Above and Beyond

Epilogue (2)

Harry, Harry, Harry…I’m going to finally see my son…I’m going to meet him… Lily thought as she sprinted down the road with everyone else. James came up beside her and took her hand, and she knew that he was thinking the exact same thing. After almost one hundred years, they were going to see their son.

When they finally arrived at The Diamond Gates, they found to their utmost annoyance that they couldn’t even see Harry, because most of Above had turned up to see him, shake his hand, thank him for saving the Wizarding World all those years ago. It wasn’t really surprising, but everyone, especially Lily and James were irritated.

“Aw man!” James groaned as Lily sighed unhappily.

“It’s going to take hours before we get to see him!” Fred complained.

“Shhhh!” Mrs Weasley hissed, “Fred, Harry is the reason many of these people got to live longer and happier lives, they deserve their time to meet him too.”

“But I am not one of those people! I was killed at a young age! I had so much life and brilliance and I died! Besides, I knew Harry years before that.”

Mrs Weasley stared at him before giving up. Meanwhile, Nikki and Sirius walked over to James and Lily.

“Well, you guys excited? You get to finally see Harry!” Nikki squealed.

“I know,” Lily said quietly, “I don’t think it has really hit home yet, though.” James nodded beside her.

“Ah, but it will.” Sirius grinned. “I personally am most overjoyed that I finally get to see my godson again after such a long time here. But I guess we should wait until everyone goes. I don’t really want too many randoms watching the emotional reunion.”

James smiled, “You’re right I guess, Padfoot. I just want to see him. I don’t want to have to wait.”

“I know Prongs. I know.”

“Hey guys,” Remus walked over to join the other three, “Excited to see Harry again?”

“Why does everyone keep asking that?” snapped Lily, agitated from the nervousness of seeing her son, “Of course we are excited, what would you expect?”

“Whoa, sorry.” Remus backed up a bit, raising his hands in surrender.

“Ignore it, Moony.” Sirius said, rolling his eyes at Lily, “I think it’s that time of the month.”

“Sirius!” Lily slapped his arm, while the three men chuckled.

“Yeah I think you might be right there, mate.” James laughed.

“Oh, honestly!” Lily grumbled, storming away from them, dragging a giggling Nikki with her.

The group waited anxiously to see Harry, and eventually the crowd began to thin. After a few more minutes, they could see a black, messy hair that stuck up at the back through the many heads in the crowd. Then after even longer, they could see his face. He was smiling at everyone, graciously accepting their praise and thanks, sometimes standing with them to talk for a little.

Lily sucked in a quick breath when she caught sight of his grown up face. She felt familiar arms wrap around her waist from behind, and she turned slightly to smile at James. “He looks just like you.”

“I know.” He said, then laughed quietly, “Lucky guy.”

She rolled her eyes and continued to watch her son slowly make his through the crowd. She couldn’t take her eyes off him. He hadn’t seen them yet, because he hadn’t looked up. Maybe he wasn’t expecting them.

She had a sudden flash of the last time she had seen him all those years ago. He was only a tiny infant, sitting in his cot, not making a sound as Voldemort closed in on them. He had looked up at Lily with such innocent and happy eyes that her heart had broken. Now, here he was. He was standing just a few metres from her, so much older and with so much more knowledge and wisdom. Who would have guessed that one night at Godric’s Hollow would have changed Harry’s life so entirely? She died to save him and give him a chance at living a long and happy life. He had done just that, and now he was with her again and she knew he would be here, with her, to stay.

Sirius came over to them when there were only a few more people left in Harry’s crowd of admirers and interrupted Lily’s train of thought, “Okay, I reckon he will see us in a sec, so you guys have to stay behind the Weasleys.”

“Why on earth would we do that?” James asked indignantly.

“Because,” Sirius answered slowly, as if he were talking to a small child, “I want him to see you at the end. Save the best for last and everything.”

But Lily and James, being the stubborn people that they were, refused to give in. It took a few minutes of arguing and a few more minutes of calm persuasion from Remus that finally resulted in them both sighing, “Fine.”

So Sirius walked over to the Weasleys and dragged them all over to stand in front of Lily and James, then he dragged Remus and Tonks over to stand next to him.

“Gee, you got this all planned out, don’t you Siri?” Tonks asked.

