Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 6: Mother knowledge

After finishing the tea they had prepared, Hermione had to go back to her caseload of work promising Harry she would not stay in their office all night. Draco not wanting to be around the boys anymore decided he wanted to go back to Hermione's place, so Hermione having taken Draco home she then had to go to the ministry.

Having seen the two off, Harry returned to his study leaving Blaise and Theo in the lounge area to discuss the events from the previous day.

-'Don't you think that Draco has changed? I don't mean just an attitude change, has taking a full fricking 360° change!'- Theo lounged back in the green leather tub chair, his thumb and first finger on his left hand cupped his chin as he sat and pondered Draco.

-'Well, I always thought he was a little weird in his views and alter ego personality, but now he has somewhat become a bit normal'- Blaise offered, almost agreeing.

-'Like the apology yesterday, Merlin! In which world does Draco-my precious self- Malfoy apologize? And also the apology itself was… just… hell, how do you describe this "Sorry I didn't tell you guys, this thing makes me feel weak and I hate that"?'- Cited Theo with an amazed expression rising upon his face.

-'Like I said before: WEIRD, like that'- Replied Blaise walking around the room.

When Hermione and Draco arrived to their home, Hermione was wondering if Malfoy would be ok by himself, but after a rather heated argument from Draco she decided it was more than safe to go to work.

-'Well I'm leaving, by the way Harry assigned you to the new department of magic laws, if this makes you feel better you are beyond Ron's capable hands, and it's a job you can actually do at home, so please choose a study room, I recommend you use the one on the east, and remember to tap the door with your wand before entering the room to make adjustments you see fit'- Hermione stood in the living room door way, a voice tone almost motherly.

-'Yes, yes, go already Granger; see you at lunch …- Draco replied, his voice going up a few notches so she heard the last part before Hermione disappeared.

Draco was working in his study getting everything to how he liked it which only took him a few seconds to decorate really, when an owl arrived, he didn't have to have the "eye" to guess who the owner was, the black feathers and a tiny white spot on the Owl's head told him everything, it was Nox, his Mother's owl.

-'Nox, please stay still'- Draco reprimanded as tried to catch the letter that the owl had in his beak.

Finally the owl left the letter on Draco's desk and with that left quietly. Draco was able to read the letter in peace, walking to the windowsill with the letter in hand to shut the window.

Dear son:

I hope you are busy, because it would be the only acceptable reason for you not writing to me, I'm going to visit you today at dinner, I have also sent a letter to Hermione, she told me about you not feeling well, but it is nothing serious, I want to talk to you and see how you are, until then.

Your Mother

Narcisse B. Malfoy

Malfoy froze in panic, his Mother was coming … and soon, shaking out of his resolve he left his study and met an also panicked Hermione in the entrance hall.

-'So, she sent you a similar one to you too?'- Draco asked nervously, already knowing the answer to his question.

-'Of course I read it! I came straight back home immediately'- Hermione began to pace little steps, left to right.

-'Do you have a plan'?'- Draco was rather desperate to come up with something … anything.

-'Merlin I already saw this coming, it has been a week and a half since she last saw you, and both of us have been preoccupied to even send her a letter until now, we only have to pray Malfoy, pray to Merlin, god, whatever you want, because if your Mother discovers your health condition we're going to see hell … and pretty quick'- Hermione stopped pacing a second to get her bearings together.

-'You're right Granger; you're always right'- Draco put his hand on her upper arm in a comforting manner.

They divided the chores, Draco casted some cleaning spells while Hermione worked on the kitchen, Malfoy smiled at the nervous and worried look that graced Hermione's features "it's like my Mother is coming to meet my fiancée" Draco smiled although a little confused as to why.

After all the preparations Hermione was more nervous than before, and Malfoy only gave her a quick smile, but noticing this did nothing after all, he tried to calm her instead.

-'Granger it's only my Mother'- Draco tried again.

-'Yes, but I swore to her that I was going to keep you safe and healthy, and now she's going to discover that her beloved Son sometimes goes blind, he's a lot skinnier than before, he is white as a dead person and on top on that he is using muggles things and playing stupid games with someone like me… Holly Circe, I'm going to meet my god soon'- Hermione cried in despair. Pushing her fuzzy locks behind her ears.

