Harry's Chamber of Secrets


Harry discovered that his Parseltongue battle magic spells were safe enough to use as long as you were not on the receiving end. The blast was always away from the spell caster. In most cases though those spells were best used outside against numerous enemies who had come together to kill you. Sending one of the spells into their midst would strongly discourage that intention and any subsequent battle magic spell, or most any spell they could see, would normally send them scattering away from it.

Either way you would have the advantage.

There was also a stunning spell in Parseltongue but of course it did extra. If you used it on one person then any person within 5 meters of them would be stunned too.

The most interesting part about Parseltongue magic was the fact it required no wand movement and no hand gestures, unless you were using battle magic of course. In that case, you do have to aim it with a wand or hand if wandless. For regular Parseltongue magic though, just the word or words of the spell was to be used to make the effect and even that could be done silently. In a nut shell, Parseltongue Magic, enabled the user to effect things just with his or her mind. There was still the thought process, intent, and will power that goes into every spell but the lack of need for a wand or a wandless gesture with your hand, made Parseltongue Magic extremely powerful and impressive at the same time.

Perhaps all the rumors that sprung up, Harry thought, that started after an invisible Dobby helped him take down some Slytherins, could actually be true if he worked hard enough at it and learned what he needed to learn. This just inspired him to push himself harder.

Harry was not all work and no play over the summer though. He took some time out with Dobby as his traveling companion and they went wherever they wanted. They would go shopping or to the movies, for instance. They would also lay out in the sun in a park after they ate lunch so they could watch the Muggle kids play. Dobby even scouted out and found a good place for Harry to ride his broom. It was out in the middle of nowhere in Scotland but with plenty of space for flying.

Harry would go out to Muggle restaurants and Dobby would eat with him. Of course Dobby would not be seen at all while doing it. The interesting thing was since Harry and Dobby both liked pizza, they ate it regularly. Consequently, Dobby learned how to make it himself by watching the cooks while remaining invisible. He made it for Harry sometimes and even taught the other elves how to make it. Turns out they liked it too.

When it was time for the reading of the will everyone became aware of the fact Harry was not staying at #4 Privet Drive. When Albus sent Remus there to make sure Harry knew about it and to plan on an escort for that day, they discovered he was not there and had not been there for weeks. Petunia told him the truth as Harry suggested.

When she was asked where he was and how he left, she responded that she wasn’t told where he was going and that he left using magic, of course.

“What magic?” Remus asked.

“I have no idea. He just said magic.”

She did tell them what Harry said about no longer listening to the Headmaster since that was all he really was. What Harry did and where he lived in his private life was none of the Headmaster’s business. She also told them what he said about not being able to find him so they should just wait for September to see him. This, of course, did not sit well with Remus and the other Order members.

Albus just sighed in defeat.

It did not occur to him that Harry would make a run for it. He instructed the Order members to look for Harry but they never found him.

What a surprise it was when they found Harry waiting for them at Gringotts when it was time for the reading of the will. Sirius had left something for quite a few people so several showed up. There was Dumbledore, McGonagall, Remus, Tonks, Andromeda, Hermione, and all of the Weasleys, except for Bill, Charlie, and Percy. They found Harry sitting at the head of the table with a heavily scarred goblin sitting at the other end.

“Harry!” Hermione and Ginny said excitedly at exactly the same time when they entered.

The twins winked at him and saluted.

Harry just smiled at everyone as Bonebreaker directed all the new arrivals to their seats. Before anyone could jump on Harry’s case, Bonebreaker started the proceedings. After all, time was money to the goblins. Not to mention, he was aware of Harry’s predicament since Harry filled him in earlier. Bonebreaker was not worried about Harry, since July was almost coming to a close. On the 31st Harry would be emancipated and none of them would have the right to boss him around anymore.

Dumbledore glanced Harry’s way but remained quiet for now. The rest of them would glance his way periodically.

