Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 7: Confessions & Advices

It had been little over a month since Narcissa had visited their home, Draco was still bedridden most day due to the pain in his head brought on by his condition. Hermione had requested to work at home as soon as Harrys leave had ended, and of course how could he deny her anything? She was like a sister to him. Malfoy was now categorized in a 'grade 2' Health condition by his Healer when in this state. Hermione, when not working, was at Draco's beck and call, if somebody that knew nothing about them peered in through the window, they would guess the two were lovers or very close childhood friends.

-'Hi there! How are you feeling today Draco?'- Hermione knocked on his door before entering his room.

-'Like always, tired, weak, and awfully bored, but at least I can see your panda face… yesterday was a raccoon face but your eye bags evolved to a panda's'- Draco smiled at Hermione's small pout from where he lay in his bed.

-'Really, A panda? I am never going to let you watch a panda's special program again, that is the last time you even get to watch any animal documentaries'- Hermione half threatened as she walked over to his standing mirror. -'My god! You are right I look like a panda!'- A shocked Hermione prodded under eyes gently with her fingers. -'But it can't be helped, I have work to do and I hate to leave things half done, I can't even leave the things I have to do today for another time, so… crap! I need more coffee … and some cucumber perhaps for my eyes'-

-'Oh come on Hermione, neither Potter nor I would accept such a thing; you need to rest… no, no excuses; you need to rest now…'- Draco sighed when she turned to him form the mirror and stared at him with a "you're not going to change my mind" look. -'I give up, it seems that you won't listen to reason; well the least you could do is pass me that glass please?'-

Hermione obediently walked to the glass he was pointing to on his bedside table, she passed the glass to him expectedly. Draco the ever cunning snake, grabbed her wrist and safely vanished the glass of water. Before Hermione could protest, Draco dragged her into his bed and curled up to her.

-'What the hell are you doing you stupid snake?'- Hermione demanded as Draco nuzzled his nose into her mane of hair.

-'Forcing a foolish lioness to take a break or at least a nap'- Draco muttered as his own eyes began to close lazily. -'That stint caused me a lot of my energy, the least you can do is be grateful and close your eyes … try and rest a bit Granger'- Draco draped his arm over her waist and pulled her to him to keep her grounded.

-it's your fault for forcing me, you could only tell me to go to sleep- Said Hermione calmly, but she stayed in the bed. But atlas she still tried to wriggle free.

-'Am I that disgusting to you that you cannot share my bed?'- Draco knew her answer was going to be 'No' but a small part of him yearned for her affection.

-'No, if you were disgusting, I would have left the room the moment I said the first word, and me? Am I still a mudblood to you?'- Hermione questioned while searching for a good position to sleep in his tight embrace. She ended up turning around so they were face to face, his minty toothpaste breathe breathing down in a cool breeze on her face.

-'Don't ever say that word again! And of course not, you're one of the few people that I have in my life that I completely trust, such a very special person, so don't say that word again, it's one of the main regrets in my life'- Draco's voice dropped till a small whisper at the end as he was slowly dropping off.

-'Ok, whilst living her until now you've never used that word, so I promise I will not even consider it a word as it obviously still bothers the both of us, and you win this time … let's rest a bit. I hope you don't mind that I hug you like this, I always sleep with my big stuffed lion, but I'm so tired and comfortable to move from here… and… you… don't … let… go… either… so…'- Hermione's eyes finally caved and came together in peace.

Draco was surprised at first, but then he realized that he was the one that was grabbing her hand since the beginning and didn't want to let her go, he smiled at himself and whispered softly in her ear: - Avoir des beaux rêves, ma princesse-(sweet dreams my princess) Before he fell asleep … the snake tightly coiled around the lion.

What seemed like a moment later Draco was dreaming when a soft voice started to talk, thinking that the voice was just a dream he tried to fall more unconscious, but when he heard a familiar name with a familiar voice his eyes flew open to see hers still very much tightly shut.

-'Harry…Harry, help me…Harry… be careful… watch out! ... Harry, don't die… Harry…Harry'- Hermione was violently rolling around in the midst of her nightmare. Draco laid very still and listened to what she was saying, how she was sniffling while talking.

-'Harry… Harry'- Draco felt a small pain in his chest "Potter thinks of her as a sister, but she thinks of him in a totally different way" Draco couldn't breathe when his chest became tighter, how could such a beauty affect him in such a way, he nearly allowed the tears to roll down his face when she spoke up again. -'You… are… such… a worrisome… brother …Harry… and… a… cute… one… too…'- Hermione smiled and hugged Draco, unaware it was him of course.

