Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 8: Spells & Cursed words

Hermione was becoming really nervous with each passing day, it was a rainy Sunday morning and it had been just over a week since Harry's last visit and informed her he had found a spell that might work on Draco's condition. Today would be the day they would test the spell on him. Trial and error.

-'Are you ready Draco?'- Hermione asked worriedly as she approached him.

-'Merlin Hermione, you look like the spell was about to be casted on you instead of me, relax, we're talking about Potter, he surely knows what he's doing'- Draco replaced his stress with an arrogant tone.

-'Are you about to faint Malfoy?' -Harry joked as he entered his duelling room where Hermione and Draco were currently standing. Generations of Potters would come into this duelling room to practice casting spells on targets or each either. Harry could tell it had not been used for its original use since the 19th century easy. When Harry had initially moved into the Manor he didn't give the room a second glass, but for today, just in case, the room had been given a proper once over with a hover and duster.

-'Nearly Potter, is that the 'Death wand'?' -Draco asked a little bit nervous now as he spotted an unfamiliar wand in Harry's hand.

-'Yes, the so called fear 'elder wand'… well, put this on Malfoy, you can borrow my invisible cloak, at least it will hide you from death… if all goes wrong … security is first'- Harry draped the cloth over Malfoys shoulders. -'Well, let's get this party started'- with a flick of his wand all doors and window shutters banged shut and locked.

Malfoy extended his left arm in front of Harry, Hermione was there too but she kept her distance, only when she saw Draco roll his sleeve up to reveal the dark mark did she approach a little closer, then she looked at Malfoys face, and back to his arm again, she noticed it... he was trembling.

-'Merlin Draco…'- Hermione closed the gap between them and threw her arms over his shoulders equally covering herself with the invisibility cloak. -'Everything will be ok, close your eyes, and hide your face in my shoulder, you don't have to be brave anymore …. I'm here' -Draco obeyed almost immediately and burrowed his head in her shoulder

-'Yeah, you don't have to be brave, that's our jobs as Gryffindor's, just hang in there like a prideful snake, ready?'- Harry smiled very calmly to Draco … almost too calmly.

-'Yes… FOR MERLINS SAKE POTTER, JUST DO IT!'- Shouted Draco desperately.

-'Sello evanescerent!'- Harry pronounced clearly, and the dark mark began to fade slowly before stopping, it didn't fade completely nor did Harry expect it to but now it was only a transparent mark, nearly visible in the light.

-'Congrats Malfoy! You survived! ... We all survived! God, I was dying in distress here' - Harry dramatically wiped his brow with his shirt sleeve in relief.

-'You weren't the only one Harry; I was about to burst… oh! Don't look me like that it has been ages since I last saw a dark mark or even be in a presence of this kind of spell, Merlin knows that I don't even dare to cast one of this magnitude… I only know the protective charms and spells to take away people memories… Morgana I … I…need to learn more for our sake … to protect us…' -Hermione, a little bit crazy, muttered to herself as she made her way to the main door of the duelling room.

-'Mione… HERMIONE FOR GODNNESS SAKE LOOK AT ME!' -With Harrys long calculated strides he reached out for her shoulders before she reached the door.

-'Harry we need to hide, come on, let's go, where is Ron? Merlin Harry we need to run, please… believe me … I saw it, it was a dark mark, a real one, he's one of them…'- Hermione frantically looked around the room in a panic, clearly confused and shocked.

-'Hermione, look at me please… yes like that'- Harry smiled proudly at her like a baby learning new steps.

-'Look around you, we're safe… we don't need to run or hide anymore, we won… here, feel me'- Harry placed her hand over his heart. -'Do you feel it? It's beating, I'm alive, you are alive too, and Malfoy is on our side believe it or not'- Harry took a flash glance to Malfoy whom was confused, and rather surprised. Hermione slowly came to terms and back to reality to where she was and what was going on … nods.

-'Ok, good girl… I'm thirsty after all this, aren't you? Could you go and make some tea for me, thank you, and don't forget to ask Blaise and Theo if they want a cup'- Harry pressed a soft kiss to her forehead.

-'Potter, I really didn't want to meddle in yours and Grangers affairs but… JUST WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?'- Malfoy exploded when Hermione left.

-'That was the reason that Hermione and I are very attached to each other, practically it's my fault, but she insists that this was her own decision'- Harry sighed and began quick spells to clear the room and open the window shutters.

-'I need more than that to satisfy me, if you don't tell me, I'll ask her directly'- warned Malfoy in a ferocious tone, "you won't let me ask her in person right? She is special to you, right Potter?" thought Malfoy sneakily.

-'You can ask her if you want, but, it's up to her if she answers you or not, now, if you excuse me I have to go help my sister'- Answered Harry coldly and left the room.

Malfoy left the room too and was wondering around the manor, when he saw two figures in the back garden, they were two lions, the lioness was sitting in a chair with a frown on her face, she was holding a cup, then the lion sits next to and smiles down at her, then he stood up and hugged her from the back, and then both smile and started to prank each other wordlessly.

-'They look like real siblings, don't you think?' -Theo walked behind Draco and watched the scene play out in the garden.

-'But, in truth they have been more affected than any of us… maybe you're like them Draco, you can see thestrals too'- Blaise joined in the conversation, only the trio knew exactly what Blaise meant.