“Now that you are all present and accounted for, let’s get started,” Bonebreaker said. Everyone looked his way. “We are here today for the reading of Sirius Orion Black’s last will and testament. Let it be stated that Sirius Orion Black was the undisputed head of the Black family. That fact is certain. What he has stated in his last will and testament will be carried out without doubt or question. There are no other Blacks who have a voice in these proceedings. Is that understood?”

Everyone nodded at the goblin.

“Good. Let’s continue.”

When it was all said and done, the Order, by way of Dumbledore, received a large sum of money to help finance the war, Minerva received some books and a large package of catnip, Andromeda was brought back into the Black family and given 1,000,000 galleons restitution, Tonks was given 500,000 galleons, and Remus was given 500,000 galleons. All the individual Weasleys present and Hermione were given 50,000 galleons each. The rest was left to Harry, several million galleons, including all properties, and the head of house Black position.

When Bonebreaker finished, everyone was sad about Sirius for a while but quickly marveled at his generosity. The Weasley kids and Hermione couldn’t believe how much money they were given. Arthur and Molly were shocked silent at their combined amount. Andromeda, along with Harry, was still crying a bit over their loss after everyone else had brightened up already.

Bonebreaker handed out vault keys to those who never had one. He had them in small envelopes with their names on them. The rest were told that the funds had already been transferred to their existing vaults.


Harry looked up at Bonebreaker and wiped his wet eyes.

“I will take care of the Black account as you requested and keep it separate from your Potter account. Is there anything else you need from me today? Would you like a tour of the Black vault?”

“No, not today, Bonebreaker,” he said sadly. “Maybe some other time?”

“As you wish, Harry.”

Bonebreaker stood up and addressed everyone.

“This concludes the reading of Sirius Orion Black’s last will and testament. Sirius was a good friend. My condolences for your loss. This room is available for another hour for your convenience.”

He gave Harry a look and started gathering his papers.


Harry looked up at Dumbledore who was now standing at his seat looking over at Harry.

“Would you mind telling us why you left your relative’s house and where you are now staying?”

“I don’t see where that is any of your business, Headmaster.”

There were a few intakes of breath and Dumbledore’s eyes widened after he said that.

“Harry, I know you are still upset with me. I don’t blame you, but please remember that we are all on the same side. Please tell me why you left the safety of your relative’s house. You are far too important to risk losing you.”


“Please, Harry?”

“No, Headmaster. Which, by the way, is your role in my life while I am a student at Hogwarts. It is now summer and you no longer have a say in what I do or where I live.”


“Really, Hermione?” Harry said turning in his seat toward his friend who was standing on the other side of the table from Dumbledore. “You’re going to take his side on this?”

“But, Harry, he’s Professor Dumbledore. He knows what he’s doing,” she pleaded.

“And, I don’t?”

Hermione shut up then and hung her head. Harry turned back to Dumbledore.

“There is no point in going back to the Dursleys, Professor. I will be automatically emancipated in about a week, on my 16th birthday. I am the last of the Potters and now head of the Black family as well. It must happen. Besides, #4 Privet Drive is not my home and never has been really. My relatives are horrible people and I will no longer live with them. No more. Where I’m at now cannot be found by anyone, unless I allow it. By the way, none of you are invited. I will just have to see you all again in September.”

Bonebreaker had been gathering his papers and stalling this whole time. He was just interested in how this played out for his account holder.

“Harry, I must insist that you go back to your relatives even if it’s just another week. Your safety is far too important even for that long. A week will give us enough time to arrange another safe place for you to stay after your birthday.”

“I already have a safe place to stay and I have not yet needed your help with it. After my birthday, I’ll still need none of your help. I don’t think you get it professor. I’ve got this handled. I’m not doing this because I’m mad at you. Don’t think that at all. I’m doing this for me, for my own well-being. And guess what? I’m learning a lot.”

“Legally, I can detain you, Harry. I know that Sirius was your legal and magical guardian but he is gone now and that makes me your magical guardian. Since I am the head of the Wizengamot and the Headmaster of Hogwarts, that role automatically falls to me, especially while you are still classified as a child and a student. For the next week you will have to stay where I want you to stay.”

