Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 14: Their dark side

Harry picked Malfoy up from the cuff of his collar and apparated into a dark room, Draco started to feel a bit anxious -putting it down to the fact they all could be in danger- he puffed his chest out and glared at the back of Harry's head. Harry, looking all the part of predator, turned around as his eyes finished transitioning from the soft green everyone had come to love to a dark fierce brown.

-'Potter… what in Merlin…'- Draco began to ask, Harry growled a low growl and cut him immediately off.

-Silence! you go and save my Hermione, and tell her that I'm here and in a "search and kill mode", when you find her … don't listen to her stubbornness just … just take her to the manor… got it?'-Harry demanded in a no arguing tone.

-'Y-Yes, but…'- Draco wasn't afraid of saying he was rather scared of what was to come. It could cost him his life and the life of the one he loved.

-'No buts, now go and save my sister or I will personally tear you limb from limb and eat you'- Harry grinned maliciously and disappeared into the darkness.

Draco was a bit shocked, but regained in control of himself and started to look for Hermione "Crap, if I was a dog, I would be able to find her by her smell a lot quicker" An unusual and unknown primal mating urge took over Draco. He strode down a corridor, deflecting every curse sent his way by cloaked cowardly figures. Such confidence, he did not truly feel, emanated from every fibre of his being. Taking a left at the end of the corridor was a large square room with only a black ripped voile for a door. In the middle of the room was a suspended cage, a thinly clad figure lay on the base quivering.

-'Hermione… come, I am here for you, let's go now… please Hermione'- Draco slowly lowered the cage to the floor so not to start her. The room was dark and only a small ray of light shone through the boxed up windows. When Draco was able to see Hermione better he almost turned around to kill everyone on site. Laying in a huge pile of her own blood Hermione was curled up in.

Draco tucked his wand back into his holster, ran to the cage and examined the fixtures and fittings, the right hand side completely came off by one bolt securing it from the top. Reaching up he undid the bolt and opened the side door to get a closer look at her.

Hermione lifted her head up as soon as the cage began to be lowered done, she had not heard anyone come into the vicinity of the room. Draco slowly put a hand on hers, which was supposed to be a sign of comfort, but Hermione whom had not seen daylight in days was used to nothing but darkness, Jumped at the sudden contact and scratched eagerly at the cage to get out, the bar she attacked fell instantaneously to the floor as if it had been cut by a sword.

-'Merlin Malfoy you scared me'- Hermione's eyes strained to see the platinum blonde sat next to her, taking off his black suit coat he draped it over her shoulders. Hermione quietly purred at such an intimate act. Staring at the bars the gears in Hermione's head began to whirl into overdrive.

Draco sat in silence observing the dark bruises and open welts on her perfect porcelain skin. Thank Merlin they were healing well, he didn't want any more marks to be left permanently on her due to his carelessness.

-'Hey Malfoy, is Harry with you?'- Draco followed Hermione's line of sight and stared shocked at the damage to the she had made.

-'Yes, he told me that he was in a 'search and kill mode' … whatever that means'- Draco decided the cage was too weak for Hermione's growing power.

-'Well I think this has gone on long enough, they should be punished… all of them but I think we can leave everything to him, I´ll not be surprised if he uses fiendfyre to get rid of his carefully placed out massacre … they deserve it, well… let us disappear from here or we're going to end just like Crabbe, ROASTED!, now come'- Hermione allowed Malfoy to help her up from her sitting position and out of the cage. Hermione felt the warm tingly sensation of her eyes turning a fierce Brown like Harrys surely had done by now. Draco stared in awe at the lovely change in her facial features.

Draco held onto Hermione's waist and apparated back to Potter Manor, he allowed Hermione to change her robes and take a bath, then they apparated into the safe haven of the Throne room. Hearing somebody clear their throat, Draco looked up to see they were not alone, the whole Order and Army was sat in rows of seats facing the front as two figures sat on the podium talking aloud to the group.

"I'm confused, it's like Hermione didn't care if she was trapped or not, she was mean… and sarcastic, and just by looking at her she's like a devil" Malfoy shivered at his thoughts, a rare excitement took over him as he stared at the beauty to be hold in front of him.

-Hermione!- Exclaimed a couple of voices that were next to the queen's chair crashing Draco's thought process.