"Maybe I just feel things between the two that even the weasel don't know about, I have the feeling that they hide more secrets, but if the weasel that is very close to them doesn't know, how in the world they're going to tell me the rest of the story? Perhaps… he has a pensive" And with that thought in mind Draco started to search for a magic object that might not even be in the house.

-'Wait there Draco, where are you going?'- Asked Blaise running up behind Draco.

-'It's not where… it is what is he looking for?' -Corrected Theo running next to Blaise

-'You know we have to cast the healing spell on you… Hey! Malfoy, did you hear us? Lifting the dark mark was only the beginning, remember? FOR SLYTHERIN'S SAKE STOP RIGHT NOW MALFOY!'- Theo shouted angrily at his oldest friend.

-'I have to know the truth; I must know' -was the only answer he gave to them and practically kept running.

Draco had spent all afternoon searching for a pensive that might not even exist, only one room left that escaped his desperate search was Harry's studio, only because he didn't want to face Mr and Mrs Potter. They may tell Harry what he was looking for and guessed his intentions, but that was the only room left, he took a big breath and entered the room.

-'Well, look what we have here… the snake's prince himself, how are you doing little one?'- Asked James as he placed the book down he was reading.

-'If you are playing hide and seek, this is the best room to choose, logically my son and guests know not to use this room therefore Harry would not think to come here … however you are not playing hide and seek … are you? So… what brings you here?'- Asked James curious as he glared down at Malfoy.

"Maybe he could tell me" Thought Malfoy before he knew it the questions were leaving his lips.

-'I was looking for the truth, but maybe you can tell me what I want to know' -Draco answered in a rather Slytherin way, it was natural of him to ask for whatever he wanted.

-'Maybe, come on! Spill it out … what do you want to know? Take this chance; my lovely and overprotective wife is in Hogwarts, chatting with the current scary headmistress' - James winked playfully at Draco.

-'I want to know what is between your son and Granger, and also what is the truth behind their brother-and-sister relationship, is it really as platonic as they say- Draco asked directly and straight to the point

-'Oh my, you have a crush on our Hermione? You sure have high objectives, but I'm sorry I can't tell you the full story, well, I suppose I can tell you what I didn't promise to tell are you ok with that?'- James asked in a sort of riddle seriously.

-'Better that than nothing I guess'- Draco was expecting this answer.

-'Ok, well when Harry first arrived here, he and Hermione were already in that sibling relationship as you call it, he introduced her as a very important friend and he admitted he loved her as such I didn't fall for that at first but then it was clear; that it was the simple truth, platonic sibling love not more and not less, when I asked him why, he told me that they went through many dangerous, hurtful an sad moments together, and also for happy, joyful, and amazing memories that made them a family. They have so much in common; they both were only children, and they lost all their family, I mean blood relatives, their friend Weasley was her previous boyfriend, but it didn't work so they're only friends now, they trust him but also know to hold him at arm's length and to keep some things from him, like this, I mean the Potter manor, he thinks that Harry lives in the Black manor … but anyways. My little daughter is kind of traumatized, when she sees a dark mark she gets quite nervous and memories surface that she would rather forget. Her greatest fear is big snakes the most… don't get offended, I'm talking about the animal not the Slytherin's members, she also gets hurt by a specific word, and she's not the only one, my wife also was pretty hurt by that word and if it's said by a person that she trusts it hurts her the most… Harry and I named that word as the "cursed word", you may know it… mud blood. It can hurt her deeply, they seems to not care, I saw it in my wife but the truth is they get hurt badly, so I warn you don't use that word with her anymore, my son is really overprotective towards her, it's true that he's the Lion king, if you get him angry, he could transform into a beast' - James shivered slightly.-'That's all I'm telling you, was it enough to curb your curiosity your highness?'- James smiled cheekily down at Draco before picking his book back up.

-'Yes, I'm quite satisfied, well; I will take my leave Mr. Potter, I'm grateful for your cooperation'- Draco announced as if it was an interrogation, he left the room to find his snake friends out of breath at the door.

-'Crap… Malfoy… Where… were… you… man?'- Blaise puffed out, bent over trying to catch his breathe.

-'You… run… very… fast…'- Theo who sounded liked he smoked 10 cigars a day breathed out slowly.

-'I was getting some information, well; let's end this cursed situation of mine, you said something about a healing spell or something like that?- Draco expertly changed the conversation topic.

-'Yes, besides that, you better tell us what the hell you are planning'- Theo regained control of his breathing first as he gave a levelled look at Draco.

-'I could say it's none of your business, but well you got me and found me in forbidden land… so … let's make a deal, you heal me and I may tell you everything'- Malfoy shot back with a mischievous look.

-'Man, when you want to be you sound just like you were back in college, a sneaky, presumptuous, and arrogant snake'- Blaise attempted to glare him down.

-'I've been always this way, and you know it, so do we have a deal or not?'- Draco smirked the way only Malfoy's could.

-'Ok, you win, we have a deal'- Theo shook hands with Draco before he had to split his two friends up. -'And just when we think you may have changed…' - He added with a sigh.

-'I have changed … usually I would tell you to leave me alone and to not get in my way'- Draco smiled and winked at him.

=Scary, very scary… = Theo and Blaise instantaneously exclaimed, but in the end they followed Malfoy like the old times.

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