“Legally, Dumbledore, you are correct for this next week,” interrupted Bonebreaker. “The question remains though, are you willing to go that far? Harry has stated that he is in a very safe place. To push him further for only one week, could be disastrous don’t you think, especially for your relationship.”

“That’s okay, Bonebreaker,” said Harry from where he was still sitting. “I’ll simply do what I have to do.” Everyone looked at Harry, wondering what he meant by that. “Bye everyone.”

With that Harry disappeared right in front of them. He didn’t use a wand, wave his hand, or even wiggle his fingers. He didn’t even make a sound when he left. Supposedly, no witch or wizard can apparate into or out of Gringotts. Harry was still sitting in his seat and he just left.

Everyone who was standing suddenly sat down heavily. They could not believe Harry was able to do that.

Bonebreaker interrupted the silence with laughter. “I knew that boy was special! I don’t know how he did it but that was something!”

“I thought no one could apparate in or out of Gringotts,” Hermione said.

“That is correct Miss Granger,” answered Bonebreaker.

“What makes you think that was apparition?” asked Ron. “That looked nothing like apparition. I’m not sure what it was but I’m pretty sure Harry did not just apparate from a sitting position.”

“Harry has been showing some special powers lately, especially at the end of the semester after we returned from the Ministry,” said Ginny. “He won’t talk about it though. I wonder if that was just part of it.”

“Exactly how powerful is Harry?” asked Tonks.

“He is more powerful than he thinks he is,” replied Dumbledore.

“Yes, but –“

“That’s all I will say for now. That is his business and his right to share.”

They were all quiet for a minute as Bonebreaker finally left the room.

“Well, I suggest we leave,” said Arthur. “The subject of our conversation has preceded us…somehow.”

“Professor, since Harry left Gringotts like he did,” said Fred, “I believe it would be pointless to put him back with his relatives given he could leave whenever he wants.”

“Very astute, dear brother,” said George.

“Alas, Mr. and Mr. Weasley, I believe we are on the same wavelength since I strangely came to that exact same conclusion.”

“Great minds…,” said Fred.

“Think alike,” ended George.

Harry landed back in the Chamber still with his hand on Dobby’s shoulder. He had placed it there during his conversation with Dumbledore. When he said what he did and gently squeezed Dobby’s shoulder, Dobby took him back to the Chamber.

“I don’t think the Headmaster will insist you go back to your mean relatives again, Harry Potter, sir.”

“I agree, Dobby. I think he got the point this time.”

They both smiled at each other.

“What would you like for lunch, Harry Potter, sir?”

“Hmmm, let me think…. How about… pizza?”

“Coming right up!” Dobby answered with a smile.

Harry read about some new spells using Parseltongue while Dobby made the pizza. He enjoyed sharing it with Dobby along with a cold Butterbeer after the pizza was ready.

After lunch, Harry decided to work more on his parseltongue magic. He knew that depending on Dobby constantly to fool everyone would only last for so long. At some point, people would figure out about Dobby or Dobby would not be there to perform his tricks some time in the future.

He had learned a lot so far, but there was much, much more to learn. Harry was beginning to understand why Salazar Slytherin was considered the greatest of the Hogwarts four by not only himself but some others as well. Of course, that doesn’t mean the other founders were lacking. They were all known for their magical prowess and power. Perhaps Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Helga Hufflepuff also had some secret magic to share. However, the problem would be finding their libraries, if they have them still.

Harry had reached the point where he never drew his wand anymore to practice the Parseltongue magic. He now understood how it worked. He just needed to keep learning new spells. The hardest part for each new spell was getting the thought process correct and the will behind it. You had to fully understand what exactly the spell should do in order to cast it.

