Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 4: Harry and snakes

Hermione stared at Harry's unconscious form on her sofa, grabbed the glass of water he was drinking beforehand and threw the whole contents onto his face. Harry woke up startled and gasping for air.

-'Merlin's sake Harry, why did you have to faint?, I'm the one that promised Narcissa to take care of him, so the one that is going to be killed is ME … not you … but ME, holly Circe you always have to over exaggerate everything'- Hermione stood in front of her friend, hand on hip and her black ballet shoes tapping against the floor.

-'Hermione, don't be angry … it all came at such a surprise. I promise not to be dramatic anymore … well at least not too much'- Harry laughed and dodged Hermione's hand from smacking his arm.

-'I blooming well hope so you pygmy puff! Who even assigned us with Draco and Narcissa anyway? Ronald came by yesterday and nearly caught Draco here'- Said Hermione.

-'To be honest I do not know, I will have to find out. I remembering giving the thumbs up for the idea but I didn't think that would include us doing the work. Wait … what did you tell Ron? He is going to invent a ridiculous story about how you and Malfoy are secretly together and go to every paper'- Hermione closed her eyes and shook her head no.

-'Don't worry Potter, your little friend here, obliviated him, I admit I was really scared of her yesterday'- Draco, who until that time was trying to not laugh too much at how ironic the situation was.

-'You, what? It had to be hard on you Mione, are you all right? I mean … the obliviate spell is…'- Harry looked at her worriedly, his hand reaching up for hers and gripped tight.

-'I'm ok Harry, don't worry, it was an emergency case so… I think you are right it might affect me more than I think but … you know what?, I think I'll be all right'- Hermione blinked back her tears and squeezed Harry's hand back.

-'I don't get a thing, obviously you are talking about something personal, and I really don't care about it really, but I want to ask… Potter, are you really worried about how she feels after using that spell? I mean don't you have to feel worried about your other friend than was actually the one that received the effects of the obliviate spell?'- Malfoy was rather intrigued at the puzzle way of talking the two other occupants were conversing in. Of course he was not going to let them know.

-'Well … yeah, I'm more worried for Hermione than Ron, it's because… hum, how can I say it... well the spell was conjured by Hermione, so it had no mistakes, but Hermione's situation it's the thing I can't say to you so … hell you understand the main part'- Harry tried to explain without actually telling him.

-'Ok I get it, let's talk about something that really concerns me, you said that Theo and Blaise are going to be under your protection right? You have to be living in a big place to take care of those two'- Malfoy intended to be polite (in his own way).

-'Well, I see that Hermione didn't tell you'- Harry looked suspiciously at Hermione.

-'Hold on, don't mix me in your personal things Harry, I'm going to prepare lunch before you two mix me in your web'- Hermione replied with a cheeky smile before running towards the kitchen.

-'Ok, I will join you after I explain this to Malfoy'- Harry shouted after her.

-'So, you asked about my place right, well, let me tell you that the house I was born in is in Godric's Hollow it's now a museum or a history relic so I can't live in there. The house I grew up in with my muggle relatives is a place that I don't want to ever go back to in my life. I inherited two places and one of them isn't properly mine, it was to be in your mothers possession, yes I'm talking about the Black Manor, it's mine because I inherited it from my godfather Sirius Black, but I don't use it… very often, so I live in the great Potter Manor, that was originally for my father but since he died when I was little I inherited it from him … kind of awesome right?, well until now … Hermione and you are the only ones that know where I live, Ron thinks that I live in the Black Manor so keep the secret ok?'- Harry was rather relieved to get that out, even if it was to Malfoy.

-'Potter Manor still stands? Wow … What a surprise, so you're living in your family manor, feels good right? So many house el…- Draco began to say until Harry put a hand on his mouth.