Draco remembered reading in one of his Mother's books that if you ask somebody questions whilst they are half asleep they give you honest answers. Testing his luck his took a deep breath in and began his questioning.

-'Hermione, hmm… what do you think about me? I mean … as a friend and such'- Draco fumbled over his words, all his courage suddenly lost.

-'I think you are such… a… stupid… foolish… self-centred, funny… handsome… and… lovely… snake'- Hermione was still hugging Draco from her sleep and he definitely didn't her want to move now. He pulled back a little to look at her, she was smiling and breathing softly, and so that only meant she wasn't conscious. Draco was having mixed feelings, but his heart was like a balloon, full of joy, curious like a snake he decided to ask more and adventure deeper.

-'Do… Do you li-like me?'- Draco's voice failed him as he attempted to get past his dry throat. If this is what feelings were like for a human, he had definitely wasted his time at Hogwarts on Pansy and Astoria. When the perfect Lady for him was before his eyes resting in his bed. He didn't deserve her or this life … all he has ever done is make her suffer, make her cry and make her life miserable and when she couldn't stand his stubborn attitude she would punch him. "What a waste of time" Thought Draco as he played with the end of one of her curls.

Hermione was still asleep but she put a serious face and answered: - No… I … don't… like… him…'- The moment Draco heard her confession he closed his eyes and buried his head to the side into his pillow. Left feeling rather humiliated and alone even if she didn't know what it was she was saying. -'I… love… that… stupid… bouncing …ferret… - Draco jumped in surprise when she said that, and started to look at her face that was a shade so bright red it nearly rivaling Weasley's red mop of hair.

"And that is the cause, of my first behavior, I didn't want to know you Granger, because if I fell for you, I wouldn't let you go, but it's already too late, this basilisk is going to hunt you until you get petrified and fall for me more and more, I love you my dear lioness, I really love you" Draco thought to himself as he hugged Hermione back feeling so content having her in his embrace he managed to nod off again.

-'Hmmm… Draco? What time is it? I have to send some important documents over to work for Harry to file them and get an update on how works going'- Hermione rubbed at her eyes as she began to come around, she lifted her head slightly she tried to search for a clock.

-'Around one or two, but not twelve, the shadows tell me the time'- Draco muttered half asleep and Hermione wondered if he had half lost his mind until she checked the time on her pager.

-'HOLY CIRCE! ITS TWO O' CLOCK, HARRY MUST BE WORRIED!'- Hermione through the covers off of her and left the room in a panic.

Two hours and a ton of apologies later, Harry, Hermione and Draco were having tea in Hermione's house whilst Draco was reporting to Harry the events that made Hermione lose the time.

-'Hmm… so that's what happened'- Harry lifted a single eyebrow as he took a bite out of his sandwich.

-'It's not funny Harry'- Hermione bit at her eldest friend as her face flushed with embarrassment.

-'It rather is! This is what you get for not taking care of yourself'- Harry smiled as he watched the silent conversation between Draco and Hermione.

-'And you dare to call yourself my brother? Shut up!'- Hermione moaned as she sank into her chair.

-'Of course, and that's what a brother do, laugh about the silly things that their silly sisters do'- Harry pointed out.

-'Potter you should have seen it, yesterday she had a raccoon face, but today she evolved to a panda face … and did you know she talks in her sleep'- Draco smiled as Hermione tried to sink lower.

-'Morgana! How could I do that? ... I want to die here'- noticing she couldn't get any lower without being on the floor she covered her beetroot red face with her hands.

-'I would have paid good money to see that, I already knew that you talked in your sleep my dear Mione… so, what did she say exactly Malfoy?'- Harry asked curiously.

-'Oh, nothing much, something about her lovely and cute brother, and something about a certain snake, I suppose it refers to me, …and also that she wants another slice of a cake, bigger than the first one'- The lies rolled easily off his tongue, he swore to himself that no one was going to know of their private sleepy conversation.

-'Bigger, really? That's just like you Mione, always wanting more, now tell me was it a chocolate cake or a cheese pie?'- Harry wiggled his eyebrows suggestively trying to corner Draco.

-'Well I think it was a Vanilla cake, but it had to have had some strawberries on it, because she was fighting to get the bigger one'- Said Draco smiling.

=''She is such a glutton''= Harry and Draco said at the same time whilst laughing.

-'No more Malfoy, you… yeah both of you are idiots, just KEEP QUIET!'- Hermione stormed out of the room absolutely mortified.