This was not unlike the spells he learned normally but the difference was all the extra that the Parseltongue spell was able to do. Normal spells usually did one simple thing, although there are exceptions to every rule. This allowed you to concentrate and picture that one simple thing. Not so with Parseltongue magic and its extra. You had to keep all of it in mind in order for it to work correctly.

Plus, with normal spell casting you use a wand and wand movement. The actual wand movement helps you to remember the spell and vice versa. As you learn each spell and its proper wand movement, you begin to associate the two together and find it easier to remember the spell. Parseltongue does not need a wand so there is no association developed between the spell and a wand movement. It’s basically all in the head with Parseltongue spells, so your concentration and memory have to be that much better.

However, not all of the Parseltongue spells were overly complicated. Occasionally, he ran across one that was easy to pick up quickly. Most of the ones that used simple words were the easiest.

Harry continued to work and learn as much as he could as the summer progressed.

Harry noticed that he never received his OWL scores or his letter for what he needed to buy for the school year. He realized that it was due to owls not being able to reach him down there in the Chamber. Harry wrote a note to McGonagall and had Dobby take it to Hedwig to deliver.

The note said that Hedwig was the only one who would be able to find him so any correspondence should be sent with her. Minerva was wondering why the owls she tried giving Harry’s mail to would just sit there and not even try to leave. The Ministry had the same issue with owls returning the undelivered mail so they just sent Harry’s OWL scores to the school and asked that they be given to Harry when they see him next.

Minerva had the OWL scores and Harry’s school year info so she sent all of it with Hedwig who simply flew back to the owlery and met Dobby there to retrieve Harry’s mail for him.

In August Harry had to go to Diagon Alley to get his books and supplies for his sixth year. Harry decided to go alone this time but promised Dobby he would call him if he needed any help. Dressed in his newly made basilisk hide clothes underneath his robe, Harry used the floo in Salazar’s office to travel to the Leaky Cauldron. He had figured out it could go to any outside public floo address. Going back was harder until he figured out how to edit the access list on the office floo to allow outside use for just him.

Now he could floo back to that office from other places then get back to the apartment easily. He also found a Parseltongue spell for teleporting. It was similar to apparition but he could not quite figure it all out. It was almost as if part of the instructions were missing. He would need more time to work on that one, if it was even possible.

He was recognized in the pub when he exited the fireplace, but just waved at the patrons and made his way quickly to the back so he could go through the wall and access Diagon Alley. He made his way to Gringotts first and grabbed some coin to spend. Then he made his way to Madame Malkin’s so he could get measured for his new Hogwarts robes. He went ahead and got the nicer ones with the extra charms. They would be ready in about 30 minutes so he went to pick up some other items.

While he was out and about, he ran into Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott from school and chatted with them for a bit and they even travelled together some while they collected their supplies. Susan said they were here with Hannah’s parents. Her Aunt Amelia had to work. They were just coming out of the apothecary when they heard pops of apparition and screams coming from the crowds who were panicking. Looking over in the direction the crowd was coming from, Harry saw black robes and white masks.

As he watched, they quickly started killing and a few were torturing people already, laughing about it. He counted about twenty Death Eaters but they were starting to break up to cover more ground.

“Death Eaters! Susan, you and Hannah get to a place where you can get out of here. See if the floo still works.”

Harry started to walk toward the Death Eaters.

“Harry! What are you going to do?” asked Susan.

Harry turned back and looked at them both.

“I’m going to stop them. Now go. Both of you.”

“We were in the DA too, you know,” argued Hannah.

Harry shook his head.

“No. You’re not ready for this. Get to safety like I said and notify the DMLE and get a hold of Dumbledore if you can. Now go!”

They both looked at him then turned and ran the other way. Harry turned back and headed toward the Death Eaters. He had to fight against the crowd that outnumbered the Death Eaters by 5 to 1 at least. Yet, they were all running in a panic away from them while the slowest ones in the back were being cut down with curses – men, women, and children. The Death Eaters simply didn’t care. They were here to cause a panic and put fear into everyone. They were succeeding.

