Harry's Chamber of Secrets


When Dobby arrived back with their trunks and other belongings, the couple was too busy examining each other’s tonsils to notice. Dobby decided to not disturb them so he went ahead and put everything up. He even removed the bedsheets and put on clean linen.

When it was starting to get late, they disentangled themselves from each other and decided they should probably go to bed. Both were smiling like the Cheshire Cat when they finished that extended snogging session.

Harry walked Mandy to her bedroom to say a final goodnight but when they got there, they noticed something was wrong.

“Where are my things?” asked Mandy.

“Dobby?” called Harry.

Dobby appeared in front of Harry and Mandy.

“Yes, Harry Potter, sir?”

“Dobby, where are Mandy’s things?”

“Follow me, Harry Potter, sir.”

Dobby led them to Harry’s room and he showed them Mandy’s clothes and other belongings all either hung up or neatly folded next to Harry’s.

Harry chuckled.

“Not a bad idea, Dobby, but the plan was to let Mandy use the second bedroom,” he finished still smiling.

Mandy smiled too.

“But Dobby thought Harry Potter, sir needed to stay as close to the misses as possible to protect her.”

“I do Dobby, but the chamber can only be accessed by whomever I allow down here. Right now, we are pretty much at full capacity, except for Winky of course. It should be safe for Mandy to have her own room.”

“Sorry, Harry Potter, sir. Dobby was only trying to help.”

“I know Dobby and you are always the best help I could ever ask for. It was just a misunderstanding.”

“Is Harry Potter, sir sure he wants the misses to have her own room?” he asked confused.

Mandy was practically cracking up after that question.

“That right there is a very difficult question Dobby. Would I like Mandy to stay in here with me? Of course, nothing would make me happier. However, I don’t think it would be proper, so it would be best to give her the extra bedroom. Would you mind moving her stuff over?”

“Dobby will take care of it and put fresh linen on the bed for the misses, just like Dobby did in here. Give Dobby just a minute before you send the misses away from your bed.”

They both started laughing as Dobby popped away.

“He makes it sound so bad,” said Harry smiling.

“Well, he’s not completely wrong. You are sending me away from your bed after he got everything setup so perfectly.”

“Wait a second! You can’t possibly be agreeing with Dobby on this.”

She held up a hand with her thumb and pointer finger just barely separated. “Maybe a little bit, Harry.”

Harry sighed. “I know what you mean. I would love nothing more than to spend the night sleeping while I hold you in my arms.”

Mandy nodded slowly.

“But you know as well as I do, that we wouldn’t stop there.”

Mandy nodded again slowly.

“And, I‘m pretty sure we aren’t ready for that yet.”

“I agree, Harry. We aren’t, …even though I think it would be massively enjoyable,” she said smiling at him.

“Stop that! You’re making it worse.”

“Alright, Harry. I’ll stop… only if you give me a massage,” she smiled at him real big.

Harry laughed. “You are nothing but trouble, Miss Brocklehurst.”

“I’m just trying to keep up with you. The whole school knows how much trouble you’ve caused over the years.”

“Good luck with that because I’ve never stopped. The likelihood of you catching up with me is laughable.”

“You don’t think I can be bad? I can be bad. I can be really bad,” she said in a sultry voice.

Harry let out a big breath. “What have I got myself into?” he said shaking his head.


“Dobby has it all ready for your misses, Harry Potter, sir.”

“Thank you, Dobby. You are a life saver.”

Dobby bowed and left with another Pop.

“Is Harry Potter, sir sure he wants to send the misses away from his bed?” asked Mandy with a smile.

“Go to your room young lady. Right now!” Harry tried to sound like a parent but failed miserably.

“Spoils sport,” she said pouting.

Mandy walked up to Harry and gave him a quick kiss.

“Good night, Harry.”

“Good night, Mandy.”

Mandy headed to her room, but said over her shoulder with a smile, “If you need me for anything, Harry, …and I mean anything, …I’ll just be down the hall.”

Harry let out another big breath and fell backwards onto his bed. He just hoped he could survive this.

The next morning was Sunday and Dobby prepared breakfast for the young couple. While they were eating, Harry asked Mandy if she needed to go upstairs for any reason. He told her he was caught up with his homework so he was just planning to use his own library and do personal study. However, if she needed to go upstairs then he would go with her.

“No, I have my homework all caught up too. Do you mind if I peruse your library with you?”

“Help yourself.”

