Love conquers all

Chapter 8: Happy moments.

Harry was nearly pacing a hole in the carpet in Ron’s old room at the Burrow. And recently he had also started biting his fingers in nervousness. When Ron peeked into the room to see if Harry was ready, he couldn’t help but shake his head in amusement. Ron had never seen Harry this nervous not even when he was about to ask Mr. and Mrs. Weasley permission to marry Ginny. That day had been a day to remember, because Harry had spent the whole morning worrying about what they would say, he had almost driven Ron mental with his anxiety. Only after continuous guarantees from Ron that his parents would be thrilled beyond words to have Harry as their son-in-law, had Harry finally gone to the Burrow.

“Hey mate, if you don’t want to buy mum and dad a new carpet you better stop now, or you’ll soon wear the carpet down.” Ron laughed and walked into the room.

Harry stopped and tried to calm himself down, rubbing his face with his hands.

“Why do I have to be so nervous? I mean, I shouldn’t be… should I?” Harry sighed and leaned against Ron’s old desk.

“No you shouldn’t be nervous, you know this is right, and so does everyone in my family by the way. They are all happy and pleased that you’re finally marrying our baby sister.” Ron patted Harry on the shoulder and looked outside the window. Here he could see that the final touches were made on the lawn, a few chairs and flower ornaments were straightened so everything would be ready for the wedding of the century. The wedding of Harry Potter “the-man-who-killed-Voldemort”. This was something that no one wanted to miss. But both Harry and Ginny had wanted their wedding to be as quiet as possible. So every available person from the Ministry of Magic who was skilled in charms had worked hard to set up charms and protection shields to no one uninvited would come to the Burrow.

Harry just nodded and started to pace again. Ron shook his head once more and decided to just leave Harry alone. When he walked out of the door he met Remus, and said, “You try and see if you can get him to calm down a bit, before we have to be down at the wedding. He’s almost gone barmy if you ask me.”

“I’ll see what I can do. Then you could go down and reassure your mother that we’ve got everything under control up here. I think she is going bonkers as well, but I guess that’s just something women do when they are at a wedding.” Remus laughed and clasped Ron on the shoulder.

Ron laughed as well, thinking that if his mother’s state of mind at the moment was anything like when Bill and Fleur got married then he had a pretty good idea how she was right now. Then again, it could be worse this time, as it was now her only daughter that was going to be married. Ron said that he would see Remus and Harry downstairs, when the wedding would begin.

When Remus entered the room he chuckled to himself, it was as if he had seen this image before. A tousled haired young man wearing glasses, pacing up and down the floor, and now and then he would run a shaking hand through his hair, making it stand up even more.

“You know who you look like right now Harry?”

Harry stopped shortly and asked, “No who would that be?” then he started pacing again.

“Your father the day he married your mother. He was just as nervous as you look right now, if not more.” Remus walked over to Harry and stopped his walking by putting a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Really, my father was nervous when he got married?” Harry peaked up at this, he had never thought about how his dad had felt when he got married. He felt a small twinge in his heart when he thought about his parents missing out on his wedding.

Remus nodded, and said, “But listen Harry, do try to calm down a bit. There is nothing to worry about. Everything is going to be just fine, believe me, everything is under control.”

“I know, it’s just that this is huge, I mean really huge. I’m getting married today. I can’t believe it… I’m actually getting married… I’m getting married to the most wonderful girl in the world… and she said yes… well she hasn’t said yes yet… but she said that she wanted to marry me… marry me, of all the people in the world… she wants to marry me… I’m getting married…” Harry babbled. His mind was going a million miles a minute and it felt as if it would explode.

“Okay Harry, now you’re not making any sense. Stop thinking so much about it and just enjoy the day. Yes, it is huge and it’s a day you’re going to remember for the rest of you life. Just don’t panic here, calm down.” Remus looked into the younger man’s eyes and willed him to calm down a bit.

Harry took a few deep breaths and looked into his older friend’s eyes. After a few moments his mind seemed to slow down a bit and he could think a bit more clearly.

“Thanks Remus, I guess I went a bit out of control back there.” Harry smiled ruefully and sat down on the rickety chair by the desk.

“No really, you really think so?” Remus asked in a mock voice and laughed out loud.

“Yeah, yeah I get your point. I just couldn’t help myself. My mind is still trying to understand why she wants to marry me. I mean, I know I love her and she loves me, but still… why me?”

“Because you’re her knight in shinning armour?” Remus asked with a raised eyebrow and an amused smile on his lips.

