Harry's Chamber of Secrets


Harry called all three of his elves to him. When they arrived, Kreacher was looking around in wonder since it was his first time in the chamber. Harry filled him in about it and then sat down in the lounge with the elves and Mandy.

“The reason I’ve called you all here is because I have a problem that I hope you can help me solve.”

The elves all nodded eager to help.

“I have discovered a way to destroy the dementors for good but I’m going to need everyone’s help to be able to do it. There are two steps to this. First, I have to perform a ritual to draw all the dementors to me. Once I have them in one place then I can perform the second step, which basically is a complicated spell that will destroy them for good. With me so far?”

They all nodded.

“I will need all four of you to help me with the ritual and then Mandy will need to stand off to the side when the dementors arrive. She’ll need to keep her patronus right next to her. You elves can stand with her to be protected by her patronus. This means, Mandy, that you have to be able to cast your patronus without fail in the presence of not only one dementor but a whole horde of them. Do you think you can do this?”

“All I have to do is think of you making me happy. It’s that simple. Expecto Patronum!" she spoke loudly and a very bright Sneak sprang out of her wand. Harry was shocked and confused.

“How did you know?” he asked.

“Know what?”

“About him? Your patronus,” he pointed as her Sneak patronus faded away.

“I don’t know what you mean, Harry. I know that my patronus used to be a doe but it changed a few weeks ago to this demiguise when I cast it again after last year. I wanted to make sure I still could with all the dementor attacks going on. I had a new super nice memory to use and was hoping my patronus would be even stronger this time around. It certainly is! Did you see how bright it was?”

Harry sighed.

“Mandy, I promise you I was not keeping this a secret from you on purpose. I honestly forgot about it.”

“What?” she asked.

“Just like my patronus is an exact replica of my father’s animagus, your patronus is an exact replica of mine. Mandy, your patronus looks just like Sneak.”

“Sneak?” Then it dawned on her. “You mean your animagus is a demiguise?”

Harry just nodded.

“But, Harry, that’s a magical animagus! That means you can use some or all of the magical traits of the animal.”

Harry nodded again.

“Show me.”

Harry changed quickly into Sneak then climbed up into Mandy’s lap and hugged her.

“Oh my! You are so cute Har – I mean Sneak.”

Sneak leaned up and gave her a furry kiss on the cheek. Mandy giggled.

“So what all can you do?” she asked.

“Pretty much everything Sneak can do,” Harry said after he changed back still sitting in her lap. “Unless of course, he has other abilities I’m not aware of.”

“Whoa! You are a lot heavier as Harry. I’m telling ya!” she said trying to hold him up.

“Sorry,” he said climbing off of her, “but you can sit in my lap anytime you want, Beautiful.” Harry gave her a peck on the lips and sat back down next to her. “You know, I think I forgot because I’ve been able to use his abilities without changing. Granted, they work a little bit better as him, but I’m not complaining about that. They work plenty well enough for me.”

“When did you learn?” she asked.

“Over this past summer.”

“In one summer?” she asked incredulously.

“I had a great guide from my father and Sirius. You’re welcome to use it if you want to be an animagus too.”

“Sure. I’d love to try. So, what all can you do,” she asked again.

“Well a demiguise is very strong and so am I,” he started.

“That’s how you carried me all the way to hospital wing without any problem, isn’t it?”

“Guilty as charged.”

“What else?”

“I’m very fast as well, incredibly fast, as a matter of fact.”

“Were you using that ability when we ran into each other?”

“Yes. I’m so sorry. I was just slowing back down in case someone was in the next corridor and saw me when we crashed.”

“That’s why you felt so guilty and insisted on staying until I was proclaimed well again.”

“That’s just partially true. The bigger reason was I really liked talking to you and didn’t want to give that back up and have everything go back to the way it was,” he said honestly.

“I felt the same way, Harry,” she said with a smile.

They were just staring at each other smiling until Harry turned his head and looked at the elves.

“Sorry, guys. We got a little distracted.”

Winky and Dobby were smiling to beat the band. Kreacher looked uncomfortable.

“So to wrap it up, I can also do this,” Harry said then turned invisible.

“That’s great! You’re completely invisible.”

Harry appeared again.

