Harry's Chamber of Secrets


Harry traveled by portkey with Auror Dawlish to the Ministry and into the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (DMLE) so they could question him about the twenty Death Eaters he took out in Diagon Alley. He was immediately taken to Dawlish’s desk where he helped him fill out a report by writing out what happened in a space on the page where Dawlish indicated.

Dawlish read over Harry’s statement then looked up at Harry.

“What battle magic spell did you use? You don’t mention it in your report.”

“I’m afraid that is Potter family secrets. I can’t disclose the exact spells I used.”

Dawlish just looked at him for a couple of seconds.

“Alright. I’ll be right back after I give this report to the director. I’m sure she will want to see you after she reads it.”

“Then I’ll wait right here.”

Dawlish nodded and left. He came back three to five minutes later.

“Director Bones would like to see you now. Follow me.”

Harry rose and followed Dawlish to Madam Bones’ office but when he got there, he found Susan and Hannah waiting in her office along with Hannah’s parents.

Susan and Hannah both yelled “HARRY!” then jumped up and hugged him before he was two steps into the office. Dawlish had to move out of the way quickly. They were glad to see Harry was still alive. He was glad they were alright as well.

“We were so worried about you, Harry,” said Susan.

“Well, I’m glad you guys made it to safety,” he replied hugging them back.

“Is it true, Harry, that you took out all twenty of the Death Eaters by yourself?” asked Hannah.

Just then, Amelia Bones, head of the DMLE, cleared her throat and looked over at the Abbots.

“This will be a legal inquiry. Could you take Susan and Hannah out until we can get this done?”

The two parents nodded.

“Thank you. I’m afraid, girls, that you will have to wait on that answer from Mr. Potter.”

They watched until Hannah’s parents led their daughter and Susan out of Amelia’s office. Harry was then directed to sit in a chair in front of Amelia’s desk. Dawlish stood in a corner along with Kingsley Shacklebolt in the other. Harry nodded at Kingsley before sitting.

“So, Mr. Potter, according to your statement you stunned four Death Eaters to the right of you and four Death Eaters to the left of you before facing the twelve Death Eaters in front of you, which you then killed all twelve of them with the use of just two spells?” asked Madam Bones.

“Yes. That is correct.”

“Other reports state that you stunned the ones to each side of you all at one time, including others who were not Death Eaters but were close by them. That sounds like a wide area stunner, but the reports were clear. You never used your wand and no spell was seen. How did you do that exactly?”

“I wish I could be of more assistance, Madam Bones, but all of the spells I used were special and cannot be shared with anyone outside of my family.”

“But you are the only Potter left, which makes you the only one in your family.”


“If you are saying that these are private Potter family spells, like those found in a family grimoire, then I can tell you that the Bones family has been close associates with the Potters for many generations and I can’t recall any Potter ever using a spell like the two you used on the dozen you killed, especially the likes of a battle magic spell.”

“The spells I used are recent additions to the Potter family magic. However, the spells are so old they were lost in time with no one using them for centuries. As the new head of the Potter family I have co-opted them into my own magic, thereby making them Potter family magic.”

“Where did you find these spells?”

“Now that would be telling.”

“Mr. Potter, the aurors could use spells like these when facing too many Death Eaters. Surely you can share? Think of how many aurors you would save.”

“Madam Bones, even though I’ve been emancipated and I’m now the head of both the Potter and Black families, I’m only sixteen years of age. If I can find old battle magic spells to use, then why can’t fully trained witches and wizards find their own? The Potter family is near extinction, as you well know. I believe the Bones family is in a similar position, so you can relate. I need to give the Potter family as much an advantage as I possibly can, especially since I have a crazy, overpowered dark lord trying to kill me at every opportunity.”

She sighed.

“Very well, Mr. Potter. I can see you will not change your mind. Perhaps we have simply not thought of using battle magic before. I know I haven’t. Perhaps if we look for the spells we too will be able to find some and use them.”

“In that case, I wish you luck in that endeavor and I dearly hope the Death Eaters do not find their own to use against us.”

