, yes… your father is… death- And while hugging her son, Narcissa cry and fell on her knees.

Hermione quietly left them alone, and walked over the "muggle laboratory" as Draco call the kitchen when Hermione was in; she prepared some hot chocolate and pour it in three cups, then she took an instant to calm herself "Merlin, please make him understand the reasons of his mother behavior she only wants to protect him even if that's mean to give her life away, and that she's only evading the hunting traps that shouldn't be that dangerous…" was thinking Hermione while walking to Draco's studio where she knew they were, because it was Malfoy's territory."Very well Hermione you have to do it, even if it's against Harry orders, they deserve a proper funeral" Was Hermione wondering if it was correct to offer that kind of idea.

-Excuse me, may I come in? - Asked Hermione after knocking the door.

-What do you need? - Answered Draco a bit hostile.

-I-I just bring hot chocolate… take it, I talk to you later-Said Hermione surprised due to the hostility and stepped back but when she was about to leave the voice of Narcissa echoed in the house.

-For Morganas sake Draco, BEHAVE YOUR SELF! I keep telling you to act more Black than Malfoy but it seems is impossible, but treat her like a lady not like… like a domestic elf- Said Narcissa angry.

-Mother…-Was saying Draco, but it was silenced by a cold glare of his mother –Fine, if she wants to talk, you have to talk to her because I don't want to even see her, I don't want to see the one that puts my only family left in risk just because it's the "right thing"- End Draco glaring angrily at Hermione


-She agreed, and that's enough for me- Said Draco shutting the door behind him.

-I-I'm so sorry Mrs. Narcissa, i-it was not my intention to bring a disagreement between both of you in this kind of situation- Said Hermione confused at the scene, she entered the room the moment Narcissa began to scold Malfoy in an attempt to calm the things.

-No worries my dear, I was sure he's going to react like this somehow, but I didn't expect him to blame you, that really gets on my nerves- Said Narcissa with a sympathetic glare.

-I-I was going to offer you to make a proper funeral to your husband well maybe not too extravagant I was thinking a bit simple in order to not attract the attention… I know that Harry said it was dangerous and risky but… I think that he deserve it, you and Draco deserve it- Said Hermione lowering her eyes.

-Oh dear, really? Are you really going to make that happen? I can't think how much you are going to risk, your friendship with Potter, your own life… I'm really grateful thank you my dear- Said Narcissa crying.

"I'm not risking anything with Harry, the worst thing he could do is giving me the largest and boring scold in my life, and also a large speech of the security and how worried he might be, aside from that anything…" Thought Hermione resigned.

But in a bad timing the door opened to show a serious Malfoy that at the sight of his mother crying, explode letting all his emotions flow, and incapable to found anyone to blame he chose Hermione to be the object that was going to receive all that emotions.

-You…you…HOW DARE YOU MAKE MY MOTHER CRY?-Shouted Malfoy taking Hermione from her whist and making her stand.

-Draco…she wasn't-Was saying Narcissa but was cut in the middle

-Don't talked mother, I saw it with my own eyes, I left you with this girl and you started crying, and don't tell me to treat her like a lady because she's not, a lady don't make someone's mother cry-Said Draco loudly –And you, I don't know who give you the right to talk to my mother, you are less than a witch, I don't know what you tell her, but you are not allowed to talk to her again, not even glare at her, BEHAVE AS THE THING YOU ARE, A SIMPLY MUDBLOOD WHO DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE CALLED A PROPER WITCH!- End Malfoy and when he was shouting the last part a SLAP! Sound echoed in the room, leaving Narcissa and a now red cheek Draco with an open mouth.

-I told you the first time I repeat it again… ASK BEFORE YOU ACT YOU STUPID SNAKE-Groaned Hermione and stormed out of the room.

Narcissa didn't know how to react, she was astonished, her son just calls someone that was helping them a mud blood, and in response to that he was slapped.

-Mother, did she said something that hurt you?-Asked Malfoy calmly.

-She… was… just… offering to make a funeral… for your father- Responded Narcissa with tearing eyes.