“Thanks, Harry!”

“Just remember that you have to keep all of this to yourself. No one else can know about this place or what you find in that library.”

“No problem. I know how important this place is, not only to you, but for me as well. I feel very safe here.”

“You are safe here. I can guarantee that. There’s only one thing you have to worry about while you’re in my home.”

“What’s that?” she asked worriedly. She didn’t know there was anything to worry about down here.

“The fact that I want to kiss you all the time,” he said very seriously.

She chuckled. “Oh, I’m not worried about that. The feeling is mutual.”

They had finished eating so she rose from her chair and made her way over to Harry. She was still in her nightgown and robe, but Harry, as usual, was up early and had already showered and dressed. She sat down in Harry’s lap and kissed him until he couldn’t see straight, even with his glasses on.

When she finished, she told him she was going to take her shower first and get ready for the day before joining him in the library. Harry reluctantly let her go so she could get started. He went to the library and found the book he wanted. He then sat down at the table Dobby had provided for the library and began to read.

He was so engrossed in the book, he didn’t look up until Mandy sat down across from him at the table. She had a couple of books to look at. They both were on potions.

“I can’t believe all the great books down here and the section on potions is massive. All the books are old too. Many are rare editions, but they’re all in perfect condition.”

“Did you see the runes?” asked Harry.

“Yes, how could I miss them? They’re all over the walls and the shelves as well. Most of them are preservation runes but some are to keep the air fresh.”

“I noticed you have potion books.”

“Yes, these are amazing and were written by Salazar Slytherin himself.”

“Salazar was one of the first potion masters and he reached levels few have ever reached since. I learned a lot from him. Half the things he could do back then are not even around anymore. All the founders were great people with powerful magic. I’ve often wondered if I could find the other libraries as well, or were they already found?”

“Most likely they were. Slytherin was the only one with the Chamber of Secrets that only you can get to. I’m pretty sure the others were easier to find and access.”

“I think you’re probably right.”

Mandy stared at the cover of the book Harry was reading.

“Are you reading a book in a foreign language?”


“I don’t recognize that language. Which one is it?”


She just stared at him for a few seconds.

“I didn’t know Parseltongue had a written language, Harry. I thought it was only spoken.”

“I didn’t know either until I found this library. I already knew Salazar Slytherin was a Parselmouth but I didn’t know he had books written in that language. I do now.”

“And you can read it?”

“Yes. It’s a magical language. I assume when it’s passed on to you, like it was for me, that you not only get the ability to speak it, but you can read it as well.”

“Amazing! What are you reading?”

“I came across this book before, and there’s a section in here about apparating, or teleporting might be a better word, since it’s not really apparition. However, it’s in Parseltongue. It didn’t make sense to me before, as if parts were missing, but I wanted to look at it again after I apparated in Hogsmeade yesterday.”

“You did, didn’t you? I didn’t know you knew how to apparate.”

“That was only my second time. The first time, I was just a kid and did it on accident to escape a gang of bullies.”

“You had accidental magic that resulted in you apparating safely?”


“That is unheard of, Harry, especially if you managed not to splinch yourself.”

“Nope, I landed on top of the school building all in tact where they couldn’t reach me. I wasn’t sure how I got there and the teachers and administrators weren’t either. They were certainly not happy with me.”

“Poor kid. So can you apparate on purpose now?”

“I think so. It seems fairly easy since I’ve done it twice. That reminds me. I need to go to the Ministry and get my license. One of the aurors suggested it after a witness reported seeing me apparate to you. Since I was emancipated this past summer, then age is no longer a factor.”

“Can you teach me?”

“It is important that you learn how. It may save your life someday. How about I apparate a few more times just to make sure I know what I’m doing. If all goes well, I’ll see if I can teach you.”

“Sounds good.”

“I need to find the rules and study them before I take my test.”

“That sounds like an excellent idea but where can we get the rules?”



“Yes, Harry Potter, sir?”

“Hey, buddy. I was wondering if you knew where I could find the rules and laws about apparition? I need to take my test soon so I figured I best know the rules.”

Dobby thought about it for a second then seemed to remember something.

“Yes. Dobby knows. Dobby will take care of it right now.”


A few minutes later Dobby returned with a pamphlet. The title was ‘The Rules and Regulations of Apparition.’ He handed it to Harry.

“Thanks so much Dobby. Out of curiosity, where exactly did you get this?”

“The Department of Magical Transportation.”