“No, I don’t want to be someone’s knight in shinning armour, and you know that…” there was a slight edge in Harry’s voice.

“I know, and I’m sorry, that wasn’t funny.” Remus apologized. He knew that Harry never liked the ‘knight-in-shining-armour’ phrase. Remus continued, “But listen Harry, I know that Ginny loves you no matter what you have or haven’t done. She sees the person in you that very few people have ever been allowed to see. She cracked your shell and found someone she loves very, very much.” Remus’ voice was serious and calm. He didn’t want Harry to misunderstand anything and doubt the love he and Ginny have for each other.

“I know, and thank you. I couldn’t have done this without you; you have helped me throughout the years, more than you’ll ever know. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me…” Harry felt a small lump in his throat and coughed slightly. Remus had been like a father to him, he had been there for him whenever things went bad or good.

“You’re welcome Harry.” Remus hugged Harry and continued, “Just remember that I’m still here for you, if you need advice on anything, anything at all. I’m here for you.”

“That’s good to know, and thank you for getting me back on earth again.” Harry smiled. “But I think I could use some time alone before I go down to the wedding, if you don’t mind.”

“No not at all. Please just try and stay calm and relaxed until I come and get you, okay.”

Harry nodded his head and saw Remus walk out of the room, then he sat down on the chair again, and his mind began to wander back to the day when he had asked Ginny to marry him.

It was Christmas day and the Burrow had been busy all morning. Now everyone had finished unwrapping their Christmas presents and there were happy faces and small talk among the whole Weasley family. The Weasley twins had, in the spirit of Christmas pranks, charmed the crumpled up wrapping paper to zoom around the room and occasionally hit people in the head. Mrs. Weasley scolded them, and tried to get them to do something helpful for a change, but she didn’t succeed very well, and finally she just sighed and gave up.

“Now that everyone has opened their presents, can we have breakfast?” Mrs. Weasley asked and looked under the tree to see if there were any missing gifts.

“I have one left,” Harry proclaimed and pulled out a small box from his pocket. Everyone looked at him expectantly and saw that he gave Ginny the small wrapped box.

Ginny looked at him puzzled, she had already opened one gift from Harry, a nice pair of earrings that was already adorning her earlobes. But nevertheless she took the box from Harry, unwrapped it slowly. She felt the stares of her entire family, all very much curious as to what she would get from Harry.

When the paper was finally off, she opened the box slowly. When she saw what lay inside the box, her heart stopped for a few seconds. There were two identical silver rings with granular surfaces, very simple but still very elegant. She looked up into Harry’s expectant face and searched for a clue to what this meant.

“What…I mean what is this…what…I…Why…what?”

“They come with a question but I would rather ask you that in private,” Harry explained and overheard Fred and George sarcastic comments about the articulation skills of their sister.

“Err…okay…” Ginny rose from her seat and walked out of the room with Harry. When they reached the back door, Harry quickly cast a warming spell on them both so they would not freeze and then he led her outside into the garden. Just as the door was about to close they could hear someone exclaim, “Blimey he’s gonna pop the big question. This is something I don’t want to miss.” And then there was a rushing of several pairs of feet going towards the kitchen.

Even though the door had already closed, both Ginny and Harry then heard Mrs. Weasley yell, “Now you boys leave them be, or I’ll hex you all into the next week…”

Harry laughed wholeheartedly and pulled Ginny with him, and when they reached the old oak tree, he stopped. Ginny giggled as well and hoped that her mother would be able to control her brothers. She peered back towards the house and saw the kitchen curtains flicker and several faces were looking out.

“You do know that they are all looking out here right now. I just thought you should know that before you… I mean before we…well…”

Ginny looked a bit nervous now, as she had a pretty good idea what question it was that Harry wanted to ask. Her heart made little happy flip flops in her stomach because this was something that she had been looking forward to and now it was finally happening.

“Let them look, I don’t care,” Harry said, but still he gently took her hand and led her a bit further around the tree so they would be more alone, away from the prying eyes of her family. To be honest he couldn’t care less how many people were watching right now, as his heart and mind was reeling with the one question he wanted to ask her.

“Ginny I love you more than I can ever put into words. There is not a single moment when you’re not in my thoughts. You belong in my heart and I want the whole world to know that as well. Therefore, I ask you to marry me. Will you be my wife?”

Harry’s voice quivered and before he took Ginny’s hands he rubbed his sweaty hands in his jeans. He looked like a frightened child, who was about to get yelled at, for something that he had not really done.

Ginny smiled and her heart swelled with even more love for him, he was a sweet and caring person, one she would very much want to spend the rest of her days with.