“Yes, Mr. Potter. That could be disastrous. By the way, I’m impressed with your bravery and how you handled twenty Death Eaters on your own today. You’re a very powerful young wizard and you have obviously been training …a lot. I also heard about how well you fought in the Department of Mysteries against a dozen of his best and you guys were outnumbered two to one. I’ll be looking to see what you do in the future, Mr. Potter. I expect it will be quite spectacular.”

“I’m just looking for some peace and quiet, Madam Bones. Maybe, just maybe, when this is all over, I’ll finely get to see what that feels like.”

“We can only hope, Mr. Potter. Thanks for answering our questions and stepping in to protect those who were too afraid to do it themselves. You’re free to go now. Also, feel free to say good-bye to my niece, Susan, and Hannah before you go. They were quite worried about you before you arrived.”

“I’ll do that, but then I need to get back to Diagon Alley to finish my shopping. Do you think the shops will be back open?”

“For you? I’m sure they will be,” she said with a smile. “One more thing, Mr. Potter. You don’t seem to be overly concerned that you just killed twelve people. Why is that?”

Harry thought about it for a few seconds.

“I suppose it has a lot to do with all my experiences. Even though it was unintended, I killed Professor Quirrell, who was possessed by Voldemort, at the end of my first year. All I did was touch his skin and he turned to ash. I had to deal with that when I was just eleven years old but deal with it I did. I basically have had a life threatening experience every year I’ve been going to Hogwarts, simply because Voldemort wants me dead. So far, I’ve faced him about five times. When I was standing before those twelve Death Eaters today, I had already seen them kill and torture many people before I could get to them. It would have been too risky not to use big spells when it was only me facing all of them. Plus, they deserved it. No one should enjoy killing and torturing the way they do. I simply put down rabid animals.”

“Thank you, Mr. Potter. I believe I understand. I certainly hope your day is very much improved from here on out.”

“Me too, Madam Bones, me too.”

Harry was able to go back to Diagon Alley after that and get his robes from Madam Malkin’s, along with finishing the rest of his school shopping before returning to his chamber. Madam Bones, however, floo called Dumbledore as soon as Harry left to get some more background information on Harry’s fight with Quirrell, amongst other things. She made an appointment then she and Kingsley paid him a visit later that day to discuss it all with the Headmaster.

Dumbledore was none too pleased to hear about Harry’s involvement with the Death Eaters in Diagon Alley. He was equally shocked at how easily Harry handled twenty Death Eaters alone. The part about not revealing the spells used, made him think Harry had come across some very powerful spells at some point recently. The question was, since these powers or spells manifested after the Department of Mysteries fiasco, did he find them while he was in the Department of Mysteries, or did Tom’s attempt to possess Harry result in him passing on more of his magic and knowledge?

The boy was powerful and resilient, Dumbledore noted. Evidently, Harry Potter, was coming into his own sooner than expected. Being emancipated just made it worse, in his opinion. He had forgotten about that rule since it was rarely ever used. He would just have to keep a closer eye on him this next year.

While Harry continued to study Parseltongue magic, he also remembered what Sirius said about becoming a Marauder. He started reading “The Marauder’s Guide to Becoming a Marauder” almost immediately after he brought it home. It was a fascinating read, especially the shortened version of becoming an animagus. As it turned out, the Marauders did make the process a lot easier. The book referenced several other books they researched about becoming an animagus. But then, it broke down the process for easy learning and implementation.

Some of the same books they referenced were in the Chamber library so Harry perused them quickly before going back to the guide. He started the steps in the guide back at the end of June. The first step was a somewhat simple potion he had to take to find what his form would be. The instructions for the potion were right there in the guide so Harry went to his extensive potions lab and checked for all the right ingredients.

Harry was only missing a couple of the ingredients so Dobby snuck into Snape’s stores and brought back what he needed. After he made the potion, he had to drink it and then see what happens. Harry took one of the beakers half-full of the potion and downed it with Dobby watching nearby.

At first, nothing happened, then a few seconds later Harry suddenly changed. Right before Dobby’s eyes, he saw the Great Harry Potter shrink and turn into a demiguise. He had long, thick silver fur, a long tail, and big green, doleful eyes. Like all demiguise, Harry looked ape-like in appearance.

