Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 3: Harry & The emergency

Hermione was about to explode, "priorities Hermione, priorities, you have a person that's weak, and the other person is your friend and is aching for an explanation on a subject matter THAT DOESN'T CONCERN HIM… then its decided" Hermione thought to herself, whipping her wand out the Gryffindor beauty began to work.

-'Petrificus Totalus. Well... '- Hermione took a second to look at her petrified friend before turning to her … ward? Well he was assigned to her care and she was his guardian. -'Now Malfoy lets go, what do you need?'- Hermione spun, walked over to where a frightened Draco was sat calmly, she knelt to the floor and placed a hand on his shoulder.

-'I can't see anything … again'- replied Draco in a small whisper.

-'Ok, hold my shoulder'- Draco felt the left hand which was currently on his own shoulder and patted all the way up her arm to her shoulder.

-'Can you stand for me? I'm here, use me for support'- Draco heaved himself up, using more of the wooden table than Granger, she helped him to walk into the hallway.

-'We are doing great, we are now in the hallway, there're eight stairs, ok? count them with me, 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , now walk steady, that's good, right we need to take a small turn on the spot, great. We have two more small steps, remember? My stairs are curved? Lovely. 1 annnd 2'-Hermione breathed a sigh of relief she had managed to get them both safely upstairs without any injuries, she guided Malfoy into his room and into his tub chair.

-'Stay here in your chair for a second I'm going to kick that ex-boyfriend of mine out of here … and maybe we erase some of his memories… just in case'- Hermione muttered blankly form her spot in front of Draco.

-'Erase his memories? Granger it's too dangerous, he could end up just like Lockhart'- Draco, somewhat happily mused.

-'Ahh … erm … Don't worry; I am kind of used to erasing memories in a somewhat safe way'-. She didn't stop to hear his remark as she left his room and walked back downstairs to where Ron was sill petrified, swishing her wand out from her holster she pointed it right at his forehead.

-'Well Ronald, I'm afraid that you know too much, I'm very sorry my friend but… obliviate'- concentrating only on the memories that she wanted to erase. When she had finished she relived him from the Petrificus spell.

-'Is someone here with you Hermione?'- Ron looked around curiously.

-'No, who might be here besides me Ron?'- Hermione chuckled.

-'Right, well like I said before I was just passing through, and… OH GOD! I'm late, sorry, I have a date planned with Lav, well, glad to see you Mione'- Ron consulted his watch as she lead both of them to the door.

-'Thank you for the surprise visit, I'm glad you popped by, I am going to be busy the next couple of weeks with a new case coming up at work perhaps owl me ahead of time?'- Hermione smiled sweetly as she held the door open.

-'I see, of course, yeah next time I will send a letter ahead before popping in out of the blue, well see you'- Ron disappeared in a flash leaving Hermione in her own thoughts for a few moments. The slight chill of the night did nothing to help motivate her.

Blinking out of her resolve, she closed the door and headed back up the stairs to where Draco was still sat in his chair.

-'Merlin that was dangerous'- Hermione paced with her hand on her forehead.

-'Are you are afraid of telling him that I'm living with you?'- Asked Malfoy suspiciously. Not that it bothered him who she told, it was what she would tell them that mattered.

-'Very much so, you see Ron is a tattletale, and if he found out about you being here and about your condition, he would tell everyone in the wizard community'- Hermione knew Ronald very well to know exactly what he would say.

-'Oh, that explains everything, well …. Dammit Granger, you know it is very weird talking to you like this, I mean I can't see you I only hear your voice and can only guess where you are'- Malfoy moaned in an interesting tone as he put his head in his hands.

-'I think we could play the 'Marco Polo' game without cheating'- Said Hermione bemusedly as Draco lifted his head.

-'What it's this 'Marco Polo' game you speak of? Is it any fun?-

-'it's a game where one of the players put something on their eyes and seek for the others, the one that can't see say's 'Marco' and the others answer 'Polo' he/her guides himself only to the sound of the other players voices, when the seeker catches someone they switch roles'- Hermione explained slowly, never good at trying to give instructions.

-'It sounds interesting, we should play sometime … well since I can't see I would be the seeker, and then I would have to say 'Marco' right?'- Draco confirmed.

-'Yeah, but let's play tomorrow and play in the garden. I don't want either of us to fall down the stairs or sustain an injury, do you want any supper? I see you polished your chocolate pudding off'- Hermione smiled, her cooking at least brought him some joy in all of this.

-'Of course I do! Is there any of that tomato soup left? I kind of don't want you to finish it all, can I eat in here if you don't mind?'- Replied Draco with excitement

-'We should have'- Hermione left quietly over thinking the prospect on how she was going to have to help Draco eat.

- The next day-

Hermione and Draco were having breakfast when out of the blue music began to play, Draco jumped in surprise trying to follow the sound with his hearing.

-'It's just an alarm that I set, I write a note on my pager and it alerts me on the date and time with whatever I wrote, I open the note and it stops ringing'- Hermione explained as she checked her pager.

-'CRAP! I FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT! - Exclaimed Hermione panic evident in her shake voice.