“I know that we are both really young, and all. But I don’t want to wait… I just want to love you… and be with you… I mean why wait when we both love each other… I mean of cause if you want to w…” Harry was babbling and his mind was reeling with fearful thoughts about how she would probably say no and slap his face and walk away. But he didn’t need to fear, as Ginny laid a gentle finger on his mouth, silenced his endless and useless excuses.

“Harry shut up, you silly man. Of cause I want to marry you. I love you and I want the whole world to know that too. I want to grow old with you and have your babies…” At this Harry’s ears turned a bit pink, but luckily it was still dawn, and Ginny didn’t notice. Then Harry leaned over and kissed her gently on her lips. Soon the kiss evolved into a deep passion filled kiss that took them both spiralling into a place where the only thing existing was the love they had for one another.

After several minutes, they both broke apart and happy grins spread over their faces. Ginny giggled happily and gave Harry a big hug. She was ecstatic with happiness; she was going to be married to the man she loved more than anything else.

“I love you Harry, I love you so much.” She pecked him on his cheek.

“I love you too Angel. How about we try and see if the ring fits. Or else the jeweller taught me a spell that can fit the ring to your finger.” Harry looked at her expectantly.

Ginny nodded and looked at him. Then suddenly she remembered that she was the one who had carried the box outside. She looked into her hands and found nothing. For a split second she panicked and began searching the ground.

“Did you loose something?” Harry asked amused and then he lit his wand and spread some light on the still dark ground. Ginny smacked his arm and told him that it wasn’t funny at all. But they didn’t have to look for long and soon Harry opened the box with the two rings.

“Oh Harry they are so beautiful, really they are,” Ginny said in awe and gently took the smaller ring up to have a closer look. On the inside of the ring she read, “Amor Vincit Omnia”. She looked at him puzzled not knowing what that meant.

“It’s Latin and it means ´love conquers all´,” Harry explained and took the ring she held and placed it on her left ring finger.

Ginny felt small tears prickling in her eyes. How could it be that she had been so lucky to have someone like Harry loving her?

“See, perfect match.” Harry held her hand admiring the ring now resting on her finger. Then he bent down and kissed the ring on her finger. With tears still in her eyes Ginny now took the other ring and placed it on its rightful place, on Harry’s left ring finger.

“Yes a perfect match.” Ginny smiled and continued, “How come I’ve been so lucky to have met you?”

“Because you have a big loving and patient heart, that’s able to love someone like me.” Harry smiled and kissed her briefly. Then he said, “I feel lucky too you know. Never in my life would I have dreamt that I would be standing here today with such a beautiful and compassionate person like you. I owe the spirits of fate big time, for having met you.”

Ginny placed her hands on his cheeks, and looked him deep in the eyes. She saw nothing but truth and honesty in them. Her heart swelled with pride at the thought of them marrying in a short while. She leaned up and gave him a butterfly kiss on his lips, then continued onto his cheeks. Harry sighed with happiness and pulled her closer and then kissed her more deeply.

They stood like that for several moments before pulling apart.

“As much as I enjoy standing out here in the snow with you, I think we should go in.” Ginny smiled and then said with a laugh, “Besides I think your warming spell is beginning to wear off, I’m starting to feel a bit cold here.”

“Are you suggesting that I’m rotten at casting warming spells?” Harry asked in a mocking voice rising one eyebrow.

“Of cause not my dear husband to be. It’s just that we have been spending an awful lot of time out here. I bet my family has already eaten all the breakfast.” Ginny laughed.

“No they haven’t they are probably still looking out here to see what we are doing.” Harry peeked around the tree then nodded. “Just as I thought: every one of them still looking out…even your mum.”

Ginny whirled around to look for herself but found the windows all empty.

“That was mean, real mean you know that,” she huffed and crossed her arms trying to look really mad at him. But when he gave her a lopsided smile that always melted her heart, she burst out laughing.

“Sorry, just couldn’t help it. But we better go inside as my crappy warming spell has worn off and I’m freezing my butt of now.” Harry took her hand and walked her to the house.

When they reached the kitchen doors they shared one last kiss before going inside. The noise in the kitchen was as loud as ever, everyone seemed to be talking at once. No one noticed the two of them walking in, so they overheard a heated debate between the twins and their mother. Apparently, she had confiscated their extendable ears and now she refused to return them before Ginny and Harry was back.

“Oh come on mum, it’s not fair at all. We just want to make sure that he does it the proper way. We can’t have him to bollocks it all up, it’s our baby sister after all,” Fred complained and looked at his twin for support. George nodded furiously and continued, “And besides, we could use some blackmail material on Harry, you never know when one could need that. He is after all going to be part of the family.”