He grinned cheekily at her, “Sure do. I mean, what else do you do when you have ninety odd years free waiting for one particular person?”

She rolled her eyes at him just as Mrs Weasley said, “Harry…it’s so good to see you.”

Harry had turned after seeing off the last members of the crowd to find all of the Weasleys standing in front of him with huge smiles on their faces. It shocked him, to say the least.

Mrs Weasley gave him the very familiar hug that he had missed dearly as she sobbed into his shoulder. “Harry…you’re finally here…we missed you…”

“I missed you too, Molly.” He laughed quietly.

“C’mon dear, don’t choke him,” Mr Weasley said as he gently pulled his wife off Harry to greet him. “How’s my daughter going, Harry?”

“Perfectly fine, I believe.” Harry said, “I mean I am here, so I don’t really know for sure.” He sighed, “I miss her already though.”

Arthur laughed, “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

After shaking hands and hugging the other Weasleys, Harry saw Ron and Hermione. He grinned as Hermione ran over and gave him a huge hug.

“Welcome back, Harry.” She said, kissing his cheek.

“Hi Hermione, you look good.”

“Oh thank you Harry!” She smiled brightly at him, “I feel very well.”

“Been taking care of her, Ron?” Harry asked his best mate as they shared a manly hug.

“Sure have, mate.” They grinned at each other, happy to be back together.

“Excuse me, but I would like to see Harry too.” A voice said, pulling Ron out of the way. He looked up at Harry’s surprised and sad expression. “Hey Harry.”

“Fred.” Harry muttered, pulling him into a tight hug. “It’s been so long.”

“It has, hasn’t it?” Fred said

“I’m so sorry, Fred.” Harry whispered, close to tears, “About that night. I never wanted you to die…everyone was devastated…I’m sorry.”

“Harry, it’s not your fault.” Fred pulled back to look at him. “Please don’t say that, because I don’t blame you for a single thing.” He grinned at him. “I do blame you, however for stealing my little sister from us. You better have taken good care of her.”

Harry laughed, trying to ignore the tears. “Of course. You know, if I didn’t love her as much as I do, I wouldn’t have tried to take her away from your family at all. I mean, all the Weasley brothers can be a bit intimidating.”

“Too right.” Fred chuckled, “At least you were lucky because you knew that her parents loved you before you actually started dating. You had a head start.”

“I suppose.” Harry smiled, but it faded slightly when he said, “I just wish you were there Fred. She missed you so much. We wanted the entire Weasley family around.”

“Harry! Don’t say that. I am really happy here, and of course I missed you and my family more then anything, but shut up, okay? Listen carefully, mate. I don’t blame you. I died defending the world from evil and that is the best way to go, I reckon. Trust me, out of everyone who died that night, no one regretted it. If anything, we were glad to get out of that hell hole. I mean, if you hadn’t killed Voldy, it would have been better to be dead.” He smiled at him, tears in his eyes and Harry laughed. Then Fred turned to look behind him and say to someone that Harry couldn’t see, “Isn’t that right, guys?”

“Not really, Fred, but you can think whatever you want.” Remus said as he walked towards Harry, but Tonks got to him first.

“Harry! It’s so good to see you!”

“Tonks…” Harry managed to get out, almost strangled by her hug and blinded by the tears that were still in his eyes. He looked over her shoulder at Remus “I didn’t want you to die…either of you…I’m so sorry.”

“Harry, stop.” Remus said, “I know it’s been said before, but we don’t blame you, it wasn’t your fault. And don’t argue, because we won’t listen. And err, Dora, I don’t think he can breathe…”

“Oops! Sorry Harry.” She sheepishly stepped back as Harry laughed, but then his tears spilled over when Remus embraced him.

“Harry, it is so good to see you again.”

“You too, Remus…it has been far too long.”

“Indeed it has.” He inhaled deeply.

Then Harry remembered something, “Remus, I just want to tell you how much you really did mean to me. I mean, you were like a second godfather, and I really appreciate everything you did for me.”

Remus closed his eyes, trying to stop the tears. “Thank you, Harry. That really means so much to me. Especially coming from you. You really are a godson to me anyway, just don’t tell Sirius I said that.”