“I have one more I can do. Can you guess?” he asked.

She thought about it for a few seconds then it dawned on her.

“No. No way! That’s how you know before it happens. That makes complete sense now.” She stared across the room for a second remembering the times he used that ability. She turned back to Harry. “You know, the only reason I know about the abilities of the demiguise is due to me studying them out of interest after it became my patronus.”

“You realize don’t you that you can’t tell anyone?” Harry asked very seriously.

“Harry,” she said softly looking into his eyes. “Of course, I know that,” she then held his hands. “I love you and I would never reveal any of your secrets. Ever!”

“Thank you and I love you too.”

Mandy leaned over and kissed him softly. When she stopped, Harry shook his head to clear it then looked at the elves again.

“Kreacher and Winky, that goes for you too. That’s a secret no one else can know about. Dobby already knows this. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Harry Potter, sir,” they both said together.

“Great! Now I need you, Kreacher, to find me a place with no one else around. No magicals and no Muggles. You know, something like a wild place away from everything. That way I can draw them there without harming anyone else. Can you do that for me, Kreacher?”

“Yes, Harry Potter, sir!”

Harry was so happy he broke him of calling him master. He was pretty sure Dobby and Winky helped a lot.

“Good. Let me know when you have it. Then I will get with all of you and we can go over your roles in the ritual. Sound good?”

“Yes,” replied Mandy as the elves just nodded.

As it turns out, it was Gus who helped dispose of the remaining Death Eaters in hiding. He saw the bounties put up and his interest was peaked. He realized that just because he could no longer assassinate from a long distance, that did not mean other methods wouldn’t work. Given the amount of money being offered for the Death Eaters, that would go a long way in shoring up his savings if he could turn a few of those in before it was too late.

Besides, he had an in. They took him to one of their hideouts when he was broken out of Azkaban. He could simply go back there and convince them that he was offering his services for free until the Potter boy was taken care of. After all, he owed the boy for what was done to him. At least, that’s what he would tell them. After that, he would go back to his regular profession again.

With his plan in mind and his supplies firmly in hand, he began his trek to the place he escaped.

When he arrived, there was no one around. However, his arrival must have alerted someone because a Death Eater showed up to see who was there. If he remembered right, this man was named Gibbons. Luckily, Gibbons recognized him from before so he was able to explain why he was there and why he left in the first place. He played on the man’s sympathies, telling how he no longer could assassinate from a distance after what the Potter boy did to him.

He explained how he spent time at home reawakening his other skills so he could get back to work. However, he couldn’t stop thinking about what the Potter boy did to him so he decided to help the Dark Lord pro bono until the Potter kid paid for it. He just needed to know where he could help to get the job done. He knew luck was on his side when Gibbons spoke next.

“The Dark Lord is out of the country at the moment on an errand,” explained Gibbons. “He’s searching for some information of some kind while he has us all staying together at Nott’s place. Since bounty hunters and assassins have been killing us off, the Dark Lord wanted us to stay hidden, at least until he returns, that is.”

“Smart move,” Gus agreed. “People in my profession are good at hunting down their targets. Best to keep your head down for now.”

“Since your joining us again, grab a hold of this portkey and it’ll take us over to Nott’s. We can use the extra help.”

“Good. I’m anxious to get back to work, especially if we can get Potter,” he replied and grabbed the portkey.

When the two of them arrived at Nott’s, there was some commotion from a few about a newcomer who was an assassin, but most remembered him from when the Dark Lord hired him and from the prison rescue as well. After he told the same story to all of them, they understood and gladly accepted him.

Nott told him the Dark Lord would mark him when he returned but Gus squashed that right away.

“Are you crazy? Why would I take a mark that will immediately get bounty hunters and assassins after me? Besides, after the Potter boy is dead I’m going back to my old job. I’ll leave you guys alone since we’re on the same side, but there are plenty of other jobs out there for someone like me. I’ve never went hungry, I can tell you that!”

Nott just stared at him for a second then replied. “Suit yourself, but don’t be surprised if the Dark Lord doesn’t agree with you,” he warned.