-'Luna! Ginny! … I'm fine, but I think that Lion of mine is burning down the whole Basilisk's order in one go'- Hermione finished with a tiny laugh as her friends gently let her go.

-'Burning is a light thing to say my dear Sister'- Harry apparated at the back of the throne room stood in all his glory with just a pair of Black slacks to cover his barely clad form.

-Harry! You went ahead and had such marvellous fun without me, you owe me one- Hermione, even in slight pain, ran over to where Harry was standing and wrapped her arms and legs around him and began making a mewling sound. Given a week or two ago, Draco would have been riddled with jealousy to see the both of them in such an intimate position … Now …. Now he smiled and was grateful he had Hermione back safe …. Even if she wasn't talking to him anymore and was somewhat purring into the neck of another man.

-'Well, let this reunion begin, Our Sister and minister is back with us safe and sound'- Harry lifted a cup of tea Kreacher had passed him before circling the room with the floating tea tray following dutifully behind him.

Luna stood up and brought order to the room and everyone to a silent murmur.

-'Listen here, the King and the Queen are finally in the room and we can start this meeting. Now… good and bad news, the first one is the safe return of our Queen whom was captive by the Basilisk's order'- the whole room erupted into cheers and cat whistles. Luna cleared her throat loudly and brought attention back to the room.

-'The next order of business are the new members of our esteemed army, Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini. We also have two new members joining both the army and the order, Draco Malfoy and his Mother Narcissa Malfoy. Please welcome our new members'- Luna declared in a ceremonial tone, Harry and Hermione started to clap frenetically as the others followed suit. -'Also, I am happy to announce the missing Hogwarts students were found this morning and most of them are safe and sound and back at school. Unfortunately two of the younger students died under the Cruciatus curse by the Basilisk's orders hands.'-

Harry and Hermione made their way to the front to stand on the podium as Draco sat next to his Mother.

-'But like Luna has mentioned this meeting is not all good news, we have a traitor amongst us and I have to say… I'm very disappointed, because his family is one of the most loyal to the army and the order, they fought in the first and second magical war, always in the light side, so it is a shame that one of the descendants of this noble family, is a traitor…Hedwig, bring your prey my dear'- Harry looked to the left as Hedwig brought in an injured red owl.

-'This red owl, is the traitor, he's an animagus, show your true self!'- Hermione cast the reversal spell and everyone watched in disbelief as the red feathered owl changed form to reveal no other than Percy Weasley.

-'PERCY? WHAT THE…'- Molly covered her mouth with both of her calloused hands.

-'THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!'- Arthur stood up and wrapped an arm around his wife's shoulders.

=AN OWL, SERIOUSLY? =Exclaimed the twins clearly disappointed with their older brothers choice in animagus.

The rest of the brothers were, without a doubt, angry, the obviously furious expressions on their faces said it all.

-'Mother, I was just… he has never give us enough credit! I mean we fought by his side, we deserve a lot more than this pheasant life!'- Percy tried to reason with his mother, tried to appeal to her mothering side. Molly, too angry and sad to even humour him turned her head into the crook of Arthur's arm.

-'What are you saying? He gives us the same treatment as the others, the same we all deserve'- Arthur tuned into his wife's needs and pulled her as close as she could get into his warmth.

-'No! Wait! … Why does he and that Hermione get to be the ministers? Why not Ron? Why not me?'- Percy began to question almost manically.

-'Me minister? You're crazy Percy, it's just too much work, I'm pretty happy in my post thank you'- Ron declared to the room in disbelief at his brothers accusations.

-'Come on loser, you … our Minister? Why? What would you gain? Apart from feeding your ego?'- Charlie laughed as he lay his left hand on his Mothers shoulder.

-'Aside from your treacherous accusations which you attempted to draw Ron in, you know what the penalty is for the ones that betray us'- Harry quietly exclaimed.

All the Weasley's lowered their gaze to the floor knowing Percy was about to be executed.

-'Well, in consideration of your family, the faith and honour they have earned and the fact we see your Mother, your Father, Your sister and brothers as our family. I give you the chance to run… I mean … fly, if you escape I won't chase after you but if she catches you, you're dead'- Harry's tone changed to a dark menacing one as he watched Percy squirm, Harry began to purr quietly at the excitement of a chase but only loud enough to Hermione's sensitive ears to pick up.

-'Ok… but she?'- Asked Percy, fearing that Hermione was the one that was going to chase after him.