Harry laughed, “I won’t. And I mean, I’m pretty sure I have you to thank for teaching me all that stuff in Defence Against the Dark Arts. It really helped me. And of course, I don’t think I would have ever learnt to do a proper Patronus if it weren’t for you. You saved my life that year, not to mention Sirius’s with all the Dementors.”

“Well, that’s not really out of the ordinary. I have had to save Sirius’s life several times at school and afterward.” Remus laughed, “But I really appreciate that, Harry. Seems like that was the only good thing I taught that year.”

“Oh no, don’t say that. You were the best teacher we had for that subject! You were brilliant. Everybody thought so.”

Remus smiled, “Thank you Harry.” There was silence for a moment, before he said quietly, “We really missed you.”

“I missed you guys too, so much.” Harry said as he stepped back to smile at them both.

“So, how is our Teddy?” Tonks asked, beaming at her son’s name.

“He’s great. He has a lovely wife, and two fantastic kids. They both have kids as well. He’s really happy.” He smiled at their glowing faces. “I told him all about you two when he was little. He always asked about you, he really missed you. He still does, but he knows why you died and your sacrifice and it means the world to him.”

They both looked so happy. Tonks even had tears in her eyes. “That is just so—”

“Oi! You can talk about that later. Teddy can wait.” Sirius said loudly, purposefully walking forward. “I want to see my godson.”

Harry’s throat constricted and the tears fell faster. “Sirius.” He choked out.

Sirius smiled widely, tears in his eyes too and stepped forward to hug him. “Harry.”

“It’s been so long, Sirius.” Harry muttered through the tears falling silently down his cheeks. He swallowed, “I really missed you.”

“I know, mate.” Sirius said quietly, “There hasn’t been a single day since I got here that I didn’t think about you.” He felt Harry nod, and Sirius took a deep breath. “I am so proud of you Harry. Of everything you have done. I am extremely proud to call myself your godfather.”

“Thank you Sirius. That means so much to me.”

“’Course it does! It’s totally true. It’s my best claim to fame—‘Harry Potter’s Godfather’. Then in second it’s ‘Greatest Shagger Ever to pass through Hogwarts’.”

Harry laughed quietly, but was quiet again. “When you died, it was so sudden…” he murmured, “I couldn’t—you were gone…I was really upset, Sirius. You were family. The only family I had left.”

“Now, Harry you know that’s not true.” Sirius said, trying to ignore his tears, “You had the Weasleys and Remus and Tonks, and all your friends. They are all your family as well. But I’m sorry that I had to leave you like that so suddenly. I wasn’t ready to go, but what can you do?”

“Yeah.” He swallowed thickly. “I’m so sorry, Sirius.”

“Don’t be sorry, Harry! I died protecting you, and I am very happy with that. I was reunited with my best mate and everyone. Don’t ever be sorry, Harry.”

“Thanks Sirius. You were a great godfather, even if you were in prison for most of my life.”

“Yeah, I know. I always had a way with these things.” Sirius chuckled, then pulled back to look at his godson. “You look older then the last time I saw you. And happier.”

Harry smiled, “Yeah well. Knowing that a dark wizard isn’t trying to kill me does brighten my outlook considerably.”

Sirius laughed. “I would imagine so. But my sources also tell me that a certain red haired maiden has something to do with it as well.” He winked.


“Ah well, I will get it out of you soon enough. But now I want you to meet someone very special to me.” He dragged Nikki forward, “Nik, this is Harry. Harry, this is my girlfriend Nikki.”

“She’s more like your wife, Sirius!” George yelled, “You’ve been together for what, a hundred years?”

“Insignificant details.” Sirius shrugged, smiling.

“Hi Harry, it is so wonderful to finally meet you.” Nikki beamed, almost running forward to give him a tight hug. “It is amazing to actually meet my best friends’ son.”

Harry smiled, a little taken aback, but when she mentioned being best friend’s with his parents, he understood. “Thank you, I’m very happy to see that Sirius has found someone. Especially someone so beautiful.”

“Oi, mate! Watch what you say. Imagine what Ginny would do if she found out!” Ron said, and Harry made a face at him.

Nikki laughed with everyone else, “You seem to have inherited your father’s charm.”

“Hey! I would like to take some credit for that! Everyone knows I am incredibly charming.” Sirius pouted.

“Oh, alright, Sirius, you can contribute to my perfect charm too.” Harry joked.