Harry looked up at Dobby and wondered what just happened. He realized he was a lot shorter than normal, his body was covered in this long, silvery hair, but then he remembered what he was supposed to do from the guide. He took off quickly toward the loo with Dobby following. He was faster than Dobby so made it there a few seconds before the elf.

When Dobby made it into the bathroom, he saw Harry on the counter standing up on his hind legs looking at himself in the mirror. After looking for a minute, twisting, and inspecting all the sides he could see, Harry turned back to Dobby and shrugged with his hands out to the side, which is the universal sign for ‘I don’t know.’

Dobby took that to mean that he didn’t know what animal he turned into. Dobby popped out immediately and came back a minute later with a book. It was “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” Dobby had it open to a certain page.

“Harry Potter, sir, you are a demiguise. They are very strong, can turn invisible, and can see the immediate future, which makes them very difficult to capture. Their fur is used to make invisibility cloaks. Not a cloak like yours, but regular invisibility cloaks.” Dobby then showed Harry the page, which had a picture and explanation.

Harry read it for himself, then just nodded as he thought it over. He turned back around and wanted to be invisible. Suddenly he was. He couldn’t see himself at all in the mirror, no outline of his body, no silhouette, nothing. It looked like empty space.

Dobby smiled as he saw his master accomplish one of the talents of the demiguise. Suddenly Harry was visible again and looked at himself some more before he shot off toward the lounge where they started. He was quite fast, Dobby noted.

When he reached the lounge, he found Harry lifting the heavy couch easily with one hand. Harry set it back down then turned and smiled at Dobby. Next he took off out the door of the apartment and went through the library and down into the lower chamber.

When Dobby reached him, he found Harry climbing the tall columns lickety-split and leaping from one to the other like it was nothing. He did this for a while. Finally, Harry came back to the steps that lead to the upper chamber and sat down to think this through. Dobby sat down beside him and the two stayed there until the potion wore off a few minutes later and Harry returned to himself.

The book said you would only get around 15 minutes from the potion to figure out all you could about your form before you changed back. Harry did a pretty good job of experimenting while it lasted. He now had a good idea of what his form looked like and what it felt like, even the instincts it had.

The good thing is he had nine more doses and would use those to change into his animagus periodically until he could do it on his own. The guide was very detailed on all the steps so he set himself to working on them. The biggest thing it emphasized was intent and a strong desire to change into your animagus. This was not much different from learning other magic, but transforming into an animal was a little harder to do. The fact that the potion allowed you to see and experience your animal before accomplishing the transformation, just made it a little easier.

It was August now, and only a week until school started again. Harry was on his tenth and last dose of the potion and he still had not transformed completely yet on his own. Of course, it had only been a couple of months since he started working on it. He was getting closer but it was not easy he discovered. After he used his last dose where he paid very close attention to everything about the transformation, he tried after the potion wore off to transform again. He got everything this time except his head. He saw this in the mirror.

Better, he thought, but not quite there yet.

He tried again, then again, and again, and again. He was starting to get frustrated since his head would never transform. He felt he should have accomplished this by now. Rather than getting mad about it, he decided to use what he had and just have some fun with it.

He changed one more time and managed everything except his head again. Then he took off to the lower chamber and climbed up a column until he reached the top then leaped for another column. He kept doing this and tapping into his instincts as a demiguise until he got a little tired of doing the same thing. He jumped down and went back into the upper chamber to the loo so he could look at himself in the mirror again. He always found it funny when he was not fully transformed. Having a demiguise body and human head was pretty funny, he thought.

However, when he got to the mirror he was surprised to see that he was fully transformed. He supposed when he let the instincts kick in it did the trick. He always fought those instincts when he transformed just so he could make sure he maintained control but perhaps that was preventing the head from committing. After he allowed the instincts to kick in so he could jump around on the columns and not fall, it was easy to still be in control, so he really had nothing to worry about. The instincts were part of the animal but so was Harry. They could not be separated, as they were part of each other. He reasoned this from what he had read.

