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By C.E. Pulse

Romance / Drama

Jessup's Office

A/N:  For fans of A Few Good Men   I don't own anything but the plot and the OC's.  Please read and review.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether you think Jessup was fair and if you feel sorry for Jo. By the way, Sam's not married in this story/universe Sorry to any of my current readers for not mentioning it sooner if you're new then enjoy the story

 "Commander Galloway, you may come in," Colonel Jessup said with a slight nod.

 I rose from my chair and walked to his door.  He held it opened for me and I went inside, avoiding all possible eye-contact.  I sat down in the chair across from him.  My superior gazed at me, playing with a dossier. "Commander, eye-contact remember, I outrank you."

 "Yes, Sir, what do you want to discuss?" I asked politely, taking off my hat, tucking a few flyaway hairs behind my ear.  The Colonel slid the file across the desk.  I scanned its contents quickly then my dark brown orbs widened in shock.  "My file, what's wrong what have I done?" Jessup smirked, his eyes roaming my body and how my uniform brought out my curves. He silently got up and locked the door.  I turned, rising to my feet.  My instincts told me to march calmly from his office and forget about this meeting.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to act because I felt someone else's weight pinning me to the edge of the desk.

 "Sir, what are you doing?" I said, wondering what his motives were.  My superior started to undo the buttons on my blouse.  I thrashed against his grip but he wouldn't let me go.  Finally after a few more minutes of struggle and fighting, I wrenched myself free but not without some minor scrapes and bruises.

 I ran as quickly as I could away from Jessup's office.  I slipped into the woman's restroom to evaluate the damage–other than my pride it was ruined.  I peered intently at my reflection in the mirror.  My black hair was disheveled, strands sticking out in all directions, forced from its professional Marine style.  I wanted to cry, yell, scream anything I knew couldn't though.  I had to be strong like I always was.  My eyes drifted down to my white blouse a small part of it had been torn.  I grimaced, checking the bruises.  The worst one was on my upper arm.  I could see it wrapping around the length of my arm like a bracelet.

 I replaced my hat, hoping to keep my ruffled hair safe from disapproving stares.  I marched promptly to the one person I knew who could help me―not that I needed any I was a Marine I could defend myself. I exited the base, walking with urgent strides to Danny's apartment.  My trembling hand paused in front of his door.

 What will Kaffee think? I thought, Will he think I deserved it?

 I knocked softly and awaited his appearance.  He opened the door, peering out.

 "Jo, it's 2 AM, what are you doing here?" His eyes focused on my tattered blouse and the unkempt hair I was trying so hard to conceal.  Danny ushered me inside, concern flooding his face. "What happened?"

 "Jessup, that's what happened," I replied frowning, anger in my eyes. I started to remove my jacket but as soon as I began pulling it from my shoulders; I sucked in a ragged breath, winching.

 "What's wrong?"

 "Can you help me, Kaffee?"  I felt my friend's hands gently ease the tan uniform jacket off me. Danny gasped, almost dropping it on the floor.

 "Damn, Jo, what did Jessup do to you?" he exclaimed, resisting the urge to punch the coffee table. I sat down on the couch and waited patiently for his outburst to end. He met my eyes to show he was done.

 "The Colonel sexually assaulted me, Kaffee. I fought but he wouldn't stop." I maintained a perfectly even voice as I spoke. My friend's mouth dropped opened. Sitting down beside me, Danny wrapped a tentative arm around my shoulder. "Ow, Danny, can you watch it?"

 "Sorry, Jo," he said with the ghost of a smile on his lips. His expression turned furious. "Jessup had no right to do this you. What were his grounds?"

 I scoffed, "I'm his inferior, Christ he probably thinks he can use his power to make me do whatever he wants!"

 Kaffee got up and started to pace. "But Jo, I'm your inferior and I know you'd never force me to do anything like this." I took off my hat again, laying it in my lap. I ran my fingers through my disorderly dark hair, sighing.

 "No, I wouldn't however; Jessup seems to be in a completely different mindset. Danny, do you have a brush I could use?  My hair is still a mess and I'd prefer if we kept this between us for now."

 "Yes, of course, Jo, I'll back right back, my friend answered, retreating into his bedroom to retrieve his extra hairbrush. I laid my head on a pillow attempting to relax. I rubbed my temples, feeling the events of today crushing me.

