Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 2 The healer & Surprising visitor

Although she was hurt by the name calling, she had to call for help, so Hermione left Draco in his bed and started to think about the situation logically.

"How for Morganas sake has this happened?, … come on Hermione you can do this, think as if you were back in the war… well not that … but, a healer. I have to call a healer first to check Malfoy fully over, then next, I should call Harry, and inform Narcissa about this, then I ... I … IM GOING TO THE MINISTRY TO CUT THE HEADS OF WHOEVER ASSISGNEDME THIS STUPID MISSION! And that's THAT, well the healer first" Hermione frantically rushing around her house, deep in thoughtful distress before moving the fireplace to floo call a healer in.

When the healer finally arrived he saw, a once brave lioness walking desperately up and down her living room, boring a hole in her flooring, snapping her head up, Hermione noticed she was not alone. Jumping forward she reached for his Healers robes and pulled him with force to Draco's room, having no regard for how the elderly Healer was supposed to keep up.

The Healer, that was no bigger than a common Goblin, noticed the platinum patient resting on the bed throw. Walking forward, he placed his black healing bag on the floor. Whipping his wand out, he performed a few diagnostic spells, simple health spells.

-'I think you were right, he has lost his sight, but Mr Malfoy becoming blind isn't the consequences from the incident that happened in his manor, this is something else, I cannot say if it will be everlasting but I can say from the diagnostic spells I have cast, that the blood vessels behind his eyes are already beginning to knit back together, I would wager that his eye sight will come and go for a few days or even months at a time. This condition is very rare, I have only seen this case once before and the gentleman I am referring to was hit with a very old curse, a very slow killing curse, however the curse failed and turned the gentleman blind. I would say this is the case with Mr Malfoy'- Said the healer.

-'I thought it might have been the incident that caused this, His Healing Nurse told me he may have a disability, so if this is the case, do you know how the incident is going to affect him in the long run?'- Hermione questioned with a serious look overcoming her features. "And also affect me cause It's going to be me who have to take care of him" Hermione thought rather selfishly.

-'Inefficient youngsters, they told you that? , Really? , it's not a disability, he may have days of extreme fatigue, but aside from that nothing special'- Assured the healer, trying to swallow the anger bubbling up in his throat, this was the 6th case today he had to re inform patients their relatives were not dying or going to become disabled.

-'Could you please possibly wait with me until he wakes up? …don't glare at me like that, he is firmly convinced that I did this to him, I would like you to explain to him what's going on.'- Hermione reiterated when the healer stares at her with an "I-don't- want-to-be-here" look.

They didn't have to wait long, five minutes after Hermione finished demanding the Healer had to stay, Draco woke up but to his surprise he could see again. Shapes, colors, plaster … the bedroom ceiling.

"What the hell is going on?, I'm pretty sure that I was blind before I came here, and now I see again …well I know who is behind all this" thought Draco.

-'GRANGER!'- He shouted as hard as he could muster.


-'Sorry sir, but who are you and where is that stupid mudblood?'- Draco sneered

-'Such powerful language in the presence of such a youthful lady'- The Healer sighed as he put Draco's notes back in his healing bag.

Hermione Blinked back the tears, standing up from the chair next to his bed, she smacked his bare arm, revelled in the red mark she left behind.

-'Who is stupid Malfoy? Gosh, talk to your Healer before you start to sprout out nonsense about your condition that you know nothing about, and stop calling me a mudblood, I have a perfect name and its Hermione Jane Granger, I don't mind being called Granger but mud blood it's not my name, LEARN SOME MANNERS YOU IDIOT! '-Hermione, ashamed of how he riled her up, hastily headed out of the room slamming the door as she left.

-'What a beast don't you think?'- Draco chuckled as he turned to face his Healer.

-'You are lucky to be alive now Son, she could have called Mister Potter to come here and believe me, he really is a beast'- the healer shivered.

-'By the way I'm Robert Hood, an expert healer, Miss Granger asked me to explain the things that are going to happen to you from now on'- The Healer took off his little round spectacles, rubbed them on his robes to brush away an dust on the lens.