Everything was fine at the Nott residence until dinner when all but two of the Death Eaters killed over at the table from poison. Gus was able to quickly locate the other two in the manor and took them out as well. One was napping and the other was looking over some papers. Once he had them all rounded up he placed them in a trunk with an Undetectable Extension Charm on the inside. He then shrunk it back down again and drank some Polyjuice Potion he had ready ahead of time.

With his disguise in place, he was able to turn all the Death Eaters over to Remus, collect his money from Gringotts, and leave London most likely for good. He just hoped the Potter boy was up to the task of taking on the Dark Lord. He had only met him once. The sooner that lunatic was taken out the better, he thought.

Kreacher found the perfect place out in the wilds of Scotland. It was a secluded valley with no one around so it would work well for their needs.

On Friday evening, Harry went over the ritual with them again and assigned them their parts. They planned to head over to the valley the next morning and start on the ritual. Even though they began in the morning, it took them until dark that evening to get all the steps in, except the very last part that would complete it. Luckily, that was a spell that did not have to be done immediately. It was just the final step that activated the ritual.

The only problem was Harry could not leave the ritual circle until he performed the last part and drew the dementors to him.

They had breakfast but missed lunch that day. Although Winky popped off to get snacks for everyone during a free moment in the afternoon. They were all very tired and hungry. Harry insisted Mandy go back to the chamber to get proper rest for tomorrow so she could hold her patronus for as long as possible. The elves went back too but Dobby immediately started on some pizzas with Winky and Kreacher helping. They managed to make three large pizzas quickly.

Dobby left with a large hot pizza and some cold butterbeers in tow and shared them with Harry. He also took some covers for Harry to use so he could get some sleep out in the open like that. The pizza was enjoyed immensely by everyone in the chamber and in the valley that night. Dobby stayed just outside the circle keeping a close eye on his master through the night while Harry slept.

The next morning, the rest of them joined Harry and Dobby back in the valley and prepared to finish the ritual. Dobby took all the covers and sent them back to the chamber. Then Mandy and the elves moved a safe distance away and left Harry to finish the ritual with the spell. Mandy wasn’t aware, but the elves were under strict orders that if he failed for some reason, they were to take Mandy immediately back to the chamber where she would be safe. They could come back for his body later. However, if he managed to be successful, then he would likely be very drained so would need help getting back.

With instructions clearly understood by everyone, Harry cast the spell to finish the ritual. There was a light just as the instructions said, indicating the ritual was complete and activated. Then he waited …and waited …and waited …and waited. The whole morning was ebbing away. It then dawned on him that the dementors could be coming from far away, although the ritual was supposed to draw them very quickly by magic.

He looked over at Mandy and shrugged.

Then, just as he was about to give up, he could feel them and the air around them began to turn freezing cold. Harry looked over at Mandy and nodded his head. She concentrated for a second then cast her patronus. Sneak came out of her wand and stood in front of Mandy and the elves glowing brightly. Harry could see the relief come over Mandy and the elves faces when they were blocked from the feel of the dementors.

Harry was inside a ritual circle and the dementors were coming straight for him. He would soon be closely surrounded by all of them and the circle would only hold them for a minute or so, which was about how long he needed to cast that second spell. He knew this would be cutting it very close. He didn’t tell Mandy or the elves about how close the dementors would be to him. They assumed the ritual circle would keep him protected.

That’s not exactly what happened.

The dementors swarmed toward Harry and above him, completely blocking any view Mandy and the elves had of him. The dementors packed themselves in as close as they could get from all sides and above him, trying to break the barrier and reach the center of the circle where the wizard was drawing them so strongly. They couldn’t resist the pull.

Mandy and the elves were watching and could not believe how many dementors there were. It was getting difficult to keep her patronus going. The dementors’ presence was so strong in the air around them, even at the distance they were. She couldn’t imagine what Harry was feeling so close to the monsters. At least a minute had passed and he was supposed to cast the spell by now. She was starting to worry.

Suddenly, the dementors surged forward. Oh no, she thought. They broke through the barrier.

“HARRY! NOOOOO!” she yelled as her patronus faded away.

Just when she was about to lose all hope, there was a bright light that shot through any crack it could find between the dementors. Then suddenly the light began to go straight through the dementors as well. They were vaporized as the light engulfed them. For some reason they kept surging forward though until every single one of them were gone. They never tried to leave or get away from the light. She supposed the ritual must have kept them there.