When Harry finally stumbled out of the crowd and stood in front of the biggest group of Death Eaters, they recognized him right away and just stopped their curses, especially when one of the Death Eaters spoke.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t The-Boy-Who-Lived himself – Harry Potter. Our master is going to be so happy when we bag you.”

There was a group of about a dozen Death Eaters spread out some but still together where they portkeyed in. The one that spoke was part of that group. There were about four on each side of Harry staying in groups while they were torturing and killing people. They all stopped when Harry was standing before them. They knew capturing him would make their master very, very happy.

Suddenly, the four Death Eaters on each side of Harry dropped as if stunned along with some of the people they were torturing or were just too close to them. The dozen Death Eaters in front of Harry looked to see what happened but they couldn’t figure out who stunned them. When they turned back to Harry they saw two large orange spells headed their way from the young wizards hands.

They put up shields but the spells exploded, killing all of the Death Eaters in two massive explosions that shook the ground. Harry noticed that like he’d seen in testing, the spell sought out the bodies around it before dissipating. The Death Eaters were no longer in one piece when the explosions ended.

Their bodies were practically shredded from the Parseltongue Battle Magic spell. It was the first one that came to Harry’s mind. He couldn’t use it on the ones to both sides of him since innocents were close by, so he used stunners instead which took them all out. However, the ones in front of him were all Death Eaters.

They had just paid for their crimes in full.

Harry learned when he was fighting in the Ministry along with his friends at the end of the last semester, that stunning Death Eaters was not the best way to go since they revived each other and just tried harder to kill you after that. Sometimes they even succeeded.

Harry turned back to the crowd behind him who had grown completely silent after the explosions. Harry raised his voice so they could hear him.

“Has anyone called for the aurors and healers? We have quite a few exposed to the torture curse. If not, someone get on that quickly.”

People were still shocked and just staring at him.

“Now, people, move!”

“The aurors are on their way, Mr. Potter,” someone announced from the back.

“Thank you.”

Harry turned and went to collect the wands and any portkeys from the stunned Death Eaters. He tied them up and enervated the extras who were stunned as well. He then floated the stunned Death Eaters to the middle of the street and left them there, not far from the bloody dozen he killed.

The aurors finally started arriving. They came ready for a fight but found it was over and most everyone was in shock. When they saw the carnage, they understood. Harry was waiting beside the stunned Death Eaters when the aurors walked up. They looked past the stunned ones and Harry to the dozen mutilated and bloody bodies.

“What in Merlin’s name happened here?” asked Dawlish.

“My word,” said a female auror Harry didn’t know. “What could have done this?”

They never spoke directly to Harry so he waited until they actually questioned him. The other aurors were starting to question the crowd and send the injured to St. Mungos. Harry was still standing next to the eight stunned Death Eaters as Dawlish and the female auror continued to gawk at the carnage. The faces of the Death Eaters were still recognizable, but barely.

After a couple aurors came back to Dawlish to report that people were saying Harry Potter did all of this, he finally quit gawking and walked up to Harry to talk to him.

“Potter, can you explain what exactly happened here?”

“Certainly. I was here getting my things for school when about 20 Death Eaters showed up. They immediately started killing and torturing people. I decided to stop them.”

“Who helped you?” Dawlish asked.

“No one helped me. Everyone else was running away from the Death Eaters in a panic.”

“So, your saying that you took down all twenty of these Death Eaters all by yourself?” he asked.

“That’s about it.”

“I find that hard to believe, Potter.”

Harry just stared at him for a couple of seconds. “Not my problem,” he said nonchalantly.

“Dawlish, that’s what the eyewitnesses are saying as well,” another auror spoke up. “They say Mr. Potter stunned two groups of four on each side of him then faced the twelve in front of them, killing them with explosions of some sort.”

“Explosions?” Dawlish asked then turned and looked at the bodies again. “That sounds about right.” He turned back to Harry. “Potter, we are going to need you to accompany us back to the Auror office so you can answer some questions.”

“Lead the way.”

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