“Well, it really is great to meet you, Harry. I have been best friends with Lily since first year and I know her better then anyone.” Nikki patted his arm, “She has missed you more then she lets on, James too, of course.

I must say, you look just like James.” Nikki frowned, looking him up and down, “But you have—”

“My mum’s eyes. Yeah, I get that a lot.” Everyone laughed.

Then there was silence, and Harry began to wonder where his parents were. He was absolutely dying to see them. He was about to ask when there came a yell from behind the Weasleys. “Padfoot! We’re dying back here!”

Sirius laughed loudly, “Okay, you can come out now, I won’t be too mean. Harry, mate, we have loads of time to catch up later, but right now, there are two people who have been waiting to see you for almost one hundred years. I have tried to build up the suspense and everything, make it more dramatic, you know? But I think they will probably rip my head off if I kept you any longer. Patience isn’t really their specialty.” He added quietly.

“Hey! We heard that!”

“I know!” Sirius yelled back, then he turned to Harry. “Wait here.”

Harry watched as he ran back behind the Weasleys to pull out two people who were very familiar but Harry didn’t know them very well at all. He stood there, stunned as they beamed at him. The woman’s face was already awash with tears and she wiped them away hurriedly. Sirius came up behind them, flinging an arm around each of their shoulders. “Lily and James Potter, this is your son, Harry.”

James rolled his eyes, “Really, Padfoot?”

“Really, Prongs.”

Harry felt like he couldn’t move, like his brain had stopped working. He was finally meeting his parents properly. All his life he had wanted them back, and now he did and he didn’t know how to react. Luckily, Lily did it for him.

“Harry!” she said as she ran to him and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back as she cried into his shoulder.

“Mum.” He choked out, and he felt the weirdest relief at finally being able to call someone that. The moment was so surreal. Harry couldn’t believe that he was finally here, holding his mother tightly. All his life, his only wish was to have his parents back and now he did, but he didn’t know how to feel. It was only a little thing, only two normal people, but was so much to take in.

“Oh, Harry…I finally have my son back,” Lily muttered through her sobs. “I have my little boy, back.” She took a deep breath. “I can finally hug you.” She smiled at him, “You’re a lot bigger then the last time I could do that, though.”

He laughed through tears as she hugged him again. They stood there, quiet, for a long minute before Lily said, “I love you, Harry. I always have and I always will. I hope you know that. I hope you did for your whole life when I wasn’t there to tell you myself.”

“I did.” He said thickly. “I love you too. I missed you.” His brain didn’t seem to be able to process the fact that he was really here, his mother hugging him tightly.

“Oh baby, I missed you too. Your father and I missed you more then you can possibly imagine. We thought about you ten times a day. We worried about you so much. It was so hard for us to just sit here, knowing our son was down there, fighting that evil monster. I’m so sorry Harry. For everything.”

“No, don’t be!” Harry said, stepping back to look at his mother properly, looking into her eyes, the exact same as his. “Don’t ever be sorry! It wasn’t your fault, and I never blamed you for anything. You are the reason that I survived, the reason I lived my life. Don’t ever be sorry…I should be thanking you. You saved my life…”

She burst into tears again. “Harry, thank you for saying that. I needed to hear that.” She looked up at him, taking a deep breath. “I am so proud to be your mother. You have grown up into a great man, and I love you so much.”

“Me too.” And Harry looked up to see his father walking towards them slowly, smiling. “Harry. It’s so good to see you, son.”

“Dad.” Harry said embracing him tightly. His father hugged him back, both of them crying heavily. Harry took a deep, shaky breath. “I love you.”

“I love you too, my son. More then you know.” James said, “And I am so proud of you, of everything you have done. It makes me so happy to hear about you and what you have achieved. I just wish I was there to see it all.”

“I wish you were too, but you died to save me and that just about makes up for everything.”

James chuckled lightly. “Well, I suppose. You have no idea how much your mother and I missed you, son. We couldn’t go an hour without thinking of you. And we are so proud of you. You can’t even fathom how proud. It’s almost painful.” He smiled, “People still come up to us in the street and thank us for dying for you and for what you have done, even almost a hundred years on. And every time someone does, I am so proud to be able to say, I am your dad. When you defeated Voldemort, I have ever never been so happy and that was the proudest moment of my life. I was most definitely the proudest father in the entire world.”

