Above and Beyond



Above is basically the same as earth I have discovered. Only Lily and I had to do things we haven’t done since we were kids all over again because it’s like starting life in another world. Only you are 21 not 0.

So during our first few weeks here in Above, Lilyflower and I went and got new wands. (We both basically got the same wands as we had before.) We had to get new clothes and essentials like toothbrushes and soap etc. We learnt a lot of things about Above as well. Lily, upon discovering she could visit her parents, immediately planned a whole day that we could spend with them. Her almost obsessive organisational skills are something I hate and love about her.

After you have spent 150 years in Above, you go back to Earth as a baby (I have no idea how) and it all starts again. Children that are under 3 don’t come here; they just start again on earth. So that would explain why Harry didn’t arrive.

I still feel incredibly sad about Harry and how I will never see him again. Lily cried practically the entire first three days we were here and I completely understood how she felt, I was absolutely devastated that I would never see our son, but I had to put on a brave face for Lily. We explained to mum and dad and Nikki about the night we died and everything we knew. They were incredibly supportive, although Mum and Nikki cried with Lily a lot those days.

For the first week we sort of kept to ourselves. Then we decided that we should go out and get our own place, and get on with our lives. We got a house that was just around the corner from Mum and Dad’s, and we discovered that there is a library at the end of our street to Lily’s absolute delight.

After a few days here, getting used to things, Lily decided she wanted to put her plan into action and go and see her parents. She hadn’t seen them since they were hunted down and killed by Voldemort’s followers, just like practically everyone we knew, two years ago. They hadn’t been around to see us get married or anything, and Lily desperately wanted to see them again. She was excited to see them again, but also very scared about what they would say. But she needn’t have worried…


Lily took in another deep gulp of air as she stood at the entrance to the muggle Above. It was about her tenth deep breath, and I was getting worried. I didn’t know someone as small as her could take in that much air.

“Lils, calm down.” I said, squeezing her hand, “It’s going to be great to see them again.”

“I know,” she said, “I can’t wait to see them, I just don’t know what they will say to us both being here, you know?”

“Yeah, but they love you. They’re your parents. What do you expect them to do? Threaten to lock you in your room if you don’t go back down to Earth immediately?”

She laughed shakily. “I wouldn’t put Mum past it.”

I chuckled instead of agreeing with her. Lily’s mum Lenore was a great woman; so happy and full of life. But she wanted what was best for her daughters and sometimes she got very pushy. She loved me though, to my absolute relief, and she had told me specifically the day I had officially met her as Lily’s boyfriend, “I think you are a great guy, James. You seem to be able to handle yourself and I can definitely tell that you and Lily are going to be very happy together. But, if you hurt my baby girl, in anyway, I will hunt you down.”

I had gulped at that one. She could get very…well, scary. Lily’s dad Jake was the peace maker in the family, and the calm one. He was very proper and business-like but he liked me as well, so I knew I didn’t really have to worry about him.

“How does this thing work, anyway?” Lily asked, breaking into my thoughts.

“Uh, mum said that it sensed who you were and alerted your parents. I don’t know how long—”

There was a rather loud yell then. “LILY!”

We both looked towards a man and a woman, running towards us, the woman’s arms already outstretched, even though they were a good hundred metres away. I recognised them immediately. Lenore had pale blond hair that was cut into a short bob, and Jake was tall, with brown hair and green eyes just like Lily’s. I remembered seeing a picture of them at the beginning of seventh year, just when Lily and I were starting to be friends, and asking Lily where she got the colour of her hair from.

“My dad’s mum had hair like mine when she was young.” Lily had laughed, “Red hair usually skips a generation.” It had fascinated me that her parents didn’t have the vivid hair that she did, but Lily didn’t think it was as amazing as I did and tired of the conversation quickly.

Anyway, so Lily’s parents got to her then and were hugging her fiercely. They were all crying—Evans’ are very emotional people—and saying how much they loved and missed each other.

“Mum, Dad,” Lily said when they had let her go after several minutes, “You remember James.”

They smiled at me, and Lenore gave me a hug. “James, it is so wonderful to see you again.”

“You too, Lenore.” I said, “You look very well.”

She laughed as Jake shook my hand, “Oh yes, well I am very happy. Especially having my little girl back.”

“Me too,” Jake said, “You taking care of her, James?”

“I try, sir.” I smiled, “But I suppose if I was taking better care of her she wouldn’t be here.”

He shook his head, but looked happy with my answer, “It doesn’t matter that you are both here. As long as you are happy, and that you are together.”

“How are you here?” Lenore asked tentatively.

“Mum, remember me telling you about Voldemort?” Lily asked hesitantly, “Well, he found us, and had some reason to kill us both.”

Her parents looked at us in shock, eyes wide. “Why?” Mrs Evans breathed.

“We don’t really know.” I shrugged, “I think it might have had something to do with Harry.”

“And who’s Harry?” Jake asked.

Lily and I looked at each other in surprise. “You don’t know about Harry?” Lily said curiously.

Her parents shook their heads, and I couldn’t help but smile happily. It was the same smile I got on my face when ever I told people I was a father.