-'It's rare to hear you say such coarse words Miss Granger, I am rather nervous to find out what it is exactly that you have forgotten'- Malfoy calmed a little, still on edge at her tone.

-'I forgot that Harry is coming over today, any time now apparently, Harry might be able to help you with anything I cannot however I am sure if he will bring your Mother.'- Explained Hermione while looking at her pager.

-'Just… can't you? … no, it's too late for sending an owl, then… no … oh … we don't know if he could chat with flu powder … hell, we're trapped'- Draco sank into the dinning chair.

-'It's solved, I have sent him a text which to he replied that he's going to come alone, but he has something to tell us'- Hermione breathed a sigh of relief, she looked over to see an uncomfortable expression on Draco's face.

-'What is the matter now what?'- Hermione asked slightly agitated.

-'How you could send him a text without an owl'- Said Draco petrified.

-'It's called a mobile, or cell phone depending on what part of the world you come from, and you can send messages without an owl, the only condition is that the other person also must have a mobile, and that you have some credit on yours phone, you top up the credit by paying a shopkeeper or your bill … When your sight returns I will show you mine- Hermione added with a smile.

-'The muggles have some useful things'- Answered a surprised Draco.

-'You have no idea'-Hermione began laughing thinking of all the intricate things Draco knew nothing of.

After finishing breakfast, they moved to the garden and began a game of 'Marco Polo' game; they were just getting into it and having fun when the doorbell starts to ring.

-'Coming!'- Exclaimed Hermione smiling as she led Draco back indoors.

-Hey Mione! I'm sorry for being so late but since you took the week off I'm pretty busy, hell I need you so much'- Harry was certain looking his age now having more of a work load to do at work, he handed Hermione folder full.

-'Hello Malfoy, I see that both of you were having fun, what were you doing guys?'- Harry wore a smirk on his face as he saw the two occupants with matching red faces and out of breath.

-'We were playing 'Marco Polo' I suppose we could do with a drink, do you want some juice or a warm drink?'- Hermione offered politely.

-'I prefer something cold to drink please, I'm pretty thirsty'- Harry took a big over dramatic breath.

-'Ok, let us all move in to the living room instead of standing here like a group of gossiping old ladies; I will go fetch the drinks, Malfoy would you like something?'- Hermione called over her shoulder.

-'Juice, apple juice please'- Malfoy called back as her felt his way into the living and onto the sofa, the movements not gone unnoticed by a very observant Harry.

Hermione returned with the drinks to see the confusing look on Harry's face as he stared at Draco, she knew he then knew something was up.

-'Well Harry, you first, what news did you have to tell us?'- Hermione handed Harry his glass, helped Draco feel for his and pulled the small coffee table up next to him. All this now becoming second nature to Hermione.

-'Eh? … oh yeah, well the first thing is that Narcissa was assigned to another person, don't worry Malfoy the guardian is your Aunt Andromeda, well I and hope they will get along ok, after all they're both ladies and they could talk about ladies things'- Harry did hope that Narcissa would be kind to Andromeda, she had also been through a lot during the war, a lot more than people actually knew. -'The other thing I wanted to mention is that tomorrow I will assigned to new people, I will be the guardian of Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini, so I'm warning you Mione the next time I come to visit you I will be bringing two more for company'-

-'Ok I will to try remember'- She tried to remember who the boys were from Hogwarts but only coming up with fuzzy figures.

-'Ok … what the hell is happening with Malfoy?'- Harry finally burst out asking.

-'Ahh… you noticed'- Draco sighed with resignation, unaware of the obvious look Harry was throwing his way.

-'Harry, if I tell you about our situation, you have to promise me that you're going to help us try and find a solution ok?'- Hermione pleaded, Harry nodded silently, the look in her eyes was enough, and she was starting to care for Malfoy. Harry watched closely as her shoulders deflated with relief as she continued.

-'We had a Healer over the first time it Happened, he informed us that Malfoy is going to be blind sometimes and the condition is the result of an old curse, and so I need you to search this kind of curse, and see if there is an anti-curse, or whatever that is called'- Said Hermione

Harry was stunned, with his eyes bulging out and his mouth wide open and he stood up without notice.

-'You… him… what... you are telling me is that … Malfoy is…'- Harry was slightly quivering has he tried to wrap his head around the current state of affairs. -'You … Malfoy, you are what?'- Harry turned to Draco shell shocked.

-'Blind Potter, I am blind, well right now I am but this situation is only temporally, my blindness will come and go, I don't know when it will come on and also I don't know when it will go. I don't know if I will eventually be blind or if it will disappear and I will be able to see again'- Draco was growing very impatient with Potter's unnecessarily ranting.

-'You are blind? , what I'm supposed to tell your Mother? , she's going to kill me! Oh your Mother … she will ….'- And with that, Harry Potter faints over the thought of being murdered by Narcissa Black.

-'Oh my Merlin's Why does he have to faint? , the only one your Mother is going to murder is me for not informing her of your state-' Hermione stared at Harry unbelievably, he killed the Ol' Voldy but the thought of a power woman out for his blood makes him faint.

-'I would give all my fortune to see Potters fainting expression'- Draco retorted with a wide grin spreading across his face.

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