Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 13: The order of the Basilisk

Harry decided to make the Black's house the funeral's place, only for security reasons, and after the ceremony the corpses were sent to their respective manors, they have some of the members of the army that guard them, also a few of the order were there only for protection, they thought that if they split their forces they would increase their chances to escape, just in case, the teams were divided: Harry went with Blaise, Luna with Nott and Hermione with Malfoy.


"I hope this won't take much time, I'm kind of nervous when Hermione is not around, sheesh! I think I'm over reacting a bit, but I feel that something is wrong, and besides there's the thing about a spy, traitor or whatever it's called… I know who is… but I don't want to give his family the notice, it's going to be hard for them, and also there is the Hogwarts matter, they're being missing students from the snake's house… Merlin and now my only concern is Hermione, if something happens to her, I'm going to reveal our secret in order to bring her back… oh! Please god, Merlin, Morgana, Circe, anyone, I beg you, let us finish this day alive." Thought Harry nervously, it had been a while but he can feel the danger, it was his specialty.

-Well, this is the end, I just put my mother next to my father, and wait for my moment in which I'm going to be between them- Said Blaise with teary eyes.

That phrase gets Harry out of his toughs and takes Blaise from the shoulders and shook him hard.

-THE HELL YOU ARE SAYING! You have to live for them, you have to continue living! Come on Blaise, you have friends that appreciate you- Snap Harry angry.

Blaise let his tears flow and low his head, he shout the name of his mother, and then felt an arm that surrounded his shoulders as a brother.

-Thank you Harry… let's go…- Said Blaise unable to complete the sentence.

-Home Blaise, let's go home- Said Harry relived that finally he was going to be safe and could see how Hermione was doing.


-It's ok now Theo, she's resting now; hear… it's the wind singing his farewell song- Said Luna to Theo that was kneeling over the crypt unable to said something because he was crying unstoppable.

Luna kneels next to him, and with her wand added a pair of Hippogriffs, the sculptures just bowed and stayed like that.

-Mrs. Nott, with this I reaffirm my promise, I'm going to be the Hippogriff of Theo, do not worry and let the wind carry you over the seas, the land and the sky above, above to the sky where you would find happiness and joy, and where you're going to watch over us forever- Said Luna, and taking Theo's hand she left the place to Harry's place.


Hermione was hesitant since the moment Harry announced the teams, she kept herself a bit far from Draco, she was avoiding any contact since the day after the deaths of Theo's and Blaise's mothers, she made all kind of excuses to Harry, of course they were credible or he would suspect something, but still she never talk to Draco ever since then, and only exchange a few words with Narcissa when Draco wasn't around, but nothing more, she was giving them some space to say goodbye to a horrible father and husband but she feels sad and relieved at the same time, "I should explain everything to Harry, ahh! Merlin knows that he's going to burst the hell out, but if I don't tell him I would explode, on the other hand that would means that I'm not going to be able to meet him again… Dear Morgana, why do he had to say those words and broke my peaceful life? I trust him, I really trust him, I believe in him, now I don't think that I have the courage to believe in him anymore, no matter what he tell me, I'm not going to fall for it, I made my mind since Ron, no more blaming myself, once you made me doubt you, you never gain my trust anymore… crap! This is not the time or place, let's focus on returning with Harry, I'm dying in distress, Harry mention something about a danger but…" That was Hermione thinking over all her things, she was convinced to not forgive Draco no matter what he did, but she was so immersed in her thought that didn't sense the person of her thoughts coming right to her.

-Hermione, may I talk to you? - Said Draco serious

She snap out and at first just look at Draco with a surprised look, but then all her anger run to her head and answer in a bitter tone.

-I thought you didn't want me to talk to you, You were clear enough, I'm not someone good to be with a pure blood like you… no, even more I'm just a mud blood that don't deserve to be called a witch- Said Hermione in a whisper.

-Hermione…- Was Draco saying when a voice irrupted sound from behind a tree.

-Well said mud blood-Said a familiar voice to Draco -Good work my precious Draco, you and your mother were slow enough to let us check the others points and coming right here to catch this… thing-Said Pansy pointing her wand at Hermione –See guys I told you that they were going to be useful, the only one that were useless was that stupid Lucius-Said Pansy referring to her companions that slowly appeared from the trees.

-Now my useless seeker, hand over that mud blood or we kill your mother, we forgive you for being related to this thing…-Said Marcus Flint that was holding Narcissa and pointing his wand on her neck.

When Hermione saw the wand and the things that surround her she just pass next to Malfoy giving him her wand with a movement that the ones surrounding them weren't able to notice, and stand in front of Pansy.