She looked but she could not find traces of the dementors left, only tattered black cloaks scattered all over the place. Some were in piles.

Finally, when all the dementors were completely vaporized due to the bright light, she saw the light was in the shape of Harry. He was almost too bright to look at. Slowly the light started fading, growing dimmer and dimmer until it was just Harry standing there.

He carefully looked all around him before slowly walking out of the ritual circle, officially breaking and stopping the ritual. He kept walking toward Mandy and the elves, but stumbled about halfway and fell to the ground.

“Dobby,” Mandy said, “get Harry and take him to his bed. Kreacher, dispose of what’s left of the ritual and the cloaks before returning to the chamber. Make sure no one knows what happened here today. Winky, you can take me back now.”

The elves went into action to follow Mandy’s orders. Harry was laid to rest on his bed in the chamber. Dobby removed all his clothes except his boxers and covered him up. Mandy ate some chocolate but was a little tired from holding her patronus for so long against all the dementors, so she stripped down to her knickers only and climbed into bed with Harry, snuggled up to him, and went to sleep.

The elves decided to do what’s natural and went back to work. Winky and Kreacher returned to Grimmauld Place, while Dobby resumed his duties in the chamber, keeping an ear out for Harry or Mandy should they need anything.

It was close to the end of May and Voldemort had no Death Eaters left and no dementors either. He was not a happy lunatic… at all.

Harry was sitting in the Great Hall with Mandy and his friends eating dinner when he had a precognition. He quickly closed his eyes and watched it play out. Without explaining himself, Harry jumped up from the table and moved over a few feet away in deep thought. Mandy and his friends were wondering what was wrong with him. They even asked but he held up his hand in a signal for them to wait. They could see he was wracking his brain about something.

All eyes in the Great Hall were on Harry now, as he seemed to be pacing and pondering over something that was worrying him.

Then it happened.

Everyone in Hogwarts heard Voldemort speaking loudly through the castle and in their minds.


Several girls screamed. Mostly younger ones. Everyone heard him. Dumbledore and most of the professors stood as soon as he started speaking. They were listening to Voldemort and watching Harry at the same time.

Harry turned to Dumbledore and nodded. Dumbledore’s eyes grew big as he realized what that meant.

Harry then turned and looked at Mandy.

"I love you,” he mouthed silently.

Mandy immediately yelled “NOOOO!” and jumped up, running toward him.

However, before she could reach him, he faded from view.

She stopped in the exact spot where he just was and fell to her knees crying.

“COME BACK!” she cried loudly.

Hermione was confused. You can’t apparate in or out of Hogwarts, but did he apparate she asked herself. It looked like he just faded away quickly and didn’t twist on the spot like in apparition.

Dumbledore was very old so he couldn’t run anymore. However, he did go as fast as he could walk around the long staff table and down the long aisle between the Gryffindor table and the wall where Harry was last standing. Mandy Brocklehurst was now crying in that spot. He was trying his best to get out of the castle so he could be of some assistance to Harry as he faced Tom. Given Harry’s ability though, he was afraid he would not make it in time.

“ALL STUDENTS STAY IN THE GREAT HALL FOR NOW,” he managed to say loudly to everyone as he walked.

Flitwick was not as old as Dumbledore but he was not a spry chicken anymore either. Couple that with his exceptionally short legs and his journey down the aisle was not much quicker.

McGonagall was transfixed momentarily while her mentor and friend went into action as quickly as his old body would allow. She was able to shake herself out of it after a while and quickly followed after Dumbledore, jogging to catch up with him.

All three reached even with Miss Brocklehurst in just about the same time. She was almost at the doors since their group sat toward the end of the table. Before they could go any further, though, Harry faded back into the Great Hall right next to Mandy. He couldn’t have been gone a minute or two but his hand was completely covered in blood.

He took a step and grabbed a hold of Dumbledore, practically falling into the old man’s arms.

“Tom’s body… is laying… near… the front gates,” he choked out. “You might... want… to… take ...care of it.” He gasped then suddenly Harry passed out and fell to the floor.

Dumbledore was not quick enough to fully catch him, but managed to slow his fall somewhat.

“HARRY!” Mandy yelled and grabbed him.