He had forgotten about that one sentence in the guide until now.

Harry changed back into himself then took a deep breath and concentrated. This time he let go and used the instincts while in the process of changing. When he looked up, he was fully transformed again. He then transformed back and forth several times until he cut his time down to about 2 seconds. He figured he would get even faster with more practice.

It felt really good to finally accomplish that.

However, there was still one more step. The “Marauder’s Guide to Becoming a Marauder” emphasized, that should you accomplish becoming an animagus then you must have a Marauder name. The question Harry asked himself now, was what in the world could his name be.

Harry thought about it for a few minutes then looked at himself in the mirror again and shook his head.

“I got nothing!”

On September 1st, Harry took his office floo to the public floo on Platform 9 and ¾’s. The platform was starting to fill up so he quickly made his way toward the train. He did not get far before he was mobbed by the press, around thirty of them. They were shouting questions at him and not letting him pass.

Harry was not interested in talking to the press so he kept pushing forward but tried to be careful and not hurt anyone. He had noticed, that since he managed his animagus, his human strength and speed was much improved as well. Finally, he just stopped pushing and trying to ignore them.


They only shouted more questions at him and didn’t move. Other people on the platform were watching the spectacle. They had read the Prophet article that followed the Diagon Alley attack, but had no desire to mob Harry like that. In fact, they were a little afraid of him after what they read.


They refused to move without getting their questions answered. Suddenly, around twenty of them in front of Harry just dropped, stunned. It did not go unnoticed that Harry never drew his wand or even raised his hands. Then amazingly, Harry leaped over the pile of stunned reporters and made his way quickly to the train. Then more amazingly, he leaped high and landed on top of the train before heading to the other side away from the reporters and everyone else. Then he jumped off the other side.

However, when he jumped, he jumped forward and grabbed a hold of the edge of the train with his hands, then swung himself down and onto the train steps on the other side. At the same time, when he jumped, he transformed into his animagus, Sneak, and turned himself invisible. He landed on the train steps as Sneak then made his way quickly to the back of the train until he found an empty compartment. Luckily, not many kids were on the train yet.

Sneak? Yes, Harry finally decided on a name for his animagus. Given his ability to turn invisible and sneak around, he felt that was a good name for him.

Going into the compartment, he closed the curtains on the windows, then changed back into Harry, and found a seat. Peaking out through the curtains, he saw Order members reviving the reporters. He sat back and let out a big breath.

Dobby, who had stayed in the apartment, had been instructed to put Harry’s things back in his dorm room at the same time the other elves did that for the kids arriving on the train. That would hopefully head off any extra questions.

A few minutes later, Neville found him, entered the compartment, and took a seat.

“Hey there, Neville. Good summer?”

“Yes, I think it was. However, I’m pretty sure it was far less exciting than yours. Interesting show you put on out there, Harry. At first, all people could talk about was the article about you and the twenty Death Eaters in Diagon Alley. Now, all they can talk about his how you stunned about twenty reporters at one time then leaped like a flying squirrel to get on the train – on top of the train, no less.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. They just would not move or shut up.”

“No, Harry, I get it. I saw what they were doing and I don’t blame you a bit. It’s just what you did is so amazing and I have no clue how you could do these things.”

“Sorry, Nev, but I learned a lot at the end of last semester and this summer I learned even more. In July, I was made the head of the Black Family. Then on my birthday, I was automatically emancipated and took up the head of the Potter family. I had access to both family vaults at this point. The special spells and magic people have seen me use are Potter family secrets so I can’t reveal them.”

“Ah, understood Harry. Those are some amazing spells then. I’m glad you were able to learn a lot this summer. Your training clearly shows and you were pretty good before that.”

“Well, since Voldemort wants me dead, I figured the least I could do is be prepared to face him and his minions.”

“Of course, and I hope you continue the DA this year. I learned more from you than anyone else, Harry. I need that instruction and you know how bad all the defense teachers have been, except one of course.”

“I know, Neville. Except for Remus, the defense teachers have been atrocious. Umbridge being the absolute worse.”