-'Yes, she, now … fly'- Percy turned back into the injured red owl and with all his power flew out of the small round window that was opened ajar behind the podium. Harry carried Hedwig over to the back wall, caressing her snowy white feathers and released the bird to allow her to chase her prey. -'Well that was a tragedy, but returning to the point, the battle between the Dumbledore's army and the Order of the Basilisk is going to be at Hogwarts, so prepare your wands, we meet in the forbidden Forrest, I have already alerted the headmistress, she is going to keep an eye on the students who have not gone home for half term'-

-'Ok, the meeting is dismissed!'- Luna quickly announced noticing the slight change in Harry's tone. All the room raised their wands into the air and cast the spell that made the symbol of the two, army and order, a D and an A with a Phoenix flying majestically through the whisp of letters.

After the meeting, Harry and Hermione gathered in the living room of Potter manor, drinking, while Draco sat at the kitchen table and retold everything of Hermione's safe return to his Mother.

-'…Again my dear, you're saying that Potter and yourself appeared in a room just like that?'- Narcissa asked, almost questioning her Son's sanity.

-'Yes, it was a dark room, and near to Hermione's position, I have to add'- Said Draco in response.

-'But that's just… impossible, you have to know where are you going or you simply cannot reach your destination yet you splinch into pieces!'- Exclaimed Narcissa trying to get her head around it.

-'Yes, and in the throne room the both of them acted different, their eyes began to glow in the dark, like cats and I swear that they were purring at each other … PURRING! Like cats!'- Said in disbelieve Draco.

-'Hmmm I must say they were a bit mean in the meeting … just like we had come to witness from the dark lord, maybe Potter is hiding something from us, I'd like to ask them'- Narcissa declared, now interested in the new side of Harry and Hermione.

Draco followed his Mother and attempted to persuade his Mother not to but of course it was useless, Narcissa went ahead and knocked on the living room, only to be welcomed by Luna that looked a bit unusual … if that even could be possible.

-'I want to talk to Potter… May I?'- Narcissa didn't even know how to act or address this new weird Luna, she emitted something different from her magical core.

-'For your mental and physical security I advise you speak with them another time Mrs Malfoy, they're a bit … how to say it… drunk, in very dark drunk mood, they're celebrating the success of this afternoon sooooo…'- Luna allowed the sentence to finish itself, her voice rather scratchy and high pitched, almost like that of an Eagle.

Draco arrived at his mother side in time to hear Luna's advice.

-'Well Mother, that is that, they are busy so we will have to talk to them later…'- Draco held onto his Mother's elbow and begin to draw her away when Harry's voice roared into place.

-'Let them in my dear Luna'- Harry laughed in a playful tone. Against his better judgement, Draco and his Mother entered the room.

-'Well, well, well, look what we have here… Draco-I-don't-listen-to anyone-Malfoy… hic!'- Hermione smiled sweetly as she sat next to Harry on the sofa.

-'What did this idiot do to you my beloved sister? ...hic!'- Harry caressed Hermione's hair in a soothing notion.

-'Listen Harry, this big idiot blamed me for his Mother's actions last week … and he didn't hear my explanation and assumed that I could make his mother cry, Me make his Mother cry … pfft … and then HE INSULTED ME! HE INSULTED ME WITH THE WORST WORD IN THE WORLD! JUST WHEN HE HAD ALREADY PROMISED NOT TO SAY IT AGAIN! ...hic!'- Hermione sniffled as her voice became quiet and shy as the memories trailed back into her mind at full force.

-'Which word?'- Harry asked as his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

-'Mud … mud… hell, I can't say it … Malfoy say it … say it for me'- Hermione declared with an air of infinity about her as she pointed a finger at Draco.

-'Hermione…' -Whined Draco; whom was starting to feel as if he was back on trial.

-Say it! And don't call me that! Call me by the word'- Hermione grinned a cat like grin.

-'I don't…'- Draco's gaze flittered from her soft features to Harry's stony gaze.

-'SAY IT! IT'S AN ORDER, COME ON … SAY IT! YOU HAVE CALLED ME THAT WORD EVER SINCE SECOND YEAR AT HOGWARTS … SO SAY IT NOW!'- Shouted an exasperated Hermione; a single tear rolled down her face.

-'Mud… mud blood'- Draco whispered as his chin hit his chest in a shameful manor.