-'Don't ever say that in front of Hermione, she will kill me if you say that the house elves serve me, she is the founder of the department of elves freedom rights'- Harry slowly took his hand from Draco's mouth

-'Not a wise idea to move your hand over a blind person's mouth, so it was her during school putting all the posters up in Hogwarts? Potter your friend is a bit crazy, what else does a house elf serve for? They have to take care of the house and their master it's there protocol to, so … don't tell me that is what happened to Dobby, my Father got really angry at the end of our second year, and … You were the one that released him right Potter?'- Draco said dramatically.

-'Well … yes it was me, but you know … your did father kick him and hit him and … well let's say that I hate domestic violence against anything- Harry tried to explain, it was no secret about how Harry was brought up with the Dursley's.

-'Ha ha, that's the best thing I have ever heard, yes you're right, my father did not care about his servants, and unfortunately Dobby was his personal house elf, well, and how do you manage the manor without elves?'- Draco asked in wonder.

-'I do have elves, but I tell them that when Hermione's over to do as she asks, they have fun with her'- Harry smiled at the thoughts of his elves.

-'So Granger is like your elves personal toy?'- Draco adventured into the subject.

-'Ha ha kind of, but keep it a secret … so ... I'm going to help Hermione with the lunch … is there anything I can do for you whilst you are here?- Harry offered an olive branch

-'Write a manual on 'how to live with Granger' and I'm going to be forever in your'- And Draco took the olive tree.

-'I reckon it would sell pretty well'- Harry led Draco into the dining room and pulled his chair out for him to guide himself into.

-'Are you guys talking about me? I hope not, you know how much I hate it when someone talks about me behind my back- Hermione walked into the dining room.

Both guys jumped in their places not noticing how ninja like Hermione had walked into the room.

-'N-no Mione we were talking about quidditch'- Said Harry

-'Right Granger, we're talking about that'- Draco affirmed without turning his head to hear where her voice had come from.

-'That's ok, Harry would you mind helping me in the kitchen and Draco if you recover your sight in time would you mind helping me by setting the table?'- Hermione asked with a tone like Professors McGonagall.

="Yes mistress"= Replied a smiling Harry and Draco in unison.

-'Idiots'- Hermione turned on her heels and returned to the kitchen.

-'She knows, my sight has started to return slightly, I should do as she asks … I fear her really'- Draco smiled and shook his head, still Harry watched closely with the interactions of the two.

-'Yeah, I know, your eyes start to shine like a snakes do when they are going in for the kill, I better hurry or the dinner will be me instead'- Harry walked into the kitchen to see what he could help with.

"Potter doesn't seems as hateful as when we were in the college, maybe the circumstances were the ones that parted us aside, he has some snakes skills, more than a Gryffindor, but he's brave, not the thing us snakes are, I think Theo and Blaise would be fine, they were the only weird snakes in Slytherin, I always think they were more lions than snakes, maybe a lion friend will suit them better" Draco waved his wand and set the table in a second, all his musings forgotten for now.

After the meal, Harry received a call from the ministry, he was informed he had to take the two snakes from the detention room and bring them immediately home, so Harry disappeared for the night. Hermione showed Draco her phone and many other muggle things to keep him busy.

-Next week-

-'Hey Malfoy, Harry has invited us to go and say hi to the new snakes, but I think you should go ahead I have some work left'- Hermione held her mobile to her ear with her shoulder as she looked at her work case.

-Got it, but you will have to take me to his home, I have never before been to his manor'- Draco replied as he flopped on the sofa. When looking through Hermione's mobile he was so astounded by it Hermione bought him one of his own to keep him quiet.

-'Right, it's my break now anyway I will floo over in a minute or two'- Hermione ended the call and gathered her things. Draco was already waiting in the living room for her. Wordlessly she held tentatively to his hand and apparated them both to Potter Manor.

-Hello Blaise, Theo'- Hermione greeted the boys when they opened up the door.

-'Hello Miss Granger, or shall we call you Hermione?'- Theo asked formally.

-'Whatever you like, Malfoy still calls me Granger'- Hermione let go of Draco's hand and walked into the manor.