“Well, you know that we are married, right?”

“Of course, darling.” Lenore said, smiling happily, “You were engaged last time we saw you. And we are so glad you did get married!”

“Me too.” I grinned, and they all laughed.

“About a year later, I had a little boy. Harry James Potter.” She beamed and I knew I was smiling like that too.

They stared at us before Lenore burst into tears again. “You had a baby! Oh, a little boy. Harry, what a lovely name.” She hugged us both again.

“We named him after my father.” I said.

“That’s so lovely! I’m so happy for you both!” She cried, then she gasped loudly, “I’m a grandmother! Oh my goodness, I am a grandmother! And you’re a grandfather!” she pointed to her husband, who laughed, his green eyes glowing.

“I know, dear. Congratulations.” He smiled, “That really is great news.”

“And was everything alright? The pregnancy? You weren’t too sick were you, honey?” Lenore asked, now pestering over Lily, looking at her stomach intently, “Did the birth go okay?”

“Yes, Mum.” Lily laughed, pushing her mother’s hands away from her flat stomach, “Everything went perfectly fine.”

“This is simply wonderful! Wait until I tell everyone!” Lenore squealed then she stopped, “Wait! Is he here? Did this Voldemort person get him too?”

Lily and I frowned at that, we hadn’t yet figured it out. “We don’t know.” I said, “I assume he did, but babies don’t come here. He was only one when we died.”

“Yeah, I think James is right. No on has ever survived the killing curse, and I’m sure a one year old wouldn’t be the exception.” Lily sniffed quietly, “I just won’t ever get to see my little boy again.”

I wrapped my arm around her, knowing just how she felt.

There was a long pause before Jake laughed abruptly, obviously trying to relieve the sadness settling over the silence. “And how is Sirius? Hope he is not causing too much havoc.”

“Oh, and Mary and Nikki! Are she and Sirius still together?” Lenore asked.

I laughed, “Sirius is fine. Well at least I hope he is. I am slightly worried that he hasn’t gone too far, seeing as we are not there to stop him.”

They laughed. Lenore and Jake had met Sirius in the summer holidays after we had finished at Hogwarts. He had popped in when I was visiting Lily and they had immediately fallen for his charm. He had that affect on people. He was too handsome and funny and smooth for his own good. I was slightly worried they liked him more then me.

“What about Nikki and Mary? How are they?” Lenore pressed.

Lily and I looked at each other. “Well, about 2 months after you both died, Nikki was also attacked by Death Eaters.” Lily said grimly.

They gasped, and I nodded, “It was a very hard time for all of us, but it was especially difficult for Sirius. You know how much he loved her. In all the time I had known him, I had never seen him like that. He was devastated to put it lightly. He wasn’t himself for a good 3 months.”

The Evans’ looked at us sadly. They had seen how much Sirius and Nikki cared about each other, it was clear to anyone they met how perfect they were for each other. It was silent until I said, “But now we have been reunited with Nikki, and she seems happy. It is good to see her again.”

Lily and her parents smiled, “And how’s Mary?” Mrs Evans quizzed, and we laughed at her pressuring tone.

For the rest of the afternoon, Lenore and Jake, but mostly Lenore, asked us to tell them everything we remembered about the wedding and our friends and Harry. When we both got home, we were exhausted, but Lily was incredibly happy to have her parents back in her life.


Moving on…We are really happy here and are starting to get used to the life. Nikki is a regular visitor, and we love having her around. Everyone was so devastated when she was killed by Death Eaters just over a year after we had graduated, and it has been good to catch up with her again. She really is a great girl and the life of the party, just like Sirius. They were the perfect couple, and they really loved each other. Thinking of Sirius made me very sad, of course as well as Remus and Pete, because we never spent more then a month apart at school, even in the holidays, and there is a big hole in my life that used to be theirs.

We have dinner with my parents about once a week and it is so great to see them again. I remember when they were killed, (by Death Eaters) very distinctly. It was about half way through our last year at Hogwarts and Lily and I had only just got together. I was so happy at the time, school was going well, we were winning in Quidditch, but I was especially happy to finally be able to call Lily my girlfriend, and then I found out about their deaths and I was devastated. Being an only child, I was incredibly close to my parents, but I knew that being Aurors, there was a chance that they would not live to see me grow up. I was just lucky that I had Lily there to support me, I wouldn’t have gotten through it without her and the experience just brought us closer together.

It can be quite lonely here though, when it’s just the two of us. It hasn’t been just the two of us for a while. And I know I have Lily, but I had gotten so used to having to care for Harry every minute of the day and having all my friends over all the time on earth, that having just the two of us in Above is very weird. Especially knowing I won’t see my friends for a very long time.

About 3 weeks after we arrived I was out for a walk and I ran into a small family. They were obviously coming back from The Diamond Gates because they all looked like they and been crying but most of them looked happy to have their family member back. But one of them looked so sad. His name was Bryce, I later found out.

As I was walking towards them, the sad looking man (Bryce) looked at me and kind of yelped. Then he ran up to me and grabbed onto my arm. I was already kind of freaked out by the arm grabbing, so when he said “You’re James Potter!” I was thinking STALKER! Get away from me!