It was amazing to hear all this from the two people who he had to live his whole life without. They just stood there, holding each other, making up for a few minutes of lost time. Harry smiled as they eventually pulled back. “I’m so happy to finally meet you.”

“We know.” James said as Lily came up beside him. “Trust me, we have waited a hundred years to see you again properly. And it was not fun.”

Lily nodded, turning to her husband, “Look at him, James! Look at our little boy! He’s all grown up. And so handsome!”

Harry laughed as James said, “Well of course he is! He is my son after all. All Potters are blessed with stunning good looks.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “Harry, we have so much to tell you…so much we have wanted to say since we died. I really don’t know where to begin—”

“Sorry I’m late. I got caught up.” A voice came from behind the group, “I know that you are all very emotional, and want Harry all to yourselves, but I would also like to see him. I have several things to say.”

Harry’s eyes widened as a tall figure wearing bright purple robes stepped around the Weasleys. He was so much younger then Harry had ever imagined and he looked very odd without his long silver beard and crooked nose.

Dumbledore smiled brightly. “Harry. How good it is to see you.”

“Professor Dumbledore.” Harry managed to choke out, unsure of what to do, but then Dumbledore extended his arms, and Harry smiled, almost running over to give the once-old man a hug that was eighty years overdue. Harry’s eyes filled with tears again as Dumbledore hugged him tightly and Harry suddenly felt like a little boy hugging his grandfather.

“Harry, I just came to say how proud I am of you.” Dumbledore smiled at him after a minute, his bright blue eyes full of tears. “I knew when I was setting you that task that it would be dangerous but I also knew that if anyone could do it, it would be you. You made me so proud to have been your headmaster.”

“You were way more then that, sir.” Harry said, “You were my protector when I was younger, and you were my mentor. Even in those last years and after Hogwarts. I couldn’t have defeated Riddle without you. You were the bravest, smartest man I ever knew.”

Dumbledore’s tears spilled over, “Thank you, Harry, thank you for still believing that, even after the task I set you on. I know you must have felt confused and sometimes betrayed at the things I didn’t tell you—like my family and my past and I am so sorry. I regret it now, not trusting you with that information, and I was worried that you would think ill of me. I just want you to know, that even though I didn’t tell you those things, I still cared for you like you were my family. And I am so proud of you, of all the things you have achieved, almost as much as your real family.” He glanced over at Lily and James who were watching with smiles on their faces, “Almost. I don’t think it is possible to be as proud as them, but I like to think I come close.”

He chuckled and Harry laughed, touched at how much Dumbledore cared. “Dumbledore, I think that what you did—setting me on the road to defeat Riddle, trusting men no one else trusted, finding those first few Horcruxes—that all makes you so much braver then me.”

Dumbledore laughed again and shook his head modestly. They smiled at each other for a moment before Harry said, “I named my second boy after you…and Snape. Albus Severus Potter.” He smiled at the thought of his child.

A few more touched tears slipped out from beneath Dumbledore’s glasses, “Oh Harry, thank you. That means so much to me. I am touched that you did that, and so would Severus, I’m sure.”

“Hey, Harry! Why didn’t you name one of your kids after me?” Sirius interrupted, feigning hurt and interrupting the quiet moment, as usual, “I am your godfather!”

“I did.”

“Why didn’t you—oh. Thanks Harry.” Sirius’s eyes looked unusually soft as he ruffled his godson’s hair. “First name or middle name?”

“Middle name. James Sirius Potter.”

“Aw man! Why’d you have to put James first? He always wins!” Sirius pouted. James laughed and came over to give Harry a happy, thank you hug.

“Then you should be used to it by now, Pads.” He chuckled, punching Sirius in the arm.

Sirius flipped his best friend off, rubbing his arm and Harry laughed. “Ginny liked James Sirius better but I didn’t really care either way. Take it up with her if you have a problem.”

“Fine. I will.” Sirius huffed and Nikki laughed, taking his hand.

“You might have a problem there, babe. She isn’t here.”

“Oh yeah.” He agreed, looking around, then he seemed to notice Dumbledore’s presence. “Hey Dumbledore!”

He laughed before he replied with good humour, “Hello Sirius. You look well.”