-'You are talking like you're about to meet my father instead of my sweet loving Mother'- Draco laughed, dodging the hit Hermione's hand was trying to come in contact with his arm.

-'If I was to meet your father I would have already killed myself, … this is strange to think … oh beggary it … Merlin it's like I'm about to meet my Fiancé's Mother so she can approve of me'- Hermione added, peaking up through her eyelashes to see his expression still as playful as before no hint of malice.

-'Thank Salazar it is not just me that feels that way, but don't you worry Hermione when the gentleman who is lucky enough to win your heart and will want to show you off to his parents you are not going to be this nervous I promise'- Draco lifter her chin up with a single finger and smiled at her shy expression.

-'Shut it Malfoy'- Hermione laughed a little and batted his fingers away from her chin.

-'You can always call me Draco you know?'- Draco offered innocently.

-'I'm about to lose my head… and mind and you're telling me to cut the formalities off?'- Hermione mumbled and crossed her arms over her chest as Draco exploded in laughter.

By the time that Narcissa arrived to Hermione's place she froze at the door in surprise when she heard the laughs that were coming from inside the house "Is it Draco? Merlin, I have not heard my son laughing like that in such a very long time" Narcissa dabbed at her teary eyes with a napkin.

-'Oh come on Draco, I'm about to faint under pressure and you are still laughing at me'- Narcissa not heard a soft voice that could only belong to Hermione laugh along with her son.

Narcissa pressed her finger to the door bell and, the door recognised the person whom pressed the doorbell, automatically opened, she walked to the reception room,which was the first room on the left with a door wide open, and found her Son with a smile on his face and a little less nervous Hermione.

-'Welcome Mrs Malfoy'- Hermione greeted politely.

-'Welcome mother'- Draco rose from his seat to give his Mother a welcoming hug.

Narcissa smiled to Hermione as she finally let go of Draco

-'Thank you and… May I call you Hermione?'- Narcissa asked as she sat on the sofa across from the two occupants.

-'Of course, I have to go prepare dinner, Draco why don't you show you Mother your newly furbished study?'- Hermione suggested as she left Mother and Son to have some privacy.

-'Why does it feel like I have just met my soon to be daughter in law? Anything you want to tell me Son?'- Narcissa asked with a fond rare smile as followed Draco to his study.

-'Me and Granger was just on that particular subject before you arrived actually'- Draco chuckled as he led his Mother about the house.

Narcissa was very impressed with the house, it was bigger on the inside that it definitely was on the outside. She covered her mouth as she stepped foot in his new Study, it the exact same one he had had Malfoy Manor.

-'It's very well decorated my dear, it does show that you are homesick. Don't you dare think you can run away from our problems, you are still to explain to me why you haven't wrote to me in a whole week'- Narcissa crossed her arms on her chest awaiting an excuse from her only Son.

-'I was kind of busy, hmmm… hell if I don't tell you this now you're going to know it sooner or later or maybe Hermione is going to tell you without me knowing'- Draco started with much more confidence than what he started with.

-Before I tell you everything you have to promise me that you're not going think that it's Granger's fault, promise me that you are not going to blame Granger and hate her. Hermione has done nothing but try and help me'- Narcissa smiled, noting the serious look on her Son's face.

-'Ok dear, I promise you that I won't'- Narcissa solemnly promised as she felt a sinking feeling in her stomach

-'Here I go… the first day that I came here Granger discovered that I was cursed, at first I blamed Granger but then a healer explained to me that it wasn't her … or because of the manor accident, and after that and many other things … Potter, Theodore and Blaise discovered that me being blind is the result of the dark mark on my left arm, and so Granger and Potter are searching for a solution, day and night … I don't deserve their kindness for everything I have done but they are selfishly making their self's poorly to help me'- Draco choked at the end, but managed to regain himself.

Narcissa looked at her son with an angry expression

-'Well, I'm very angry at both of you, this is something that at least you should have told me, you do deserve their kindness Draco, you can be so compassionate and caring yourself. What did I say to you at the hospital? That I hoped and pray you would regain some of the Black family heritage I know you have, all this compassion you are feeling is from my side. I appreciate what Granger and Potter are doing for you but I'm so pissed off because this is all your Fathers fault you are facing this kind of suffering, just tell me one thing… is it painful?'- Narcissa regretted the question as soon as she asked, no Mother wants to see their child in pain.

