Malfoy... YOU ARE WHAT?

Chapter 9: The eagle & The snake

-'Well, I'm all yours guys'- Draco flopped down on the sofa squeezing himself between his two friends, they currently sat in the common room between Blaise's and Theo's room.

-'We're going to start with the spells, but while we're healing you, you may want close your eyes and start talking about your plan … we want to know what it is and this spell may sting a little thus keeping your eyes shut'- Theo stood up, Blaise not so far behind him, and they pointed their wands at Draco's head.

-'… I got it, just… keep my eyes shut, I had a very … unnerving situation with Potter and his infamous Elder's wand that makes me think I don't want to see another wand for a long while' -Draco turned his head slightly to the left and closed his eyes.

-'Well, let's start … no time like the present' - Blaise tittered anxiously, the trio knew the spell in total might never work and they could be back to square one, but this was trial and error and what might not work this time doesn't mean they were about to give up. Blaise and Theo started walking around Malfoy, with their wands shining and casting silent spells.

-'Ok let's say that I really have my doubts about how platonic Granger's relationship is with Potter. With events that have happened here and back at Granger's I had my suspicions that maybe there is more to it. Curiosity is my biggest downfall and I just had to know, so as soon as I was sure Granger and Potter was nowhere near the study. I popped in and asked Mr Potter. All he could tell me was that when Harry moved into the Manor they were already that close. He warned me to be careful with how I put things when addressing them with the situation or both of them wouldn't think twice about killing me'- Draco told them both calmly, trying to keep a neutral face so the two Slytherin's didn't know how the healing spells were affecting him.

-'Why do you want to know so much about the relation between them? I mean… unless you have fall…'- Blaise began before realization dawned on him. Blaise gripped his wand tighter so to not drop and break the healing spell. -'HOLLY CRAP! YOU HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH GRANGER?'- He Shouted in disbelieve, fortunately for Draco, Theo had continued with the spell work and finished with the healing spells.

-'Hell Blaise could you have said that more loudly? I don't think Hogwarts could hear you!'- Malfoy hissed angrily as he opened up his eyes

-'Seriously Blaise you're the discretion itself, so… is it true Malfoy, you have fallen for her, I mean do you truly love her?'- Theo asked looking at his friend suspiciously, of course Theodore clocked on days ago but he wanted Draco to admit it to himself more than to the guys.

-'I can't confirm or deny that, I mean I have never been in love before, I admit that I have had some childish affairs with the Slytherin girls… but they were never serious, they were just for fun and status, but kissing, caring, hugging someone with true feelings … I just don't understand what it means, my mother did those things to me but I don't want to be a mother to her'- Draco sat more straight and rather aristocratic like.

-'Of course not, she already has Potter that acts like a brother and sometimes like a father too…'- Blaise huffed as Theo punched him in his stomach.

-'Cut that out Blaise'- Theo frowned to the Italian Slytherin before rounding up on Draco.

-'Be careful, think thoroughly before you act, Harry has a strong sense of danger, and is really perceptive about people, if he senses any danger he may act ferociously. I think … I know he has a secret he shares with Hermione … a secret only they are privy to. I'm only giving you advice Malfoy, but meddling with Harry and Hermione isn't a good idea, if you want to know about their past why not ask their friends…. If it's just curiosity as you say they could satisfy you or even better ask them yourself. But if you start to play with Hermione's feelings I can see it ending in a different story, you could put all of us in danger' - Said Theo and looked into Draco's eyes stony Grey eyes.

-'Ok, ok I got it… I thought I was talking to a snake not to a mix of a Lion and an Eagle, you're strange snakes- Said Draco sighing

-'Strange … not stupid, only an idiot would risk his life when meddling into Harry's matters'- Theo shot him a knowing smile

-'Ok, I will help you out bro… you want information? I will ask Theo's girlfriend to tell you the full story'- Blaise winked at them both.

-'I will personally and slowly kill you if you get her involved into Malfoy's madness'- Theo squared his shoulders up and stared angrily at Blaise.

-Wow there… I never expected you to have a girlfriend, and on top of that that she's Potter's friend. It sure does explain your behaviour… so who is the girl? Is she an Eagle, a Lion or…'- Draco laughed mischievously at his friend's embarrassment.