“Why thank you, sir. You don’t look too shabby yourself. Did you do something with your beard?”

Dumbledore smiled and fingered the short auburn hair, “No I didn’t. Does it look different? Arianna keeps begging me to shave it all off and go for a new look, but I don’t quite agree.” He winked at Harry, “She can be quite demanding sometimes.”

Harry grinned at the happiness in Dumbledore’s eyes and he knew that he was really in heaven being back with his family.

“Ooh, and who might this Ari—” Sirius started, only to be interrupted by a small thud from behind them and they all turned slowly to see a young woman standing up and brushing herself off. Her long red hair was covering her face as she turned around to look behind her, but Harry didn’t need to see her face to know exactly who it was.


She spun around at the sound of his voice, and as soon as she caught sight of him, she gasped, then threw herself into his arms. Harry smiled and held her tightly, incredibly surprised but happy that she was now here with him. When she lifted her head to look at him with shining eyes, he leaned down and kissed her.

After a couple of seconds they heard a quiet giggle, and they broke apart to see Hermione standing there, her hands covering her mouth to stop her laughter.

Harry frowned at her. “What’s so funny?”

“Oh, nothing.” She answered removing her hands to show the big grin on her face. “It’s only that what you did just now, with Ginny running to you and you kissing her, it just gave me a major flashback to a certain Quidditch Grand Final.” She giggled again, this time with everyone else joining in. Harry and Ginny just grinned at each other.

“I’m so happy you’re here, Gin.” Harry said, “I was already feeling lost without you.”

She smiled, “Yeah, well it doesn’t really surprise me at how long I could live without you. I’m really glad to be here though, as much as I will miss everyone back there.”

“Yeah, but you’re here with us now.” Ron laughed stepping forward to give his little sister a hug, “That should mean a lot more then any other boring sods on Earth.”

“You just keep thinking that, Ron.” Ginny grinned, then went to go hug Hermione. As Harry watched the two girls hug and whisper quietly, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“So that’s Ginny?” His mother murmured, “She she seems like a lovely girl, and she’s really beautiful, Harry.”

“She is.” Harry smiled, still watching his wife, but then he looked back at his parents. “How do they have that much to talk about?” He said, indicating to Hermione and Ginny still whispering, “More importantly, what could they possibly be talking about?”

“No idea, son.” James sighed, “All girls are like that though, I never understood.”

Lily just smiled. “They just have a lot of catching up to do.” Then she sighed in exasperation when she saw the confusion on their faces. But Ginny and Hermione got no more time to catch up, because the Weasley’s wanted to see their daughter.

“Hah!” Sirius yelled loudly to Nikki as Ginny hugged her parents, “See she is here! Won’t be as hard as you thought to ask her now, will it my dear?” Nikki just rolled her eyes and put a hand over his mouth to shut him up and let Ginny have her moment. She squealed and jumped away when he licked her palm. Glaring at him, she stalked over to go stand with Lily and James and Harry.

After Ginny had lived through the strangling hugs of all her family, she was faced with one of her brothers who she hadn’t seen for ninety years. She immediately burst into tears.

“Hey Ginny.” Fred muttered, now crying too as he hugged her sister. She sobbed into his shoulder.

“Fred…I missed you so much.” She choked out, “I love you, and I really missed you.”

“I love you too, Ginny. You’re my baby sister, and I missed you everyday I was here, but you’re here now, and we can catch up.”

She nodded into his shoulder and hugged him tighter, “It wasn’t the same without you, Fred. No one was the same without you.” She took a deep breath, “I can’t believe I can talk to you again. All those times I wanted to talk to you…and you…you w-weren’t there. You couldn’t comfort me or make me laugh like you did when I was younger.”

“We have plenty of time for that.” Fred murmured, rubbing her back softly and trying to ignore his own flowing tears, “but first you have to tell me all about why you decided to marry such a wanker.”

She laughed quietly when she heard Harry’s offended protest and nodded, before catching sight of Remus and Tonks.

“Tonks! Remus!”

She hugged them tightly, tears still flowing, murmuring how much she missed them. She spent a few quiet minutes talking to them, before Sirius did what he did best, interrupting her.

He snuck up behind her, indicating to Remus and Tonks to continue talking, then suddenly covered her eyes with his hands. “Guess who?” he said in an outrageously high and squeaky voice.