While the healer explained in detail again everything to Malfoy, Hermione was in the kitchen finishing their lunch, she was too frustrated and so angry that she nearly cut her finger clean off, taking a big breath she whipped out her wand, she flicked it at the MP3 Player to begin Mozart's Turkish Marsh to calm her, when the healer finally came downstairs, he looked at Hermione with a worried expression.

-'You will have a long road of recovery with Mr Malfoy'- Said Robert with a sigh.

-'Thank you Healer Wood, for everything today. I have just made Soup if you would like to stay?'- Robert simply smiled at her generosity, he shook his head no before departing.

Putting a few sprinkles of salt and pepper of the meat, she had relatively calmed down enough to take the stupid snake his lunch.

-'Malfoy, may I come in? I have made lunch'- Hermione asked through the door politely.

-'No way Granger, I'm ok, just go away … somewhere else and leave me alone, I'm tired'- replied Malfoy with a tone resembling somewhat nice.


-'Malfoy I'm not in the mood, so open the door now please'- She asked a bit more firmly.

-'I SAID GO AWAY GRANGER!'- Shouted Malfoy back.


The door was swung open in such a rage, as soon as Draco saw Hermione's anger out witted his own, he dropped his head, stepped aside and allowed her entry.

-'So… what do you want?'- Draco stared at her coldly.

-'Hell Malfoy, I was bringing you some lunch, and you can't fool me, I know that you are perfectly fine … for now'- Said Hermione softly.

-'Yeah for now' -Malfoy ran his fingers through his hair and moved to sit on his bed.

Hermione stared at Malfoy, how many times did she see Harry with that tired, and frustrated expression? Him not knowing the outcome of a future they cannot fully control, but the most she know that painful expression first hand. She knew just what to do however she feared Malfoy's reaction, Hermione convinced herself that she had to comfort him somehow, so gathering up all that Gryffindor courage she is known for she approached him and slowly took his larger hand in her two smaller ones, Hermione didn't make eye contact or talk, she just took his hand and sat beside him.

-'What do you think you're doing Granger?'- Malfoy asked with confusion more within him than at her, he wasn't repulsed by her touching him nor did her feel like he wanted to pull away.

-'Oh shut up. Stay like this for a while and breathe'- Hermione rested her head on his shoulder with a smile.

Draco obeyed and started to relax comfortably for a little while. His large calloused hand was warm, his soft side started to show and come through, and the tears began to flow down his porcelain soft cheeks. "Hell, I don't want her to see me like this, especially Granger, she may tell Potter and my life would be ruined, but I feel … I feel warmth and safety, argh ... I don't know any more" Draco sighed at listening to his warring thoughts.

Hermione looked up to his furrowed brow and laughed softly.

-'You know, you and Harry have some similarities, like this one for instance, Harry during the war, felt like this very often, he acted like he didn't care, like nothing affected him, but the reality was different, he put up a front for everyone but he couldn't fool me, I knew he was suffering'- Hermione smiled with the "know it all- grin".

-'I'm not suffering… I feel a bit sad but nothing else…, and a tiny bit scared'- admitted Malfoy.

-'Scared? Scared of what? Being blind? Loneliness? Darkness perhaps?'- Hermione quizzed curiously.

-'All of that, and the feeling of being weak again'- Draco took his hand from hers and burrowed his face in them.

-'Weak again? Explain that, I have never seen you in the infirmary before, well not as injured as Harry, but I never heard of you being weak'- Hermione asked with surprise tone in her voice.

Malfoy grinned and faced Hermione.

-'Not now, when I was a child I was always sick, my mother tried everything to keep me alive, even a single cold sent me directly to the hospital. I would have a room full of Healers clothed in long white gowns with clipboards just staring at me, I got an immunity when I got a little older but, I hate being weak, I have to depend on other people, and that's a bit difficult for me, as you can see I'm more Malfoy than Black'- Draco smiled at the end, remembering his Mothers soft spoken words.

-'I hate to admit it but… I'm sorry Malfoy, I judged you wrong, being able to admit your own weakness you must be very brave, I didn't know you, I just remember how you was at School and yet… well I'm sorry'- Hermione patted his knee sincerely.