-'That's right, she is an eagle and I would like for the both of you to at least show her a little bit of respect'- Theo retorted proudly whilst he reined in a bit of his famous Slytherin temper.

-'I get it… so who is she? Was she in our year or is she older you sexy minx?'- Draco -still in a playful mood- crossed his outstretched ankles and smirked up at the guys.

-'Good luck on that one Malfoy, I have been nagging him days for a name. Even after relentless pleading and teasing he won't budge. It was only when I mentioned blood status did he even tell me she is a pureblood and a friend of the golden trio.'- Laughed Blaise feeling the mischievousness Draco was sending out.

Malfoy only raised his right hand to Theo and give him a silent order for him to tell him more.

-'The little sister of the two great lions… Luna Lovegood'- Theo sighed, he couldn't win against both Blaise and Malfoy's constant badgering.

-'Man, the little kooky Eagle herself! You're something Theo… but wait, why little sister?- Blaise asked a little astonished.

-'First year and a member of Dumbledore's army, she is a close friend to the golden trio, the joke around that is it's like a nickname or something she mentioned'- Said Theo that sat in the other sofa tired of where the conversation was heading.

-'Well Theo, I would like to pay my respects to your girlfriend in person, its common sense and courtesy to introduce her to your friends'- Said Draco sitting like a prince, grinning and glaring suspiciously at Theo.

-'I hate when you do this, I really hate it, but ok, just don't be rude to her and don't involve her in this mess. She is very brave and clever but I don't want her to be led in the wrong direction'- Theo warned in a deadly tone.

-'Don't worry, I promise to be a perfect gentlemen with her'- Draco sincerely detecting the threat in his friends tone.

A few days later Theo mentioned to Harry it might be a good idea to invite Luna over to the manor, Harry only looked at him and smile, but a few seconds later he exploded in laughter.

-'I already know about your relationship with Luna, we were only just discussing when you plan to tell us officially'- Harry slowed down to a chuckle.

-'S-she t-told you?'- Theo stuttered nervously.

-'Not exactly, but Hermione has a very sharp eye for things and she told me, she said Luna mentioned something about being surrounded by "buttertikles" she said the same thing when Hermione was in love with Ron'- Harry lightly snickered at Theo's, now cherry coloured, blushed face.

And so the day arrived when Luna came over for the day. Hermione stayed for breakfast before leaving for work, Harry stayed a little longer before too leaving for the ministry. Leaving the Eagle in Snake pit.

-'Harry and Hermione have many problems; they have wrackspurts surrounding them'- Luna looked distracted as she watched Harry leave for work.

-'And they're not the only ones dear'- Theo pulled Luna into him as he smiled sadly.

-'I can see that, you have plenty of them too'- Luna turned into him and frowned and motioned for him to sit with his fellow Slytherin's on the sofa.

-'So what is the problem? I can see you are all eager for information, information only I can give perhaps?'- Luna fell gracefully to the floor and sat cross legged.

-'The thing is, is that I'm the one that wants … no, needs your help Miss Lovegood'- Draco was sat on the sofa in, between Blaise and Theo, just like they used to sit in college.

-'Call me Luna, and I shall call you Draco, the formalities are just bothersome at this point, and let me ask you one question first… is it something related to Harry and Hermione?'- Luna asked almost too innocently.

-'You are very sharp Luna, yes, it's related to them, but don't worry it is not something bad, I am only curious about the brother-sister relationship between them… do you know how or when it started?'- Malfoy asked as he's eyes half closed into slits ... into snake eyes as he watched he with calculated breath.

Luna was looking out of the window and only started to sing a song in response, but then she stood up and faced Draco with wide deadly Eagle eyes.

-'Did you know Draco, that snakes are the favourite meal for any Eagles? If you know this and still want to hear the answer tell me first why you are interested in their story'- Luna answered in a riddle tone. -'I don't trust any other snake besides Theo, and Merlin knows how much it cost him to win such a gift'- Luna glanced at her love and smiled sweetly at him, watching him painfully sigh at her words knowing them to be true.

-'I see, wise like always, ok I will tell you, Theo, Blaise, go out of the room for a second…'- The Snake kept eye contact with the Eagle as they did what he asked.

Theo and Blaise went out, but Theo cast a silent protective spell on Luna to protect her from whatever Malfoy may be planning.