 I can't believe I was so stupid! Jessup lured me into his office under false pretenses. I should have marched away from there before he had the chance to take it as far as he did. But I had to be the dutiful, respectful Marine and stay. And look where it got me!

 Danny emerged from his room, the hairbrush clutched in his hand. Striding over to the couch, he sat beside again, handing me what I'd requested. I grabbed it and rested it on the arm, beginning to remove my bobby pins. I handed the small pin to Kaffee.

 "Hold these please, I don't want to lose them," I told him nicely. Danny stood up to grab a container to put them in. He returned a Rubbermaid plastic container in his hands. Placing it on the table, he put my pin inside. I smiled at him, "Thanks." I took out another pin and let the section of freed hair go. The rest I did quickly, finally a total of seven bobby pins lay in the translucent Rubbermaid.

 "You actually have length to your hair. I've always wondered," my friend teased. I laughed quietly. He chuckled too then changed the subject. "You're welcome to shower if you want to, Jo; your hair is more likely to behave if it's damp. The hot water might ease your nerves too."

 "Thank you, Danny for your concern but I'm fine. I would like to rise off though." A few minutes later, I climbed out of the shower, wrapped a towel around myself and walked into Danny's room.  "Kaffee, what should I wear?"   He came to stand in the doorway, his arms crossed over his chest in thought.

 "Are one of my baseball jerseys, okay?" he questioned, a grin playing on his lips.

 "Only if it's clean you know I hate those damn shirts, Danny!  You tend to forget to wash them."  My friend laughed as he watched my reaction.

 "Oh, Jo, of course it's clean I would never suggest that you wear a dirty one."  I sighed too exhausted to argue.  I slipped the jersey over my head and followed him back to the living room.  I laid back down on the couch, stretching out my legs. Danny draped a blanket across me.  I covered my mouth, stifling a loud yawn. "Goodnight, Jo, sleep well," whispered Kaffee as he walked into bedroom and turned off the light.

 I reached behind me and shut the lamp off.  I felt around for the Rubbermaid to check and see if it was still on the coffee table. It was.  I closed my eyes, trying to sleep.

 "Well, well, Commander Joanne Galloway, imagine my surprise to find you here at 4 a.m."  My eyes bolted opened, sitting up I realized I was in trouble.

 "Colonel, what are you doing here?" I asked, my voice shaking the slightest amount.

 "Isn't it obvious you didn't learn your lesson, therefore I have to reteach it. I am curious though why did you run to Kaffee?  Is it because you'd rather screw him than me?"

 I opened my mouth to retort but was stopped by Jessup pinning me down on the couch.  He was trying to yank the jersey over my head.  The realization that he had his rough, coarse hands on the skin of my hips made me almost gag.

 "Danny!" I screamed out of pure desperation.  He appeared in the shadowed doorway to the living room.  His blue eyes surveyed the scene it only took him a second to figure out what was happening.  He strode over to the couch and forced Jessup off me.

 "Colonel, get away from her!" Danny yelled, pulling me to my feet hurriedly and into his side.  Drawing his jersey back to its rightful position on my body, he rested the blanket on my shoulders.  I gazed into his eyes, attempting to read his emotions.

 I stepped in front of Danny, a determined expression on my face. "Colonel Jessup, leave NOW!"   My superior smirked and walked out into the hall.  I went to the door and without a second thought; I slammed it in his face.  Kaffee gaped at the boldness of my actions.  I grimaced, "I'm going to be punished for that, aren't I?" I asked him, though I didn't desire an answer.

 My friend beamed, "I admire your boldness, Jo. Are you alright?"

 "Yes, Danny, I'm fine."  He turned my face so that I made eye-contact with him.

 "We'll go see Sam in the morning."  I nodded, feeling my emotions threatening to overwhelm me.  "Jo, you don't always have to act like you're unbreakable.  After the ordeal you've been through tonight it's understandable."

 I held my head high as I replied, "Kaffee, I'm a Marine I'm not allowed to show weakness.  Besides I outrank you, I wish you'd quit badgering me!"

 Danny held up his hands, "Alright, alright, Jo, I'm sorry. We'll get justice I promise.  Right now let's get a few hours of sleep, please." I sighed, curling up on the couch.  My friend sat down beside me and wrapped an arm gingerly around my bruised shoulder.  "Goodnight, Jo, sleep well."

My voice was drowsy when he heard my answer.  "Goodnight, Kaffee and thanks for today."  We fell asleep soon after I hoped that Sam would be able to help us

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1. Jessup's Office
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