“Of course,” he said slapping his forehead, “that’s where I have to go to take my test. They have these pamphlets there, correct?”

“Yes, Harry Potter, sir.”

“I don’t know what I would do without you Dobby. Thanks!”

Dobby popped off while Harry put down his book and started reading through the pamphlet. It seemed simple enough. Most of the regulations were common sense about not letting muggles see you do it. The quick blurb about the three D’s caught his eye – Destination, Determination, and Deliberation.

Although it sounded a bit hokey, he could see that the steps made sense. When he wanted to get to Mandy in Hogsmeade, he clearly saw the destination in his mind’s eye via the precognition scene he was given. He was then extremely determined to get there. It was very important to him. Then he just made his magic send him there. It was deliberate. He never questioned whether or not it would work. He just did it because it was necessary at the time.

From that, he determined that he just had to really want to go wherever it was he needed to go and to let nothing stop him. He decided he needed to test that. But where? Then he remembered his training room, which was just like the Room of Requirement. What if he wished to be able to apparate inside the room? That should work.

“Mandy, would you mind coming with me to my training room?”

“Sure, what do you want to do?”

“I believe I can have it allow apparition. If so, then I can practice. I need you there just in case I splinch myself and Dobby can always get me to Madam Pomfrey.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

She followed him to his training room and watched as he asked the room that they be allowed to apparate. He then asked for bright yellow circles to be drawn in each corner of the room then another right in the middle of the room.

Suddenly five yellow circles appeared.

Mandy was just watching carefully.

Harry was standing about 10 meters from the circle in the middle. He looked at it carefully. Then with a light crack he was standing in the middle of it. He looked back at Mandy and winked. She smiled. Then Harry apparated to the far right corner. He was facing the corner. He turned around. Then he apparated to the opposite corner. This time he was facing away from the corner.

Without stopping he apparated to the far left corner and was facing away from it. He then apparated to the opposite corner and was facing away from it. He had figured out how to land facing the right direction.

The next thing Mandy knew, Harry was randomly apparating from circle to circle as fast as he could go. She barely saw him in one circle before he was in another. What was strange about it was his sound was getting softer and softer. By the time he quit, he was practically silent.

He then apparated silently right next to Mandy. She turned to him.

“I believe you have it figured out, Harry.”

“Yes, I believe I do. Now, would you like to learn?”


“Okay. Here’s the first lesson.”

Harry was suddenly on the other side of her, then he was to the side of her, then the other side, then back in front of her.

“What exactly was I suppose to learn from that?” she asked confused.

“Simple. Was what I did necessary? If I needed to be on the other side of you couldn’t I have simply walked there? Couldn’t I have simply taken a step or two to any of those positions?”

“Yes. Using apparition to go to each side of me was pointless since you could simply walk easy enough to achieve the same goal.”

“Exactly! And that’s my point. I was able to apparate to each side of you in a pointless exercise to show you that you really have to want to be there in order for apparition to work. You have to picture your destination clearly, determine that you absolutely have to be there, and use your magic to send you. Destination, Determination, and Deliberation.”

“It’s really that simple?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“I don’t know, Harry.”

“Look me in the eyes.”

Mandy looked at him in the eyes.

“Merlin, you’re beautiful.”

“Stop it Harry,” she said smiling.

“Right! I have to focus.”

He shook his head and then stared at her eyes intently.

“No doubts, Mandy. Not one doubt. How does your magic work? A lot of intention and will. What happens when you’re learning a spell in Charms class but you don’t believe you can do it? Do you succeed? Of course not, because you didn’t believe. Then you see others making it work and you think, maybe I can do this. You get a slight reaction out of it and then you think, I can do this. What happens next? It works. I said all that to tell you to skip all the unnecessary drama. Just believe you can do it because it really is easy. Believe.”

Harry turned her toward the circle in the middle and let go of her.

“I want you to look at that circle. That is your destination. Determine that nothing is more important than you being in that circle. Want with all your being to be in the middle of that circle. There is no place else you should be, except in that circle. You have to be in that circle right this minute. Tell –“


Harry looked over and there stood Mandy in the middle of that circle. There were no missing parts or pieces of her lying anywhere. She was whole and shocked to say the least.

“See? Easy-Peasy,” Harry said.

“I can’t believe I did it the first time!”

“You better believe it! What did I tell you about believing? Are you trying to splinch yourself?” he scolded her.