-'Why did you bring that for? , well… thanks Granger… I think'- Draco pointed at the food tray rather stunned.

-'We both need our energy's, Well let's eat, I'm starving, and Malfoy…feel free to talk and ask me for help. I will not judge and this is what I am here for'- Hermione turned her back to him and carried the food tray down into the dining room, praying to Godric he had not seen the blush in her cheeks.

-'Weird'- Exclaimed Draco as he followed her retreating form.

When Draco arrived in the dining room, he smelt something so familiar, "That can´t be… Granger you..." Draco headed directly to the table.

-'Well… bon appetite Malfoy, I hope you don't mind the menu, I felt like eating tomato soup and you were busy, and there are these little croutons, so let's eat!'- Hermione dropped a couple of croutons into her bowl started to eat her soup.

-'You … Granger, are you sure you don't have the "inner eye"? Because the tomato soup is my all-time favorite food. I told Father once and he laughed at me and said "Food like that is too simple for someone like you" So I kept it a secret from him … you have really surprised me, you are a good cooking witch'- Draco mumbled in between devouring his soup.

-'Oh no Malfoy, the cooking skills are my muggle side'- Hermione joked as she sucked at the soup on her spoon.

-'Ok hmmm… are you a good muggle cook? Whatever… I want seconds!'- replied Draco with a smile as he got up from his seat and headed to the stove with his bowl.

-'Oh damn, I forgot to call Harry I have inform your Mother about all of this'- Hermione put her spoon down in her bowl and made to stand up.

-'Don't, not yet, she doesn't need to about this yet, my father execution is going to be soon so she will more than likely want to spend all time possible with him'- Draco said with resignation.

-'Ok, I understand, … oh I love this song, it reminds me the Star Wars movies, Wagner would most definitely kill me for that'- Hermione began to sing the March of the Valkyries as Draco stared at the weird conception playing music.

-'What is a movie and just who is Wagner?'- Draco asked still eyeing the MP3 player cautiously as he sat back down at the table.

-'Oh I will explain that all to you later let me enjoy this song- Replied Hermione a little annoyed with his lack of Muggle knowledge.

The two of them were listening to the classic song, and had just started to eat the chocolate sponge pudding that Hermione prepared earlier when the doorbell rang.

-'Isn't a bit late?'- Hermione asked Draco as he looked at his watch.

-'I'm coming, just hang on …'- Hermione rounded the corner into the corridor see Ron shutting her front door.

-'Hi Herms, how are you doing? I was …. Well I was passing by and though of visiting you…is it a good time?'- Ron questioned when he saw the worried look at Hermione's face.

-'eh? ... No, no, come in, - Said Hermione

-'Who is it Granger? Merlin, don't they know manners, walking to straight into your house even when you asked them to wait … how irritating'- Draco shouted felling truly irritated. Ron knowing who the voice belonged to pushed past Hermione and stormed into her dining room to have his suspicions corrected.


-'Charming words Weasley'- Draco sneered over his pudding.

-'Just calm down Ron, and remind yourself that this is my house and no one besides myself has the right to yell here, and yes Harry already knows that Malfoy is here'- Hermione attempted to explain with what little patience she had left.

-'Erm Granger we have a problem here'- Draco started to pat at his face and the table.

-'SHUT IT FERRET! Well then? Why is he here?'- Ron asked again a bit more calmer and containing his anger

Hermione didn't pay attention to Ron, she looked at Malfoy's face, "Holly Circe, Malfoy has started to not feel well, Ron is here and it's not going to be easy to kick him out, and if he knows Malfoy's weakness he may spread the rumor and tease him continuously about it, but I can't tell him either that he now temporarily lives here because then he would be coming over every day at any time … what I'm I supposed to do?" Hermione rapidly looked between her house guest and best friend.

-'Come on, Hermione answer me now'- Ronald demanded

-'Granger you better hurry this is getting worse'- Exclaimed Draco

Hermione felt like she was going to explode, it was as if nature was asking her to choose.

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