That last comment didn’t seem to soften their mother at all; she just huffed and stood her ground.

“When do you suppose we should tell them that we are in now so they don’t have to argue with your mother anymore?” Harry mused and kissed her temple.

Ginny just grinned and without warning she whistled loudly, getting everyone’s attention. Before either one of them could say anything, they were bombarded with questions. Ginny laughed wholeheartedly and shook her head, this was her family and she loved them very much, even though they could be a loud crowd at times. Harry laughed with her and whispered in her ear, “How about doing that whistle thing again, that seemed to get their attention?”

Ginny just nodded and whistled once more. When there was silence again, she smiled at her family and then looked up at Harry with loving eyes. Harry smiled back at her and then turned his attention towards his future family-in-laws. He had been a part of this family for the past eight years, but now it would be official as he was going to marry their only daughter.

“Okay, I know that you all know what I have been talking to Ginny about, so there is no need to go into any further detail about that. And yes, she said yes,” Harry explained with a huge smile.

Then the noise returned, this time with well wishes from everyone. Mrs. Weasley came over and hugged her daughter, tears were starting to form in her eyes. Then she hugged Harry and said, “We knew she would say yes, and we know you’re the right person to love Ginny.”

Harry said thanks and hugged her back, then he was greeted by the Weasley brothers, all coming to congratulate them. As each of them hugged him they all whispered something along the lines of, “If you hurt her we’ll hurt you.” Then they would smile and grin at him, and laugh amongst themselves. At first, Harry was a little afraid that they really meant it but when Ron came to him he reassured him with a smile that they were all really happy that it was Harry that was going to marry their baby sister.

When all the hugging and congratulating had ended, Mrs. Weasley took over and got them all to sit down at the table to finish their breakfast. The atmosphere was filled with happy talks around the table. Most of the talk concerned the forthcoming wedding, which was now being planned. It was a happy Christmas time at the Burrow.


While Harry was still thinking about the day he proposed to Ginny, Ginny was now the one panicking. She was sitting in front of her mirror while Hermione was doing her hair.

“Will you just cut it out Ginny? If you can’t sit still for one second then I won’t be able to finish your hair in time.” Hermione sighed and looked at her friend in the mirror. Ginny was shifting around in her chair, while she kept shaking her head.

“I’m sorry Hermione; it’s just that I’m a little nervous here. You would be too, you know, at your wedding… When you marry my dimwit of a brother.” Ginny cracked a smile at Hermione when she saw a blush creep up her friend’s neck.

“Shush, that’s not what’s important here. What’s important is for you to get ready for your big day,” Hermione scolded and continued fixing Ginny’s hair.

Ginny just laughed at her friend. She knew that her brother and best friend was in a serious relationship and that it wouldn’t be long before Hermione was sitting in this chair getting her hair done for her wedding. Ron just had to pop the question and one more wedding would be coming up.

“Ah come on, Hermione, everyone knows it’s going to be you next, I see it in the stars…” Ginny said in a voice that sounded eerily like professor Trelawney.

“Ha ha, very funny,” Hermione laughed and made the final touches on Ginny’s hair, and then said, “Okay, all done. Now you are ready for the wedding.”

Ginny rose and placed herself in front of the full length mirror on her closet door. She felt her heart beat much faster as she looked at herself in the white gown she wore. This was it; she was going to marry Harry Potter, the boy/man she had grown to love over the years. She felt tears prickling behind her eyelids.

“Don’t you start crying now, or else I’ll have to redo your makeup, and we don’t have time for that now. We have to be down in a few minutes,” Hermione said and put a calming hand on Ginny’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry, but I just realized that I’m going to be married today. I’m going to be married to Harry Potter… I’m going to be married… I’m going to be somebody’s wife… I’m going to live in the same house as him… Well that’s a good thing… but… well I’m going to be married you know…” Ginny was babbling and looked frightened at Hermione.

“Yes I’m aware of the fact that you’re getting married. You’re the one standing in a wedding dress are you not?” Hermione laughed and raised an eyebrow and then in a more serious tone said, “But listen Ginny I know that this is right. You love each other more than anything else in this world. So please try not to panic here, there is nothing to panic about. We’ve got everything under control and everything will go as planned.”

Ginny hugged her friend and thanked her for everything that she had done for her. Then the two girls got everything ready to go to the wedding.

A few moments later, a stressed looking Mrs. Weasley came to the room.