“It was just an expression, Harry. I truly believed and I made it happen,” she said with a smile.

“Now that you made it happen. Do it again. Pick another circle and go for it.”

She saluted him then turned to the far right circle. After a few seconds, she left and appeared in the far corner with a pretty loud crack. She was facing the wall. She turned around and apparated to the opposite corner where she was facing the wall again. She then apparated to the far left corner and found herself facing the wall again. She turned around and apparated to right in front of Harry.

He leaned back a little when she appeared.

“How do I land facing away from the wall?”

Harry put his hands on Mandy’s shoulders.

“Mandy, Mandy, Mandy,” he said. “How does magic work again?”

“Just tell me, Harry!” she said rolling her eyes.

“Intent, always intent. You have to want, or shall we say, intend, to land facing away from the wall.”

She stared at him while removing his hands from her shoulders. Then she apparated behind her to the far left corner. This time she was facing away from the wall. She didn’t stop there. She then apparated to the front left corner and she was facing away from the wall. Next she apparated to in front of Harry again, said thank you, and kissed him.

“You’re quite welcome, Mandy, my dear. Practice all you want. I think I’ll leave the ability to apparate on in this room. It makes it more realistic.”

“I just want to get a little more comfortable with it before I stop.”

“You do that. Oh, hang on. What do you want to do for lunch? Do you want go eat with your friends in the Great Hall or eat something here?”

“Do you mind if we just stay here? I’ll see my friends tomorrow and I would much rather spend more time with you.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself. How about pizza?”

“Pizza? Where are you going to get pizza?”

“Dobby makes a mean pizza. I took him out for pizza over the summer and he loved it. He made himself invisible and watched the pizza chef at our favorite place prepare everything. He then started making his own. He even introduced it to the other elves and they liked it. He taught them and now they know how to make it too.”

“That’s amazing!”

“I’ll have to ask the elves why they haven’t made pizza for us yet. We should have a pizza night pretty soon. I bet the purebloods would even like it.”

“Most kids and teenagers like pizza, Harry. I bet they would. I’m sure some have experienced it before.”

“Be sure and tell Dobby your favorite toppings so he can make it for you.”

“I’ll do that!”

Harry opened the door and summoned his book from the table in the library. He then conjured a nice chair to sit in while he reads. Mandy continued to apparate around the room until she started getting tired.

She came over to Harry and sat down in his lap then curled up, placing her head on his shoulder. Harry adjusted his book and continued to read. After a while, Dobby popped in and asked what they wanted for lunch.

“How about pizza, Dobby?”

“Yes, Harry Potter, sir. Dobby loves pizza. Dobby knows what Harry Potter, sir likes but not the misses. What does the misses like on her pizza?”

Mandy informed Dobby of her favorites then let him know that she was not all that picky when it came to pizza. The only thing she knew for sure she didn’t like was anchovies. Dobby and Harry were both in agreement about anchovies.

While they were enjoying their pizza, with Dobby eating with them, Harry asked Dobby why the house elves haven’t made pizza for the students. Dobby explained that it has never been done so they were afraid to introduce it. Harry promised to talk to Dumbledore and get his approval.

Harry continued to study the book he’d been reading off and on all day. The part about teleporting, which was what he was reading it for, still had him a bit confused. Then it dawned on him that perhaps the person who wrote this part might have approached it from a clear understanding of how to apparate.

Until today, Harry did not have that clear understanding. Now that he does, he started thinking about the passage differently. Sure enough when he did, he realized that the part he thought was missing from the book was just supposed to be the reader’s understanding of apparition. Evidently, the writer expected the audience the book was intended for to be well versed in apparition.

Now that Harry was able to fill in the blanks, it started making more sense. He wasn’t quite there yet, though. He still needed to work out some of the details of what the writer was trying to teach. Feeling he was getting close, Harry returned to his training room and started apparating again but he kept the book open in his hand. He would apparate then read it. Then he would try again.

Mandy, noticed Harry was missing for a while so went looking for him. When she found him in the training room, she thought it was strange how he would apparate then stop and read his book. He repeated this over and over.

She decided to watch him for a bit but wanted to get the book she was reading so she could do both. She walked back to the library and picked up her book from the table then made her way back to the training room. However, when she walked through the door she was shocked at what she saw.

Harry was no longer apparating, he was fading in and out. Suddenly he stopped and was completely visible. Then he faded out where he stood and faded in across the room. It looked as if he as in two places at one time for a second because the fading out was not quite complete before the fading in started.