“You got that right, but somehow I got an O in Defense on my OWL despite the fact she was my teacher. Can you guess who I learned it all from? It certainly wasn’t her.”

“I get it, Neville. However, we’ll be starting on our NEWTs this year and the pace will likely be incredible. Now, if the Defense teacher is bad again then, yes, I will be doing my own personal study and you are certainly welcome to join me.”

“Thanks, Harry!”

Just then, Luna came in.

“Hi there, Harry, Neville,” she greeted them, still looking dreamy as usual.

“Hi, Luna,” they both responded at the same time.

“Did you have a good summer?” Neville asked.

“Yes, Daddy and I went snorkack hunting this summer, in Asia.”

“Did you find any?” asked Harry.

“No, but we did see a demiguise before he spotted us and turned invisible.”

“Interesting, Luna,” replied Harry.

Luna then sat down next to Neville, made sure her Quibbler was upside down, then began to read.

Harry peaked out the window and saw a large group of redheads making their way toward the train. With them, was his bushy-haired friend, Hermione. They must have all come from the Black house, Harry thought. I guess it’s my house now, he said to himself. Thinking about it more, Harry decided the place needed a better house elf. He then decided to talk to Dobby about it. He might know of an elf that would be interested.

It wasn’t too much longer before the door opened and in walked Ron, Hermione, and then Ginny, who spoke up right away after looking around the compartment at everyone.

“I guess the gang is all here,” she said happily.

“Yep. Looks like it,” Harry replied. “Hopefully, we won’t have to go through anything like that again.”

Ron sat next to Luna, then Hermione and Ginny sat with Harry. Hermione was in the middle.

“Yes!” said Hermione after she sat. “I was so sick of taking those potions before the month was up, but I took them all like I was instructed.”

“How are you feeling now, Hermione?” asked Harry. “We haven’t had a chance to converse over the summer this year, except at the will reading of course. Sorry, that I was snappish that day.”

“I’m great, Harry. All better. And I’m the one who’s sorry. I should not have doubted you,” she said looking contrite.

“Just so you know, I wasn’t upset with you, no matter how I sounded. I was really just upset with Dumbledore. He could not seem to take the hint.”

“I believe he got the point loud and clear when you left the way you did, Harry,” said Ron. “No one knows how you did that. You can’t apparate in or out of Gringotts, but like I told everyone, that didn’t look anything like apparition.”

“It appears I missed a lot this summer,” Neville lamented.

Luna was still reading her paper and appeared to be oblivious, although it was very doubtful.

“How did you do that, Harry?” asked Hermione.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t share that with anyone. Family secrets, is all I can say about it.”


“Hermione –“

“Harry, let me,” Neville interrupted.

Harry nodded and gestured for him to continue.

“Hermione, Harry explained this to me when he and I were the only ones in the compartment. When he mentioned family magic, then I knew at that point it was none of my business.”

“But, why?” she asked.

“Being a Muggleborn, you likely would not be aware that old magical families developed their own spells over the centuries and normally keep them in a family grimoire. These spells and magic are always kept within the family only and never shared outside the family.”

Hermione frowned at that.

“It’s not so bad, really, since pretty much every old family has their own grimoire. The Longbottoms have the same. I’m not the head yet, so I haven’t been allowed to see any of the special family spells, not yet anyway. Once I do, I will not share with anyone outside the family.”

“But that’s crazy! New or unknown spells should be shared so we all can know about them and further magical society,” Hermione complained.

“You’re not seeing the whole picture, Hermione,” Ron said calmly.

“Then explain it to me, Ron,” she said a little miffed.

“The part you’re missing is this: most of the spells we have today were developed by the old families over the centuries. For the most part, common spells are shared for the betterment of society. It’s the really dangerous ones that are not shared. These are meant to be used in war and to help protect the family. Just like today, not all families were peaceful so each one developed spells to fight with. These are kept private. Of course, not all private family spells are dangerous either, but there is usually a very good reason to keep them private even though they’re not dangerous.”

“One very good reason,” added Harry, “is to keep someone else from using it against you or your family. I’m the only Potter left and I need every advantage I can get.”

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