Inside the room Draco told Luna about the scene that took place when Harry erased his dark mark, and told her that it was possible that he could be in love with Hermione, he admitted himself that he loved her but wasn't sure if what he felt was real or not and that he wanted to help her with her work. When Malfoy finished his story. Luna silently let the other two in and at originally were she was.

-'So it is like that, I'm sorry Draco but that's not enough to trust you on, in exchange I suppose I can tell you that before I became friends with them they were just as close, when I met Harry he was isolated by the other Gryffindor's and the only ones that were by his side the whole time were Ron and Hermione and during the war Hermione was by his side more than Ron, and… Hermione had to sacrifice something in order to help Harry when the war first started, which made Harry have a breakdown, that's all I can tell you. I think I might have already said too much, well if you excuse me I would like to take Theo to the garden there are many points in gardens to take wrackspurts out of his head'- Luna rose as gracefully as she sat down and left the room with Theo hotly on her heels.

-'Seriously, did she only pretend to be crazy back in school?...'- Blaise watched the two leave rather surprised at the Luna Lovegood he just watch equally match Malfoy.

-'No, she's not pretending, but in her madness she can tell clearly who is who'- Answered Draco whom was immersed in his thoughts

-'By the way did you get what you wanted from her?- Blaise asked as he flicked invisibly lint off of his blazer.

-'Not completely, but I have made one discover and I'm getting closer to the origin of this relationship and the things that make it strong. It is like I have a jigsaw puzzle in front of me and I have the outline all placed but with the middle still muddled.- Said Draco.

-'And why do you want to know their past? I mean everybody know it'- Answered Blaise confused.

-'No, not just anybody knows the truth, Potter and Granger allow them to know what they have conjured up into a story. The reality is more exciting than the lies'- Draco grinned like the Cheshire cat from Alice and Wonderland.

When Luna and Theo returned from their romantic and crazy walk, Luna announced her leave.

-'Well guys I have to go'- Said Luna with a smile as she still had grip on Theo's arm.

=We arrived= Harry and Hermione announced in unison.

-'Oh come on Luna, don't tell me that you're going'- Harry put his briefcase down looking rather disappointed.

-'Yes I shall return soon, goodbye Harry and Hermione, take care Draco and Blaise. My dear Theo, it was a very pleasant evening, next time I shall bring some cookies and we will have tea and cookies together'- Theo kissed his beau on the cheek before apparating away with a smile.

-'I want to know what is in that beautiful mind of hers- Hermione stared at the spot the whimsical girl had just been standing in.

-'Come Draco I think it is time we we're leaving too'- Hermione smiled a very tired smile over at him.

-'Are too you still going to be living together?'- Theo asked rather confused.

-'He may be free from that curse, but he's still under my protection until all the crazy people that attacked him and his Mother are caught'- Hermione answered firmly.

-'So it's the same with us then?'- Blaise asked no one in particular.

-'Come on guys; don't tell me that I've been a bad guardian'- Harry half smiled and half frowned.

-'It's not that, we miss our friends and our socializing with our kind of animal.'- Theo reassured Harry

-'So it's only that, well, let's go and visit the snake's master tomorrow'- Harry smiled in relief and summoned some parchment to pen a letter to the man himself.

-'Don't tell me he's still alive'- Theo didn't even attempt to hide the surprising tone in his voice.

-'You mean Snape?'- Draco's eyebrows raised up past his swept over fringe.

-'Yes, I do think it is time I pay a visit to him and an added bonus you get to spend a small amount of time with the animal of your choosing or so you say.'- Said Harry smiling.

-'That's a good idea Harry, and we could… go out and take a breath'- Hermione smiled a nervous smile at Harry.

-'Deal, Potter, you take this annoying sister of yours and I shall take these snakes of mine, all win nothing to lose'- Draco ended dramatically as if he was on that muggle tv program deal or no deal.

=Agreed! = The other two snakes said simultaneously.

Neither of the snakes or the lioness knew that what the clever Eagle had said as she left was a double ontronda meant only for Harry. Inside her last phrase to him she told him a very important thing, the true meaning between the "-next time I bring some cookies and we have tea-" was "-Next time we see each other we shall discuss something important, calmly" and that was the message that Harry understand perfectly, that message was a warning, Hermione, Luna or him were about to face something dangerous.

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