-Who told you that I was his property? I despise Malfoy since school and also… I preferred being captured than stay in his company- Said proudly Hermione.

-Shut up you mud blood, how dare you speak to me in such tone- Said Pansy slapping Hermione, that stand the hit and glare at her angrily –Goyle, take her wand- Ordered Pansy

-That's not necessary, I didn't bring it, I was distracted and I forgot it- Said Hermione showing her hands in surrender.

-I don't believe you- Said Pansy looking at Hermione with anger.

-Think a bit Parkinson; do you seriously believe that you would be standing there if I had my wand with me? - Said Hermione in an obvious tone.

Pansy processed the information, and concludes it was true, if Hermione had her wand, she would be hexing everyone there.

-Why are you doing this Pansy?- asked Draco unable to do anithing due to the sudden situation.

-ok, ok, I don't have time for this Draco, iwould like to explain something like this but I seriously don't think that a traitor would understand it, and for you Granger don't you dare to make something stupid or else I kill you right away- said Pansy and pointing her wand to Hermione –Let's go guys, and let the Greengrass sisters caring for this two- Said Pansy and all of them disappeared, then a sudden desmaiyustook away Draco's conscience.


Hermione was in a cage more like a jail, they had hit her, and she was pretty hurt, but still, she was laughing "I want to know how my brother is going to react when he sees me like this…. You are death" Said Hermione, she could be a fierce lioness, but her brother was the king, the most fierce, the wildest, and the one that carried a bad temper, the worst to be honest.

-do you know where you are mud blood? Or who are we?-Said Millicent Bulstrode smiling devilish.

-Yes, I'm in the secret base of The Order of the Basilisk, and you are the opposite of the army and the order, a foolish bunch of people that thinks they could stand against Harry- Said Hermione smiling proudly.

-YOU ARE THE FOOLISH! Wait and see you trash of witch we're going to make you talk- Said Terence Higgs with a dark smile.

-Give me your best shoot- Said Hermione proudly –my brother is going to hex you until the end of the world- Said Hermione now smiling with confidence.

They left the room where Hermione was, taking note of her words.


Harry arrived last at the manor, and the first thing he saw froze him in the act, Draco and his mother were unconscious in his living room, and Snape were next to them.

-They were left in my door by the snake sisters…-Was trying to explain the old teacher, but Harry just stare at them.

After a fer seconds he started to search for something in their robes, and he found it.

-That's all, I kill them right away… Luna, you know what to do, i'll be in the throne… also wake them up and bring Draco to me, I would like to see in his mind- Said Harry groaning, his eyes were dark and his pupils were like a lion.

Luna did as he said, she took away the others snakes and left the Malfoy's to Snape that was surprised.

-Luna, what is going on? - Asked Theo worried.

-Harry is angry, and blind with madness, Hermione was taken away by the Basilisk Order- Said Luna worried –Theo, Blaise, stay away from Harry for now, if you want to be part of the army I won´t stop you, but stay away from him, he's a lion and a fierce one- Said Luna looking them straight in the eyes.

Either Blaise or Theo dares to ask more, the serious look and the worried tone of Luna reveals that they were in danger.

The army's room-

The army's base was under Harry's hose in Godric's hollow, it was a museum, but it had a secret passage that lead to a big room, "The Throne's room" was its name, and it fits perfectly it was like a castle's throne room, de decorations were red and gold, blue and silver, yellow and black, there were two thrones, for a queen and a king, and just like the great hall in Hogwarts tables for the members, and next to the king were three chairs in silver and green and one in gold and red, next to the queen were one chair gold and red and one chair blue and silver.

Harry appeared in his house-museum and walk to the passage, he was really angry, and a roar escaped from his mouth, when he arrived at the throne he started to walk like a Lion in his case.

Luna and Snape arrived with a sad and astonish Draco.

-Now, my dear snake, you're going to tell me what in hell happened there and who took away Hermione? - Said Harry menacing.

-It was Pansy, Goyle and Flint, they took us by surprise, Flint took my mother as a hostage, and I was too shocked to do something, Hermione just let them took her and give her wand to me, but I don't understand anything- Said Draco still confusing.

-well, you're not lying, I'm going to explain something to you, she was in love with you, I don't know what happen between you two, it have to be something light because she didn't tell me anything but if this matter continue to worst, you're not going to see her again, so make up with her, I don't know what she saw in you, just don't make her cry, be a Basilisk and help me to rescue her- Said Harry seriously.

-Yes, I'll help you, I promise you to make her fall in love with me one more time, but for now let me be her knight, the one that is going to bring her back-Said Draco smiling at Harry that return the smile .

Hermione was about to be rescued by her beloved knight and her lovely king brother.

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