But then he said something that shocked me so much all I could do was stare at him like an idiot. He said, “I know what you and your wife did for your son! So brave! And now he lives! Your boy lives! The only person to survive the killing curse and escape Lord Voldemort. And a baby!”

I stared at him for about 3 minutes saying nothing while he grinned at me. Then I finally found my voice. “Harry’s alive?”

“Yes! Alive and well. And Voldemort has disappeared. He was defeated by your infant son!”

“H-how do you know all this?”

“He is famous! Incredibly so. The entire Wizarding World knows of you sacrifice and of your Harry. There is not a person with a magical bone in their body that does not know Harry’s name.” The man said.

My mind seemed to be working very slowly and it took me a long time to absorb that Harry was alive. Then I remembered Lily and realised she should hear about it from this man and not second-hand from me. I invited him over so that he could explain everything in detail to her.

Then, I ran home as fast as I could and told Lily, who literally almost fainted at the news. I had to catch her before she fell and cracked her head on the coffee table. Then she sort of sat staring at the wall until Bryce came over and told us everything he knew. How Voldemort tried to kill him using the killing curse and it somehow rebounded, leaving Harry alive and perfectly fine apart from the lightning shaped scar on the right of his forehead. How Voldemort hasn’t been seen since. And how Harry has now become a Wizarding World legend.

Lily was crying from the moment Bryce told us he survived and I really struggled to keep my own tears in. We also learnt that they had erected a statue of the three of us as a tribute to the sacrifice Lily and I gave in Godrics Hollow where we used to live. This only made Lily cry more and I felt extremely honoured that they would put a statue up for us. We went to bed extremely happy with this news that our son was alive but sad that he would never really know what it felt like to have his parents there.

But there were still so many questions that needed to be answered. And over the years pieces fell into place. Not that it was all good news. We found out that Harry was living with muggle relatives. We knew that could only mean Lily’s sister Petunia, her awful whale of a husband and their one terrible offspring.

I was not happy to hear about that, let me tell you. Lily wasn’t too keen about it either, but for once she was not the one raging around. She just sat quietly on the couch, keeping her anger and worry for Harry inside as she watched me march around the room yelling about the dreadful Dursleys at the top of my lungs.

I had only met them three times and I was happy to leave it at that. The first time was during the summer after we had finished school and I came to visit my Lilyflower at her house. Her parents loved me and all was going well, until her sister came round with her fiancé, who looks more like a gigantic talking lump then human. I didn’t like Petunia from what I’d heard about her from Lily at school and Vernon was no better, so proud and arrogant. And, to add to my dislike, he treated Lily like she was a slave, calling her ‘girl’ and both of us ‘freak’, obviously very happy to pick up Petunia’s habit. I was very tempted to inflate him like a balloon and let him float away, or even better, expand him until he popped, but I knew that would not impress Lily’s parents so I regretfully kept my wand safely in my pocket despite my hand twitching with the temptation.

Then, when they got married, Lily was invited to the wedding, but was not as a bridesmaid which I thought she should be, seeing as her sister was the bride, but no. She took me as her date and Mrs Stick and Mr Lump didn’t like that at all, but they had to put on a smile because it was their wedding day. They didn’t even pretend to be happy when Sirius crashed the party though (quite literally).

They took their chance on Lily and my wedding day (the happiest day of my life), with both of them coming. I’m sure they had some kind of pathetic muggle revenge planned but they were forced to leave early. Not that I really blame them. My fellow Marauders had a few things planned that I didn’t know about but I didn’t really mind—Marauders will be Marauders.

Sirius had charmed Vernon’s piece of cake to dodge his fork when he was trying to eat it and in the end, the cake got so sick of it and it jumped onto Vernon’s face. Remus made Petunia’s champagne glass bounce on her head for the whole reception, and Peter transformed into his rat animagus and ran up her skirt. He then proceeded to get extremely drunk to ‘wash away the awful images’. Personally I thought it was hilarious and was very proud of them. Lily scolded them for causing havoc on her wedding day, but she spent most of the night trying to hide her amused smile, and I knew that she found it funny as well.

So clearly, I wasn’t happy about that revelation because I knew that they would treat Harry like scum. Finding out Harry was living with them posed another question, why wasn’t Harry living with Sirius? He was the godfather after all.

But when we asked the lady who told us Harry was living with the Dursleys about Sirius Black, she paled and muttered quietly, “You don’t want to know about that.” Which worried me quite a bit: Sirius wasn’t exactly the most rational person I knew so I just hoped he hadn’t got himself thrown into Azkaban or something for blowing Dursley up, not that I would have really cared.

Years later we discovered from a very nice man that Harry had started school at Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor. That really came as no surprise though because he was my son after all. The other thing we learnt was that he got on the Quidditch team! The first first year to get on the house Quidditch team in over a century! And he was the Seeker! I swelled with so much pride when I found out about that that I thought I might explode. I was also very sad that I never saw my son’s first game. I just hoped he realised how much Lily and I missed him.

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