Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 16: Hippogriff's news

While everyone stood still like statues Harry's Chimaera form roared and started to run towards the heir of the Basilisk's order whom was so immersed in his battle with a member of the Order didn't see the predator coming before the last moment. Turning around he saw the ferocious creature and ran deeper into the woods sending hex after hex behind him. Hermione's sphinx form stood there observing those coming close to her, a few seconds later she glanced at Luna whom was sat sideways on her broom, her almond eyes had started to take form and she began to purr, within an instant she took to the sky was flying high to battle the creatures of the sky and attacking the Basilisk's wing creatures sending them injured to the ground.

Luna hovered for a second before shouting down to the Weasley Lions. -'I think it is time for me to truly enter the action… Hey lions, you have work to do right? Finish the creatures that Hermione and I send to the ground; it should keep them busy until Harry arrives back'-

-'Luna, what are you saying?'- Theo asked nervously up at his beau.

-'Would you like to come with me?'- Luna asked smiling as she totally discarded his question.

-'Y-Yes, but I don't know of your intentions…'- Theo retorted, almost as if he was reading from an etiquette textbook.

-'Oh! That's not necessary, Hold on'- Luna ordered as she flew down on her broom. Landing just before Theo, she dropped the broom to the floor and closed her eyes in concentration. Within a glance Luna transformed into a hippogriff, white in colour like Hedwig but with silver dots dithered on her toned body.

-'Holly Slytherin! L-Luna is that really you? ... Don't answer that, it was silly'- Theo astonished himself as he jumped onto Luna's back without hesitation. As soon as she felt him securely on, she jumped up to the clouds and they started to fight in the air, to Theo's surprise Luna was very fierce in combat and a very skilled fighter, he was so amazed that he almost fell from her back.

-'Sorry my dear, I am very impressed'- Theo stroked the neck of his girlfriend hippogriff, Luna made a noise in answer which Theo took as a telling off. -'Yes dear, I will focus, I promise'- Theo chuckled nervously. If someone was to see him talking to a hippogriff they would probably give him a one way ticket to an insane asylum.

At the end of the battle many lives were lost, mostly from the Basilisk's order. From the minute people had changed into their animagus form a lot of the other side decided to run in fear which dramitcally dwindled their numbers almost instantly. Ron in his Lion form felt a lot of pride at the fact he had the chance to demonstrate to Hermione the wonderful fighter he was, but unfortunately the nervous sphinx was far too busy fighting up in the air that she didn't see him. Hermione had more things to worry about in that beautiful head of hers than watching a simple Lion exhibition.

When she landed gracefully in a middle of victory's screaming, she stared at the opposite field where Harry ran off after the heir of the basilisk, nothing, that was the most terrifying thing in the world, nothing to see, nothing to smell, nothing, her brothers essence had disappeared, she was nervous and began to walk in circles.

-'Hermione, he's going to be ok, he is the boy who lived after all, if the dark lord couldn't kill him nothing can do it'- Draco was sat on a log next to Hermione, His legs sprawled out as he attempted to catch his breathe. He came out with a sprained wrist, a few cuts and bruises but otherwise ok. -'And I don't like how your Sphinx form is bigger than me'- Draco sighed for a dramatic effect as the Sphinx rolled her eyes and covered him with one of her perfect wings.

-'I like it, in this form I can save my very own treasure'- Hermione whispered into his ear.

-'I thought you couldn't speak in an animagus form'- Draco looked up into her larger eyes in surprise.

-'Silly human, Sphinx are the smartest and wisest creatures in the world, they could speak many languages if they chose'- Hermione nuzzled her nose into Draco's already tussled hair.

-'Why doesn't that surprise me?'- Draco looked up to her worried face and followed to where she was looking. To where Harry had disappeared.

As time went by, Hermione had become more distressed by the hour, she started to hover just above the trees to see if she could see anything and when she wasn't doing that she began to walk in circles like a trapped lioness in a cage. Luna approached the Sphinx in her human form, but that didn't make any progress in calming the agitated Hermione down, not even Draco could release the worry in her heart she was tormented by, in her desperation she howled to the moon, she knew that if her Brother was alive he was going to run to her side, a faint answer back was the only sign that gave her faith "just a moment" was the message in reply. Moments later another roar made Hermione change form instantly with relief, she was smiling and crying at the same time, "it's over Mione" was his last sound before entering the forest in human form.

Harry was walking toward the place where Hermione was sat next to Draco and Luna, both humans, Hermione ran full pelt to hug Harry.

-'YOU SILLY AND PRIDEFUL CHIAMERA! HOW DARE YOU GO OUT THERE AND NOT SEND ME A SINGLE ROAR! I WAS DISTRESSED! STUPID BROTHER! LOOK AT YOU! BLOOD AND MUD ALL OVER YOUR FACE! AND ON TOP OF THAT…oh dear, at least you are not injured… are you all right?'- Hermione shouted in relief and anger whilst hugging and hitting Harry at the same time.

-'Yes, I'm very healthy in this form Mione, I'm sorry, I thought I had cleaned myself in the lake but that doesn't seem the case'- Harry looked down at his clothes and laughed.

-'Merlin Potter if you didn't appear soon I was going to be in trouble… who was going to calm down this Sphinx of a Sister you have?'- Draco joined the joyous duo along with Luna with a smirk situated in place.

-'Good one Malfoy, now let's get into the castle and cheer for what I hope is our last battle…'- Harry placed himself in between Draco and Hermione as Luna linked arms with Hermione to her right. "I agree with your relationship, but no love displays in front of me or I will kill you Malfoy" Thought Harry, which made his smile grew.