-'Ok so you say hi to a lioness but you can't say hi to fellow snake? What kind of Slytherin's are you?'- Draco asked with an offended tone

-'Sorry your highness, we didn't notice you'- Blaise replied as he pulled Draco into a 'bro' hug.

-'You know, a lion is actually bigger than a snake'- Theo smiled and joined in the hug.

-'Insolent chits'- Replied Draco smiling -'so, where is the lion king? Did you devour him?'-

-'They haven't yet Malfoy, but nearly, hi Hermione, you will be joining us later right?'- Harry asked as he descended the stairs.

-'Yes Harry, I'm pretty busy at work, only just found time to bring Malfoy here but I shall return later, keep him safe, see you guys'- Hermione waved and turned to leave.

-'Wait a moment little girl, have you eaten something? Did you sleep enough?'- Harry asked as he took in her black bags under her eyes.

-'Sleep enough… define enough … I only slept a few hours, you know, the book was pretty interesting, and ok Harry you got me, say it … come on say it'- Replied Hermione with resignation, Harry literally was her Brother from another Mother.

-'You never change, here take it and don't return until it is empty'- Harry emptily threatened as he passed her a lunch box.

-'Thank you and I'm leaving before you start with your discourse'- Hermione stepped up onto tip toes to kiss Harrys cheek before disappearing back to work.

-'Silly girl'- Harry sighed and shut the door, drawing up suspicion with the weird looks on the other lads faces.

-'What?'- Harry asked after a few seconds.

-'You like Granger, don't you Potter?'- Draco told him rather than asked

-'You both looked very cosy a second ago'- Blaise smirked.

-'When is the wedding Potter?'- Theo genuinely asked.

-'What the hell is wrong with all of you? Hermione is like my sister, my beloved little sister, we have lived through the same circumstances so we learn to care for each other, it's been like that since Hogwarts'- Harry bit by angrily and walked away, muttering how guys can be worse gossipers than girls sometimes.

The three snakes looked at each other with surprise, they never had seen Harry like that, contain himself but with teary eyes walking through the kitchen.

-'Any of you wish to explain to me what's going on here?'- Draco astonishingly asked.

-'We have never seen Potter like that before, but, I am sure he would explained to us if we asked'- Theo the ever logical person noted.

-'Hell guys we are snakes, we can go through many places were other animals can't so, let's investigate in our own way, Does Potter give you permission to use the library?'- Said Draco with a devilish smile.

-'Yes, we have free roam in this place besides of course his studio, we will give you tour'- Blaise brushed the invisible lint form his green cashmere jumper.

-'That's the attitude Blaise'- Draco clapped his friends back.

They told Harry about the tour and started with the library, they didn't find anything relevant and so they headed to Harrys room, again with nothing interesting, they ended at the living room exhausted. -But Malfoy didn't want to admit defeat- Theo and Blaise both said they should just go ask Potter the circumstances, he had been nothing but fair with them since they arrived.

Draco been Draco wanted more than what Potter could tell and offer them. Draco insisted they go into his studio. As soon as they got the corridor the room was situated. The man himself came out of his personal space and saw the three dawdling.

-'Sorry guys, I think I was out of order before, you didn't know that Hermione and me have that kind of relationship, but you know it's really bothersome to keep listening to that kind of thing over and over. IT's not just you, even Ron mentioned it once or twice. I'm very tired of hearing it, Hermione is like my sister nothing else … ok?'- Explained Harry with sad eyes

-'Never mind Potter, I talk for everyone here when I said we don't mind, really'- Draco stepped up, rather peeved he couldn't actually go snooping.

-'The snake prince is back'- Theo whispered jovially to Blaise.

-'Shut it'- Draco ordered at their snickering.

-Hey, could you tell us about your circumstances? The ones that you mentioned before- Adventured Blaise with an innocent look.

-'Is there something you don't know? The Daily Prophets have already printed everything, but I prefer The Quibbler version of the things if you ask me, more truthful'- said Harry with a sad smile.