Ginny tried to contain her laugh as she said, “Hmm, let me think, who is stupid enough to believe I would fall for that voice…Sirius!”

She spun around and hugged him, ignoring his grumbles about “not being stupid”. “Sirius, I really missed you.”

“Aw, I missed you too, Ginny. It just hasn’t been the same without my favourite, youngest red head.” She laughed as he let her go. “You know, Ginny, I knew from the moment I saw you that you and Harry were going to get married.”

Everyone laughed at that, and Sirius looked offended. “I did! Okay, so maybe not when I first saw you, but not long after that, I knew that you and my godson were made for each other.”

“Sure, sure, Siri.” Came a voice from behind Ginny, and she turned around to see a pretty woman with long, silky blonde hair and a smile on her face walk up to them.

“I did!” Sirius repeated indignantly.

“Okay, sweetheart.” Nikki patted his arm, then turned to Ginny. “Seeing as Sirius doesn’t seem to want to introduce me, I thought I would myself.” She smiled and reached for Ginny’s hand, squeezing it gently. “I’m Nikki, it’s so wonderful to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Thank you. It’s nice to meet you too.” Ginny asked, looking slightly confused.

“Oh! Sorry, how silly of me.” Nikki laughed, shaking her head at herself, “You don’t even know who I am. I am Lily’s best friend since first year at Hogwarts, and even though he has failed to mention it, I am Sirius’s girlfriend and have been since sixth year.”

“Sirius’s girlfriend?” Repeated Ginny, “Wow, that’s great!” Then she frowned at Sirius, “Of course, you should have mentioned that earlier, Sirius, it’s good manners.”

“Sorry! I didn’t know, I kind of forgot.” He muttered.

“Well! Shows how much you love me!” Nikki stormed off in a huff, but Ginny managed to catch a glimpse of the small smile on her face.

“No, Nik! I do love you, wait!” Sirius said, running after her, looking worried. Ginny laughed, then felt a warm hand slip into hers. She smiled at Harry, and said, “She’s really his girlfriend? What’s the story with that?”

He laughed, “Well, I don’t really know, but from what I’ve heard, they are practically married. They’ve been together for almost a hundred years, I think.”

“Sure have.” Came a deep voice behind them, and Ginny saw a man and a woman walking towards them. The man looked just like Harry only with hazel eyes, and the woman had deep red hair, and green eyes that Ginny would recognize anywhere. Her breath caught in her throat.

“They started dating in Hogwarts, at the end of sixth year.” The man was saying, with an amused smile on his face, “Then Nikki was killed by Death Eaters when we were just out of school, effectively putting a pause on the relationship, but then when Sirius came up here, they started up again. I’ll let you in on a little secret though,” he whispered, “They really love each other.”

Ginny smiled, and Harry laughed, “Oooh, big secret, Dad. You can see that from one glance at them.” James laughed and shrugged. Ginny couldn’t help but smile, seeing Harry, the man she had loved for basically all her life, and who she had seen go through some terrible things, looking so happy. Especially to have his parents back: he was practically glowing.

Lily came forward then and hugged Ginny tightly, “It is so wonderful to meet you, Ginny.” She murmured, “We have wanted to see you for so long now, and we are overjoyed that you have made our son so happy.” She smiled as she pulled back. “I’m Lily.”

Ginny beamed, her own eyes tearing at the sight of Lily’s wet emeralds. “I know, and it is so fantastic to finally meet you. All my life I have wanted to meet the two amazing people who sacrificed their lives so their son could live.”

“Thank you very much.” Lily smiled, “We really appreciate that, and we have no regrets over it. The hardest part was not being there for him for his entire life, though.” Ginny nodded.

James hugged her too, “I’m James Potter. And my wife pretty much said it all. I really don’t have that much to add, apart from saying that I’m very proud my son managed to make such a beautiful woman marry him.”

“Thank you!” Ginny blushed slightly, “And I can see where Harry gets his good looks from.”

“Well, thank you, my dear.” James grinned, his ego properly stroked “I like this one, Harry, she’s a keeper.” Harry rolled his eyes and squeezed Ginny’s hand.

“Well, aren’t you two just the cutest?” Sirius said loudly, coming back with Nikki, the fight evidently over. “I will say it again, just because I can. I knew you were made for each other. I even told Prongsie and Lilyflower, didn’t I guys? Just one of the many things I was right about.”