-'How lovely, my kids all safe and sound'- Narcissa took the chance to hug all three in turn, Luna was already in her father's arms, when the others arrived with Narcissa.

-'Mother that is not… wait a moment, how many kids?'- His eyebrow knitted together as he stared at his Mother, mentally looking if she had banged her head.

=What? = Harry and Hermione asked at the same time.

-'Yes, Hermione is going to be my perfect daughter-in-law of course, and Harry is will be the Brother I always wished for you Draco… Think about it, I'll spend all the shopping days with my adorable Hermione, and you have a Brother to spend your time playing, gaming, talking or whatever you want to do'-

-'Does that mean that you wouldn't need me for the shopping days?'- Asked Draco

-'Yes, but you're going to have a mate that…'- Answer Narcissa

-'Agreed! Come here my new brother! If accepting you as my brother means to be free from that… I accept the punishment gladly!'- Draco whispered before pushing Harry playfully.

-'Is it that bad?'- Harry smiled as he let the idea of Draco being his Brother in law or sorts settle in his mind.

-'Facing the dark lord is like playing quidditch, in comparison with a shopping day with Mother'- Draco deadpanned seriously.

-'Brothers then'- Harry agreed willingly.

Narcissa began talking happily with Hermione and Luna that they didn't notice when a certain red head approached them with less airs and grace than an Antelope.

-'Well Hermione, you're perfect in all aspects, originally I was expecting a girl of a noble house for my Son to mate with, but then I realized how useless them kind of girls can be and not to mention lost hope. But then you came and have changed my Son for the good … you have made more of a Black of him which is all I ever wanted for him. Of course I'll be glad the day you two get engaged, and obviously you're going to use the wedding ring of my Mother, Draco can search for the official ring later'- Narcissa began to tell Hermione's future to her as they slowly made their way back into the courtyard at Hogwarts

-'Thank you… m-m-mom'- Hermione tested the foreign word on her tongue unsure to what Narcissa would think but was rewarded with a beaming smile of pride from the older witch.

Ron was nearby nearly threw up his drink, and with a ghost white face approached Hermione and Narcissa directly.

-'Erm excuse me… but aren't you Narcissa Malfoy?'- Ron studied the woman rather unsure, "I'd love to hear really bad as to why Hermione was calling that woman mom?" thought Ron, not believing what his ears or eyes were telling him.

-'Yes, Ronald she's Teddy's aunt, and my future mother-in-law'- Hermione lifted her chin up in pride.

-'ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT YOU'RE TO BE ENGAGED TO MALFOY? OF ALL PEOPLE, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?-' Ron yelled furiously and threw his glass down to the floor, shattering it and allowing the beer to create a puddle on the floor, alerting the attention of the tension to those around them.

-'Don't yell at me like that Ronald'- Hermione put her hands on her hips, her hair crackling with her magic tuning to her mood change.


-'Well done for stating the obvious. So? I can date whoever I like, and it's not your problem, you have no say in this matter'- Said Hermione

-'What is it Mione?'- Luna asked as she watched the wrackspurts jump and bounce on Ronald's head. Harry and Malfoy walked over a few minutes after Luna.


-'Yes, and?'- Harry replied calmly waiting for Ron's pea mind to catch up to speed.

Ron stayed quiet for a moment, he was processing what Harry had said in his office.

-'You consider Malfoy to be better than me?'- Ron kept his tone even but his face was taking a rather aubergine colour.

-'Not only does Harry consider him better than you but me and Ginny do also, at least he hasn't hurt her like you did. In the past he has been a big idiot, Merlin knows how much you three hated him, but he has changed for the good, and he is capable of protecting our Hermione, making her happy and he knows better and first-hand how to withstand her punches, so yes, I also think he's better than you in those aspects, and please Ron, don't make a scene here'- Luna stared Ron down, daring him to defy her.

-'THIS IS TREASON!'- It was clear Ron had ran out of anything even useful to say. Hermione had gone way past her limit of putting up with Ron so when she stepped forward Harry and Draco happily moved out of her way to allow her what she needed to say, something that was long awaited for her to get out.

-'Treason? You speak of treason? HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME! TREASON WAS WHAT YOU AND LAVENDER DID TO ME! WE WERE ENGAGED RONALD, ENGAGED! AND YOU CHEATED ON ME! AND DON'T TELL ME THAT SHE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT US, THE ENTIRE MAGICAL WORLD KNEW ABOUT US! THAT WAS AND IS TREASON!'- Hermione got right up into his face and shouted, all those years of pent up revenge and pain finally coming to the surface, Ron stood still staring at her in shock. No one had to know the reason as to why they split up. -'You want to make a big drama a sing and dance of it, then I'm going to give you a good reason to do it… or maybe I'm going to make the drama for you, all this time listening to you and your stupid bint of a woman talking about your stupid adventures, letting me know how much you two love each other when the truth was that I… I was watching my ex-boyfriend with the one that he choose to cheat on me with… do you know how much that hurts? And now that I find someone to start over with you come and tell me that my future fiancé is not good enough? You don't have the right to say that! So, LEAVE US ALONE STUPID CUB OR FACE MY ANGER! And this time I'm not just going to use the oppugno jinx like in sixth grade… are we clear Ronald?'- Hermione whispered her last words in a dangerous purr.

Everyone in the opening was silent, the tension was very extreme, Hermione had aired out that her friend cheated on her when they were engaged. Lavender squirmed with discomfort of everyone knowing the truth, she tried to hide herself but everywhere she turned everyone was pointing and whispering. Standing still everyone around her knew what had happened.

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