-'That one!'- Hermione clapped her hands together and leaned back into Harry's embrace.

Harry sat silent for a second, pondering over the situation however his icy cold glare was enough to make Malfoy want to crawl under some rock and sleep for a thousand years.

- 'What do you want me to do Mione? Kill him or just cast a spell that makes him unable to approach you? I have now decided, you're not allowed to live under the same roof as her, you don't deserve such a privilege and honour'- Harry stared at him in disgust, he was prepared to give him a chance with her, a chance nobody got. It would only take one word from his sister and he would be finished forever.

-'No, he can still live with me, I just want you to know what had gone on, please don't forget I have a bad crush on him… but I think that I can forget about this feeling of childish love, just an insensitive potion and I'm going to be fine and forget it all… hic'- Hermione smiled, not looking at Draco … she knew if she even glanced at him all her resolve would go.

-'Well said my dear!'- Praised Harry; as Hermione and he began to purr aloud.

-'Come on you!'- said Hermione with a purr as she heaved Harry up from the sofa.

Narcissa just watched like a stone in the whole scene, "they're drunk! And they act like cats… what is going on here?"

-'This is why I told you not to enter, Come on you alcoholic Lions… go to bed and get sleep now'- Luna demanded with her eagle voice.

-'Now our little sister orders us! What will happen next? Pink dementors?'- Harry smiled and ruffled Luna's hair up with his hand.

-'Go to bed Luna, and take this Lady snake with you, good night Mrs. Malf… sorry Ms Black'-

-'Yes, good night to all of you' – Answered Narcissa.

When they were in the hallway, Narcissa just snapped like a rubber band.

-'What in the magic world was that?'- Narcissa growled at Luna -not that she noticed mind-.

-'That was Hermione and Harry after several bottles of fire whisky and a couple of butter beer… oh and two cups of coffee!'- Luna explained back to her wistful tone.

-'But they acted like such bad guys'- Replied Narcissa

-'Not bad guys, just a normal Lion king and Lioness, I'm going up to check if Blaise and Theo are ok, good night to you both'- Luna addressed Draco, who was now standing in the hallway with a wave of her hand she disappeared into the dark hallway.

-'Now my son… do you want to sleep with me?'- Narcissa teased a cherry faced Draco as they walked to their respective rooms.

-'Mother, I'm not a kid anymore!'- Replied Draco with a blush

-'Haha ok I understand, good night my big boy'- Narcissa entered her room without listening to a reply.

The next morning Draco woke up earlier than anyone and walked to the door where Hermione and Harry had spent the night, he opened the door a jar, only to see Harry covering Hermione with his jacket and kissing her on her forehead. Harry without recognizing Draco, walked to the lateral door that conjoined to the living room and closed it in silence.

Draco stood in the door for a few minutes before entering, just to find a sleeping Hermione looking just like a fairy on the black lounge sofa. Kneeling down next to her he lifted a trembling hand began to caress her cheek.

-'Hermione … Hermione, I'm going to say your name until I erase that word from my mind… I hope you can hear me, I'm sorry … it doesn't matter if you don't believe me anymore … or if you hate me now … but just don't erase your feelings with a potion no doubt my Godfather can whip up for you within an hour … I hope you take this into consideration … I know it's impossible now, but I hope you can love me again one day, I … I … I love you my beloved Lioness and I shall prove it every day until it takes you to re-love me again, I will not give up on you …. Please don't give up on me'- Draco whispered next to her ear, moving down to her cheek he lightly pressed his lips to where her dimples curved when she smiled. Sitting back on his heels, He sat in the floor next to her waiting for the moment she woke up.

A few minutes earlier…

-'Good morning Mione'- Harry rubbed his eyes with the fist of his hands and blinked a couple of times before reaching next to him for his glasses.

-'Morning Harry… ugh! I don't want to get up yet'- Harry grinned at the cat like way his Sister stretched in the morning.

-'Well just stay there a few minutes more, No one is up yet … I'm going to prepare breakfast … do you want my jacket?'- Harry smiled as he stood up to stretch his limbs out from sleeping on the floor.

-'Yes please'- Said Hermione closing her eyes.

Covering her with his jacket, Harry kissed her forehead and left the room, by the time Draco entered the room Hermione was fully conscious and well aware Draco was there, she just had her eyes closed.

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