“Yeah, Just like you were right that the Canons were going to win in Quidditch?” Nikki asked innocently, “But how long has it been since they have won a game? Seventy years?”

“Ten, actually.” Harry said with a wink at Ginny.

“Only ten? They hadn’t won a game since I was in first year, last time I checked.” James said, frowning at his son. “And that was maybe the year Voldemort fell. How in the world did they manage to win?”

“Ask Ginny.” Harry grinned, “She was on the team the first year they won a game in over twenty years, ending their losing streak.”

Everyone except the Weasleys, who of course already knew this, stared at Ginny. “Yeah, I was chaser.” She admitted, “My first game on the team.”

You made them win?” James exclaimed, thoroughly impressed, “I really like this girl, Harry.” He said, turning to his son. “It may be a bit late, but better late then never.” He shook her hand enthusiastically, “Welcome to the family.”

Everybody laughed. “Well, Gin, seems like you have no problem with in-laws.” Ron chuckled

“That may be so. But as I am just like a third parent to Harry, I do have a bone to pick with you, Weasley.” Sirius commented

“You know that I’m not a Weasley anymore, Sirius. I have been a Potter for so long now.” She didn’t turn around to see the happy glance James and Lily exchanged.

He frowned, “That is not the point. I am not annoyed that you stole my godson’s heart, as I predicted you would, and that you got married and had lots of red and black haired babies,” Ginny smiled and started to say something, but Sirius cut her off, “but I am annoyed that because of all that, you turned him into a big softie who I don’t like anymore.”


Sirius ignored Harry. “You see, ever since he married you, he has gone completely mushy.”

“Mushy! What are you saying about mushy, Padfoot? Potter men aren’t ‘mushy’, we are full of courage and pride. We are men!” James said loudly, puffing out his chest.

Lily rolled her eyes, “Of course you are, James. You are all tough and manly, so it must have been your twin that cried when we heard Harry at our graves that Christmas, and that shed a few tears when he defeated Voldemort.”

“Shut up.” James muttered. Lily grinned triumphantly.

“Wait, you heard me at your graves?” Harry asked.

“Oh no! Not this story!” Sirius cried dramatically, “Don’t get them started.”

“It’s true.” Remus agreed, “They do talk about it a lot.”

“Well, we can explain all that later.” Lily said, shooting Remus a glare, but he just innocently looked at Tonks.

“That’s right!” Sirius said loudly, cutting over what Lily was saying, “I have another thing I’m not happy with, Weasley.” Ginny smothered the amused smile and tried to look concerned as she faced him again, “Why did you have to name your kid James Sirius and not Sirius James! I wanted to be first!” he whined

Ginny laughed, but before she could answer, Lily stepped in, “Sirius she can explain all about that later. I, as the mother-in-law, wow it’s so weird saying that,” she muttered distractedly, then continued, “I get to interrogate first.”

Sirius mumbled, “Fine,” and motioned for her to continue.

She smiled in triumph and turned back to her son and his wife, “First, I want to learn all about you! I want to learn all about Hogwarts, and your friends. Then about how you got together, and your wedding, and your children and grandchildren—”

James cut across her before they could be too overwhelmed, “Lily, honey, why don’t we just go back home. Then we can chat.”

She sighed but agreed, “Okay, sorry. I’m just so happy to finally have my little boy here!” She cried, hugging Harry again. “And Ginny, of course.” She smiled, squeezing Ginny’s free hand.

“I know, Lil. I am too.” James laughed, “This has got to be the happiest moment of my life.”

“But Jamesie, you’re dead!” Sirius said, coming up to them and patting him on the back, “It can’t be the happiest moment of your life if you are not living.”

James sighed and glared at his best friend. “Fine. The happiest moment of my…existence.” His wife nodded firmly in agreement.

Harry smiled, looking around. The entire Weasely family, Dumbledore, Remus and Tonks, Ron and Hermione, Sirius and Nikki, Ginny, and most of all, his parents; they were all there, beaming at him. Everyone he loved was finally around him, and never in his entire life had he felt so happy, and so whole. It didn’t matter that he was technically dead.

So, without a single, tiny speck of doubt in his mind, he said “Me too.”

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