Harry looked over at Mandy who was just staring at him.

“Did you see that?”

She just nodded, not sure of what she saw.

“Was that the Parseltongue teleportation you’ve been working on?” she then asked.

“Yes, that was it. It turns out you have to know apparition backwards and forwards before you can understand the section on Parseltongue teleportation. It definitely is not apparition though. The writer just wrote it from that perspective and I didn’t know apparition well enough until today.”

“It looked like for about half a second that you were in two places at once. You faded out over there but before you were completely gone, you faded in where you are now.”

“Oh, I think that’s just because I’m still really slow at it. I believe the fading will get quicker once I’m more experienced. The interesting thing about this is that the wards on the school block apparition, but I’d be willing to bet they know nothing about this type of magical travel. Let’s test. The wards against apparition exist just outside this room and the only reason we can apparate in here is because it’s blocking that ward somehow via the magic of the room. It’s okay though because this room, just like the Room of Requirement, is surrounded by the school’s wards. No one from the outside can get to here or to the Room of Requirement when apparition is allowed.”

“Right. I followed that, but what are you going to test?”

“If I’m right, then I should be able to fade from here and fade in somewhere out there.”

“Are you sure about this, Harry?”

“Yes. Meet me at the table in the library.”

Harry started fading so Mandy took off running to the library. When she made it to the table Harry was sitting there like he’d been waiting for a while.

“What took you so long?” asked Harry.

“Some of us have to go the long way, evidently. Try fading to the apartment then come back.”

Harry faded from the chair, faded into view sitting on his sofa, then returned standing behind Mandy. He made absolutely no sound when he faded.

“Boo!” he said in her ear.

She screamed then calmed down when she realized it was Harry.

“Harry, don’t do that. I can’t hear you at all when you fade.”


“Did you actually do that sitting?”

“Yep, I faded in sitting on the sofa, then tried something else by fading in here standing up. It worked fine. I especially like the lack of sound. This could really come in handy. And it’s actually far more comfortable than apparating. There’s no squeezing. Of course, you get used to it when apparating but teleporting like this, you don’t feel a thing.”

“Are you sure I can’t learn this?”

“Sorry, but you have to be a Parseltongue and that is a talent you have to be born with. You can’t learn it. You can’t even speak it unless you are a Parseltongue. Voldemort is the only other known Parseltongue, at least in Britain. He knows about the chamber since he was the one that opened it 50 years ago. However, I’m pretty sure he never discovered the library or the apartment.”

“How do you know?”

“Since he’s a Parseltongue then he can read all these books on it as well as I, but I’ve learned quite a few spells in my studies of it. Had he done the same then surely he’d be using them. He never has to my knowledge and I would know. I learned a lot about him from Dumbledore who taught him when he went to Hogwarts. There is no mention of him showing knowledge of these types of spells.”

“You could be right.”

“Now, even though he’s a Parseltongue like me, he won’t be able to get back in here, even if he breaks into the school. I changed the wards on the place so he can’t ever get back in.”

“But you haven’t taken Ancient Runes. How were you able to change wards? Did you get private tutoring?”

“No, you see the security wards specifically for the chamber were originally setup by Salazar Slytherin himself. He setup those wards using Parseltongue. That is part of the reason only a Parseltongue can get down here on their own. Slytherin believed this would keep everyone out except his descendants who he believed would be Parseltongue speakers just like him.”

“Parseltongue wards?”

“Yes, it’s amazing what can be done with Parseltongue. I’ve barely scratched the surface. Voldemort is a descendent of Slytherin on his mother’s side and he inherited the gift. I’m not sure where I got it from but I supposed it’s possible I have some Slytherin blood somewhere up the family tree. In fact, that may be the reason why the Sorting Hat originally wanted to put me in Slytherin.”

“It did?”

“Yes, had I not met Malfoy before then I might have ended up there. The hat actually said I would do well in any of the houses. I just told the hat over and over, anything but Slytherin. There was no way I wanted to be in the same house as Malfoy.”

“I can understand that. Sorry, I got you off subject.”

“No worries. Anyway, I changed the wards so I’m the only Parseltongue allowed. You still have to use Parseltongue to get down here, or allow your elves like I did to bring people if necessary. No one is truly blocked from this place except all other Parseltongue speakers besides me. The catch is you can’t get down here without my blessing.”

“So that’s why you’re able to guarantee my safety while I’m here.”


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