“We need to get him to Poppy right away,” Dumbledore said knowing she was not in the Great Hall.


Dobby popped in right next to Harry and Mandy. He grabbed them both and they popped away.

They were all staring at the spot where Harry no longer was for a second before Dumbledore snapped out of it.

“Minerva, go to the Infirmary and make sure that’s where Harry and Miss Brocklehurst were taken,” Dumbledore ordered. “Filius, come with me. The rest of the professors, keep the students here a while longer until we know more.”

McGonagall took off at a fast clip toward the hospital wing while Dumbledore and Flitwick walked at a much more sedate pace out of the castle and toward the front gates.

Before they reached the gates, they noticed there were several trees that looked to be blasted over and what looked like a body laying still in the dirt. As they drew closer and Dumbledore opened the gates, they noticed the black robes covering the man. He still had his wand in his hand but he would never be able to use it again.

Once they were standing over the corpse, they noticed the head was very nearly removed from the body. In fact, most of the neck was missing. They had no trouble seeing how he died. Dumbledore reached down and retrieved the bone white yew wand from Voldemort’s fingers. He then slipped it into a pocket in his robes.

“Filius, would you be so kind as to send a patronus to Minerva so she will know to send us one on the location of Harry, plus an update on his condition when she has it? I shall notify Amelia so she can meet us here.”

“Certainly, Albus.”

Both wizards raised their wands and each sent off their patronus with the appropriate message.

Madam Amelia Bones had finished dinner and was reading in her study when a phoenix patronus showed up. What it had to say shocked her to her core, but she wasn’t the Director of the DMLE for nothing. She immediately jumped up and took the floo into her office. She had a few key aurors, such as Kingsley and Rufus, notified to get to the office immediately. Meanwhile she put together a small group of those on night duty to accompany them.

Once all the ones she needed were there, she led them to a conference room and filled them all in privately, just so they wouldn’t be too surprised when they arrived on scene. She had also prepared a rope portkey while waiting on her key aurors to arrive. She had them all grab it while in the conference room and they left from there.

The group of seven aurors, including Madam Bones, arrived in front of the gates and found Dumbledore and Flitwick waiting for them. She noticed several trees were down as if blasted over. Some were even in pieces. Over to their left was a dead body with less than half of a neck. She walked over, followed by her aurors, and took a very long look.

The bald head, pale skin, red eyes, slits instead of a real nose, they were all there just as she had heard him described. She left her aurors and walked over to the two professors.

“Albus, Filius.”

“Amelia,” they both answered.

“What can you tell me about this?” she asked.

“Well, Harry Potter killed him,” answered Dumbledore. The aurors checking the body looked over when he said that. “However, exactly what happened in the fight between them is anyone’s guess.”

“You didn’t see the fight?” she asked them both.

“No,” answered Flitwick while Dumbledore shook his head.

“Perhaps, you should start from the beginning and tell me everything you do know.”

Dumbledore then told her of Harry’s strange behavior before Voldemort spoke to everyone in the castle, how Harry left somehow, then returned just a minute or so later, reporting where Voldemort’s body lay, before he collapsed.

“Where is Harry now?” she asked.

“He’s in the Infirmary. Minerva has sent us updates while we waited for you to arrive. She confirmed that the elf took him there, then a little later informed us that he was hit with an unknown spell that Poppy was trying to treat him for but so far he hasn’t responded.”

Dumbledore then pulled out the yew wand that he placed in his pocket.

“This is Voldemort’s wand. I waited for you but I would like to perform the Prior Incantato spell on it so we can find out what spells were used. Perhaps they will help shed light on what Harry was hit with.”

“Of course, but let me do it to make it more official.”

Bones called her aurors over then performed the spell. It showed quite a few were used and they were all dark. Most were Unforgivables but the very last one used was a spell no one had ever seen or heard of before.

“I’ll see what we can find on that last spell, Albus. Perhaps that was the one that he was hit with?”

“Perhaps, now if you’ll excuse me, I want to go check on Harry for myself,” said Dumbledore. “Are you ready, Filius?”

“Yes, Albus.”

“I think I’ll have my aurors take the body back, but I’ll join you and see Harry for myself as well.”

“Very well, Amelia.”

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