Draco and Harry looked at each other and smiled, they really were devilish.

-'Well, now that we're kind of alone, I have to tell you something, Blaise and Theo were working on a spell that could help you, and it's almost ready, but first we have to remove the dark mark, and for that I think I have found a way to do it, but… it's a bit dangerous, I've… been practicing every day since we discovered it, If you're wondering why it has to be me, It's because the wand that it's necessary to perform the spell correctly is the elder wand'- Said Harry serious.

-'So, in short, you're telling me that there is a solution for this problem, but the solution involves the so called "death" wand, is that right? Well, at least you found a way to free myself from this stupid condition'- Draco smiled in gratitude.

-'Yeah, I promise you Malfoy I'm going to practice more until I feel confident I am doing it in a safe way, and whilst we are practicing we are also looking for another solution so I'm not going to force you into anything you wouldn't feel comfortable with'- Assured Harry

-'Well, thank you Potter I will be waiting until you feel convinced enough to perform the magic spell without any backfires, but please hurry up I hate feeling like I am the weakest in the world'- Draco wiped his mouth with his napkin but placing it onto his empty plate.

-'The hell I would let you do that Harry Potter'- Hermione stormed in all guns blazing.

-'I know you would be listening Mione'- Harry sighed and gave her a small smile.

-'Draco, could you please give us some privacy? I beg you'- Hermione's fierce gaze had not faltered from Harrys face. Without a word Draco left the room but cast a spell to allow him to hear everything they were discussing even if they casted protective charms

-There is no way in this world, or heaven or even Hell either that I would let you use that wand, not with him … or anyone'- Hermione rounded up on Harry as soon as Draco had left the room.

-'I know Mione, and I understand that you're worried about him, but to tell you the truth I don't have the confidence to find any other solutions, the spell that the guys are making is very difficult and, I'm not exaggerating Mione, they cried, they really cried in frustration while making it, but at the same time they were really happy to find a cure for Malfoy's sake'- Explained Harry.

-'God, it seems complicated, more than I thought, but I'm still worried for Malfoy, and for you too, more for you Harry, you know that you're my only family now, you promised me that you were never going to leave me alone, so please don't use that wand, it will only cause the death to its owner, we both know that … I'm really scared Harry, I can't lose you, not my brother'- Hermione burst out crying, Harry unable to witness it stood up and pulled her straight into his arms

-'It can't be helped Mione, that is the only wand that surpass Voldemort's power, and I'm the owner, I'm scared too, hell, I am more than you are, I… promise that I'm going to use the invisibility cloak, I'm not sure about it but you know it could hide me from death… I wish I could have another for Malfoy'- Harry rubbed soothing circled on her back to calm her down.

-'Silly, I'm pretty sure that the spell is going to be casted in a correct way, so I don't have to be afraid for that'- Hermione smiled once she had calmed a little.

-'well, don't blame me if there is something that goes wrong at the end … and also, please watch you say in your sleep my dear, or you could say your true feelings and a certain ferret is going to take advantage of them, isn't that right Malfoy?'- Harry had a knowing look on his face as Draco stood there like a deer in a cars Headlights.

-'DRACO MALFOY! YOU WERE LISTENING TO OUR CONVERSATION? … I'll give you ten minutes, run and hide, because if I find you, I will obliviate you'- Hermione pushed past him to clear all the plates into the kitchen.

-'I should have probably advised you beforehand, but Hermione hates when others listen to her private conversations, so for your sake, life or whatever you love the most run little ferret, run'- Harry smiled a rather sick sadistic smile at Malfoy.

-'Hate you Potter'- Malfoy moaned as he tried to find a way to get past her wards to find a safe spot to hide without her knowing.

-'Call it revenge for lying to me about Hermione's sleeping talk'- Harry looked at him with a suspicious look.

-'How did you know that?'- Malfoy asked half angry half scared.

-'It's easy, Hermione prefers chocolate over vanilla, and also she don't have to fight for a strawberry because I would and will always give her the biggest, I know, she said something about her feelings for you, she thinks I don't know anything but I do. So I give you this tiny bit of advice Malfoy, hurt my sister and you die, I'm not the lion king for nothing'- Harry gave Malfoy a serious and a scary glare before leaving for his own home.

"Morgana, Potter is sharper than I thought, but still, why is Potter and Granger so attached to each other? Why did Hermione say that he's her only family? What about the weasel? … What about me? Am I not reliable enough?" Draco mused as he already locked in his room just in case that Hermione were looking for him.

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