Malfoy only stood up like a stone, and when he finally regain his mind and recall what he had done and said, he opened his eyes wide.

-What did I have done?- whispered in sadness and when he realized he was running to Hermione's room, and when he arrived the silence give him an uncomfortable feeling like something was broken.

-Hermione… Hermione I want to talk to you… Hermione please… come on open up-Said Draco desperately –Ok, I understand… just listed…-Said Draco, but a hand slowly pressed his shoulder, and he turns back.- Mother, she… just…-but he couldn't explain.

-She's not here, a patronus came to me and Potter said she was with him, and that we're going to attend three funerals, I'm afraid that two of your friends are losing their parents too- Said Narcissa sadly.

Malfoy just lowered his gaze and nodded in response, "I'm not only going to presence the end of my father and my friend's parents… I'm also attending the end of my friendship and the little faith that she had on me" Think Draco letting a tear scape from his eyes.

Harry-Blaise and Theo

The moment they arrived at the hospital two healers took Theo and Blaise to their respective mother's room, nothing could be done, the healers just told them that they came at the right time to receive the last words from their mothers, and also they're putting them together in a same room because it was their last request, to die next to her best friend. Harry just stay quiet and feel sorry for their new friends, he's lost many people that were like his family and understand the feeling, he step outside the room and send Hermione a text, even in the magic world he have signal, a curious thing, but it was not the right time to wonder about it.

Hermione was running to her room with teary eyes "how could he do that, I know that he was just frustrated, but I got nothing to do with it, and he told me... he told me… oh god…and I just fall for him and he just hurt me like that, I can believe it, he promised me to not use that word again, and I trust him, why I did that?... god, I fall in love with him and he just reject me like that" was she thinking when the sound of a message in her mobile stop her before enter her room "oh Harry if you know what's going on here you don't have send me this, but I can't tell you any of this because I fear your reaction, I'm going to help Narcissa, not for Malfoy but for her, she's like seeing my mother again, ok Hermione hold up, stand still, don't let Harry know how hurt and disappointed you are, come on lioness, let's go!" Said to herself Hermione and disappearing.

Minutes later she appeared in front of Harry that jumped in surprise.

-My… Hermione you didn't have to hurry like that-Said Harry surprised to find his sister in front of him so sudden.

-Sorry for the surprise, how are they? - Said Hermione smiling and then getting worried.

-ahh… they're saying goodbye- Said Harry sighing

-Oh god, talking about worries, I forgot to tell Narcissa that I was gone- Said Hermione in an intent to sound normal.

-Don't worry, I'll send a patronus to her… and by the way why Narcissa and not Malfoy?-Asked Harry worried but he send the patronus anyways

-I… I told her about the funeral, I couldn't help but offering that, is the thing I would like someone offered me that with my parents- Said Hermione containing her tears and evading the question.

-Hermione… well I can't say anything to you, I'm considering the same thing for the two of them… and don't evade the question why Narcissa and not Malfoy, did something happen?-Said Harry seriously, and the green of his eyes started to get a dark shadow on them.

-No, it's just that… Merlin Harry I can't do anything for them, I can't stand the sight of Malfoy in a depressing state, he had a horrible father but still was his father, and I can't do anything to comfort him, I feel so… so useless-Lied Hermione but still she start crying, for her own reasons but still she want her brother to comfort her.

-God, Hermione come here… I feel useless too, but we're going to make them have a proper funeral, it's the only thing we can do for them, and also giving our support, you know before you arrived Luna was already with Theo's mother making her smile, and in a moment she recognize her son, so we just need to be there for them, so cry my dear, cry for them and for me too- Said Harry believing Hermione, because he knows that she couldn't stand the face of someone precious to her crying.

When Malfoy and Narcissa arrived to the hospital they saw a Hermione curled up in a sofa hugging Harry and the sound of a cry meet Draco's ears and pierced him deep inside his soul, they entered the room to say their last words to the people inside.