Draco feared his Mother's reaction, so he decided to lie about the last time he went blind. He knew she would be eaten up inside if he told her the truth.

-'Not at all, the only thing that hurts is my ego, but nothing more'- Draco reassured his Mother.

-'I'm glad, hmm… my dear maybe we can go and eat, I detect the scent and it is so mouth-watering delicious'- Draco nodded and offered his Mother his preferred arm.

-'Of course, you have to taste Granger's cooking Mother, it's on the same par of those high class restaurants that you and Father like so much'- Draco beamed so much with pride at his guardian.

-'Dear Merlin, if she keeps this up, my high standards for your ideal fiancée are going to rice up very quickly'- Narcissa admitted to a very astonished Draco.

Narcissa smiled at Hermione that was dying in distress while they sat at the dining table, she had to admit the muggle girl was the best cooker that she had ever tasted, not too salty, not very spicy, just perfect, the right amount of each ingredient.

Draco told her that Granger was the only one that could turn the art of the cuisine in a very complicated science, and so she very much believed it.

After such a great meal Draco told his mother to take a good nap, it was a very cloudy day and the sofa was too comfortable for even Narcissa Malfoy to keep her eyes open on. And so she did, she only slept an hour before she decided to look for her son to talk a bit more. Walking the memorised route to his studio, she was just about to enter the studio when she heard voices inside.

-'How do you feel?'- Hermione asked as she raised the back of her hand to Draco's forehead.

-'A little better not, sorry for this'- Draco allowed his body to relax.

-'No, don't worry; it's a very good thing you have this sofa in your studio, is it still painful? Do you want anything?'- Hermione removed her hand and noted his temperature down before putting a flannel where her hand was.

-'Yes it is a bit painful but not as bad as last time, and no, I'm fine like this, your cold cloth is pretty refreshing, is it too much to ask if you co… - Draco ended knowing Hermione would know what he trying to put across.

-'Yes, yes I got it, I'm not allowed to tell your mother about this, but don't you think she has the right to know about the curse? After all you are her only Son'- Hermione got up off her knees and pulled his desk chair to the sofa.

-'Maybe, but I don't want to put this kind of distress on her, ahh… this feels so good… I mean the cold is really good on my eyes … and of course your company is really comforting'- Draco smiled, focusing on the pain going.

-'My pleasure Draco, god it feels strange to call you by your first name, years of calling you Malfoy and all of sudden I have to call you Draco, well, you have to forgive me if I call you Malfoy sometimes, and at times when I get angry at you I will probably revert back to calling you Malfoy haha. Well I'm going to let you rest, don't worry I won't leave your side.'- Hermione smiled at his relaxed form and wandlessly 'accioed' a book from his shelf.

-'Maybe you could sing me to sleep'- Draco offered half-jokingly half serious.

-'But, I am a pretty rubbish singer… oh well you can't see my tomato face so I'll sing'- Hermione knew Draco wasn't going to give in.

Hermione started to sing a song in Italian, "con te partiro", Malfoy started to giggle, and Hermione stopped her song.

-'Don't laugh, I told you that I sing bad'- Hermione bit back rather angrily

-'On the contrary, I laughed because you said you can't sing but you sing like a light soprano … yes Granger even in the magic world the opera is well known. You have such a beautiful voice and you say it's bad… you really underestimate yourself- Explain Draco

Hermione didn't know what to say, her face flushed with the compliment Draco had fed her on a platter still she continued to sing. After the Italian song, she started a French song "Habanera" the famous opera.

Narcissa heard the full conversation and left deciding to leave them in their perfect little bubble, she left a note for them to read when they eventually leave their sanctuary.

Dear Hermione and Draco:

Thank you for a great noon, I can now rest knowing that my dear son is in the capable hands of such a caring witch, please take care you two, I'll come and visit again… and sorry for leaving like this but I didn't want to disturb your cute and lovely scene (yes I'm laughing).

Have a good night


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