Draco looked into Harrys eyes, and knew that he wouldn't talk that easily, "Granger was right Potter don't let anyone know how he feels, he puts a mask up over himself and don't let others see through it, she was right when she told me that we were similar" Draco thought, but still he doesn't want to give up. -'Hey Potter I never met your parents before, when I was younger I asked my parents about it but they never showed me a picture'-

-'Oh do you want to meet them? I didn't think you guys would be interested in my parents'- Harry was rather happy to change the subject

-'Let's go then, come on guys you live with me and you never meet my parents'- Harry turned to Blaise and Theo.

Blaise and Theo were very impressed to see where they're going, to the studio, the forbidden studio.

-'You are really a snake Malfoy'- Said an impressed Blaise.

-'Here we are, my studio, usually I don't bring anyone other than Hermione in here, but since you want to meet my parents, well, let say it's an exception to the rule'- Harry smiled and held open his studio door for the other three to walk in.

-'Hi sweetie, did you bring Hermione along with you?'- In the portrait Lily was in a white flowing gown, bouquet in hand and a lovely bird cage veil sat on the crown of her head. It did not take the boys long to figure the Lily in the picture was of her on her wedding day.

-'No mom, I already explain the situation to you, the boys asked if they could meet you and dad'-

-'Right, sorry dear, I must have forgot, so who are they?'- Lily asked again

-'I'm Blaise Zabini'- Introduced Blaise with a slight bow at his waist

-'I'm Theodore Nott'- Theo waved a hand up before putting it back in his pocket.

-'Pleased to meet you guys'- replied Lily genuinely.

-'Whoa so many baby snakes here' -James came into view of the rooms occupants but he received a cold glare from his wife.

-'Sorry, sorry, I was joking, and we also have the snake king son's here, how are you Slytherin prince-' James had a silly grin on his face as he addressed Draco.

-'How do you know who I am? By the way my name is Draco'- Malfoy eyed the portrait wearily

-'You have the same blonde hair as Lucius, and he claimed himself the Slytherin King back in the day, I didn't know your name but you look like him so I thought you may be his son and for that the prince tittle goes to you … hell you resemble him a lot, do you have the same personality as him?'- Lily shock her head as James smiled down at the boys.

-'The fact that he looks like his father doesn't mean he is his father James, look at Harry he looks like you but he's most like me'- Lily retorted with her hand on her hip, Draco stared for a moment, noticing the resemblance between Mrs Potter and Hermione.

-'My Dear, I was joking, at first sight you can tell that the kid is far from his father, he doesn't have the same bloodthirsty character, hell Lucius had that stupid nature to take everything seriously, he never had fun or even cracked smile once'- James pulled his wife to closer to him.

-'Watch your words James; you're in front of his son-' Lily -whom was still angry at him, slightly tapped his shoulder.

-'No, he's right, my father never showed a sincere smile to me either, he only smiled sarcastically or maliciously'- Draco shivered as memories came flooding back.

-'Not even with his son? You see Lily that man was surely a snake, with that cold blood of his'- Replied James rolling his eyes.

-'Well it seems that Harry was able to surpass you dear, he's friends with Slytherin guys, I'm proud of you honey'- said Lily smiling at her son.

-'Oh here you guys are, I was worried, sorry, Hello Mr and Mrs Potter'- Hermione came bustling into the room, not long after finishing work.

-'Hello my little lioness, are you going to take them away?'- James asked as he addressed Hermione.

-'Kind of, I'm hungry so…'-Start Hermione

-'Goodness sake Harry, you have guests and you can't properly attend to them? Really you are like your father, go and feed them'- an astonished Lily abolished.

-'Yes, yes mother we're going now'- replied Harry

-'Pleased to meet you guys' -James waved his hand as Lily smiled.

They left the room and walked down three sets of stairs to enter the dining room. The three boys played card games as Hermione set about finishing some work she brought with her as Harry sorted tea out.

-'Here guys I made this all by myself… ok, ok with the help of Missy and Terry, the house elves'-Harry announced proudly.

-'Who cares… let's eat- Draco picked up his cutlery and dove into the mountain of food on his plate.

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