After the healers declared that the witches have already died, Harry ordered to prepared the corpses for their funeral, and also send them to his house, Draco notice that Harry was alone and Hermione was nowhere around but he feared to ask, he only said that to his mother that took all her courage and decide to ask Harry as soon as they arrived to his manor.

-Is she ok? - Asked Narcissa fearing that Harry would be angry at the things that happen in Hermione's house.

-Yeah, she's a bit sensitive with this kind of situations, she fall asleep crying but then she calm a bit, she can't stand see the one she likes crying, poor Hermione you know… she has a crush on Draco, but she don't want me to know about it, she fears my reaction, but I'm ok with it, as long as he don't hurt her I accept him- Said Harry smiling at the end

Narcissa was in shock, "She didn't tell him about the incident in her home… just how much you know Potter reaction and how much you love my son to hide his actions from your friend" Told Narcissa to herself.

-oh I can see that you don't know, well I'm going to tell you the truth- Began Harry, unable to notice that Draco was hearing everything, he was worried about Hermione and he wanted to know how was she, but he froze in his place when Harry said that he was going to reveal the truth.

-Hermione and me were born and riced in the muggle world, well I was only riced there, but it's the same, after the war with Voldemort we were more connected, she was with our friend Ron in an acceptable relationship, I was happy for them, we decided to finish our studies in Hogwarts together, but I was always at the ministry deciding who was who in the war, and I have a break point in my emotions, Hermione was there for me helping me to endure all of that, and then when I was just recovering, Ron decide to break up with her, it was the beginning of all, she was devastated, asking what did she do wrong, and blaming herself, that was the time that she didn't want to see anybody, and I offered her to live with me in this manor, she was getting over her broken heart when seeing the international news, thing that she loved to do, she discover that an accident happened in Sidney, and many victims were involved, by the type of accident we guessed that were magic, and by the time of the report it happened during the war, but they were still founding corpses and victims, unfortunately when they published the list of deaths the name Mr. and Mrs. Granger figured in the list, but that wasn't the worst, Mrs. Granger was pregnant and the baby died too, that was all, I saw my friend and only family breaking down, day by day I saw her letting herself die before my eyes, I could stand that and I told her how much she means for me, and that she died I died too, I really meant that, and so we swear to become each other family, I became her brother, and she my sister, I'm so afraid to lose her that if someone hurt her like Ron did I kill that someone, it was so hard for me to forgive Ron, that was the reason that we finish our last year of school in this house, and only when we feel ready to face the world again we left it to become the ministers of magic- Harry let a big sigh out and he continued –And that's the story of how Hermione became my sister… well she already was my beloved sister since second year, but officially my sister was at that time, I would appreciate to not let anyone know about this, she and me trust you a lot to confess this to you, I don't want anyone asking me or her more about it, so please- Ended Harry with begging eyes.

-Don't worry, I'm not going to say anything to anybody, and also it was a lovely story, in other words you only have each other to protect yourself- Said Narcissa in a comprehensive tone.

-Yes, we have Luna that we trust her like another sister, but she has her father, and we have the Weasleys but they're also a family… separated from us, we have them, but it's not the same, they're all close friends, or near family but nothing more, Hermione has a witch aunt, but she's in Australia and don't come frequently, so basically we're alone, and I won't married until I know that she's going to be right- Said Harry when Narcissa opened her mouth again.

-I see, you're a great brother Harry, and she's also a good girl- Said Narcissa hugging Harry and leaving the room.

Draco left the place before his mother could see him, but it was late.

-Eavesdropping is a wrong thing to do, my dear son- Said Narcissa seriously.

-I was worried, and I just know why Hermione didn't tell him about the incident, his father James Potter told me that is one reason for him to be called the lion king, if you hurt his sister you're death, he cut anything related to you, and make you suffer just like her- Explained Draco to his mother that frowned her elbows.

-And I understand why- Ended Narcissa looking straight at his son.

-I want to apologize, but I'm afraid that she doesn't want to hear me, I broke my promise mother, and with that I broke our friendship- Said Draco sadly.

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