“Oh I’m so glad to see you two are ready, everyone is waiting for the bride now,” Mrs. Weasley said and then sobbed, “Oh my baby girl is getting married, she is getting married… she…” She sniffed a few times and hugged her daughter.

“Oh, mum please don’t cry,” Ginny said, “or else I’m going to start crying as well. And that won’t do because then we have to redo my makeup. Just ask Hermione, she said that we don’t have time for that.” Ginny smiled at Hermione who smiled back at her.

Mrs. Weasley pulled herself together and the three women walked down the stairs were Mr. Weasley was waiting for his daughter. He took Ginny’s hands and kissed her gently on the cheek and told her how proud he was of her. Then Mrs. Weasley and Hermione walked out in the garden and found their seats.

Shortly after that, the music began playing and Mr. Weasley led his only daughter up the aisle to the waiting Harry Potter. When Harry saw his Angel walk down the aisle he could almost feel his heart stop and he was afraid that he might pass out at one point. But Ron, who was best man, gently patted Harry’s shoulder. Harry smiled weakly at his old and faithful friend and then continued to watch his future wife walk towards him.

Ginny was really happy that she had her dad holding her arm or else she wouldn’t have been able to walk up the aisle. Her heart was beating at triple rate, and the only thing she could hear was the rushing of blood in her ears and the faint sounds of the wedding music playing in the background.

When they reached the altar, Mr. Weasley gently kissed his daughter’s cheek, and then he nodded his head to Harry and sat down next to his wife on the front row.

Then the bride and groom turned towards Dumbledore, who had been appointed to perform the ceremony. During the ceremony both Harry and Ginny tried really hard to focus on what was said, this was difficult, because they were also very much aware of each other. It was as if everything in the world had faded away and it was only them standing there on the lawn at the Burrow, under the large oak tree. But they did remember to say “I do” at the right time - although Harry had to be gently nudged by Ron at one point when his mind had wandered a bit too far, when he was supposed to give one more “I do”. Ginny smiled at this and squeezed his hand gently.

When the ceremony was over, Dumbledore looked over the gathered family and friends and proclaimed, “It’s with great pleasure that I introduce Harry and Ginny Potter.”

At this, everyone rose from their seats and clapped and cheered for the newlyweds. When Fred and George began whistling and shouting too, they were met with angry glares from their mother. But everyone just laughed wholeheartedly and Harry couldn’t help pulling his new wife into his arms and giving her a big kiss. He didn’t care that everyone was looking, and when he pulled away, he smiled down to his beautiful bride. Ginny laughed, and felt happier than she had ever felt in her whole life.

After the ceremony was over, the party could begin. There were tables overflowing with food of every imaginable kind and plenty of Butterbeer to go with it. Everyone was having a great time - most of all Ginny and Harry - and they all wanted to celebrate the newlyweds.

The party continued for several hours, and when the summer day turned into dusk, Harry and Ginny were looking at the guests enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

“Are you ready to go home, Angel?” Harry whispered into Ginny’s ear as he stood behind her with his arm around her waist.

“Hmm, I think I’m ready to go home…” Ginny mused and thought about the new home they had bought a month earlier. It was a small cottage in Hogsmeade, nothing big or fancy, but just the right size to start a small family.

Then they made their goodbyes and prepared to leave the party. Everyone wished them well on the new life they were about to begin. The twins couldn’t resist tossing Harry a few tips about being mindful of their sisters “needs”. For this they got in serious trouble with their mother, and as Harry and Ginny walked away from the party, they could hear her yelling at her two mischievous twins.

“I guess they never change.” Harry laughed when he could still hear Mrs. Weasley’s shrill voice, even though they had walked out of the yard.

Ginny just shook her head and laughed.

Then they Apparated to the front yard of their new home. They both just stood there for a while thinking about the new life they were about to begin. Harry had his arms around Ginny and gently rubbed her still bare arms, since it was getting a little cold.

“When I proposed to you, you mentioned something about babies… how about we try and make one of those little ones and start our family?” Harry nuzzled Ginny’s neck and nipped her earlobe.

Ginny blushed furiously and smacked his arm telling him to shut up. But Harry just laughed and took her in his arms and carried her over the threshold to their new home. Ginny was trembling slightly at the thought of what still lay ahead of them on this wonderful day: the wedding night. But as she lay in Harry’s arms she also knew that he would never hurt her in any way. She had come to trust herself and other people again over the last year. And she couldn’t be more grateful to be right here on this day with Harry. She knew that her life with Harry would be filled with love and happiness. And she couldn’t wait to start making their family, together.


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